Chapter 13: Confrontation

BlueTiger321: So now we're at the final battle! Who will emerge as the victor, the Storm Hawks and the Gaang or Azula and the Cyclonians? I'll let you all see for yourselves!

Azula looked forward while she rode with the Talon. The Cyclonian battle cruiser was just up ahead. Soon, she would get her opportunity to set her backup plan into motion. The hangar bay door had just opened, and the wicked girl smiled as she was almost there.

Azula had then turned her back to see that Master Cyclonis's commanders were gaining on her, and they all had stern looks on their faces. There was the possibility they were catching on to her plan but she would deal with them later.

What had her more surprised was to see that the Storm Hawks were flying their way. To Azula, they were nothing more than pests but they were not her concern at the moment.

"Faster!" shouted Azula.

With that, the Talon sped his ride into the airship while the Cyclonians and Raptors followed them.

Aerrow set his face into determination as he would not let this battle drag out any longer.

"Come on, guys! Let's finish this!" shouted the Sky Knight.

Aerrow's teammates all let out cries as they sped towards the ship. The doors were soon closing so they would have to work fast. Narrowing their eyes, the Storm Hawks had all accelerated their Skimmers into the hangar bay before the doors were shut. Once inside, Aerrow and his team converted their Skimmers into vehicle mode and landed softly on the metal floor. The Talon commanders and the Raptors were not happy to see the Storm Hawks, and so both sides drew their weapons.

"That's as far as you go!" said Dark Ace.

"A Sky Knight squadron doesn't take orders from Cyclonian scum!" said Aerrow.

"Then we'll just have to beat it into you!"

The Dark Ace and his fellow fighters rushed on the Storm Hawks, and so another battle had commenced. Aerrow clashed blades once again with Dark Ace. Neither one of them were backing down now that they were so close to victory.

Off to the side, the boy Sky Knight could see that Piper faced against Repton and the latter swung his boomerang to no avail as the navigator blocked the projectile with her staff. Finn was trading blows with Ravess, and the sharpshooter was forced to duck and cover while screaming cowardly against the Talon's volley of arrows. Junko and Snipe had gotten into a fight where the Talon kept swinging his mace and the Wallop tried to land a hit with his fists.

Radarr was also involved in the fight, and he was surrounded by Repton's brothers. Hoerk looked down at him and laughed, thinking this was going to be an easy win. The co-pilot only chirped while smirking as an idea formed in his head. Lugey was the first to attack, so Radarr jumped up before a sword struck him and ended up landing on Spitz's head. Afterwards, he blew a raspberry at the portly Raptor to taunt him.

"Duh... I got him!" said Lugey.

"No, wait!" cried Spitz.

It was too late. Lugey swung his sword just as Radarr jumped out of the way in time. The result was that the portly Raptor accidentally hit his brother with his sword, causing him to fall down and writhe in agony. Next, Radarr jumped right in front of Hoerk, and Lugey once again swung his sword. The Raptor could only scream in fright as the sword from his brother struck him and caused him to fall down as well while Radarr escaped unharmed.

Lugey looked down at Hoerk and Spitz and saw them sprawled on the floor while they both saw stars spinning around their heads. "Oops," he said. "Sorry, guys."

Radarr chirped and ran on all fours away from the Raptors.

As the fighting dragged on, Azula looked out and saw no one was paying attention to her. This was now her opportunity to sneak by them undetected. Crouching, she slowly made her way over to a nearby exit.

Aerrow locked his daggers with Dark Ace's sword. As the two of them pushed against each other, the Sky Knight looked to see Azula trying to get away, but he wouldn't have that. The fight with the Dark Ace would have to wait, so Aerrow stepped back and ran to intercept the wicked girl.

Azula was almost at the doorway when a blue pulse was struck right in front of her. Turning around, she found that Aerrow fired the shot to prevent her escape.

"You have nowhere to go, Azula!" said Aerrow.

Azula was forced to stand and smile. Laughing to herself, she said, "I have to disagree. I intend on going somewhere important."

Everyone had stopped their fighting as they all turned around to face Azula. They all heard what she said and were curious by what it meant.

"What are you talking about?" said Repton.

"Exactly why did you fly into the ship?" said Ravess.

"It's simple," said Azula. "I'll have this ship fly over Ba Sing Se and head straight for the palace. That way, I can hold the Earth King hostage and the entire kingdom will be forced to finally obey me."

"That's actually a pretty good plan," said Finn.

"Not helping, Finn!" Piper said through clenched teeth.

Dark Ace scoffed at Azula's plan, saying, "And what makes you think we'll be doing that?"

"Aren't you forgetting?" said Azula. "I have something very special that you need." The self-acclaimed Fire Lord then brought out the dimension stone for all to see.

The Storm Hawks were quite surprised to see the stone was so close to them, and yet all they could do was stare at it in awe.

"The dimension stone!" said Piper.

"No wonder we couldn't find it," said Junko.

Snapping out of his gaze, Aerrow turned to Azula and said, "So you have the dimension stone! Why do you need it? You don't have any use for it!"

"Quite the contrary," said Azula. "You see, I knew that my own forces wouldn't be enough to conquer this world, and so I managed to strike a deal with Cyclonis: she helps me become ruler over all the nations and I give this stone back to her.

"To be honest, I was going to destroy this thing once I was done with her, but then I thought why should my reign be only limited to one world? I could have Cyclonis use this stone to transport me and my subjects to your world where I will have domination over it as well. With two worlds bowing down to me, I will be the most infamous ruler in all of history!"

Azula's rant got both the Storm Hawks and the Cyclonians enraged. They all thought she was truly delusional for thinking up an insane plot. Azula finished by laughing maniacally, but it was interrupted when she was thrown to the ground. The fall had made the dimension stone slip out of her grasp and it made a ping noise as it hit the floor.

When Azula looked up, she saw Master Cyclonis standing in the doorway holding her staff out, which meant she fired the shot that knocked her down. She could see a furious look frozen on the Cyclonian ruler's face, but that didn't intimidate her as she stood on her feet.

"You really are a lunatic if you think your plan will work!" said Cyclonis. "Atmos is mine, and nobody – the Storm Hawks or you – is going to stop me!"

"I had a feeling it would come to this," said Azula. She followed up by letting a flame loose from both her palms.

Cyclonis didn't flinch, but merely held up her hand to block the incoming attack. The flames were then pushed back to Azula and she screamed as her own flames hit her armoured chest, pushing her back down to the floor.

Aerrow saw that now was their chance to grab the dimension stone. Scanning carefully, he found it a few feet to his left and slowly made his way towards it.

Master Cyclonis looked and saw the Sky Knight trying to grab the stone. Raising the fuchsia crystal on her staff, she released a red beam. Aerrow saw it coming and quickly jumped out of the way, and safely landed with his teammates.

"You're next, Storm Hawks!" said Cyclonis. Pointing to the Sky Knight squadron, she shouted, "Attack!"

Cyclonis's commanders were now joined with the Nightcrawlers. Aerrow wondered why the group of assassins wasn't in the fight, and it was obvious they couldn't take direct sunlight no matter how much their armour could be enhanced. Now the Storm Hawks were facing their enemies for the fate of this world and their own.

* * *

Back on the ground, the allied forces were still battling with the Fire Nation army. The Water Tribe warriors had managed to push back the ground troops, but they were still no match for the tanks and the trebuchets. Luckily, they had the help from the Earth Kingdom soldiers who intercepted each flaming projectile.

Aang and his friends continued to press on despite the ongoing fatigue they felt from battling numerous waves of soldiers. The boy Avatar swung his staff while on Appa and blew away the Talons coming in to attack.

Toph raised some earth to knock back some of Azula's soldiers while Katara moved water around to dissipate fire attacks while pushing them away.

Zuko had made his way to the heart of the oncoming wave. It felt awful for him to have to fight his own soldiers but he saw no other way to put an end to this fighting. Once at the spot, the Fire Lord had formed flames in his fists to get ready for another attack.

One of the soldiers looked at Zuko with a determined expression. Before the Fire Lord could do anything, the soldier turned to the others and said, "Now!"

The call was given, and so nearly every Fire Nation soldier turned around and started striking their own allies down with firebending. The soldiers near the tanks and trebuchets had thrown spherical objects at them and the ones controlling the devices were forced to jump out of the way as explosions were then heard, destroying the weaponry.

Aang set Appa down and was confused along with Zuko. The enemies were now fighting each other, and they wondered what had caused it.

Soon, the allied forces had started taking part in the fight again, but they made sure not to attack the Fire Nation soldiers that weren't fighting against them. Eventually, only a few Fire Nation soldiers on Azula's side were left standing and they were becoming surrounded by the allied forces.

Zuko walked up to the soldiers with Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph and Mai at his side.

One of the evil soldiers looked at his troops and said, "What are you doing?! You're supposed to be serving the Fire Lord!"

A soldier loyal to Zuko walked up and replied, "We are serving the Fire Lord!" A smile crept onto Zuko's face when he saw that most of his own soldiers were still under his command.

All of Azula's soldiers had now seen they were outnumbered with some of their own ranks turning to the other side. The allied forces pressed onward to show they were ready to take the necessary measures should the battle continue. With no other option, the evil soldiers were forced to raise their hands to surrender.

Aang and his friends then looked up at the Talons. The Cyclonians all saw the Fire Nation had lost the battle, and they were now by themselves against the massive army.

One Talon looked at the others and said, "I think we oughta get back to Master Cyclonis."

The other Talons all nodded and flew their Switchblades back to the Cyclonian airship. Upon the retreat, the allied forces had all cheered at their victory.

"I can't believe we did it!" said Sokka.

"What'd you expect?" said Toph. "These guys were just a bunch of lightweights compared to us."

Katara looked up at the sky, hoping to find the Storm Hawks but there was no sight of them. "Hey, where are Aerrow and the others?" she wondered.

Zuko looked around to find the one person he was hoping he would defeat. "...And where's Azula?" he said.

Aang looked at the Cyclonian battle cruiser. A worried look slowly formed on his face as he thought his new friends were all by themselves in the ship, and it worried him even more that Azula would be there too.

"Guys," said Aang, "I think Azula's in that ship!"

"Do you think Aerrow and the others went after her?" said Sokka.

"They might have. If so, then we have to go help them!"

Iroh stepped out from the crowd to look at the Avatar and his friends. "Go help your friends," he said. "We'll stay here and clean up this refuse."

"Thanks, Uncle," said Zuko, smiling gratefully.

With that, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph and Zuko all hoped onto Appa with Momo flying in as well.

"Yip yip!" said Aang.

The group then flew up to the giant airship in hopes of reaching their friends in time while the allied forces watched them fly off to end this battle once and for all.

* * *

Aerrow backed away as his team was quickly being outnumbered. The Nightcrawlers had already formed around the Storm Hawks along with the Cyclonians and the Raptors. The only place where they could go was behind them, and it was sealed up with the giant doors.

In front of him, Aerrow saw smirks forming on his advancing foes. They had the Sky Knight squadron cornered. They all thought this was finally their moment to defeat the Storm Hawks and nothing could stand in their way.

"We're so dead!" Finn said in a faint voice.

"For once, I actually agree with you," said Cyclonis. She proceeded by pointing up her staff and making the fuchsia crystal shine. "Prepare to meet your makers!"

Before Cyclonis could do any further action, a rumbling was heard coming from outside the ship. The Storm Hawks and the Cyclonians wondered what was going on, and that's when they all saw the giant doors being forcefully opened. The sound of scraping metal was heard as the doors were bent to the sides, allowing the sunlight to enter the hangar bay. The Nightcrawlers in the vicinity of the light were forced to retreat before any further damage was done to them.

When the doors had created a large enough hole, everyone saw it was Toph standing up on Appa who had made the entrance. The sky bison flew through the hole and landed softly behind the Storm Hawks, and the Avatar's group touched down with determined looks on their faces.

Looking back at his new friends, Aerrow said, "Nice entrance."

"Now let's put an end to this!" said Aang. All his friends, old and new, then faced forward while readying their weapons or getting in their bending stances.

Cyclonis then grunted through her gritted teeth. More people coming to the Storm Hawks' aid was just an annoyance so they will be dealt with as well. "Get them!" she shouted.

The order then made all of Cyclonis's troops rush in to take out their enemies while Aerrow and his team did the same.

The group of Nightcrawlers had taken the initiative by firing shots at Appa. The armour the giant beast was wearing protected him from each hit, and he retaliated by making a huge growl and charging at the assassins. The Nightcrawlers were left battered and bruised as they were each stampeded by the sky bison.

Piper and Katara faced off against Repton. When the Raptor leader threw his boomerang, Katara caught it in mid-air using her Water Whip. Repton was left confused by his attack failing, and he was slow to notice Piper coming in to strike him with her staff. Repton ducked at the last second and tried to strike back using his claws and tail.

As the fight continued, Katara got the idea to throw the boomerang back at its wielder. Thinking quickly, Katara swung the boomerang back while Repton was distracted. Piper pushed back against the Raptor leader and she noticed the incoming projectile. She pointed to Repton's back while smiling, leaving Repton confused. He looked back and set his face into panic as he saw his own weapon coming at him. It left him no time to evade so he took the boomerang to his head and fell hard to the floor.

Piper looked at the downed foe and then turned back to Katara, saying, "You sure know how to hit 'em hard."

"It just comes naturally," replied Katara.

Finn was locked against Ravess again. The marksman had to take cover behind his Skimmer to avoid getting hit by the incoming arrows. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get a decent shot in since Ravess always countered with her own shots.

The Talon commander had now notched five arrows in her bow and sent them flying towards Finn, but that's when Aang jumped in and took out the arrows with a jet of flame. When the Avatar touched down to land, Ravess had a frustrated look on her face and was about to get more arrows ready when she saw four bolts coming her way. She managed to dodge three of them, but the fourth caught her in the arm and knocked the bow out of her hands.

Looking up angrily, she saw Finn blowing fake smoke from one of his pistol fingers. "Chicka-cha!" he said confidently.

Meanwhile, Junko pressed back against Snipe's mace. The burly Talon's strength forced the Wallop to grunt while preventing the weapon from reaching his body. Snipe could see he was beginning to wear down his opponent so he would only need to keep it up and he would win.

"What's the matter?" said Snipe, tauntingly. "Am I too much for you?"

Junko looked down to his right and smirked. "Nope," he replied. "I was just keepin' ya busy."

Snipe tried to figure out what Junko meant, and that's when he saw Toph by his feet. The blind girl gave a huge grin and then grabbed the metal floor under the burly man. She then pulled the metal up fast, causing Snipe to fly up to the top screaming.

Junko looked to see Snipe fly so fast that his body got stuck through the ceiling and his legs dangled around in an attempt to free himself. The Wallop could only laugh as he remembered Snipe getting stuck in a similar way back in the Forbidden City.

Sokka had pitted himself against Lugey, Hoerk and Spitz once again. All three Raptors then charged on the boy, so he took up his sword and clashed them against each of them one-by-one. No matter when each of Repton's brothers struck, Sokka blocked their swords with his own.

Eventually, all three of the Raptors attempted to overpower the boy, but that's when Momo and Radarr came in to Sokka's aid. The flying lemur and the co-pilot came in and bit down on Hoerk and Lugey's tails, causing them to stop and jump around yelling in pain and leaving Spitz by himself. Sokka saw this was his chance and so taking out his club, he knocked out each of the Raptors while they were distracted and left them unconscious.

"Don't mess with the mighty Sokka!" he said while sheathing his weapons.

Aerrow and the Dark Ace swung their blades around trying to incapacitate the other. Their fighting skills were on equal ground as neither one gained the advantage.

As the fighting continued, Azula regained consciousness and stumbled her way over to find the dimension stone lying on the floor. Now she would have her moment to put her plan into action, but then a lone figure stopped right in front of her – her own brother, Zuko.

"Azula, this is where it all ends!" shouted the Fire Lord.

A burst of flames then erupted from Zuko's fists, causing Azula to jump backwards. She was so close at achieving her goal and yet there were all these people trying to stop her. Her mind then seemed to be holding in all this frustration that it couldn't take any more. Azula cried out while unleashing her own flames that it nearly startled Zuko.

Before Zuko could begin his next assault, he and Azula were pushed back by some unseen force. Both siblings hit the wall and slid down after losing consciousness.

Master Cyclonis slowly walked up to pick up the dimension stone. A wicked smile formed on her lips as she finally had the one thing she needed in order to get back to the world she would rule.

Piper looked on and cried, "Look!"

All her friends stopped what they were doing to see Cyclonis hold up the dimension stone. Laughing out loud, the Cyclonian ruler said, "You lose, Storm Hawks! Now you'll be trapped in this wretched world for the rest of your lives!"

Finn took up his crossbow and said, "I don't think so!"

A bolt flew from Finn's weapon and headed straight for Cyclonis. The girl made a faint yawn and held up her hand, forcing the bolt to change its direction and head back to Finn. The blonde sharpshooter saw his own projectile coming back at him so he made a cowardly scream before the bolt hit him in the chest.

All around, Cyclonis saw the others trying to stop her. She knew it was a futile effort but she decided to humour these nuisances.

Katara blasted Cyclonis with water, but it was turned back on her by a snap of Cyclonis's fingers and formed into ice to trap the girl on the floor.

The next thing Cyclonis saw was Sokka rushing her with his sword. Pointing her staff, she fired a pink pulse to make the boy fly across the room until he crashed on the floor.

Piper came in swinging her staff above her head and bringing it down hard, but Cyclonis blocked it at the last second with her own staff. Junko was about to run in shouting while brandishing his Knuckle Busters. Cyclonis smirked as she held up her hand and release a wave of pink energy, sending Piper and Junko away from her screaming.

Aang and Toph were the next ones to try and stop her. The boy Avatar formed a small tornado around his hands while the blind girl lifted up a large sheet of metal. Cyclonis chuckled to herself as both attacks came at her, so she held out her staff and made the tornado and metal sheet stop in mid-air. Aang and Toph only gasped at their failed attacks, but Aang was more surprised as Cyclonis fused them together using her telekinetic ability. The metal sheet came back at them even faster as it was driven by the air. Toph tried to grab onto the sheet, but it was too late as both she and Aang were blasted back by its force.

The only one left to face Cyclonis was Aerrow, and he was joined by Radarr standing by his feet.

Bringing up his ignited daggers, the Sky Knight said, "You won't take me down, Cyclonis!"

"I don't have to," Cyclonis responded. "I've got someone else to do that for me."

Aerrow then cried in pain as he was hit in the back by a red pulse, dropping his daggers in the process. Radarr chirped in fright upon seeing his teammate being injured, and that fear turned to anger when he saw the Dark Ace standing there holding out his sword.

Aang had quickly recovered from his assault to see what was happening. All around, he saw his friends lying down on the ground after being defeated. What made matters worse was he saw Talons coming in to point their staves at Appa, forcing him against the wall. The boy had a saddened look on his face to see this display, but it changed when he closed his eyes and began to concentrate.

Meanwhile, Cyclonis held out the dimension stone once again while laughing as her Talon commanders and the Raptors joined her. In her mind, Cyclonis had thought she had finally won.

"The day is ours," said Cyclonis. "Let's throw out this trash and then return back to–"

The Cyclonian ruler stopped what she was saying when she noticed a glow coming out of nowhere. She turned around and saw its source to be Aang floating in mid-air, and he had just transitioned into the Avatar State.

Cyclonis and her commanders were left in shock and awe at what they were seeing while the Raptors looked on in fright since they knew what was going to happen.

Aang brought out his hands and a large gust of air surrounded the hangar bay, blowing away the Talons, the commanders and the Raptors, and knocking them against the wall. Cyclonis had managed to protect herself by forming a shield of pink energy around her body so she stood in place, but she was left stunned at the sheer power coming from the Avatar.

At that time, all of Aang's friends had recovered from their previous assaults and looked to see their friend handle the enemies by himself.

Cyclonis's eyes were wide in disbelief as she stared at Aang. "This... can't be happening!" she said.

All of a sudden, the entire airship began to shake and the alarms started to activate. The shock was so immense that Cyclonis lost her grip over the dimension stone and it rolled along the floor over to the hole Toph had made in the doors. The shaking had also caused Azula to awaken, and so she slipped away quietly amongst the confusion.

"What's going on?!" Cyclonis demanded.

Finn peered outside the doors. His face then showed excitement when he saw that the Condor was firing off shots from its blasters at the battle cruiser. "All right, Stork!" he cried.

In the Condor, the Merb drove with a steadfast look in his eyes. "Look out Cyclonians," he said, "'cause here comes your worst nightmare!"

Back in the Cyclonian ship, the dimension stone had now rolled out the hole and Azula was the first one to react. Everyone then saw the wicked girl leap out of the ship and plummet down as she went after the stone. Aang, still maintaining the Avatar State, soon went after her.

"We've gotta get it before she does!" said Piper.

"Right," said Aerrow. "C'mon everyone, let's go!"

The Storm Hawks had returned to their rides and drove out of the hangar bay. They were soon joined by the rest of their friends riding on Appa.

"After them!" Cyclonis ordered.

The Talon commanders and the Raptors followed the order as they all got to their own rides to chase after the Storm Hawks. Cyclonis was going to make sure this job was done right so she got on her Switchblade and drove out of the hangar bay. It was now a race to see who would get the dimension stone.

Azula fell through the sky, and wind battered her face with every inch she got closer to the dimension stone. It was almost within reach so she stretched out her hand to grab it, but then something else caught her attention.

A glow came out of the corner of her eyes and there she saw Aang. Azula was frightened by the Avatar as she saw that all four elements were now orbiting around him.

Acting quickly, Azula grabbed the dimension stone and turned back to Aang, unleashing a jet of flame from her free hand. The Avatar blocked the attack with a slab of earth and countered using the stream of water he was controlling. The water hit Azula in her chest and sent her away a few feet. Azula recovered by bending fire from her feet to propel her forward again, but only to have Aang blast her with air.

The resulting attack made Azula throw the dimension stone upward, making her cry out in frustration. Rage soon formed in her eyes as she charged up lightning in her fingertips. In a desperate move, Azula was about to strike when Aang came up and grabbed Azula's arm to form the lightning through his body, making sure it didn't pass through his heart. The lightning was re-directed over the battlefield as everyone on the ground look on in awe.

Now that Aang was this close to Azula, he had managed to regain consciousness and touched his hand to her forehead. The instant he did that made it feel like time had come to a standstill. To the Avatar, both he and Azula were bathed in light; his being blue while Azula's was red. Gaining full control over the energy surrounding Azula's body, his own energy took hold of her. Aang could now see Azula was wrapped in the same blue light as he was, and that's when everything suddenly went back to normal.

Aang was now back to his original self while holding Azula in his arms. The boy then saw Appa swooping down to grab him. Both he and Azula landed safely in the saddle where his friends awaited him.

At that moment, Azula regain control over herself. "Now you will all perish!" she cried out.

Azula then shot out her hand, but then something felt odd to her – no flames were coming out from it. She tried it over and over again, but nothing happened. Aang and all his friends smiled at the wicked girl, knowing that her firebending had been taken away from her. She had now been given the same fate as her father.

"It's over, Azula," said Zuko. "I'm taking back what's rightfully mine."

"No!" said Azula. "This... this isn't real! I can't lose again!" She proceeded by trying to attack her brother, but was stopped when Katara caught her hands in a stream of water. It then turned to ice to form a pair of makeshift shackles.

Azula tried to squirm free but to no avail. After everything that she lost, she had no choice but to once again settle into a nervous breakdown. Zuko was forced to make her sit before she could fall off Appa.

"That's what you get for messing with us!" said Toph.

Sokka was about to say something else when he looked upward. "Hey, look!" he said while pointing.

There, everyone saw the dimension stone was falling towards them. What was more surprising was that the Storm Hawks and the Cyclonians were flying after it to see who would get it first.

Aang knew a way to help his friends. Standing up, he raised his hands to unleash a strong blast of air, which sent the dimension stone back up to Aerrow. The Sky Knight saw the incoming crystal and jumped from his Skimmer. Everyone riding Appa watched in amazement as they saw the Aerrow suddenly form a pair of wings from his back. Gliding carefully, Aerrow caught the dimension stone and made his way back to his ride, retracting the wings.

Master Cyclonis saw this and shouted, "I want that stone now!"

Aerrow saw the Cyclonians were now going to go after him. He thought now was the opportune moment to try and use it now that he, his teammates and his adversaries were all together.

Looking down at his new friends, the Sky Knight shouted, "Aang, go now! We'll take it from here!"

The boy Avatar knew to have faith in Aerrow so he took his advice and ordered Appa away from the scene. He, along with his friends, gave the Storm Hawks a salute as a last goodbye before they rode off into the sky.

Now that they were alone with the Cyclonians, the Storm Hawks had formed behind their leader while the Condor came into view. Cyclonis, her commanders and the Raptors were now coming in after them.

Looking up at the battle cruiser, Aerrow then knew that's where it was going to happen. "Everyone, follow me!" he commanded.

The Sky Knight and his team soon took off after him. Cyclonis was now becoming more enraged that the Storm Hawks were just playing with her, so she and her troops were right behind the squadron.

Aerrow was almost at his destination when he noticed red pulses were flying right by him. He saw the Dark Ace firing off the shots from his sword.

"You won't be getting away this time, Aerrow!" the elite Talon shouted.

"I wasn't planning to," Aerrow revealed.

The Dark Ace and his master were left confused by what the Sky Knight said. They were even more perplexed when they saw the Storm Hawks suddenly stopping in front of the Cyclonian airship along with the Condor.

Aerrow looked at the dimension stone in his hands. It's now or never, he thought.

The red-haired boy proceeded by throwing the stone up into the air, leaving the Cyclonians to watch the spectacle. Aerrow then got up on his Skimmer while holding his weapons. His teammates all saw what he was doing so they sat back and smiled, waiting for what was coming next. Now the Sky Knight was glowing in a blue aura as he spiralled into the air and unleashed his Lightning Claw. The large blue pulse flew until it hit its mark – the falling dimension stone.

The crystal then floated in mid-air as it pulsed with energy. The Cyclonians could only look with shocked expressions to see the dimension stone perform its ability. Green energy soon erupted from the stone and bathed itself over the Storm Hawks, the Cyclonians, and the two ships.

Back on the ground, everyone covered their eyes as they saw the incredible sight. Aang and the rest of his friends were down there with everybody else and they all watched patiently for the next thing to happen.

All of a sudden, the green energy had dissipated. Everyone looked to see the two gigantic airships had disappeared along with everyone else in the sky.

Toph couldn't see what was going on so she asked, "So, what just happened?"

"They're gone," Zuko said calmly.

Tears formed around Katara's eyes as she would never see her friends again. "I can't believe it," she said. "They saved us all... and they're gone forever." She was soon comforted by her father and brother as they continued staring at the sky.

Aang stepped out from everyone else and looked on with a smile on his face. Bowing his head, he whispered, "Good luck, guys."

* * *

The Storm Hawks, the Cyclonians and the Raptors were now travelling through the green vortex they used to enter the other world. Everyone was now screaming as they sped through the swirling energy quickly while desperately clinging to their rides.

"Not this again!" Finn shouted.

"Were you expecting something better?!" cried Piper.

"Just hang on!" shouted Aerrow.

Everyone continued screaming until they all saw a white light at the end of the vortex.

* * *

A mass of green energy then expanded in a clear, blue sky. From within it sprang out everyone passing through the vortex. The Storm Hawks had all regained control over their rides while the Cyclonians and the Raptors did the same.

While they slowed down, no one had noticed the dimension stone was still among them and so it plummeted through the sky.

Cyclonis was the first one to regain her bearings and she saw the falling crystal. "No!" she cried and stretched out her hand.

It was a fruitless effort as the stone fell down with no one seeing it arrive in a desolate area covered with rock formations and many savage creatures. The dimension stone ended up falling into a large lake of lava where smoke arose around the spot where it landed. The crystal descended into the lava where it would never be used by anyone ever again.

Aerrow looked at his foes and noticed their anger. "Better luck next time," he said.

Cyclonis grunted in fury at the boy's direction. "You'll pay for that, Sky Knight!" she bellowed.

The Cyclonian ruler then brought her hand up to issue a charge, but what she saw next made her eyes open wide in terror. There standing behind the Storm Hawks were the other Sky Knight squadrons of Atmos gathered together: the Rex Guardians, the Rebel Ducks, the Absolute Zeroes, the Screaming Queens, the Third Degree Burners, the Buff Buzzards, and the Neck Deeps. Each member of every squad had a determined look as though they were all ready to take on the Cyclonians at any given moment.

Aerrow turned around to see his fellow Sky Knights were coming to his aid. Turning back to Cyclonis, he said, "I think you lose this round, Cyclonis."

Cyclonis had known that she couldn't win against this battle. Most of her troops were already battered and they wouldn't stand a chance against the other Sky Knight squadrons. More importantly, she knew of one important thing.

"Fall back," Cyclonis muttered.

"But Master," said Ravess, "what about the Storm Hawks?"

"We're back on Atmos. I say we leave it at that... for now." The Cyclonian ruler then turned her Switchblade around to retreat back into the battle cruiser.

All of Cyclonis's troops were forced to comply, so they all turned their rides around to head back to Cyclonia, except for the Dark Ace who stayed behind momentarily.

"Enjoy your moment, Storm Hawks..." the elite Talon said maliciously, "because it won't last forever!" The Dark Ace then caught up with the rest of his troops as they all disappeared into the clouds.

Aerrow and his teammates all looked on with smiles on their faces after acquiring a new victory over their enemies, but also gaining the knowledge that their new friends were safe.

* * *

The Condor was once again soaring majestically through the skies of Atmos. After their run-in with the Cyclonians, Aerrow and his team explained to the other Sky Knight squadrons all the events they had witnessed and the existence of the other world connected to this one. Now the Storm Hawks were relaxing in their fabled ship after a hard-earned victory.

In the bridge, Stork piloted his precious ship and truly thankful to be back home. What really calmed the helmsman was seeing the Timepulse moving regularly again as it picked up the navigation signal.

Aerrow walked in to see all his teammates gathered together. Their latest experience was one they would never forget as it left them all with a great impact.

The Sky Knight decided to strike up a conversation so he said, "I've gotta say – I'm sure gonna miss everyone."

"Me, too," said Piper. "There was so much more I wanted to learn about their different cultures, and I wanted to visit every corner of their world. It would've been interesting to learn all there is to know."

"Well I'm just glad to be back here," said Stork. "Who knows what other dangerous things there were in that world? At least I know how to avoid the dangerous things here."

"The food wasn't bad," said Junko. "Hey, maybe I could try whipping up something just like what they had?"

Everyone else then cringed upon thinking about Junko's cooking, and they all thought it would be best if the Wallop didn't attempt to do something like that.

"Well you know what?" said Finn. "I think it would've been awesome if we tried to learn some of those cool bending thingy moves. The Cyclonians would be runnin' scared if they saw us doing that!"

The navigator then turned to her Sky Knight just as she saw Radarr jump up to the boy's shoulders. "Do you think we'll ever see them again?" she wondered.

"...Good question, Piper," replied Aerrow. "Maybe we will someday... if we all hope there's a way."

The Condor then flew on through the sky as the Storm Hawks would head wherever someone in Atmos needed their help or for exploring another great adventure.

* * *

Meanwhile, back in Ba Sing Se, all the participants of the battle were now standing in the courtyard of the Earth Kingdom palace. Right at the top of the mighty steps were the leaders of the nations. Zuko was now garbed in his royal robes while he wore his hair back into a small bun with the Fire Nation crown emblazoned over his head.

Everyone then waited patiently for what the Fire Lord was about to say.

Taking in a deep breath, Zuko said, "Today, we have been given the peace we all have been longing for as Azula has finally been thoroughly defeated. This victory could not have been possible without the efforts of a brave group of people who have come to us in our time of need. They have shown us that even though they are not of our world, their hearts lie with those who are just and sworn to protecting the innocent.

"Unfortunately, these people are no longer with us, but their legacy shall live on in the hearts of many. I can say with pride that these people are courageous warriors... as well as trusting friends. So today, we shall honour their name. Each person in every nation shall come to know the saviours of our world – the Storm Hawks!"

At that moment, four Earth Kingdom soldiers came forward while dragging something covered by a large sheet. It was then removed to reveal a stone tapestry. Carved on it were the images of the Storm Hawks striking poses. This monument was to commemorate everything they had done for the people of this world.

Everyone in the courtyard had then erupted in cheers when they saw the giant tapestry. Now was the time for celebration over the world finally attaining peace. As the cheering continued, Earth Kingdom soldiers released fireworks into the air that exploded in a rainbow of colours.

A tender feeling was now going around some of the people. Aang was joined with his friends, and he soon saw that Katara was coming closer to him. The boy also saw Suki getting closer to Sokka as well as Mai getting closer to Zuko. The girls then kissed the boys gently on the lips, and the boys did the same in return.

This was now the latest point in history where everyone would remember the people who came to this world by accident, and changed the lives of many for the better.


* * *

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