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I'll Be Home For Christmas
Part 1

I sat in fourth period English with my leg bouncing furiously under my desk and my pen tapping against the plastic desktop. A few times I glanced around the room to see my fellow classmates staring at me; some amused and some annoyed. I blankly stared at the chalkboard while Miss Cope scrawled the difference between the two pieces on the Canterbury Tales written in prose and the remaining twenty-two written in verse. As she wrote two columns on the board, one titled prose and one title versed, I rolled my eyes. At this point, anyone who doesn't know the difference between prose and verse should be sent back to seventh grade with a big "L" on their forehead.

I shifted my gaze and stared out the window through the fake paper snowflakes and tacky garland noticing the rain coming down in sheets, soaking the ground. So what else is new? I silently wished that we would get snow this year. It's rare in Forks and when it does snow, the rain comes right behind it and erases any traces of the pristine crystals on the ground. Christmas is in tomorrow, and it doesn't look like the snow is coming. But I would gladly trade the snow for Edward.

I picked up my cell phone to glance at the time when a small piece of paper came flying at me from across the aisle. I picked up the paper from my desk and uncrumpled it to read what it said.

"Calm down already! Not much has changed in the minute since you last checked the time."

A small smile played on my face as I looked to my best friend, Alice, across the way. I stuck my tongue out at her in a mock display of irritation and she crossed her eyes back at me before we both fell into quiet giggles. Impulsively, I checked the time again and I heard Alice laugh softly at her desk. I didn't dare look at her this time, afraid that whatever facial expression she wore would send me into a roar of laughter causing me to disrupt the class. Then Miss Cope would have to give me detention and I would be late. The time on my phone toyed with me as it slowly crept from 1:05 to 1:06. Twenty four minutes until I was out of here, two hours and twenty-four minutes before Edward would be here and I will be safely in my arms. A very painful and deliberate two hours and twenty-four minutes as time mocks me with delay.

It's been two months since I last saw Edward in person. I was rapt with the anticipation to see him, smell him, kiss him...feel him. I ached to be near him, to always have him near me. The time apart has been brutal. I don't care how many ways we communicate, gchat, skype, text, twitter, facebook, phone calls, webchats, they just don't compare to the feeling of his soft lips across my skin or his strong arms wrapping me in a warm embrace. Talking to him on the phone doesn't do his smooth voice justice and only leaves me wanting for more. Seeing his beautiful face displayed across the screen of my Mac while we chat or just watch each other do homework leaves me feeling empty without the touch to go along with it. So I guess we're screwed until they invent tele-transportation or until May when I graduate and we can be together. Graduation seems more likely.

Two months ago, Edward surprised me by showing up at my house the Saturday of the Fall Formal. School was early release the day before and Alice dragged me all over the place to get my hair coiffed, my nails polished, and to attend to a wax job that I had been neglecting since Edward's departure in early September. I really wasn't in the mood; I was in a sad mental state at the time. I went to Fall Formal with Edward the previous year and I knew that I wasn't going to be attending this year. I couldn't process the thought of going to a dance sans my dancing boyfriend who glides around the floor effortlessly whether we're grinding or waltzing and always makes me feel like I'm flying on a cloud.

At the time, I was sure I wasn't going to see Edward until Christmas. He had told me that he wasn't going to be able to get away for fall break because of some ridiculous load of school work. Stupid pre-med program.

Then for Thanksgiving I was being shuffled to Phoenix to spend it with my mom and Phil. Tofurkey and endless baseball chatter makes for a stellar holiday.

In between holidays, I was not going to be able to go to Columbia to visit him. Charlie was not entertaining that idea: "Unsupervised in such a big city, Bella? I don't think so, kiddo." Clearly unwilling to even consider my proposal. I pitched a fit that could rival any teething toddler. Not my finest moment to say the least.

So that left Christmas. More than three months from when he left me here in this dreary town. Where the sun hardly ever shines and snow is almost impossible, even at Christmas. I knew we would reconnect again in the early summer and permanently, but that didn't lessen the blow as I watched him go through security with Carlisle and Esme and board the plane bound for New York via St. Louis. Hands down, the worst day of my life.

So when Alice dragged me all around town on the Friday before the dance, I let her do it but didn't really pay attention. I suppose it was better than all of the crying I had been doing that week. Imagine my surprise when my doorbell rang the following evening and Edward was on the other side. I wasn't expecting anyone and Charlie was still down at the reservation after spending the day fishing with Billy. I thought I was dreaming. I thought I was hallucinating. I had been crying so hard all week, for months from missing him. So many times my mind and my dreams conjured up the image of him smiling at me, brushing the hair off of my face, or hovering over my naked form, that I couldn't trust myself that what I was seeing was real. I glanced past him and saw his dark blue BMW M6 Coupe in the driveway. That's a new addition to my hallucinations.

"Bella," Edward started, but I couldn't let him finish. The sound of my name on his lips was anything but a hallucination. It was real. I could tell by the pulsing sensation it sent through me. I lunged at him, standing on my toes to kiss his face and breathe him in.

Just as I was pulling him into the house, intent on never letting him leave, Alice peered in through the doorway with a garment bag in hand.

"What's that?" I asked her with an annoyed tone.

"It's your dress, Bella. You can't go to Fall Formal in your favorite pair of worn in jeans and a tank top." Alice replied, looking me over from head to toe.

It was then that I actually took in all of Edward's appearance and saw that he was dressed in a suit and tie looking like the picture of perfection. I had been too busy gazing into his eyes and rubbing my lips on his face to notice anything else. Edward smiled at me as Alice dragged me upstairs to get ready for the dance. Once upstairs, I screamed at Alice because I just knew that she knew her brother was coming home and had somehow failed to mention it. Alice simply giggled at my rant and continued to fuss over my hair while I fumed at her negligence to warn me that Edward would be dawning my doorstep.

The dance was perfect! Everyone was super excited to see Edward, but he only had eyes for me. Attending to my every need, anticipating my every want. Showering me with kisses and affection, answering to the hum my body made in his presence. I enjoyed the dance, but I really just wanted to be alone with him. Alice had the good sense to clear it with Charlie for me to spend the night at her house. I don't know what power Alice had over my dad, but I wish I possessed one ounce of it because he openly accepted the idea. I wondered if he knew Edward was home, but I know that I didn't care. Edward leaned down to kiss me gently and I tilted my head to deepen the kiss, tasting the mint from his gum, the punch from his drink and the pure essence that is Edward. He broke the kiss and looked down into my eyes, searching for something before a smile crept onto his face. We left the dance after that moment, my hand in his. We remained connected all the way to his house as Edward sped through Forks in true Cullen fashion.

Edward took me home and I lead him to his bedroom on the third floor. I wasn't sure how long he was going to be home, but I was going to make the most of it. My body zinged and hummed with anticipation as he held my hand in his. The higher up the stairs we got, the closer he got to me. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck by the time we reached the top landing. Entering his room, he slowly undressed me and then laid me down on the bed gently, reverently. Kissing every inch of my now goosebumped flesh tinted in a shade of rose. We made love twice that night before we both passed out, Edward from travel exhaustion and me from emotional exhaustion. I love him and there is no better feeling than when we are together. Edward knows my body better than I do. Always knowing where to touch, where to kiss, when to speed up and when to slow down.

When I woke up in his arms, he was staring down at me with a pained look on his face. He told me his flight was set to leave in five hours and he had to leave Forks in two. I cried like a sniveling baby for twenty minutes while he held me to his chest. Once the crying subsided, Edward and I made out like two horny teenagers that eventually lead to the best morning sex before I made him pancakes in his mother's kitchen. Edward drove me home and I tried not to cry in front of him. I had already done enough of that in the morning. He left me at Charlie's and I cried some more, but I had new memories to fill the space and time until I would see him again.

I glanced down at my cell phone, again. 1:28, two minutes to go. I couldn't wait. I already started packing up my stuff, the bell would ring any second and I would be free of the droning and torturous explanation of Chaucer that anyone with one-tenth of a brain can piece together. I shoved my copy of Canterbury Tales into my messenger bag and took out the car keys, noticing the familiar BMW emblem and smiling to myself. Edward had text me last night to let me know Alice was bringing me his car keys.

"Ali is bringing you my keys. I wanna see both my girls at the airport tomorrow."

Edward was going to let me drive his car. I may have screeched so loud at the text that Charlie came running into my room to make sure I was okay. The reality that Edward was letting me drive his car still had not registered with me, even though Alice let me drive it to school this morning. He had his last final this morning and then was going straight to the airport so I wouldn't be able to talk to him until I saw him. The anticipation was driving me nuts.

1:30, the bell rings, I wave at Alice and bolt out the door as her laughter rings behind me. Edward's coming home.

How was I supposed to focus on this damn anatomy/physiology final in front of me when the only body I had any interest in studying was all the way across the country? Epidermis just did not appeal to me unless it was covered in goosebumps and a pink flush. I tried to ignore my rambling thoughts about Bella in order to draw a perfect rendition of the mechanics of a cell so I could wrap this final up and be on my way to the airport. I looked at the clock behind the professor's desk, 7:15. If I finish this in fifteen minutes then I can get back to my apartment, grab my stuff and get to the airport within an hour; just in time to make my flight. When I booked this flight, I knew I was cutting it close, but the next one doesn't leave until the afternoon, which would get me home much too late tonight. I can't prolong the torture of separation any longer.

I finished the drawing of the cell, double checked my answers and jumped out of my seat to turn in the test. Professor Banner asked me if I was sure about my answers and I rolled my eyes at his question. Come on, my dad is a doctor, anatomy/physiology is in my blood. I was able to focus on this test even with Bella on the brain and I bet I aced it. I told him I was sure and exited the room trying not to disturb the other students.

As planned, I ran to my apartment grabbed my already packed suitcases and hailed a cab to La Guardia. I already checked in for my flight early this morning before I left for my final so once I checked my bags, I made it through security quickly enough just as they were starting to call first class to board. I placed my carry on bag under the seat. I wouldn't care if my other luggage got lost, but this I had to keep. It had my laptop as well as a package for Bella that I wanted to give her tonight. It's not her Christmas gift, but a present in general. I know she hates gifts, but I'm hoping she'll like this when I give it to her. I made her a package that has a pillow case from my bed. As well as a t-shirt, a sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants all with the Columbia logo. I wore or slept with all of the items over the passed few days making sure they smelled like me. I was going to give them to Bella knowing how she likes to be wrapped in my scent. Settling into my seat, I looked at my phone and saw a text from Bella, it was a picture message of her lips with the caption "See you soon. xoxo." I smiled widely to myself as my stomach jumped at the image on my screen.

"Must be a girl," the gentleman traveler across the aisle said with a smile of his own.

"Not just any girl. The girl."

He nodded in affirmation as if he understood exactly how I felt and went back to his magazine. I went back to my phone to look at the image of her perfectly plumped lips on the screen. Staring at the image like some whipped pansy and memorizing the fine lines there. The flight attendant spoke over the speakers at that point to turn off all electronic devices, I text my parents to let them know I was on my way and text Bella back "Can't wait."

The last two months had been pure hell, but nothing compared to the first month apart. I talked to Bella incessantly and I could always tell that she had been crying. I felt so awful, like the worst fucking boyfriend ever. We agreed to this, but not without a lot of tears and fighting. She insisted that I go to Columbia and pursue my dreams, that she would not be the reason for my silent regret in the future. I knew she was right, but I didn't want to hear it. Part of me was angry; the part that was thinking she just wanted me to be out of the way. I knew a lot of guys in school were interested in trying to get with Bella now that they knew I would be leaving for college. And to be honest, it scared the shit out of me. Bella is completely oblivious to her beauty and sex appeal. She just doesn't see herself clearly and that leaves her open to all sorts of trouble. After talking to my dad, he helped me see that this would be just as much of a sacrifice for Bella as it was for me. That she was doing this out of love for me and hope in us.

But fuck me if everyday wasn't harder than the last. I knew I wasn't going to last until December to see her. I spent more hours thinking of ways to get home than I did learning the merits of MLA formatting, which by the way was outdated since everyone uses APA. So when Alice called to tell me that Bella was distraught with loneliness and refused to go to the dance even though Alice bought her a dress, I knew I had to go home; even if it was only for twenty-four hours. Even if I was going to be exhausted from school and adding travel to the pile would only make me more exhausted, I needed to go home. If only I got to see her gorgeous smile and breathe her delicious scent for a brief time, I knew I had to try. If I could give her one night without tears, it would all be worth it. When I showed up at her door, she looked like she was seeing a ghost. Her face was pale with the exception of the tear tracks that marked her face. My heart ached for her, ached to wipe those marks away. I knew she didn't know I was coming so I gave her time to adjust to the sight of me. Saying her name must have broken her from her thoughts because she reached for me and stepped up to kiss my jaw almost as if testing to make sure I was really there.

Alice whisked her away to get ready for the dance and I could hear them shouting. Well, I could hear Bella shouting at Alice and Alice laughing in response. I couldn't make out the details, but I heard my name and 'secrets' and 'my friend' thrown out a few times. So I figured she was fuming about not knowing I was coming home to take her to the dance. I loved it when Bella got feisty. The thought of it made my pants just a little bit tighter than they were a second before. The fire in her eyes and the passion in her voice are like the friction to my match, lighting the flame.

Bella descended the stairs and she was a vision to behold in a fantastic blue dress that made her skin glow. Don't ask me who made it, what it was made of or the exact color of it. All I knew was that by the end of the night, that blue dress would be a blue pile of material on my bedroom floor. But first, Bella was going to be taken to the dance and be the center of my attention.

I don't remember too many details about the dance. I remember there was dancing, obviously. I remember some small talk with old classmates, but what we talked about I have no idea. The only thing I truly remember is the look in Bella's eyes just before we left. Eyes that shined with happiness that tried to mask the longing and sadness that lay just below the surface. The longing and sadness had to go, if only for one night. I took her home to my parents and she took the lead as we headed up to my bedroom, but her leading ended there. I pushed her into my room and slowly undressed her, marveling at the way her skin reacted to my touch. Once she was naked, I massaged her body with my hands and my mouth and smiled at the soft sounds escaping her lips. The first time was soft and sensual, but the second time was rough and needy as the hunger for one another consumed us.

The next morning, I had to tell Bella I was leaving. I wasn't ready for that, but it had to happen. When she broke down and cried, clinging to my chest and her tears slipped down my naked torso I thought I was going to throw up. The pain and stress she was feeling bore into me and I wanted to hurt myself for hurting her like this. Once the tears stopped, I made love to my girl again. Letting her know that there is only her and will always only be her. After a pancake breakfast, I took Bella home to her father's. I could tell she was fighting back the tears for my sake, but I wasn't going to say anything. In our last precious moments, I just wanted it to be without the complication of her shattered resolve. If she started crying again, I'm sure I would have said 'fuck it all' and stayed. Shortly after, my father drove me to the airport where I boarded the plane to head back to New York.

I must have fallen asleep after the beverage service because the last thing I remember is being asked if I wanted juice or coffee and now I hear the captains voice over the speakers that we're beginning our initial descent into SeaTac airport. I could feel the hairs on my skin start to prickle with the anticipation of what waited for me when I landed. We touched ground with a thud, but I barely felt it as I was already shaking with anticipation. Once the jetway doors were open, I leapt from my seat, said a quick thank you to the flight crew and all but ran through the terminal. Bella was already here, I could feel her in the air. The way her body called to me and mine to hers, I just knew. I knew and I couldn't wait to see her, smell her, kiss her, feel her.


I watched the Arrivals/Departures board, nervously biting my nails willing it to change. I didn't need the visual confirmation though, as soon as the essence of Edward hit Seattle soil, I knew it. I felt it in the supernatural pull that resonated in the very core of my being. I turned towards the security checkpoint, eyes searching wildly waiting to see him. Although I knew he was here, it wasn't enough. I needed more than that knowledge; I needed something tangible.

A wave of people started to filter through the exit at security and I felt my heartbeat quicken in my chest. He's close. Almost as soon as the thought filled my head, I saw a familiar tuft of bronze hair bobbing above the other exiting passengers and I waited. Just a few more steps. The crowd broke and I saw Edward before he noticed me, but when our eyes locked a huge smile broke on his face and I took off running. I had no intention of running. I was going to stand my ground and let him come to me. But when I saw him, when his apple eyes focused on mine I lost any resolve I may have had and ran for him.

I reached him with a squeel and jumped on him, wrapping my arms around his neck as he dropped his carry-on bag to cradle me against him as I wrapped my legs around his waist. I planted kisses on his neck, his face, his lips leaving no surface untouched and delighting in the feeling of the scruffiness on his face scratching against my skin. I nuzzled my nose in the spot between his neck and his shoulder and just breathed him in. I could get lost in this spot for the rest of my life.

"Hi, baby," Edward said with a soft chuckle. My stomach fluttered at hearing his voice for the first time today and hearing it echo in my chest from the proximity of our bodies. I sighed heavily, wanting to enjoy every second I had with him when he reminded me that his luggage would be waiting at baggage claim and that we needed to get going. I envy his ability to be reasonable at times like this, because as far as Edward is concerned I am completely twitterpated and incapable of rational thought.

We got his luggage and I lead him out to where his car waited laughing as he told me about his anatomy/physiology final this morning and my skin being the only skin on his mind. We reached the car and I had to laugh at the smile that he got at the sight. Huge grin, almost from ear to ear. To be honest, I was slightly jealous of the car at that moment. 'The other Bella' is what Edward calls it, his assurance to me that I come first. Yeah, okay. In guy speak I guess that means something. I stood by as he put his luggage into the trunk with a smile on his face. He closed the trunk and looked over to me with an even wider smile. Jealousy appeased.

"Come here, baby."

I walked over to where Edward stood just out of arms reach, making him lean forward to grab my waist and pull me to him as he leaned against the car. I unbuttoned his coat and wrapped my arms around his waist, stealing his warmth. Edward weaved his hands down my sides and to my back as his hands found the back pockets of my jeans and rested inside of them. I looked up at him from my leaning position and reveled in the sight before me of the most beautiful man I have ever seen. I saw love staring back at me and I felt my skin start to blush. Whatever I did to make him love me, I will never understand. But I'd do it again a million times just to feel this.

Edward rested his hand on my chest over my coat "home," he said as I rested my hand on his chest and repeated it back to him. I knew what he meant, my home is in his heart as is his in mine. He leaned down and kissed me and I sighed into his mouth as his lips met mine, moving gently. Caressing them softly into his touch. God, I have missed this so much. I tilted my head to deepen the kiss and Edward's tongue darted out to meet mine as our breath mixed from two to one. I'm not sure how long we stood there wrapped in the feeling of one another and I didn't care. Once we left this spot, we would be surrounded by family and friends and no longer just Edward and Bella. Whatever thoughts I had of hopping in the BMW and running to some obscure destination like Alaska to steal Edward away from everyone else were interrupted by the trill of my cell phone. I looked at the caller ID and sighed.

"Alice?" Edward asked and I nodded.

I answered the phone still standing with Edward's arms wrapped around me. With his lips no longer on mine, Edward rested his chin on the top of my head and I could hear him taking deep breaths. I rested the side of my face against his chest, hearing the steady thump of his heartbeat. In the distance the parking attendant shouted 'Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays" to the exiting travelers.

"Yes, Alice"

"Hello to you too, Bella. Am I interrupting something?"

I felt my skin go even more red. "No, we were just getting into the car."

"Hurry up and stop making out wildly with my brother. Mom is pacing across the foyer waiting for him. The nervous energy is stressing Jasper out."

"Fine," I said tersely into the phone and hung up.

"Everything okay?" Edward asked, after I slipped my phone back into my pocket.

"Yeah, your mom is just waiting for you and pacing and Jasper is stressed out over her nervous energy."

Edward laughed into my hair. "This will be an interesting holiday to the say the least."

I sighed as I pulled away from him and he stepped around me to open the door for me. I slid into the soft leather seat and laid my head back into the head rest, closing my eyes to commit the kiss to memory. Edward moved into the driver's seat next to me and grabbed my hand to kiss it. Turning on the car, he groaned out loud as the Chrismas music came to life from my iPod. He moved his hand to change it, but I stopped him.

"Please, Edward? You know how much I love the holiday tunes. It's my one vice. Besides you."

Edward smiled at me and nodded in acquiescence removing his hand from its poised position of iPod attack and resting it back on top of mine. My eyes started to drift closed as Carol of the Bells played through the speakers.

Bella was asleep almost as soon as we pulled out of the parking garage at SeaTac airport. I kept her hand grasped in mine, relishing in the softness of her delicate skin. As I drove, I kept stealing small glances at her admiring how peaceful she looked while she slept. Knowing Bella, she probably had been up all night in anticipation of getting to the airport. She can deny it all she wants, but there are times where her energy rivals Alice's.

Seeing Bella waiting for me outside of security was even better than I had imagined it. My girl, waiting for me under the shiny holiday lights that decorated the walls and ceilings of SeaTac. I could feel the energy radiating off of her. As my eyes met hers, I was so filled with happiness of seeing her that I had to try everything possible not to make an ass of myself by running through the airport. Bella had her own plans. I swear I only had a brief moment to brace myself as her tiny frame came bolting at me full speed and leapt into my arms with a squeal. I've never heard Bella squeal before. I could not have been any happier at the reception than if she wrapped her lips around my dick the moment I laid eyes on her. Bella ran her lips across my skin, kissing every inch of bare space she could find. It felt so good to feel her warmth wrapped around me. As she nestled her nose into my neck, I took in a deep breath taking in the scent of strawberries and freesia that danced in her hair and off of her skin. A few passerbys gave us strange looks, but I didn't care. In that moment, Bella was all that mattered.

I never wanted to leave her. Never wanted her to be away from me again, but I didn't want to dwell on that now. I have my entire winter vacation to love Bella incarnate and I planned to do just that.

Bella stirred in her seat, releasing her hand from mine and arched her back for a deep stretch. I turned to look at her and she had wide smile on her face.

"Hi," she said with a whisper reaching into her bag and popping a piece of gum in her mouth.

"Hi, baby. Have a good nap?"

"Mhmm. Good dreams, too."

"Oh yeah? Wanna share?"

Bella shook her head and her hair fell in her face, shielding it from my view. I brushed the hair from the side of her face with the back of my hand and saw her cheeks were tinged a deeper red than normal. This wasn't typical Bella bashfulness. I didn't want to make her feel any more uncomfortable so as much as it pained me to not say anything, I chose to let it go. I was about to ask her about the caroling my mom has scheduled when she spoke up.

"I'd rather show you."

What? I think my head just did an exorcist spin. Show me?

"Show me what?"

"I need you, Edward. Now." Bella's voice was dripping with lust and seduction. Not unlike the voice she has grown accustomed to using over the phone while she plays wither her pussy and I stroke my dick. That voice gets me so hard in no time flat.

Holy. Shit. The air in the car suddenly is charged and I feel the air escape my lungs in one giant woosh. Is she really saying what I think she's saying? I should ask her, but I don't want to seem like an ass. I get off the plane and the first thing I do is try and fuck her senseless?

"Tell me what you want, baby."

Bella swallowed and I could hear it even over the annoying sounds of Christmas music that Bella loves so much.

Oh I don't want a lot for Christmas
This is all I'm asking for
I just want to see my Baby
Standing right outside my door
Oh I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
Baby all I want for Christmas is...

I'd know this song by heart any day, but I'd never admit it. Bella made me a video with this song playing in the background. In the video she acted out various points in the song like standing under mistletoe and pouting at unwanted presents under a tree. The best part was when she danced around in fake snow in her backyard in a red Mrs. Claus costume. "I won't even wish for snow" the song stated. Bella loves snow and for her to prefer me to snow was amazing to me. She sent me the video last week. I must have watched it a million times since.

"Can you...uhm..pull over?" Bella asked with hesitation.

"Are you sure?"

Bella just nodded her answer. I drove for about another mile or so before I pulled off to the underpass below the highway. Bella was sitting on her hands at this point, probably trying to hide her nerves, but I can still see how nervous she is.

"Bella, we don't have to do anything. I'm fine just being with you."

"I know, but I want this. Truth?"

"Truth." 'Truth' was a game we started playing a few years ago when we wanted to say something that may seem strange or offensive or embarrassing. It was a way of signaling the other person that what was going to be said may or may not be fun to hear.

"I've wanted to..err...have sex with you in this car since you got it."

I think my eyes must have bugged out of my head at what I just heard. I must have been staring at her for too long because when she called my attention, the tone in her voice changed.

"Edward, did you hear what I said? What's wrong? Are you upset with me? I'm sorry if I said something..."

I crashed my lips to hers, ending her ramblings. Almost immediately Bella's hands reached into my hair, stroking the strands and tugging them with her tiny fingers. I moved my hands to her shoulders to slide her coat from her body. I honestly had no idea how we were going to do this, but I knew there were already too many barriers in the way.

Once her coat was off, I started to run my hands through her hair and down her body, aching to feel every inch of her. Bella moaned in my mouth as my hands grazed over her nipples through the fabric of her shirt. Fuck! She's not wearing a bra. I dove deeper into her mouth with my tongue in an attempt to show her how hot it was that she wasn't wearing one. I continued to move my hands down her body until my left hand rested between her thighs that were now open. I kneeded and rubbed her thighs and Bella continued to moan into my mouth, causing my dick to get harder by the second. I started to rub her pussy from outside of her jeans and the friction caused Bella to gasp. As I pressed harder, her hips started to buck into my hand and her kisses became less controlled.

"Please, Edward?" Bella moaned in between staggered breaths. She wanted this as badly as I did, if not more.

Bella reached across the console and started to undo my jeans first popping the button and then rolling the zipper. In one deft move she swept her hand into my boxers and pulled my dick out, freeing it from the tight confines of the fabric. The air in the car was warm, but I still shook when my cock was released. Bella looked up at me with a small smile before she dove her head into my lap licking the top of my dick, causing me to hiss. She used her hand in combination with her mouth stroking and sucking in tandem and it felt so damn good. Jacking off to Bella's voice and images of Bella does not compare at all to the feeling of her mouth on my dick and watching her head bob in a steady rhythym.

Hesitantly, I lifted her mouth from my dick. I didn't want to, but I also knew where he really wanted to be and Bella still had her jeans on. I pushed Bella back into her seat and pulled her legs towards me so that she was laying back as much as possible. As she moved to lay back, we bumped heads calling 'ouch' in unison before laughing a little at the situation. Bella's eyes averted from mine, but I wanted her to stay looking at me. I didn't want her to feel embarrassed. I reached down and pulled her chin so that her eyes met mine and the fire that burned there spurred me on.

I hovered over her and began to unbutton her shirt exposing the expanse of creamy flesh topped with pink nipples that lay beneath. A groan erupted from my chest when I saw her nipples were already hard and begging to be sucked. I dove in and pulled one nipple into my mouth flicking it with my tongue and rolling it between my teeth while my hand pinched her other nipple. Bella's whimpers were sending all the blood from my brain straight to my crotch. Beneath me, she thrust her hips and clawed at my back with her hands. I moved my mouth to her other nipple and traveled my hand down her body until I reached the warmth between her thighs. She was so hot and ready and I could feel it through the fabric of the jeans.

I started to undo the button of her jeans with one hand and roll down the zipper. I pushed my hand into her jeans and cupped her pussy, feeling the wetness through her soaked panties. She was so wet and it was such a fucking turn on I thought I was gonna come in my pants right then. Or rather, all over the console since my dick was already out.

I maneuvered a finger passed the barrier of the fabric and found Bella's clit, already swollen and begging for friction. At the touch of my hand, Bella's body jerked causing me to bite down a little too hard on her nipple and she let out a scream. I stopped what I was doing to make sure she was okay, scared that I bit her nipple off or something. When I looked into her eyes, I thought she was going to cry but instead she burst into hysterical laughter.

Ordinarily, Bella laughing would thrill me. Make me want to make out with her forever, fuck her all day and keep her laughing. But right now, the sight of her laughing is not doing anything for my sex drive. Here I am trying to give her what she wants, and it's awkward and frustrating and she's laughing. Serious fucking ego killer. I lean back and sit in my seat as Bella continues to laugh. Are those tears?

I look down at my lap and see that my dick is only semi-hard now and I have no more intentions of using it. There is no way faster to kill the mood than laughing at a guy. I'm kind of pissed.

I move to shove my cock back into my pants when Bella kicks my hand with her foot.

"What are you doing?" She asks, still a hint of laughter in her tone.

"Bella, you're fucking laughing at me. It's not a good environment for sex."

"Aw, baby. I wasn't laughing at you. I was just laughing at us, at the situation."

Bella starts to sit up in the seat and starts to shift around as she moves her hands to her hips, sliding her pants down. I just watch her go through the motions. Despite my state of irritation, I can feel my dick growing harder as it creeps up my stomach. It doesn't take long for the head on my shoulders to give into the head in my crotch as Bella continues to undress. She pulls her jeans off and she has on the sexiest pair of pink panties I've ever seen. I let out a low growl at the thought of her wearing those just for me. Bella giggles at my response to her underwear as she slides them down her legs.

Crawling across the console, Bella straddled my lap resting on her knees and keeping a few inches between us. Her eyes were now slightly above mine and I had to look up at her to see into them. What I see staring back at me is pure love mixed with lust and a hint of an apology. I smile at Bella, that crooked smile she loves so much and she gently touches her lips to mine swallowing that smile.

Bella ran her fingers though my hair, tugging at my locks as she deepened the kiss pulling my tongue into her mouth. I snaked my arms down between us and once again felt how wet Bella was.

"Shit, baby. You're so wet. Fuck!"

She lowered her stance on her knees and started to grind her hips against me and as good as it felt, we would not be doing any dry/wet humping today. With one hand I lifted her up and with the other I grabbed my dick and positioned it at her entrance. Before I could say anything or move my hand, Bella was slamming her body down onto my cock and crying out as I filled her. She rested her head on my shoulder for a minute and I could feel her walls tightening around me. Slowly, she started to swirl her hips moaning at the friction the connection of our two bodies made. But it was too slow.

Almost as if sensing my need, Bella started to readjust herself using her knees for leverage. I gripped her hips as she started to rock up and down, creating the best fucking friction as my dick slid in and out of her tight pussy. I let out a groan as her soft and warm body came down and sheathed my cock, the sounds of our sex filling the car almost drowning out the Christmas music.

I'm dreamin' tonight of a place I love
Even more then I usually do
And although I know it's a long road back
I promise you

I moved my mouth to Bella's bobbing nipple, sucking it and flicking it with my tongue being sure to not use teeth this time. Bella's pants and whimpers grew louder as her pace quickened, her nails digging into my shoulders causing me to wince in pleasure and pain. Her hair flew wildly around the car as I thrust my hips to match her downward push, which I knew Bella loved because it provided pressure on her clit. The heat from the vents and the warmth of our actions was causing the darkened windows to fog and our bodies began to slide against each other with the sweat of sex. The scent that is 100% pure Bella surrounded me igniting my need to have her screaming my name. I leaned into her neck and latch on with my mouth, licking and sucking the tender flesh as Bella mewled in appreciation.

I could feel Bella's walls tightening around me as my own stomach began to clench and I knew we were both close. I needed more from her in that moment.

"Oh, shit!"

"Say it, Bella. I need to hear you, baby."

Knowing I wasn't going to last much longer, I took one hand and slid it between us, finding her clit and stroking it gently. At first. Bella gasped at the sensation and I quickened my pace, determined to not come before she did. I placed the little nub between my thumb and index finger and pinched it. Bella's walls started to tighten and her breath was more labored.

"Say it."

I pinched her clit again as Bella's entire body started to shake from the strength of her orgasm.

"Oh, Edward. Fuck!"

Watching Bella come was the beginning to my end as I felt my balls tighten and my own release overtook me. Crying out her name as I came, Bella crashed her lips to mine as she came down from her own orgasm high. Still slowly grinding her hips into mine and delighting in the post orgasm sensitivity. Watching Bella come is by fucking far, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and I love that I do this to her.

Bella rested her head back on my shoulder as we both fought to catch our breath.

I'll be home for Christmas
You can count on me
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents under the tree
Christmas Eve will find me
Where the love light beams
I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams

I let out a small laugh and Bella popped her head up to look at me.

"Now you're laughing. What's so funny?"


Christmas Eve will find me
Where the love light beams
I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams
If only in my dreams

"The song?" Bella asked.

"Yes, baby. The song. I'll Be Home for Christmas."

Bella rested her hand on my chest and over my heart as I did the same to her.

"Home," we said together.

Carol of the Bells
Mariah Carey- All I Want For Christmas
I'll Be Home For Christmas

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