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Spoiler for all current Sookie books (through book 9)

Chapter one

Not that I wasn't grateful for my friends that were helping me in my recovery from the sadistic fairies, thing one and thing two, but none of them filled the void I suddenly felt. I couldn't stop thinking about him, I was craving his comfort. He always seemed to understand me. Guilt ripped through me at the memory of what I had done. Was what I said a mistake? Maybe, but I meant every word. I guess I was being selfish and unfair. Now I had no way of making things right. Would he even let me if I tried? Did he still love me? He had to have heard about what happened to me, it was all over the Supe world. Great since when did I want sympathy and sorrow from someone else? Maybe being stuck in bed with nothing better to do than think was getting to me.

"Sookie, Sookie?'

"hmm, oh sorry. Thank you."

Sam was looking at me like I was crazy. "Do you want me to get your dinner or would you rather wait for Eric to get here?" Sam asked as he gave me a glass of water so I could take my vicodin.

Eric, he was here almost every night, he even slept in the hidey-hole twice. Without him I'd be even worse off. Unfortunately he couldn't give me any more blood. As it was I was glowing like him and had major sensory overload. I hear things a normal human couldn't as well as smell the differences between Vampires and Shifters. Even more disconcerting was the fact that I could here not just Eric, but Pam as well. Not all the time, just little blurbs from their minds every so often. It was more often than I'd like though. If any of them knew, it would be the death of me. If it's one thing vamps like it's privacy and secrecy. I was sure thrilled when I realized I still had a normal human appetite.

"Sam you've done plenty for me. Why don't you go check on the bar, give yourself some Sam time." I smiled. How I deserved a friend like Sam was beyond me. "Eric can help me get something, he'll be here soon." Dusk was making the room darker. I knew Eric would fly; it only takes him about thirty minutes that way. In forty-five minutes he'd be here. He has to wait until full dark to fly. While the world knew about the supernatural world, it didn't mean they'd take too kindly to seeing a Vampire flying.

"I don't mind. Besides who else would help you during the day?" He was right I wouldn't want my human friends to see me like this. They would realize real fast that I wasn't in a car accident. Amelia had taken a trip to New Orleans to collect herself after Troy's funeral. She promised she'd be back, but I wouldn't, hold it against her if she didn't return.

"Sam you're too good to me."

"No, not really." Sam shrugged. "It's what you would do for me." Sam hugged me. I could hear as him as clear as day when he did. He thought "I love you Sookie."

I jumped a little at his thought. I knew he loved me as a great friend and everyone knew he had a thing for me. This wasn't a friend "I love you" coming from his head though. He knew how to block me, one of the perks of being a shifter, so he meant for me to hear him. "You know I love you too Sam Merlotte." I smiled. He knew what I meant.

Looking a slightly perturbed (a word of the day) Sam said goodbye and told me he'd be back in the morning.

So there I was alone for another half hour or so. I let my mind wander to see if anyone was around, good all alone. Reaching for my cell phone, hands shaking, I decided to give it a try.

"Hello." A sassy female voice said.

Crap, what was I doing? Wondering if I should hang up or continue to be the creepy breather another voice spoke.


My breath caught and I stuttered "H...how...?" How did he know?

"Wishful thinking I suppose." Quinn sighed. "You know Eric is going to be mighty upset you called me, right."

"I'm sure he would be if he knew."

"Isn't he there? I heard he never left your side since....." Quinn stopped.

"He comes at night to help me. I can't do much until I heal more." I explained. "So how have you been?" Maybe he wouldn't notice my sudden change in subject.

"Worried sick is how I've been!" Quinn practically growled. "Sookie how you manage to get into so much trouble.... I could have protected you, you know."

"Hey I didn't ask for this! Stupid Supes keep throwing me in the middle of their crazy shit." I fumed

"Sookie you do realize you're a Supe too." He stated.

"No I'm not, I'm human." I disagreed.

"Fine whatever." I could practically hear him thinking over the phone. "I wish that controlling vamp would let me see you."

"Me too Quinn. I'm sorry for acting how I did." There I apologized, now where was that sense of relief I was hoping for?

"hmm, yeah well I needed to hear it. Plus you were right, how could I be devoted to you if I was constantly trying to help my mom and pay for her mistakes? It wouldn't have been fair to you." He admitted.

"I glanced at the alarm clock, ten more minutes, max."I'll call you tomorrow, ok? I have to go." I said and hung up.