A/N: Exactly as it says on the tin. We took the 100 Prompts list and divided it into pairs, then wrote a pseudo-drabble (because neither of us is good at keeping to length requirements) for each. Each chapter is a pair, with one half written by A and the other by Khel.

1. Beginning/3. End

It began when Jade no longer had use for one of his test subjects but felt he should keep tabs over it in case of unforeseen long term effects. So Jade gave Peony the rappig, claiming that since the emperor's heir already lived in such a rappig sty, he might as well have one. Jade thought vaguely that he'd check on the rappig every so often from whatever servant was assigned to care for it, and that that would be the end of that. He didn't expect Peony to declare the rappig was cute and would make a great pet. Didn't expect Peony to decide to name it after him. Didn't expect Peony to care for the rappig himself. Didn't expect Peony to get more. And this… Jade turned to the man beside him. "Your Majesty, why is there a rappig in MY bedroom?"

It ended quickly, and, despite Peony's never-ending accusations of animal cruelty, the thing wasn't seriously hurt from being ejected from Jade's second story window. It skittered off, grunting mournfully, as Jade smirked, adjusting his glasses and waiting for the impending explosion.

It came like one of Jade's own Infernal Prisons, flaring up suddenly over Peony's normally placid demeanor. Deeming it safe enough, (he heard it all a hundred times before) he tuned Peony out as he attempted to make some sense of the ruin that was his desk a few hours ago.

About five minutes later, Jade noticed that Peony's tirade was even less coherent than usual.

"…and the delegates from Sheridan wont even be at the summer festival, so serving the raspberry wine is right out, and—"

"Peony? What in Lorelei's name are you talking about?"

The emperor-to-be looked at him, grinned broadly, and burst into laughter.

"I was wondering when you'd notice. I was about to run out of ideas."

"I beg your pardon?"

"Well, the bureaucrats just wouldn't get off my back today, so I decided to come mess with you a little."

Jade twitched slightly. "And the rappig?"

"You don't recognize Saphir? I'm sure you've thrown him through at least three windows by now. I think he likes it."

This time, it was Peony who made his exit through the window.