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The Shinigami Chatroom

Rukia Hurried down the street to her division in the worst mood ever. She just had a huge blow out with a certain someone and she was sure she was going to make him pay, somehow. She stormed in through the door dripping wet from the rain ignoring the cheerful good mornings from those around her. She walked into her office and slammed the door. She sat at her desk thinking of some way to vent. She logged on to her computer and found an invitation from a BustyBlonde10 to a chat room. She followed the link.

Renji just arrived and gave a big good morning greeting to his captain who only grumbled something and told him to get to work. Renji couldent keep his mind on work. His mind as always kept wandering to a short brunette. He checked his email and found and invitation to a chatroom from 69guy.

Byakuya checked his email around 8:50. He received an invitation from a Chappylover13. He knew very well who it was from and wondered what she was plotting.

When 9:00am rolled around everyone was hiding in their offices avoiding work. A strange rainy front had moved in and no one was interested in outdoor training and the last thing anyone wanted to do was more paperwork. Lot's of people got invitations in their email that day and everyone was bored enough to log in. Everyone knew everyone elses business anyway. Gossip might as well be more readily available.

69guy: Any ladies out there today?

BustyBlonde10: Lets get some sake later. Anyone else?

BigRed6: I guess Rukia you want to go?

ChappyLover13: well I don't have any other reason to stay home thanks to someone.

Kenpatchi: Where is everyone? Anyone want to spar?

Pinklady11: No one can beat Ken-chan.

IloveYoroichi2: Anyone notice how great Yoroichi is as Shunpo

Stuckinbed13: Rukia will you come by my room for lunch and keep me company?

ChappyLover13: Sure captain anything for you

Boredcaptin8: Rukia you can come and visit me in my bedroom to later.

Nano-chan8: *wacks boredcaptin8 over head* can we get back to work now. Why did you even set this account up for me?

Boredcaptin8: Nano-chan it's the only way I can get you to talk to me.

The lightening and thunder continued outside. It seems no one was getting any work done today. Two people continued fuming at their desks and another kept daydreaming.


BustyBlonde10: Let's all discuss a topic, any ideas?

BigRed6: So girls do you think tattoos are hot or not?

BustyBlonde10: I can take them or leave them

69guy: Hey you said you liked mine

Chappylover13: I think they are hot.

Imsobeautiful11: I don't know why anyone would defile their skin with such ugly things.

Robotsdoitbetter12: Strange human traditions

BigRed6: you really think they are hot Rukia?

Chappylover13: yeah really hot

BustyBlonde10: I sense love in the air

BigRed6: Hey Rukia you want to skip the bar and have dinner with me tonight?

Ilovemypride6: Abarai stay away from my sister!

BigRed6: Taicho Sorry were just friends I swear.

Chappylover13: Id love to go to dinner with you Renji. I'm tired of spending my evenings with a certain control freak.

IloveYoroichi2: I'd love to go to dinner with Yoroichi will you go with me.

Were-cat: Sure why not.

BigRed6: Ive been waiting so long for you to say yes Rukia.

69guy: He's clueless

BustyBlonde10: Yep so clueless

IloveYoroichi2: Yeah even I can see that.

Ilovemypride6: I'm warning you Abarai, keep your hands off of my sister. Rukia you are to come right home after work.

Chappylover13: What if I don't want to?

Ilovemypride6: You will regret it if you make me come to your division.

Stuckinbed13: I'll make sure she gets home. No worries *coughs*

BustyBlonde10: Ok Time for a new subject before someone gets killed. Kittens, everyone loves kittens right?

69guy: You want me to buy you a kitten cuz I will

BustyBLonde10: Just trying to change the subject and I couldn't think of anything else.

The weather hadn't improved by noon. Everyone logged off for lunch. Most ate alone. No one wanted to go out into this weather. No one was sure if they should log back on or not. Things were getting a little hostile in there but 69guy was the first to log back in and post. It seems no one else could find anything more productive to do so they continued their conversation. This could get juicy 69guy thought. He was going to try to provoke things for a bit of fun. Knowing Rukia nature would take its course and and arguement would be inevetible. He was also hopeing Renji would come to his senses and figure out what was going on. He tried to tell him. He even called him during lunch to try to explain things yet again. But Renji didn't get it at all. He just wouldent believe Rukia could ever be with anyone else.


69guy: So whose single?

BigRed6: I'm single but I hope I wont be after this evening. Yep I'm going to ask her tonight.

69guy: I've hear that one before. Anyone else.

Doctormom4: Well I'm available. Ukitake-Taicho should come by the 4th. You need a check up and I enjoy your company.

BustyBlonde10: Aww I think that's a safe match and practical. I'm weighing my options right now.

69guy: I give up.

BustyBlonde10: But 69guy can still come over later

69guy: Hell yeah.

IloveYoroichi2: I'm not sure about my status

BustyBlonde12: How can you not be sure

IloveYoroichi2: Well its an on off thing and I have some competition.

Robotsdoitbetter: If I feel the need for a mate I will build one from my own flesh.

69guy: that's disturbing

Imsobeautiful11: Very disturbing. I wish there were someone as beautiful as me to go out with. I wonder if I could be cloned?

Robotsdoitbetter: That can actually be arranged. Do you want a male or female clone of yourself?

Imsobeautiful11: I'll be by after work.

BigRed6: Yep I wont be single tomorrow

Pinklady11: Ken-chan says I'm not old enough to date.

Chappylover13: Well I'm definitely not dating some jealous, self-absorbed control freak who gets pissed at my missing one calligraphy class.

BigRed6: That's a good thing Rukia. You shouldn't date someone like that.

69guy: Your such an idiot Renji

BigRed6: What?

69guy: I'm tired of trying to explain it to you.

Ilovemyprid6: That's enough out of you Rukia and If you want to talk about self-absorbed I know someone who has the nerve to keep forgetting her obligations even though she knows it makes her lover jealous.

Chappylover13: Is that all I am to you an obligation!

Ilovemypride6: That is not what I said.

BigRed6: Rukia did you have an argument with your brother?

Chappylover13: No Comment!

Ilovemypride13: Stay out of this Abarai

BustyBlonde10: um I like kittens

Stuckinbed13: I agree kittens are really cute and yeah cute.

BigRedy6: Why are we talking about kittens again? Rukia are you not happy for some reason?

69guy: Kittens are very cute, don't you think so Renji?

Imsobeautiful11: Kittens are cute. But not as cute as me.

Boredcaptain8: Yes we get it kittens are cute.


Doctormom4: Since everyone seems so involved Everyone should come to my division at 6pm for a lecture on sex.

69guy: There's a good topic. Will there be demonstrations?

Doctormom4: Why yes I will need participants

69guy: I call Matsomoto

BustyBlonde10: Baka

Robotsdoitbetter: It will be a good time for me to demonstrate my new invention. I have made sex completely obsolete.

Aizen: Its not too late to join me in Hueco Mundo. If you don't want bad luck for the next 1000 years post this 100x.

69guy: I hate spammers

BustyBlonde10: Yeah is anyone even stupid enough to do that.

Bigred6: I cant take chances. Its not too late to join me in Hueco Mundo………..

What do you look for in a mate?

69guy: Ok heres a good topic so what features do you look for in a mate? I like tall blondes, who are well endowed.

BustyBlonde10: Well I like tall dark haired guys, but I also like short white haird guys. I'm not really sure.

69guy: Your killing me.

IloveYoroichi2: I'd like someone just like Yoroichi

ShiroIce10: Matsumoto get back to work!

BustyBlonde10: Fine do you want me to bring some sake?

ShiroIce10: Now!

BustyBlonde10: Always so serious. I'm coming.

BigRed6: I like short girls with dark hair and violet eyes.

69guy: We know Renji. I'm tired of hearing about it.

Ilovemypride6: Renji go clean the toilets

BigRed6: But captain???

Ilovemypride6: Now Renji!

Imsobeautiful11: Poor Renji. How disgusting.

69guy: I don't feel sorry for him anymore, I've never seen anyone take over fifty years to put the moves on someone.

Pinklady11: I like guys who are super strong like Ken-chan

Doctormom4: I would like to date someone who is also skilled in the healing arts.

Imsobeautiful11: Someone as beautiful as me, sadly there just isn't a match.

Boredcaptain8: I love all kinds of women. But I like Nano-chan the best. I wish she would come to my office there's something special I'd like to give her.

Nano-chan8: I'll give you something you wolf!

Chappylover13: Well I especially don't like noodle wearing aristocrat know-it-alls.

Ilovemypride6: That's not what you were saying last night when you were yelling my name.

Chappylover13: We'll see who's yelling whose name later.

Kenpatchi: I just want someone to spar with who wont die.

Ilovemypride6: Rukia we will discuss this later.

Stuckinbed13: Kittens are most useful creatures.

69guy: Yep I like kittens

Chappylover13: Is that a threat?

IloveYoroichi2: That's right Rukia don't take that from him.

Hatncloggs: Hacking in so you don't forget about me.

Ilovemypride6: That's it I'm coming to get you right now.

Chappylover13: oh shit ttyl.

Stuckinbed13: Byakuya be reasonable please.

GreatFireLord1: Everyone get back to work!

The General thought to himself that this internet thing was bothersome and keeping everyone from completing all the work that was surely piling up on everyones desks. Bothersome indeed. But very entertaining. He may not shut this chatroom down yet. Its not like there was anything else to do.