Tim sat for a moment in his car. Was this Tony's idea of a prank? He could be a jerk at times, but this was too far, even for Tony. It would be a better prank to play on the love machine himself. When he got a call from a lawyer the rules on lawyers came rushing back. The only way he could find out though was going to meet them. He got out of the car and went into the building, being lead to the office of the one who had called him. He gently poked his head in. "H-H-Hi. I'm here about…." Tim started, but he saw the little girl and froze up. The closest he got to a kid was his baby sister.

Kayleigh looked up for only a second when the man popped his head in the door. She bit her lip before quickly looking away. She was scared, really scared and also really upset. It had only been a couple weeks since her mom had died and she thought she was going to be moving in with her best friend's mom, well that's what she had hoped. Never had she imagined that she was going to be even meeting her father, never mind moving with him!

"Hello. Agent McGee?" asked Laura who was Kayleigh's mother lawyer. "Please come in and have a seat" she said pointing to the seat next to the little girl. "This is Kayleigh" she said

Tim came in, like he was instructed. He took a seat and looked across at the little girl, his little girl, with a sheepish smile. How did this happen without him knowing? The mother obviously didn't want his help. But when the poor girl had nobody else, how could he say no? She looked shy and scared. He could hear Tony already. "Yeah she's yours alright Probie." Tim held out a hand to the little girl "n-n-nice to meet you Kayleigh" He said quietly

Kayleigh bit her lip and looked up to the man. Her big eyes were opened wide opened; she put her hand out and put it in his hand. "Hi" she said almost in a whisper.

"Well Agent McGee, I'm sure you're surprised to find out about her, but you are the only living relative of Kayleigh's. Of course, you don't have to take her, we can place her in home" she said before she smiled sweetly at the little girl.

Tim shook his head at the idea of a foster home for what he assumed was his only child unless, the lawyer announced a second one. "Come on you haven't had that many women. What was her name?" Tony's voice in his head asked. He was more of a jerk in Tim's head than the real thing was. "No I will take her…. That is if that's what you want? I mean it is going to affect your life too" Tim asked the child softly.

The little girl smiled a little and shrugged. She didn't know she had a choice in the matter. Where was she going to go? It was either with him or a foster home. She had been staying in a foster home for three days and she didn't like it, the other kids were mean to her. "I-I. I'll go with you" she said quietly.

Tim smiled as the girl decided to come along with him. He knew the home would have other children for her to play with, but being a part of a family would probably be more fun. "Well it's settled then. We will pick up your stuff from where you've been staying. Maybe a bite and getting to know each other if you're hungry. What do ya think?" Tim asked his daughter as he texted the one other person who'd it the business of, maybe Auntie Sarah would meet them for lunch.

The girl nodded and smiled. "Well. Just need you to sign these papers and then she is all yours" said Laura. "I'm glad that she is going to go with you" she added as she pushed the papers over to Tim and showing him where he needed to sign.

Tim signed the papers; glad the girl was coming with him too. It made him wonder if it was because she was trouble or because she was too sweet to go to a home. She didn't seem troublesome, so he assumed the last of the two. "Thank you for letting me know, and taking care of her" Tim said to the lawyer as he reached a hand timidly to hold his daughter's and lead her to the car

Laura looked at the papers and made sure they were signed in the correct places before nodding. "Of course" she said

Kayleigh stood up and took his hand smiling sweetly.

Tim smiled down at the girl as they moved to the car. "So Kayleigh tell me a bit about yourself. What do you like to do for fun? What's your favorite school subject? How old are you? And of course what's your preference of food? I have a friend who might meet us there" Tim said to his daughter curiously.

The girl was very shy but she smiled. "I like to colour, watch cartoons and read" she started "Favorite school subject is science. I'm seven" she continued and she shrugged. "I like anything that tastes good." she said. She smiled again and nodded about his friend.

Tim made a mental note of what she told him. He would need a coloring book and a box of crayons. Thankfully he was a packrat and had boxes back at his parents' house with his favorite books and toys as a kid. He figured maybe he had better get Sarah to bring those if she was in that area. He had been so busy with work and lost track of his little sister. "How about McDonalds then? Kids like that right?" Tim asked the second part more to himself. It was more juvenile than where he and Sarah usually met, but they wouldn't let a 7 year old in a pub.

Kayleigh smiled and looked up and him and nodded. She did love McDonalds. "McDonalds is great" she said as they came up to a car where she got into the back of the car. She was so use to sitting in the back for safety reasons she never gave it a second though.

Tim smiled. Satisfied with himself when she said she liked McDonalds. He wasn't as out of touch with his child side as he thought. As she got in the back he smiled at how safe she was being. Must have gotten that from him. "I hope you don't mind if we eat first. So are there any questions you had for me?" Tim asked as he began down the road

"Laura called you Agent McGee? Agent as in police officer?" she asked him quietly she was slowly getting comfortable around him

Tim tried to think of how to explain his job to a child. "Kind of. I'm a Special Agent in a government organization called NCIS. When there is a mystery we follow the clues and put the bad guys in jail. We specialize in navy personnel though" Tim tried to explain, beginning to wonder what Sarah's reaction to a kid would be.

The girl nodded slightly. She kind of understood but she didn't push it any further. "Are you married?" she asked

McGee shook his head and blushed at the next question. "Nope. So far it's just me and Jethro. By the way I hope you like dogs, because I have a friendly one at home." Tim said, wondering how Jethro was with kids. He didn't know many to bring over to see.

She bit her lip; truth was she was scared of dogs. She had only been around one before and it had attacked her. "Dogs are ok" she said not wanted to cause any problems,

Tim glanced at his daughter in the rear-view mirror. He had a feeling she wasn't telling the truth, but he wasn't going to push it.