(Freddie's POV)

It was 12 p.m., and there's nothing to do.

This day seems like any other day. It's the beginning of Summer Break, and I already did all the things I planned on this break.

Well, not really. All of my plans got stopped by my mom....again.

I one thing I always do is see Carly and Sam.

Since I'm talking about Carly, I should go visit her, just in case anything changed.

I knock on the door, and Spencer answers, as usual.

As I got inside the loft, I notice a few things spreaded out.

"What are you two doing with these?" I pointed to the coffee table.

"We're going on vacation," Spencer replied.

"Really? Where?" I eagerly questioned.

"The Sinnoh Region. Why are you asking? Do you want to come with us?" Spencer said.

"Yes. Sam's also coming with us, right?"

Both Spencer and Carly nodded.

"Did a dork just call me?" Sam asked as she came down the stairs.

"Sam, come on. Anyways, I got everything packed for all three of you, so no need to bring anything."

We all walked into the elevator, Spencer drove to the airport and we flew to this 'Sinnoh' region.

When we were still in the airplane, I ask Spencer, "How do you know this Sinnoh region?"

"I can't tell you now, I'll tell you when I tell Carly and Sam. It's not that long of a trip."

"Who are we going to meet?"

"Dawn, Dawn's mom, Lucas, Barry, and Professor Rowan. We'll be landing at Jubilife City, but we're heading for Twinleaf."

"Okay, whatever you say."

Twinleaf? Jubilife? What type of cities and towns are those?

After landing..........

(Carly's POV)

We're finally off the plane, but where the heck are we?

It's a really weird city.

"Spencer, please don't tell me that this is the Sinnoh region you're talking about," I said.

"Yes, it is. Actually, I worked in the Kanto region, but then I moved here," Spencer replied. "Anyways, to Twinleaf!"

Spencer ran out the city, but Sam, Freddie, and I caught up.

"Spencer! Wait up!" I shouted.

"I'm running because we might encounter it! Want to pass Sandgem Town or not?" Spencer said.

"Whatever works for you!" I responded.

"To Sandgem Town! Let's go!" Spencer ran even faster, but we didn't catch up.

A few seconds pass, and now we're at a different place.

"Welcome to Sandgem Town! Let's go see Lucas, Dawn, and Professor Rowan."

Spencer walked into a laboratory.

"Hey Lucas, where's Professor?" Spencer asked the 14-year old.

"He's at Verity Lakefront. He's with Dawn."

"Okay, I'll go there. Wait, instead of me going there, I'll send Carly and Freddie. Sam and I will stay here. But, I will be doing some paperwork."

Wait, he's sending us to get the professor? Isn't that hard?

(Sam's POV)

Since I won't be going with Carly and Freddie, I'll be talking to Lucas.

Lucas and I sat on the floor, since there are no chairs in sight.

Spencer went over to a desk, opened some files and started working.

"So, what's Spencer working on?" I asked.

"I can't tell you. It might be to risky to admit." Lucas answered.

"What's too risky?"

"All I can say is, stay away from forests. Some things live there, you know."

"What things? Bugs? Monkeys?"

"You're on the right track. It's a special chain of species. Only the people in the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh regions know."

"What's up with all these made up regions?" I started to think that what's he's saying is a lie.

"They're real regions! I can fly you and your friends to one of the regions. But, I don't have that much Flying-types, since I'm a rookie."

"Wait, 'Flying-types'? What's that?"

"That's all I can possibly tell without giving away any information. Go ask Professor Rowan or 'Spencer'."

(Freddie's POV)

So, this is the Sinnoh life? Just running around in the woods? Pretty boring, I should say.

"Where is this 'Lakefront' thing anyways?" Carly questioned.

"Just look for a lake, and I found it, it's over there!" I said, pointing to the lake entrance.

When we got in the lake, see didn't see any professors anywhere. Though, there is a suitcase over by the grass.

"Maybe Professor Rowan left, but he left his suitcase," I guessed.

Carly and I walked over to the case.

"Do you think we should open it?" I asked.

"Since you said so, yes."

I slowly unlocked the case and opened it. Inside, were three ominous things.

They were red on the top half, and white on the bottom half. A black line was in the middle, forming a circle on the front.

"What is this? How does this thing work?" I threw the red-and-white ball, and some animal came out.

"Ah! What the heck is that!?!?"Carly said. Carly hid behind me.

"That is a turtle with a twig on its head. What's your name?"

"Turtwig! Turt, Turtwig!" the animal jumped up and down.

"Turtwig? Okay, Carly, choose wisely."

Carly nodded, picked up another one of those things, threw it, and a penguin came out.

"Aw, it's so cute," Carly came down to her knees. "What's your name?"

"Piplup! Piplup, Piplup!" the penguin said.

"I'm going to take you home in Seattle!" Carly replied.

(Carly's POV)

This Piplup is cute! But, what type of species is this penguin?