Naruto/Nojiko [Shinobi of the High Seas] by Kenchi618

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Shinobi of the High Seas

Naruto looked out over Water 7 and a smirk came to his face, "Do you trust me Nami-chan?"

"Yeah…" She said hesitantly at the look on his face, "Why would you need me to-?" She stopped talking in exchange for a yelp of surprise when Naruto scooped her close and rolled them off the side of the wall to fall the way down to the ground before he took off with her in his arms, "Where are you going Naruto-kun?"

"Not far." He promised before he was able to find what he wanted. An open area, intended to be the site where the real Galley-La Headquarters was to be rebuilt, "And yes… there's dirt here." He began making hand-seals, "Mokuton: Shichuuka no Jutsu (Wood Release: Four Pillars House Jutsu)."

Nami's jaw almost dropped as she saw a small house emerge from the ground and tower over them. She dumbly walked inside with Naruto when he grabbed a hold of her hand and led her inside. "I swear, the things you can do are getting to be ridiculous…" She said to him before shrugging off the sage coat onto the floor and shoving him into a chair that had been built when he made the house.

Lemon Start

Naruto let Nami straddle his lap while he gently rubbed her sides and let her press his head into her bosom, "mrphf-mvn, mnty-hn, mrphf-fri."

Nami blinked and removed Naruto's head from her chest to look at his face, "What? I didn't get that."

Naruto smiled up at her and pulled her body close to him, "I said, 37-21-33." He saw the rather surprised, blushing look on her face after he said those numbers, "Yeah, that's one of the many 'useless' things I know how to do. I could tell just from looking at you and estimating from there, and I like it a lot."

Changing her look of shock to a rather seductive glance that made his heart skip a bit, Nami grabbed a hold of Naruto's hands and moved them towards the back of her bikini, encouraging him to let loose the tie keeping it on her, a task he quickly completed before slowly pulling the fabric from her chest to reveal her rather bountiful breasts and pink nipples. Before he could even make a comment, Nami had yanked his white shirt over his head and had cast it aside to get a good look at Naruto who she kissed again before removing his headband and letting it fall to the floor, the metal making a clink noise that disrupted the general silence of the room as the two continued to make out.

The two slowly backed their lips away from one another as blue eyes met brown. Naruto was running a hand through Nami's orange hair while she ran her hands over his muscles and slowly tried grinding herself on Naruto's erection. The heat between them got to them both as Naruto undid the orange sash over his pants and quickly rid himself of them and his boxers while Nami wriggled her way out of the rest of her bikini without getting off of him, "That's better." She said rather heatedly, pressing all of her naked body against Naruto's and sitting down fully in his lap.

"Much better." Naruto said in agreement as he started kissing all over Nami's neck and collarbone, intentionally trying to leave hickeys on her for the world to see the next day. Nami moaned and let out a sharp cry when she felt him bite down hard enough to get her attention, "Sorry Nami-chan. My teeth are kind of sharp."

"Didn't hurt." She consoled quickly in reply as she felt herself getting wet. Sitting up on her knees more, she let out a whimper as she felt Naruto switch from her neck to her breasts. The girl on top began to position herself over his cock. All of the foreplay thus far had been like dangling the proverbial carrot in front of her, especially when this one in particular had been pressing against her so much that she was almost driving herself mad at wanting to get herself off, "Naruto-kun I'm ready…"

Naruto's mouth freed itself from Nami's left nipple with a pop, "Whatever you say Nami-chan." He said as he placed his hands on her waist to help hold her in place, "This is probably going to hurt, so just bear with me okay? I'm right here." Nami nodded and slowly exhaled as she lowered herself down, finding the point of resistance she knew she'd have to get through to go any further. She stopped there, trying to compose herself for what she knew was about to happen, "Take your time. We're in no rush, I've got all the time in the world." He said, trying to make a joke to relieve her nerves.

'He's so sweet.' She thought to herself, as Naruto lovingly returned his attention to Nami's bosom as he waited for her to finally decide to begin. She ran her hands through his blonde hair before deciding to go all the way and force Naruto through her hymen.

A yelp of pain from Nami came before he felt her shiver in his lap. All he could really do was kiss her and hold her close until she calmed down. He didn't bother trying to move any portion of his lower body no matter how much his more primal instincts told him to. Eventually Nami began to stir and move herself around. Licking her lips, she started moving up and down slowly to work through the low dull throbbing feeling that had come with popping her cherry.

"Come on Naruto-kun." Nami said as she started to steadily pick up the pace, starting to feel much better, "Are you going to help me or am I too much for you?"

"Yeah right…" Naruto growled lowly at the girl that was now bouncing up and down on top of his dick. When he started personally assisting and adding to her momentum he heard her cy out loudly, throwing her head back and putting an arrogant smirk on his face, "Sorry Nami-chan, too much for yo-?" He was cut off when Nami muffled her own lustful sounds by covering her mouth with Naruto's and kissing him deeply while continuing to ride him.

The young woman held to his shoulders tightly enough to nearly draw blood with her nails, 'Oh God, you're such a bastard Naruto-kun. Making me wait all this time for this… I should have just seduced you on Commi Island and been done with it. We could have been doing this so much sooner.' She thought to herself as their tongues were engaged in a duel to supplement the lovemaking.

Not satisfied with how things were currently going, Naruto stood up and placed Nami on the table nearby that had been built when he created the house, pulling out of her and away from her as they stared at each other wantonly. Nami's breasts moved up and down as she panted heavily from their activities thus far. She scooted back on the table and lay back, giving Naruto a sexy smirk as she spread her legs for him, not saying a word.

There wasn't any need for her to say anything, Naruto climbed atop the table as well and easily buried himself inside of Nami completely, letting out a grunt as he enjoyed Nami's warmth for a moment, allowing the moonlight coming through the windows to give him a fine view of her form. He was distracted from staring by Nami planting a kiss on his chin and pouting at him.

The pout quickly vanished from her face when he pulled back and thrust into her one good time, "I was just enjoying the view Nami-chan. You're beautiful." He said quietly as he kept pumping in and out of her, letting himself savor the feeling of her body and the sound of her love cries. Every move he made she seemed to love. He wanted to tell her to scream as loudly as she could, and a part of him wanted her to say that she loved him, to hell with how he had felt earlier that day. Things were how they were, and who was he to tell these girls how to feel and how not to feel?

"Naruto-kun please don't stop!" Nami said as she wrapped her legs around his waist in an effort to drive him deeper inside of her somehow, "I need you!" Naruto pushed up off of her and placed her legs over his shoulders to hit her from a different angle that nearly made her lose it, "Oh God! I can't-!" She bit her lip and let out a groan that she tried and failed to bite back.

Naruto whispered in her ear as he never stopped driving himself in and out of the lovely Straw Hat navigator, "You can't what? Go ahead and tell me. I want to hear that beautiful voice Nami-chan. Don't hold back on me." He held her arms down by her wrists, delighting in the torture he was giving her by not allowing her to writhe around.

Nami could honestly say that it was the most pleasant feeling of discomfort she had ever felt in her life. If this was what sex with Naruto was like the first time she had a feeling she was going to be abusing the Hiraishin kunai that he gave to her crew repeatedly, because from what Nojiko had told her of their past interactions he was actually holding back on her because she was a virgin. She couldn't tell him not to, because right now from the feeling of having his cock skillfully stretch her inner walls she wasn't sure she could take him trying to go all out on her.

"I can't take anymore!" She said before letting out one harsh shout as she felt her entire body tighten and finally go slack on the table.

Feeling Nami's climax prompted Naruto to release his own. Nami's pussy tightly clamping down around him was the last straw for him as he shot his own seed inside of his gorgeous lover. Nami let out another small moan when she felt Naruto finish and let her legs set back to lying down on the table as intended. Nami grabbed his face and kissed him hotly, whining stubbornly when he pulled out of her, "Naruto-kun I wanted to stay like that all night."

Naruto chuckled as he hovered over her and stroked her face softly, "It's not good for you to stay like that for a long time. And we can't stay here all night either. Laying on this table or floor would be murder on your back. The only one allowed to mess that up is me." He shook his head when she tilted hers in confusion, "I'll show you what that means later." He tried to get off of the table when he felt Nami pull him back down, "What?"

She had a rather vixen-like smirk on her lips as she whispered in his ear, "Why don't you show me right now? I need the practice after all."

Naruto kissed her on the neck and pulled away, "Not really. You're a gifted amateur I have to say. But I am supposed to be apologizing to you after all." He said with a grin.

"Well then." She said, grabbing a hold of his dick again, working it slowly on purpose, "You can apologize to me all night long Naruto-kun."

End Lemon