A Moment of Awkwardness: A Fame One Shot

Schlomo's POV

I ran down the halls, trying to avoid running into people and being kissed by Goody. Goody's a cool kid, and my best friend, but when he starts chasing you down trying to kiss you... it gets weird. I knew that Goody wasn't gay, although he had his moments, but was just trying to be funny. Yeah, I could do without this.

"Come on, Schlomo!" He chased me into the cafeteria where a stream of giggles trailed behind me. I didn't have to look behind me to see Goody with his arms outstretched and lips puckered. We probably looked like some old couple or something... it was kind of embarrassing. Thank god that Carmen left for an audition, I would have been completely mortified if she where here.

Carmen was one of the most talented girls in school, why would she want to date some quiet violin boy? I wasn't exactly special in any way, I'm not exactly the most good looking guy around town either. I'm some average kid. So, could you blame me for asking, "why?"

Whatever the reason was, I was thankful for it. Carmen had it going on. How could I resist if she takes a liking to me? As I thought this, a melody to a new song popped into my mind, the perfect lyrics forming in my mind. "I'm in trouble, I'm an addict, i'm addicted to this girl. She got my heart tied in a knot and my stomache in a whirl..." My pace began to slow instinctivly, I wanted to jott down the song. I almost completely forgot that Goody was behind me. Until I heard him.

I began to run faster, around different students. How could he even carry his trumpet around and run at the same time? I could barely chew gum and walk at the same time.

My legs where starting to cramp up, they seriously hurt like hell. Dammit Goody! I glanced around the caf, looking for an escape. Thats when an idea hit me.

I ran towards Lambchops, who was talking to another girl while twirling her drumsticks around.

"What the hell are you guys doing?" She finally asked. We both ignored her, and I cut around her, pulling her in front of me. Goody ran in, full force, and expected to crash into me. Instead, he ended up making out with Lamb. Mission complete! I began to crack up, as they broke apart.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" Lambchops screeched, shoving Goody to the floor before storming off. Goody looked flustered. That was the only way to explain him, flustered. His hair was kind of windblown from all the running, and his cheeks where burning red. I laughed louder.

"What... did... I... just... do?" Goody said, leaving a long pause between words, gasping for air.

"Thats what you get for trying to kiss me!" I grinned.

"That was awkward. Really awkward, man. Like, she was a good kisser!" Goody was still in disbelief and was blushing his head off.

"Comon, lets go get you some mouthwash or something." I managed to get out, choking through giggles. Goody was still mumbling with shock.

"Really awkward..." That went better then expected. I dragged Goody away from the scene, still howling with laughter.