I wrote this short bit on the suggestion that Alternative Source made. So this is my way of saying goodbye to the Tenth Doctor, and to David Tennant. He will always be my Doctor and will be missed so very very much.

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The Doctor made his way back into the Tardis after seeing Rose for the last time in this body. He had been surprised that his body had lasted this long after being hit with so much radiation. He didn't mind doing it to save Wilfred's life, but deep down he felt as though the universe had cheated him out of so much. He could start to feel the regeneration energy begin to get stronger.

'Rose.' He thought as the energy began to get stronger.

"I don't want to go." was the last words spoken out of the Doctor's mouth before bursting into flames. The gold energy from the regeneration ripped thru the Tardis, nearly destroying her. It was due to his emotional state at this time, that had caused the energy to burst out in large amounts.


In a different universe, Rose woke with a start. She felt like she was being ripped apart and set on fire. Clutching her chest, Rose cried out in pain. Something was wrong, something was very wrong. Her head began to feel as though it was going to explode.

"Doctor." Rose whispered into the dark room.

The man who had been sleeping next to her had felt her movements in their bed. It was when he began to feel like he was on fire, he knew what was happening. He sat up and wrapped his arms around his wife.

"Rose, something happened to him."

"It's not only him. The Tardis is in pain as well. I can feel their pain." Rose buried her face into his shoulder and let the tears fall.

"Shhhhh, Rose. They will be alright." He began to rub her back to sooth her. The pain was beginning to go away and the burning sensations were dying down.

On the other side of their bedroom, a high wailing began. The Doctor let go of Rose and headed over to the small bassinet. "You can feel it too, can't you." Very carefully, the Doctor, reached in and picked up the small bodies. "Shhhhh, little ones."

As he began to bring his precious cargo to their mother, Rose began to remember something. Closing her eyes shut she let herself fall into this memory she had. By the time the Doctor had reached her, she remembered what had happened.

"Rose?" the Doctor asked as he passed one of the bundles to her.

"I remember. Oh god. That man I walked passed on New Years 2005. That was him. I thought he was just a drunk. He told me I was going to have a great year." She said as she rocked the bundle that lay in her arms.

"He was right, you did." The Doctor smiled at her before leaning over to kiss her. The bundle in his arms began to squirm. Breaking their kiss, both of them looked down at their twins.

"Just like their father. Needs to be the center of attention. Isn't that right, Romana?" Rose asked the little girl who laid in the Doctor's arms.

"I'm not as bad as him. Am I Theta?"

Both little bundles began to squirm and gurgle as both of their parents began to laugh. Both Rose and her Doctor thanked the Doctor for giving them each other and for their children.

I do hope you all liked this little one shot. Again I would like to thank Russel T. Davies for bringing back Doctor Who. And to David Tennant, who brought the Tenth Doctor to life. Also for being the Doctor that I was first introduced to. For that I wish to say thank you.