Dead Flowers

When his manservant had first given him the flowers, Arthur had laughed. But when those flowers died, a part of Merlin seemed to die too and every night Arthur shed a tear and every morning he looked to the vase of dead flowers hoping to find them in bloom once more.

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Chapter 1-Anything He Asked For

It seemed so long ago, that day. As far as dates go, it wasn't particularly remarkable. It certainly wouldn't go down in history for being something memorable for nobody really remembered that day as being even remotely significant, save for one man, Arthur Pendragon.

That wasn't the day when things changed for Arthur and his manservant but it was the day that began the change. For when clumsy, blue-eyed, black haired, large eared Merlin had entered the prince's chambers with breakfast that morning, he also brought with him a small bouquet of flowers that he had handpicked himself.

Arthur had quirked an eyebrow at the gift before laughing heartily and telling Merlin what a girl he was. The servant boy had flushed slightly then called the prince a prat and thrown the flowers onto the stone floor before storming out slamming the door shut behind him.

The blonde just rolled his eyes at Merlin's behavior and dug into his breakfast.

That was also the day when Merlin's mother, Hunith, had arrived in Camelot seeking help. The small town of Ealdor was in need of assistance to fight off an army that intended to take all their food. Arthur had arranged an audience with his father the King but he had refused to help.

Standing outside on the castle balcony, Merlin had bid farewell to Arthur saying that he must return back to Ealdor to help look after his mother. Understanding completely Arthur watched him go.

Unbeknownst to Merlin, Arthur had watched from one of the castle windows as he rode out of Camelot, the Lady Morgana and her handmaid Guinevere accompanying him.

It was when he saw the three of them riding out together that Arthur felt like a bad friend. It was when he walked through the corridors back to his chambers that he felt guilty for not going with them. It was when he sat on his bed that he realised he already missed Merlin's company. But it was not until he picked up the flowers Merlin had thrown on the floor and placed them in a vase of water that he decided to follow after them.

Merlin had been over the moon that Arthur had come to help and the prince could tell that Morgana was proud of his decision. The girl was so much like a sister to him and Arthur half-convinced himself that she was the reason he had come, to protect her. But he couldn't fully convince himself that that was true nor could he fool himself and he definitely didn't fool Morgana.

As he slept on the floor of Hunith's house, Arthur had heard the two girls, who were occupying the bed, talking about why Arthur had showed up. Morgana had turned to Gwen and answered that Arthur had come because of Merlin. Arthur kept his eyes closed pretending to be asleep and hoping that Merlin hadn't heard what the girls were discussing.

Then there was the fight. Ealdor had come out victorious though not without losses. Matthew had been the first to die, struck in the back with an arrow that had a note attached. Then of course there was the death of Merlin's childhood friend, Will.

From the moment they first exchanged eyes, Arthur and Will had not liked each other. Perhaps it was a personality clash or jealousy over each other's friendship with Merlin. Then again, maybe they just hated each other without reason. But despite their dislike for one another, Will had died in order to save Arthur.

The peasant boy hadn't sacrificed himself because Arthur was meant to be king, or because he was a selfless person. He'd done it for Merlin's sake and the blonde knew that perfectly well for if the positions were reversed he'd have done the same thing.

All Merlin had to do was look at him with those sparkling blue eyes and call him by his name, not 'sire' or 'my lord', just 'Arthur', and that was all it took for the prince to give Merlin anything and everything he asked for.

Somehow, Merlin had realised that he could manipulate the prince into doing what he asked and though Arthur hated himself for it he could not deny the other what he wanted.

Ever since Will's death and their return to Camelot, that was how things were between the two. Merlin would wake him with breakfast each morning and do his chores throughout the day whilst faking a smile for Gaius, Gwen and everybody else he happened upon. Then at night, with tears in his eyes, Merlin would enter Arthur's chambers begging the prince to help him feel and Arthur did exactly that.

Last night had been no different. As expected, Merlin turned up in Arthur's bedroom looking broken and defeated as he approached the prince. At first the blonde had shook his head but then Merlin had looked at him in that way and said his name in just the right tone that would make Arthur cave.

Gripping Merlin's arms, Arthur had slammed the slender boy against the wall before roughly taking off the servant's clothes as well as stepping out of his own.

"Hurt me." Merlin had begged and feeling revolted by his actions Arthur obeyed and raked his blunt nails down Merlin's porcelain torso drawing blood. "Again."

Feeling sick, Arthur had clawed at Merlin's back like a savage animal and Merlin had moaned in bliss pleading for more pain.

He didn't want to hurt the boy, truly he didn't but he was too weak to tell him no and banish him from his rooms.

"Hit me Arthur." Merlin commanded and with tears running down his cheeks Arthur complied and smashed his fist into Merlin's stomach. "Harder." Merlin ordered knowing the prince wasn't using his full strength.

"I can't…don't make me." Arthur sobbed but his pleas fell on deaf ears.

"I need to feel Arthur." Merlin replied. "Make me feel."

Their eyes met and Merlin smiled encouragingly as he asked the blonde to hit him. Blood burning with self-loathing, Arthur delivered another blow to Merlin's stomach. It still wasn't his hardest punch but it was enough to satisfy Merlin.

"Fuck me Arthur." Merlin whimpered.

They never used the bed, Merlin wouldn't allow it. It was always on the chair, over the table, on the floor, or against the wall.

Easily lifting the pale boy up, Arthur had pinned him to the wall and Merlin spread his legs accordingly. As always, Arthur would try to slip a finger into Merlin's anus and prepare him first but Merlin would tell him no and impale himself roughly on the prince's cock. Even though he always screamed from the pain of the intrusion, a smile would appear on Merlin's face as he rotated his hips pleading for Arthur to give it to him hard and rough.

He would always do as Merlin asked even though it damn near killed him to do so. He'd also attempt to kiss Merlin with the hopes that it would show the boy that he cared and things didn't have to be this way but it was no use. Merlin would turn his face away and expose his pale throat which Arthur would suckle on before being ordered to bite.

When it was over, Merlin would fix his clothes back on, say 'thank you sire' and then leave. As soon as the boy was gone Arthur would shed a tear, mourning the loss of the old Merlin he had known.

He had shed his single tear last night and now it was the morning after and Arthur was already awake and dressed waiting for Merlin to arrive with his breakfast. As he waited he looked at the flowers in the vase. They were the flowers Merlin had given him on that day. They were dead of course, they'd died all those months ago when they'd come back to Camelot after all that had happened in Ealdor and when Merlin had first entered Arthur's chambers asking to be so badly treated. Yet Arthur kept them and looked at them every morning hoping to find them alive again. For if those dead flowers were in bloom once more, perhaps when Merlin walked through the door it would be his Merlin, the one who had given him the flowers in the first place not the one who begged for pain each night.

Alas, that morning the flowers were still dead and when Merlin entered with the breakfast tray Arthur saw that his Merlin was still dead too.

To Be Continued

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