Chapter 1: Ambushed

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The skies of Atmos shone blue while clouds passed along through the wind. This world was home to many different people of different species all living on mountaintop kingdoms known as terras. Not all was peaceful in this world since many different dangers were scattered throughout Atmos that would threaten each individual's way of life. That is why on each terra there is always a group of people willing to risk their lives to protect the innocent. Those groups are referred to as Sky Knight squadrons.

With each squadron protecting a home terra, there was always one travelling across Atmos lending aid wherever it was needed. This squadron was now flying over Atmos in its legendary airship. It was a large vessel that had two pontoons with a blue hawk insignia painted on each side and a runway down the middle leading to a large rising door. On the top was the bridge that had large windows and a balcony on the front. The stern of the ship was where the boosters exhaled blue energy and the ship's rudder was at the top with the same blue hawk insignia. This ship was named the Condor, and it was home to the Sky Knight squadron known as the Storm Hawks.

The bridge was where each of the squad members was at the moment occupied with something different. The Sky Knight and leader of the team was looking out the windows. He was a fourteen-year-old boy with red, spiky hair and green eyes dressed in red and blue and wearing brown boots with brown and black gloves. The boy's name was Aerrow, the youngest Sky Knight recorded in the history of Atmos.

Standing next to Aerrow was his co-pilot, which was an animal that looked like a cross between a weasel and a monkey with sky blue fur and bare paws showing his purple skin. Over his fur he wore a blue and purple shirt to make himself feel like part of the team. This animal was called Radarr, and he gave a small chirp as he smiled up at Aerrow.

At the table in the centre sat the navigator and tactician of the Storm Hawks. It was a fourteen-year-old girl with chocolate brown skin. Her bluish, black hair was kept up using a yellow hair band that matched her eyes. She wore a slim blue dress with yellow sleeves, long dark blue gloves that only covered her middle and ring fingers, and brown boots. Her name was Piper and she was examining a chart while holding a crystal in each hand.

The marksman of the Storm Hawks was listening to his own music while playing air guitar. The fourteen-year-old boy had spiky blonde hair and blue eyes, and he wore a blue and yellow outfit with blue fingerless gloves and brown boots. The boy's name was Finn and he could also be described as the 'joker' of the group.

The strongman and mechanic of the group was standing over by some pipes while turning a valve. It was a rhinoceros-humanoid called a Wallop with gray eyes and hair, and light tan skin. The Wallop was fourteen years old and was wearing a green and brown suit with blue pants and blue fingerless gloves while his hooved feet remained bare. His name was Junko, and he happily worked on his repairs.

The last member of the group was the helmsman, and he was busy flying the Condor. It was a green-skinned humanoid called a Merb. He appeared to be in his twenties with black hair going down the right side of his face and black eyes with yellow irises. He wore a brown suit with hints of blue, brown fingerless gloves, two earrings on his left rabbit-like ear, an X-shaped armour plate over his chest and his three-toed feet remained bare. His name was Stork, and he was known to be the paranoid one.

Aerrow looked over to the helmsman and said, "So, how are we doing, Stork?"

"Everything seems perfectly fine," replied Stork, "although I have been feeling a familiar rash for some time now. You better hope it's not contagious." Stork proceeded by scratching the back of his neck.

Aerrow looked at Stork oddly, thinking it was just his hypochondria again. Rather than pursue it further, he nodded and stepped back. He proceeded by walking over to the table to talk to his navigator.

"What are you doing there, Piper?" he asked.

The girl looked up to the boy and said, "Same old, same old. I'm just testing to see if these crystals are compatible with each other." Piper brought the two crystals in her hand together and they both glowed in blue and red light. She smiled upon seeing the reaction, which meant the two of them could be combined.

Aerrow smiled back at her. It was always good to see that the person he trusted the most was always prepared for any situation. The Sky Knight then walked over to the sharpshooter next and saw he was still doing the same thing last time: listening to music.

Aerrow tapped Finn on the shoulder to get his attention, causing him to stop what he was doing and remove his headphones.

"Oh, hey Aerrow," said Finn. "How's it hangin'?"

"I'm good Finn," replied Aerrow. "I hope you remembered to finish all your chores today."

Finn gave his trademark pistol fingers to Aerrow and said, "Yup. I cleaned the hallway, stacked the boxes and took out the trash. Nothing gets past me."

"Great. Did you also remember to scrub the dishes?"

Finn looked at Aerrow confusedly. "Dishes?" he asked.

"Yeah," said Aerrow. "It's your turn to scrub the dishes today."

"But, why can't Piper do the dishes today? I mean, it's not like she's doing anything important right now."

Piper stood up in protest after hearing Finn's remark. "Oh yeah," she said, "and your air guitar takes precedence over my crystal research? Besides, I did the dishes yesterday."

"Sorry, Finn," said Aerrow. "Rules are rules."

Finn knew that he couldn't win this argument, so he merely groaned in annoyance and walked out of the bridge to finish his chores. Aerrow always saw the sibling relationship between Piper and Finn, and he always had to intervene before things got worse.

The last stop for Aerrow was to talk to the ship's mechanic. "How's the ship, Junko?" he said.

Junko gave a slight groan just as he finished tightening a bolt around a pipe. While wiping some sweat from his brow, he turned to Aerrow and said, "She's good as knew, Aerrow." No sooner did Junko say that when steam started to leak out from a pipe. Junko turned around and opened his eyes in shock. He acted fast by tightening another bolt until the leak finally stopped.

Junko turned back to Aerrow and laughed slightly in embarrassment. "...Still a little work to be done," he said while rubbing the back of his head.

Aerrow smiled back at Junko, knowing that he had the situation under control. Something brushed Aerrow's leg so he looked down and saw his furry co-pilot. Radarr chirped at Aerrow and gave him a thumb's up to let the Sky Knight know that everything was fine with him.

"Thanks, Radarr," said Aerrow.

Aerrow was lucky to have these five individuals as his teammates. Together they had gotten out of impossible situations, saved many innocent lives, and explored the far reaches of Atmos. The boy Sky Knight knew he could depend on his team through thick and thin, and he wouldn't have them any other way.

* * *

Not far from the Condor, another airship emerged from the clouds. This airship was gigantic in comparison to the Condor. The outer hull was painted red with hints of silver. Many large cannons were placed on the ship's bow while a bridge was at the top. The stern had large boosters where red energy exited. Each side of the ship had a symbol depicting a red, menacing raven. The ship slowly approached the Condor stealthily through the sky.

Inside the ship were many individuals all dressed the same. Their red and dark green outfits had the same red raven insignia on their chest, and their gray helmets were added with red goggles over their eyes. These people were known as Talons, and they were servants to the most hated nation in Atmos called Cyclonia.

One of the Talons was looking through a periscope. He moved around until he stopped over the Condor. The Talon smirked as he brought the periscope back to the ceiling, knowing the target had finally been spotted. He then turned his back and bowed before saying, "The Condor is within view, Master."

The person to whom the Talon was talking was standing in the bridge's centre. The individual was concealed by a hood worn over a dark red cloak with the Cyclonian insignia in silver over the chest. The hood pulled back to reveal a fourteen year old girl with short black hair, purple eyes and a mole underneath her left eye. The girl was known as Master Cyclonis, the ruler over Cyclonia, and she smiled devilishly upon hearing the news.

"Excellent," she said.

She turned to her right and saw a group standing together. The first one was a man who looked to be in his late twenties. He was clothed in a red and dark green outfit with various pieces of armour covering his body. The plate over his chest had the Cyclonian insignia painted red that matched his eyes. Over his head was a metal headpiece that only covered his forehead and the sides of his face while his black hair stuck out from the top. Attached to his back was his weapon, a double-bladed sword with a firebolt crystal connected to the tip of the hilt. This man was known as Dark Ace, the elite commander over the Talons and Cyclonis's most loyal follower.

The next person was a woman in her late twenties who was dressed in a fuchsia-coloured outfit with brown high heel boots and armour pads covering her shoulders. Her pink hair was held back while her bangs hung loosely to the sides of her face and matched the colour of her lips, and her piercing yellow eyes had a look of sadism to them. This woman was known as Ravess, the Cyclonian commander in charge of Terra Bluster.

Standing next to Ravess was a burly man with purple hair and eyes dressed in a dark purple shirt and dark green pants that were covered with various pieces of orange armour. His left hand was covered in a dark purple, fingerless glove while his right hand had a dark green glove completely covering it. This man was known as Snipe, Ravess's dim-witted brother and the Cyclonian commander over Terra Nimbus.

The remainder of the group consisted of lizard-humanoid figures called Raptors. The leader of them was tall and muscular with dark brown, scaly skin and had menacing reptilian eyes. He was dressed in a tan-coloured vest and pants that sported armour pieces with white spikes. This Raptor's name was Repton, the most cunning of the group.

The Raptors standing next to Repton were dressed similarly to him. They were his minions as well as his brothers: Hoerk, the largest of them all with green scales; Lugey, the portly and moronic one with yellow scales; and Spitz, the shortest of them all with tan-coloured scales.

Dark Ace stepped to face Cyclonis and said, "What will you have us do, Master?"

"We take the Storm Hawks by surprise," she replied. "Once they are distracted, I will move in and finish them off with this." Cyclonis then extended her hand from within her cloak. There sitting in her palm was a large green crystal shaped like a sphere.

Repton hissed as he said, "What kind of crystal is that?"

"You'll see," said Cyclonis. "This is something that will finally get rid of the Storm Hawks once and for all."

All the others smirked upon hearing the plan. It would be their chance for getting back at the Storm Hawks after they had ruined their previous schemes.

Snipe rubbed his hands together and said, "Send the Storm Hawks packing? I like the sound of that!"

"Indeed," agreed Ravess. "They've been a thorn in our side for far too long."

"I'm glad you all agree," said Cyclonis. She turned back to the front and issued an order to the Talons. "Approach their ship and get ready to attack the Storm Hawks!"

The Talon nodded with glee as he pressed a button on the control pad. In an instant, the Cyclonian airship raised its cannons and aimed them right at the Condor. The opposing ship was within range, and the Talon at the helm picked up a microphone.

"Fire!" he shouted.

The cannons sent numerous red shots towards the Condor, but only managed to get one hit. Now the ones in the ship would be made aware of the Cyclonian's presence.

Back in the Condor, all the Storm Hawks were jolted after they felt the assault. Aerrow, Piper and Stork barely managed to stand still while Junko fell on his rear and Radarr fell forward with his eyes rolling in his sockets. The Condor's sirens were blazing just after the hit, sending red lights flashing and a buzzing sound throughout the ship.

Finn in the kitchen was also trying to keep still after feeling the shock while holding a plate in his hands. It almost slipped out of his grip, but he caught it just before it hit the floor. The sharpshooter breathed a sigh of relief after he prevented a disaster.

Back in the bridge, Aerrow brought down a periscope to see what hit them. Through the device, Aerrow could see a large, familiar looking ship and he knew who was responsible.

"Cyclonians," Aerrow said with a hint of fury. He brought the periscope back up while Piper joined him.

"What could they want with us now?" said Piper.

"I don't know, but anything involving the Cyclonians is never good."

Stork kept steering and said, "Well, if you're not busy then could you deal with them..." His tone quickly turned to one of panic when he concluded, "...before we're all blown to kingdom come?!"

"Everyone, to your rides!" Aerrow shouted over the intercom.

Finn was surprised to hear the command so he screamed in fright and dropped the plate, sending it crashing to pieces. The teenage boy was frustrated to see his work become ruined, but he brushed it off as he ran out of the kitchen.

All the Storm Hawks except Stork were now in the hangar bay. They had now donned their armour and taken their weapons since they were headed to fight the Cyclonians.

Parked within the hangar bay were everyone's own personal rides they used when engaged in battle. Aerrow had jumped onto his Air Skimmer III Ultra while Radarr joined him in the co-pilot's seat. Piper seated herself in her Heliscooter, Finn landed in his Air Skimmer III and Junko sat on his Air Skimmer III EL. Whenever faced with opposition, each Storm Hawk always relied on their ride.

"Let's show the Cyclonians what we're made of!" Aerrow shouted with enthusiasm.

His fellow teammates all shouted, "Yeah!" as they raised their fists into the air. The hangar bay door opened and all the Storm Hawks revved their rides. They all sped off with Aerrow in the lead. The Skimmers all drove off the edge and their special functions were activated, enabling them to fly. Aerrow, Finn and Junko's Skimmers all deployed wings on the sides while Piper's Heliscooter deployed rotors on the top and in the rear.

The Storm Hawks were greeted with an army of Talons riding their Switchblades. They all smirked since they knew what was going to happen to the Sky Knight squadron.

Aerrow didn't pay any mind to what the Talons were thinking. Instead, he pointed one of his hands and shouted, "Scramble!"

Aerrow's team all split up while the Talons chased after them. This was what Aerrow expected so now the enemies were divided and couldn't work systematically.

Each Storm Hawk held their own against the Talons. Aerrow drew his dual energy daggers and jumped from his skimmer, landing on a Switchblade and using his weapons to damage the engine. The Talon screamed in terror and was forced to abandon his ride, deploying his parachute. The Sky Knight jumped into the air between two more Switchblades and cut off their wings, causing the Talons to also parachute from their destroyed rides. Aerrow landed back on his Skimmer with Radarr taking control. Both the Sky Knight and co-pilot gave a high five before riding back into battle.

Piper had fitted her staff with a frost crystal, and aimed it at a Switchblade's engine. She fired a shot, freezing the engine and leaving the Talon with no power. The ride suddenly dropped from the Talon's feet and left him dangling in the air before he finally deployed his chute. Piper laughed at what she had done and sped off.

Finn brought up the retractable crossbow from his Skimmer. In front of him were five Talons who all deployed their blasters and were firing at the marksman. Finn avoided each shot and once he had the chance, he did a barrel roll and fired a volley of bolts at the Talons. The Talons tried to flee as soon as they saw the bolts coming toward them, but each shot hit the Switchblades perfectly, causing them to stall and slip from the Talon's grips. All five deployed their chutes as they headed for the Wastelands.

Finn held up his trademark pistol fingers as he said, "Chicka-cha!"

Junko was speeding towards a Talon who glared at him. The Wallop only glared back as he soon had a plan. Neither one showed any signs of fear as they both got closer. Just when they were about to crash, both Junko and the Talon turned on their sides as they barely came in contact. The Talon looked back at Junko to see what happened, and the Wallop looked at the Talon as well. Suddenly, Junko brought his hands forward and smiled to reveal he was holding a pair of boosters. Junko had used his Wallop strength to pull them off as he got close to the Switchblade. The Talon was left confused to see what Junko was holding and turned back to his stern. There, he saw that his boosters were missing so his ride had no thrust. The Talon soon frowned as he realised his Switchblade was now falling so he was forced to jump and deploy his chute.

Junko threw away the boosters and said, "Better luck next time."

All the Storm Hawks had now rejoined with each other. They cheered after getting rid of so many Talons but there was something bugging Aerrow. "Why would the Cyclonians suddenly attack us?" he said.

"So you'll be dealt with for good!" said a familiar voice.

The Storm Hawks turned around to see who said it. There in front of them were their adversaries. Dark Ace and Ravess were riding on their Talon Switchblade Elites, Snipe was riding on his Heli-Blade Elite, and the Raptors were riding on their Bone Wings. All the enemies of the Storm Hawks laughed as soon as they came into view.

"Dark Ace!" Aerrow said in anger. His teammates all stood there aghast to see their most powerful enemies clustered together.

"You've stood in our way for the last time, Storm Hawks," said Dark Ace, "so now we'll be putting you out of commission!"

The Storm Hawks all sped forward while each of their enemies picked their targets. Dark Ace went after Aerrow, the Raptors went after Piper, Ravess went after Finn and Snipe went after Junko.

Aerrow and Dark Ace met head on as they both drew their weapons. The blue energy of Aerrow's daggers sparked as they clashed with the red energy of Dark Ace's double-bladed sword. They were now side by side trying to slash at the other. Radarr was ducking in his seat so as not to get hit by either weapon. He couldn't sit there and do nothing as he watched his friend being attacked, so he reached into his seat to find something. Looking frantically, he pulled out a wrench and chirped in delight. While Dark Ace was busy, Radarr threw the wrench his way and the Talon commander had barely managed to duck it. That was Aerrow's opportunity to get close so he jumped from his Skimmer onto Dark Ace's Switchblade.

"You need to pay more attention," Aerrow said boastingly with his daggers pointed at Dark Ace.

"Not bad, Aerrow," said Dark Ace. He jumped up and stood in front of Aerrow with his sword ignited. "But I'm just getting started!"

Meanwhile, Piper was outnumbered by the Raptors four against one. Her Heliscooter flew as fast as it could away from the pursuing enemies, but it was no match against the Bone Wings. All the Raptors laughed as they figured they had the girl on the run.

Repton pulled out his boomerang and ignited it, giving it a yellow glow. "Why don't we have some fun with her?" he said to his brothers.

Spitz spoke with a lisp as he said, "Good thinking, bosssss. We'll play cat and mousssse."

"Uh... can I be the cat? I love kitty cats," said Lugey.

"Put a cork in it!" said Hoerk.

Repton's brothers all got out their double-sided swords and ignited them. Now Piper knew she was in trouble as she gasped. The Raptors were still chasing her, but she soon remembered about something she had taken with her. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small orange crystal. At that moment, Repton was getting ready to throw his boomerang, and Piper merely smiled at that. The boomerang soared from Repton's claws as he threw it, making Piper his target. Piper got as close as she could and held the crystal in front of her. The crystal made a small shield in front of Piper and deflected the boomerang.

Repton watched in disbelief as his own weapon was coming back to him, but he pulled his ride away in time. Unfortunately for his brothers, they didn't see it coming as it crashed into the side of Lugey's ride and made him collide into Spitz and then into Hoerk. Repton caught his boomerang and then growled in anger as he saw his brothers were temporarily out of the battle.

"Looks like it's just you and me," said Piper.

Repton wasn't pleased at all as he soon chased after Piper again, but was now taking the battle more seriously.

Finn was looking for his next target when he suddenly heard violin music coming from behind him. He turned his head around with eyes wide open as he recognised the tune. There behind him was a Talon playing the violin while Ravess was beside him getting her bow ready.

Finn brought his ride around quickly so he could meet Ravess. The marksman narrowed his eyes when his retractable crossbow was ready. With the lenses set up, he fired a bolt while Ravess fired her arrow. The two projectiles sped towards each other and collided, causing a small explosion.

Both Finn and Ravess were forced to flee before they got caught in the explosion. Ravess was the first to retaliate as she fired one arrow after another. One arrow managed to hit the stern of Finn's Skimmer. He felt the blow and turned his head.

"Hey!" he shouted. "I just got new parts for this!"

Finn made a cowardly scream and ducked as more arrows were shot from Ravess. He knew that things weren't going good for him and he had a feeling it was only going to get worse.

Junko looked at Snipe with rage in his eyes. Ever since the battle at Terra Glockenchime when Snipe called him a gleep, he's always held a grudge against him. Snipe laughed as he swung his mace in the air and the ball was being held onto the hilt by a chain.

"Let's see how you make it out of this!" yelled Snipe.

The ball of Snipe's mace was then thrust forward, causing Junko to dodge and it barely scratched his Skimmer. Snipe brought the ball back and thrust it out again and again until he would hit Junko. Each time the ball came out, Junko was able to dodge it but he knew his luck would run out. That's when he knew that brains always beat brawns. Snipe was swinging his mace again, but now Junko was prepared. The ball was coming Junko's way so he ignited his Knuckle Busters, making his hands glow green. As soon as the ball was close enough, Junko punched it with all his might, sending it back to Snipe.

The burly man only sat confused to see his own weapon coming back at him. The ball then hit Snipe's head, causing him to spin around in his Heli-Blade Elite screaming. Snipe's eyes were rolling around in their sockets when he finally got his ride under control but he was left with pain in his head.

"Ooh," said Junko, cringing. "That's gotta hurt."

While the battle was taking place, Master Cyclonis was entering while she rode on her own Switchblade Elite. Her cloak was flapping against the wind as she made it retract, revealing her dark red outfit. She saw the Storm Hawks were distracted, and she knew it was the perfect opportunity for her to use her secret weapon. The mysterious green crystal was now resting in her hand and she smiled maliciously as she sped towards the fighting.

Piper was still doing her best to get away from Repton when something caught the corner of her eye. She turned her head to find Cyclonis coming in with something odd in her hands. Piper looked closer and saw the Cyclonian ruler had some kind of crystal that wasn't familiar to her. But she knew that if Cyclonis had it then she was going to use it against the Storm Hawks. Piper soon took off after Cyclonis, hoping to stop her in time.

Cyclonis stood up from her Switchblade with the crystal in her hands. Her plan was now coming to fruition as she thought there would be one less Sky Knight squadron in Atmos.

"Goodbye, Storm Hawks," she said.

Cyclonis was about to use the crystal when Piper sped in at the last second. She extended her staff and while she went past the evil ruler; she knocked the crystal out of her hands and sent it flying through the air. Cyclonis watched in dismay as she lost a hold of the crystal and was soon filled with rage as she saw who was responsible.

Aerrow and Dark Ace were still fighting against each other on the Switchblade. Neither one seemed to have the upper hand until Dark Ace knocked Aerrow down onto the wings. Aerrow was now left motionless as Dark Ace drew up his sword.

"Well, it looks like you lose," said Dark Ace.

The Cyclonian commander plunged his sword downward, but Aerrow acted quickly and rolled out of the way. The sword was stuck into the wing while Aerrow jumped from the Switchblade and landed back on his Skimmer. Now Aerrow wasn't going to take this battle lightly anymore. Concentrating hard, his body soon glowed with blue energy as he was getting ready to perform his technique. Dark Ace tried to get out of the way, but he was still trying to get his sword free. All of a sudden, Aerrow leapt and spun in the air as his arms appeared to transform into wings. The Sky Knight shot his arms forward as he unleashed his Lightning Claw.

A large blue pulse of energy was speeding towards Dark Ace who was left defenceless. Dark Ace closed his eyes as he would soon feel the blow, but it never came as a green crystal came up to absorb the shot. The energy from Aerrow's attack pulsed around the crystal as it floated in mid-air. Both Aerrow and Dark Ace stood in shock to see what was happening.

Soon, everyone taking place in the battle could see a green glow coming from somewhere. The crystal then sent out a huge pulse of green glowing energy that surrounded everyone. The energy was large enough to cover even the Condor and the Cyclonian airship. Everyone screamed as the light got brighter and then came a white flash. After it subsided, there was nothing left. The Sky Knight squadron and the Cyclonians – along with their ships and the crystal – had disappeared.

* * *

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