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John wasn't sure what to think at the moment so instead breathed a sigh of relief that he wasn't going to have to buy dinner tonight. He watched as his oldest son continued to flirt with Rhonda and his youngest look at his brother in a mixture of awe and disgust. That was normal for those two though and he wouldn't have it any other way. He had to admit though, their waitress was giving Dean a run for his money and doting on Sammy like he was her own.

"That's some boy you have there," a voice behind the Winchester patriarch said.

Turning, John saw a middle aged man watching the boys with admiration. Although the man didn't send off any dangerous vibes, John wasn't known to be careless with who he let associate with them. Nodding, he agreed and watched as the other man continued to watch the brotherly banter before his attention shifted back to him.

"I had two boys once myself. The youngest was sickly since birth but that didn't stop Robbie from pestering the heck out of this little brother. So many people thought it was cruel, but I figured if that was the little bit of normal we could give Jake, then what was the harm, you know?" the man stated calmly while looking John in the eyes. "You have two wonderful boys, enjoy every minute with them." And with that, the man turned and walked out the door without a backwards glance, leaving John to wonder what that was about.

"Hey Dad, Rhonda was telling me what type of pie they have. I'm thinking about getting a whole one. You know, for a bed time snack!"

"Deaaaaan!" Sammy whined, turning red at the attention his brother was now drawing to them. Before it wasn't so bad, but now everyone knew how much of a freak his brother really was.

"What? It wouldn't hurt for you to eat every now and again too you know. You barely ate your chicken. C'mon Sammy… you are what you eat… be the chicken!"

Sam's head hit the table in an effort to hide, but he knew it wasn't going to be enough. Everyone in the restaurant was staring at them and this time it wasn't a good thing. "Stop Dean, please stop," he begged quietly, hoping that the food euphoria his brother was in would quickly dissipate so they could finally get on with the next leg of their journey.

"You're no fun, Sammy!" Dean teased, winking at Rhonda and gently nudged his Sammy. He may have wanted to get a rise out of his brother, but that didn't mean he wanted to stress the kid out either. He'd seen how some of the other patrons had stared at his little brother, not bothering to hide their curiosity or even their blatant pity… as if Sammy needed anyone's pity! Besides, he knew from firsthand experience that if the attention was on him, then it would bypass his little brother completely and that was something that Sammy needed right now.

John shook his head and had to wonder how the hell they were going to get to the cabin by nightfall if this was a precursor to what was going to happen in the car. "Boys, it's time to go. Rhonda, would you mind helping us box up the rest of Sammy's lunch and maybe put in an apple or two?" he asked, knowing that while his youngest may not have the greatest appetite, it would be easier to get him to snack on small amounts of food instead of insisting he finish a whole meal.

"Sure thing, boys! Now, I'm also going to fill up your drinks to go as well. But, while lunch is on the house, I'm afraid you'll have to pay for that whole pie, Dean," Rhonda said as she turned to get the To-Go containers. She was going to miss these guys, there was just something about them that pulled at her heart.

Dean smiled and nodded as he accepted the containers and started gathering up the food. He'd noticed that while Sammy had meant to hide from his embarrassing big brother, the kid had actually fallen asleep. "I'll put what I owe you here on the table, okay?" he said as he nudged his brother gently awake and smiled at Sammy while offering him his drink. "Here you go buddy. You take that and I'll take the rest. Dad, can you help Sammy to the car?"

Nodding, John helped his youngest to his feet and out to the Impala where their home was more than ready to envelope them and keep them safe and sound. He had a feeling Dean was up to something, but he had no idea what it could be and didn't want to risk ruining a surprise to find out.

Getting up from the table, Dean smiled at Rhonda and leaned in close before grabbing her around the waist and dipping her backwards while giving her kiss. "Thanks for treating him like one of us," he whispered against her lips as he brought her back on her feet.

It took Rhonda a few stunned moments to realize that there were catcalls echoing throughout the restaurant and another few moments to realize that Dean wasn't there in front of her. However, it took her until she went back into the kitchen to get a tub to start bussing the table that she realized that she had something in her hand. Three brand new one hundred dollar bills, each one with one word on it, Thanks For Everything!