Two Shot

Summary: It is Christmas eve and Bella is spending it with the Cullen's, cause Charlie went out of town, Edward as been acting weird and Bella wants to know what the matter is...only Alice knows. The big secret Edward wants to propose will Bella say YES!

AN: I myself and Samilynn20 worked on this together the first chapter is written by me and the second chapter is written by Samilynn20 :)


Ugh…… why can't I get some sleep!! It can't be my alarm clock because it's Christmas break and this is the time where I usually get to sleep my time to sleep. Looking over at my stand from where I heard the sound I see that it's my phone going off and someone must be calling me.

I then shot up realizing that today I was going over the Cullen's place early afternoon and it must be Alice calling me. Probably telling me what time she wants to pick me up. Looking at the caller id I know I'm right and answered my phone.

"Hello Alice!" I said grumpy to her since she woke me up!

"Geez Bella, got up on the wrong side of the bed?" Alice giggled.

"No you woke me up that is what my problem is!" I grumbled to her.

"Well it's already 9:00 clock and I'm going to be arriving at your place in an hour so if I were you I would start getting ready!" she exclaimed.

"Fine, whatever, I'll see you then Alice." I said.

"Great! Bye Bella!" Alice said

"Bye, Alice." I replied and then hung up, and then started to get ready for the day.

Getting up I firstly got my clothes ready for the week, I was staying there for about that time which was to bad in a sense because I was going to miss Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Charlie but we had it last night together so we wouldn't miss out on it with each other, the reason why I was going was because Charlie had an important case for his job, he the police chief of forks and it important for him to be there. So he was going to be gone in Seattle for a week.

Getting ready I take a quick shower and change into a pair of skinny jeans, with tight blue fitted t-shirt with some black flats. I then gathered up stuff that I would like for the rest of the week and pack it in my bag.

Heading downstairs I notice Charlie has already left so I wouldn't be seeing him in a while. Heading to the kitchen I decided on a bowl of cereal to have instead of putting up an effort for a better balanced breakfast.

It was nearly ten and Alice has just pulled up to the house, I had then brought my luggage out and put it in the car so we were now headed off to her house.

"Hey Bella so you excited for Christmas with us Cullen's?!" Alice asked

"Totally!" I laughed

The drive to Alice house wasn't that long but I was still excited and it was taking forever to get there.

"Bella, chill out! God you are just acting like Edward before I left the house!"

"Well I'm excited to see my boyfriend if you have a problem with that, I don't get to live in the same house has mine so why would I be excited to see him!" I glared at her.

"Ugh, you're impossible, you just saw him yesterday!"

"Well to me, that's like a century!"


About five minutes later we were pulled up to the house. Looking out the car window it see Edward outside on the porch waiting for me. Getting out of the car Edwards already there and helping me getting my luggage even though there's not too much.

Gathering everything up Edward takes my luggage to his room, where I'll be staying at with him, Esme and Carslisle don't mind me staying in the same room, unless were doing something together, if you get my drift.

Setting my luggage down Edward comes over and pulls me into his arms just as he always does for his when greats me. Leaning down he gives me a light kiss, which I give one in return.

"So what is it that you Cullen's plan to do for Christmas Day tomorrow?" I ask.

"Well, we plan to wake up, have some breakfast, play some board games of anyone choice for a couple hours then, we have dinner then we will open the Christmas gifts and later we'll just have supper and watch Christmas movies of everyone choice, so does that sound to you Miss Swan?" he replied.

"I sound's perfect." I reply with a peck to his lips.


"So what's the plan for today?" I ask.

But before Edward can give me a reply, Alice comes into the room interrupting us.

"Bella! Hurry up and get ready Rose, you and I are going shopping, and were leaving in five minutes weather your ready or not!" She exclaimed. With that see ran back out of the room probably getting herself ready.

"Well then that answers my question."

"But I wanted to have you for the day." Edward pouted.

"Well I guess you'll have to convince Alice otherwise." I replied and kissing his pout away.

Smiling he say "I guess I will" we both then headed downstairs.

"Alice I'm keeping Bella with me all day, I either go shopping with you girls or she stays here with me." He said in a stubborn voice which I knew I shouldn't argue with.

"Ugh fine you can come shopping with us then, Jasper and Emmet are being big babies also so their coming with us also then." Alice said.

"Bye, Esme, Carlisle." We called to them now that we were leaving.

"Be back before 6 clock because I'll have supper ready by then." Esme called out to us before we left.

Edward and I took his Volvo while the rest went in Emmet's Jeep. The ride there was nice and silent we just enjoyed each other's company mostly and holding each other's hand. I took about an hour to get the mall, after we pulled up Edward had gotten out and open the car door for me.

"Why thank you kind sir." I said to Edward.

"My pleasure." Edward said and gave me a light passionate kiss.

We then joined the others and headed off to shop we separated into two groups, us girls together and the boys together.

We girls decided to go clothes shopping first then meet up with the guys later at the food market area.

A few hours later we Alice, Rose, and I have many bag which are mostly for Rose and Alice, and some for me, we then make our way to the food market for some, lunch.

About ten minutes later Jasper and Emmet are there joining us.

"Where's Edward?" I ask the guys.

"Oh umm he's getting something, umm he'll be here soon he just needs to um finish up what he's buying." Jasper replied nervously.

"Sure." I reply shooting him a look knowing I knew something was up.

A couple minutes later Edward shows up and then gets his food to eat also, sitting down, I ask him "Where were you, Jasper said you were buying something, ohh and it better not be a Christmas present." I say.

"Oh umm I was just finished up Christmas shopping for everyone else, don't worry." Edward says nervously.

We all finished eating up so we all decided to finish up our shopping, later I met up with Edward and we decided to look around in the book store for a waiting for everyone else to finish up. The rest of the day noticed Edward acting strange, a couple hours later we were back at the Cullen's place having supper with Esme and Carlisle visiting about how are day was. Finishing up with dinner we all decided to watch some movies together until the time being. Emmet picked out the movie The Proposal. During the movie sat next to Edward on the love seat while Emmet and Rose with Alice and Jasper on the couch and Carlisle and Esme sitting on the other love seat across from us. During the movie I noticed how Edward was even more fidgety and nervous than before.

"Umm Edward are you ok, we don't have to watch this if you don't want to?" I say to him.

"Oh um no I'm fine don't worry about me." He replies smiling and gives me a kiss to the fore head.

After the movies was finished we all headed up to bed, that night I change into one of Edwards t-shirts, while he was in boxers and another t-shirt of his. Getting into bed and snuggling up to Edward, we both fall asleep ready for Christmas day to come.