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Summary: Bella and Edward are engaged, but now Bella is having health problems, will this tear them apart or will it keep them going strong?

Here the prologue that will just to give you a preview of it.


"Bella come on, you need to eat, you need your strength…..How are you to get better if don't you eat?

"I just….I just can't take it anymore" I sobbed. "Don't you see, I want to die!!" still sobbing. "This is already killing me, I hate being in the hospital, I feel so weak it's painful and so tired, it just needs to be over" I sobbed some more. "Please just leave, I hate that you have to see me like this."

"Bella how can you say that!" he said in horror. "This is affecting me as much as you, don't you see how much it's killing me to see you like this. I can't lose you Bella. I lost everything once before and I'm not going to lose you. You're my world, I'm going to fight for you and I want you to fight to live for me because if you die, I will to, you're the only thing that's keep me alive and if I lose you" he sobbed before continuing on "I'll lose my will and reason for living!"

"I know.. I know, I love you Edward, and I want to fight, fight for you, but you know, this is the end, you know it a one in a million chance before they can find a donor. And don't you dare even think about hurting yourself Edward, I can't die knowing, that you would cease to exist."

"Baby I love you too and you know there is a chance for a donor, don't give up. And I would never cease to exist because I would be with you following you if you decide to leave me, which I won't allow to happen, now get some rest, you need your strength, I'll be back before you know it." He told me.

Giving me one last look, he turned and exited the room and in that moment I then knew that would be probably the last time I ever saw him. Because in this moment I felt so weak knowing I didn't have the strength to eat or sleep. Glancing once more to the door, I sobbed till I knew there was no tomorrow, which I knew was true.

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