I'd lie, A Sonny With a Chance fan fiction.


"I own Sonny with a chance!" I said, giggling.

"No you don't" My brain said, raining on my parade.

"Yes I do."I said, looking for something to hit my brain with.

"Nuh-ah." Brain said, smiling evilly.

"Yeah-huh!" I disagreed.


"Yes I do! How do you know I don't?"

"I talked to Demi Lovato and Sterling Knight, and they both said you don't." My brain said triumphantly.

"YOU talked to DEMI LOVATO and STERLING KNIGHT?" I asked enviously.

"Yep. And you don't own Sonny With A Chance!"

"DAMN! Can I talk to them?"

"*sigh*If you have to."

Demi and Sterling walked in, and after a lot of squealing and hugging, they looked at each other awkwardly.

"You know you don't own Sonny With a Chance, right?" Demi asked warily.

"Pft, of course I know that, Demi! I was just trying to trick my brain." I said quickly, trying not to look like an idiot in from of them.

"Oh, that's good then." She said.

"Yeah, sometimes I argue with my brain too." Sterling said, sighing as if reminiscing on some awesome fights.

"Really, Sterling? Really?" Demi said, smiling her cheeky smile.

(Okay, to clear that up, if you didn't pay attention to Demi and Sterling [OMFG! WHY WOULDN'T YOU PAY ATTENTION TO THEM??!!!] Then that basically means that I don't own Sonny With A Chance. YET. Give me time, I'm working on it. Oh, and if you're wondering why I had to write that big story-type-disclaimer; that's just me. I'm a "Creative" person, and I thought it would be fun. Kind of like the story before the story…)

A/N- THIS IS MY FIRST SONNY WITH A CHANCE FAN FICTION!! Okay, so I was listening to the song "I'd Lie" by Taylor Swift, and it reminded me of Chad and Sonny. Skip a lot of boring stories and thinking and weird looks and criticism (Barhaha, and singing, but I didn't think that was really necessary to put in, so I put it in brackets. Oh, before I forget; anything in brackets and bold you have permission to ignore cause it's just me going on and on and on about really random things, but you can read it if you really want to, cause I DID write it for a reason. LOL), and here we are! A Sonny With a Chance one-shot songfic! Isn't it amazing!

Who likes Chad and Sonny? Channy?(Why isn't it the other way around, like Sonad?...Okay, that does sound a bit too weird. I like Channy.)

LOL, I know it's the same thing, but I like typing them both. Was thinking of changing my pen name to have something to do with Sonny/Chad, but can't think of anything. Ideas are welcome! Oh, also reviews. Me likes reviews ("Oh, no you didn't just type that to the people!" said my brain. I don't listen to my brain very much. If I did, we wouldn't have this fan fiction and that would SUCK. Well, I'm not really sure yet, so I need reviews.)

Alright, so I'mma stops boring you all and get to the ACTUAL FAN FIC, but I just felt like typing. LOL.

OH, B.T.W, these are set from Sonny's point of view (just cause I want this story to be different from all the chad's-point-of-view stories I've read), so if it says "I said"(or something along those lines), it's supposed to mean Sonny. The words written like [this] are from the song. Words written like this are the story, and the bold writing near the end is a secret special surprise that you have to read the whole story to get. YAY!

Okay, if you survived that, then Have fun reading!

[I don't think that passenger seat

Has ever looked this good to me

He tells me about his night

And I count the colours in his eyes

He'll never fall in love he swears

As he runs his fingers through his hair]

"Yeah, love just isn't for me" Chad confided to me as we drove to Condor Studios.

My car had broken down, and he gave me a lift.

"Why not?" I asked suspiciously.

"I don't think I'm really that ready to commit to anyone. After all, I AM Chad Dylan Cooper." He said.

[I'm laughing cause I hope he's wrong

I don't think it ever crossed his mind

He tells a joke I fake a smile

That I know all his favourite songs


[I could tell you his favourite colour's green

He loves to argue,]

"Fine!" I yelled.

"Fine!" He yelled back.

"Good!" I said.

"Good!" He agreed.

"So we good?" I asked, wanting to walk away and squeal. I loved our fights.

"Oh, we are so good." He said, turning on his heel and walking away, leaving me to a fit of giggle-hysterics.

[born on the seventeenth

His sister's beautiful; he has his father's eyes

And if you asked me if I love him,

I'd lie]

"Don't lie, Sonny. You know you LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Chad." Tawni said, giggling.

"No I don't, Tawn. Don't be so stupid. He's a three-named-jerk." I said, lying directly to her face.

She'd never know how I felt.


"Mom, can you get that?" I called from the kitchen.

"Sure." She said, walking to the door.

"Allison, it's one of your friends from work!" She called.

I turned around to walk out, and came face to face with the one-and-only jerk-face heart-throb, Chad Dylan Cooper.

"Oh. Cooper. What are you doing here?" I snapped, pulling my apron off.

"Came to see you." He said simply.

I could see something hidden behind his eyes, but I couldn't pinpoint what it was.

"Is something wrong?"

"No. Why would there be?" He said quickly.

"You have that look in your eye. That same I look I have when…" I trailed off, realising what I was about to say; 'When I lie about loving you.'

"Well, to tell you the truth, I did come to talk to you about something.

"Come on, we can go to my room and talk." I said, trying to offer him some privacy away from the prying eyes and ears of my mother.

"Sure." He agreed, and followed me.

[He looks around the room

Innocently overlooks the truth

Shouldn't a light go on?

Doesn't he know that I've had him memorized for so long?

He sees everything black and white

Never let nobody see him cry

I don't let nobody see me wishing he was mine]


[I could tell you his favourite colour's green]

"What'd your favourite colour, Munroe?" Chad asked, randomly walking into my dressing room.

"Purple. Yours?" I said, looking at him.

"Green." He said, smiling.

[He loves to argue, born on the seventeenth

His sister's beautiful; he has his father's eyes

And if you asked me if I love him,

I'd lie]

[He stands there then walks away

My god if I could only say

I'm holding every breath for you...]

I watched him walk out the door suddenly, and sighed.

When I heard the front door slam, I said pitifully; "I love you."

[He'd never tell you but he can play guitar]

"Whatcha doing Chaaaaad?" I called, walking into his dressing room one afternoon.

He was sitting at a chair, with a guitar in his lap, strumming the chords softly. He seemed to be writing something.

"Hey, Sonny!" He said, putting the guitar down and smiling.

"Sorry to walk in on your brainstorming session. I didn't know you could play guitar!" I said, sitting in the chair opposite him.

"Yeah, it's a bit of a secret. Don't tell anyone." He said.

I put my hands over my heart.

"I promise."

"It's our little secret."

I smiled, and thought about all the other things we could keep as "our little secrets".

He picked up the guitar to put it away in it's case, and the notebook he had been writing on fell to the floor.

I picked it up, and looked at the title

"Does she know?" I read aloud.

Chad panicked when he heard it.

He took the book gently from my fingers and hid it, then ushered me to the door.

"Sorry, I'm really busy. Come back later, Sonny." He said as he shut the door.

[I think he can see through everything

But my heart

First thought when I wake up is

My god he's beautiful

So I put on my make up

And pray for a miracle]

[Yes I could tell you his favourite colour's green

He loves to argue oh and it kills me

His sisters beautiful he has his father's eyes

And if you asked me if I love him

If you asked me if I love him

I'd lie]

I smiled as Chad Dylan Cooper walked into my room.

He walked straight up to me, placing the notebook from before in my hands.

"Read it." He instructed, sitting down.

"Does she know?

Does she know just how I feel?

Does she know this love is real?

Does she know I'd walk the world for her?

Does she know?

When I look into her deep brown eyes,

a familiar feeling bubbles inside.

Smiling down I talk and argue,

Wondering what she'd do if only she knew.

Her friends tell her to leave

But I want her to stay

In my arms

And never go away.

Does she know?

Does she know just how I feel?

Does she know this love is real?

Does she know I'd walk the world for her?

Does she know?

Hope she reads this,

Hope she sees.

Hope she realises

She's the only one for me.

I've changed inside, it's confusing,

Not knowing what emotion it is I'm using.

I love her more than she could know,

But I just don't know how to show…

Does she know?

Does she know just how I feel?

Does she know this love is real?

Does she know I'd walk the world for her?

Does she know?" I read out loud.

Scrawled down the bottom of the page were four messy words:


I looked up at him with tears in my eyes.

"I love you too, Chad."

He walked forward and wrapped me in his warm embrace.


A/N, take two: Yep, I did actually write Chad's song. It was really interesting, as it took me about a minute and a half. I know I sucks, but it gets the point across. It kind of sounds more like a poem to me. LOL. ;)

So I own the plotline, AND Chad's song. DAMN, what a really "fun" thing to own. I think I'd rather own something cool, like a telephone pole or a skittle factory! ;) … ; P


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