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Hello again! I am excited to be writing my first Kuroshitsuji fanfic! It was at first only gonna be a oneshot rape for a friend, but I've turned it into a whole mpreg! What else would you expect from me? Anyway, once again, I sat down and thought about the plot and what exactly will go on in it. Because I really want a smash hit like my Bleach fanfic and really DON'T want to hit a dead end like my D Gray Man fanfic. I've seen all the episodes of the anime and bits and pieces of the manga. I hope everything is good and no one is OOC. So I shall now present to you…the plot.

PLOT: It's mating season for demons and Sebastian is at his wits end. Not able to control himself any longer, while dressing Ciel for bed, instincts take over and he unknowingly rapes Ciel. While Sebastian only has vague memories of it, his poor Bocchan suffers the consequences of such horrifying memories. After Sebastian and Ciel become somewhat acquainted again, Ciel mysteriously falls ill. Sebastian can only find one possible conclusion: Ciel is pregnant.

So I hope you enjoy it because I worked hard on it. The entire story will be in first person and will switch from Ciel's POV to Sebastian's POV and so on. I'm super excited about starting this and this is going to be the beginning of a new system I will be doing. You'll find out what at the end of the chapter. Disclaimer!

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Mating Season

The rape

Ciel's POV

I remember it perfectly. How it felt, how it happened, and how it ended. I will never forget the worst night of my life. I noticed that Sebastian had been a bit fidgety the past few days, but I had never expected this.

I was lying on my bed, trying to register everything that was happened. But before I could, I felt something warm and wet enter me and I screamed out in pain. Why? Why is Sebastian doing this? Why me of all people? I could feel Sebastian moving his tongue in and out of me. I was in a nightmare.

"Now now Bocchan," The suave voice said, "Don't be so tense. Just relax."

I tried to block out his voice. I tried to block out the unfamiliar feelings I was having. I tried to block out everything. And when I almost reached tranquility, I felt something rip my insides, filling me. I shrieked once more in agony as the shockwaves of pain surged through my entire self. I opened my eyes in time to see Sebastian lunge for my throat and bite down hard. I bit back another scream as I heard him licking the blood that flowed from the wound he made. I soon tasted blood from biting down on my bottom lip so hard. I can't take this anymore; it reminds me of back then.

"Please…" I whispered, "Stop… I'm begging you, Sebastian."

It apparently fell on deaf ears as I felt my butler pull out only to slam back in with twice as much force. Sebastian continued to suck on the bite mark on my neck as he pumped me in time with his thrusts. Suddenly, he hit something inside me that made me moan loudly in pleasure. He continued to hit that spot as I came in his hand. Within a few seconds he grunted into my neck as he came inside me. My vision clouded up from my orgasm as I felt him pull out and collapse beside me. I was truly terrified. But I was too tired to worry about anything except falling asleep.

It has been over a week since that occurred and only now was I starting to forgive Sebastian. He has explained to me countless times why all of that happened. It was mating season for demons and you're supposed to mate with the closest person to you. I was the unlucky person. I heard a knock on the door breaking me from my thoughts as Sebastian strolled in with the mid-morning tea and snack.

"Today's snack is Grand Marnier Soufflé with Crème Anglaise." He informed me as he put everything on my desk.

I looked at the food for a split second and uttered one thing, "This isn't the Imperial Porcelain China."

Sebastian nodded, "I'm afraid Maylene had another stumble and broke a majority from that china set."

"I see." I said quietly, taking a small bite of the cake. I started to feel a bit woozy, "Sebastian, I don't think I should be eating an alcoholic dessert. I've heard certain consequences come with consuming alcohol."

My butler sighed, "Young master, I know you're still upset but-"

In the middle of his sentence, without warning, I leaned over and threw up what little I just ate as well as the breakfast I had only a few hours earlier on the floor. I suddenly felt a hand rubbing my back as I continued to empty my stomach onto the red velvet carpet. When the throwing up ceased, I sat back up and rested my head on my desk, tried to catch my breath.

"Are you alright?" Sebastian asked with a hint of worry.

"I'm…fine." I said hoarsely, "It must have been the alcohol. That's all…I'm fine…Sebastian. Take this food away and don't make it ever again."

He nodded, "Yes my lord."

I watched him leave and immediately went into the bathroom. I still felt woozy so I held onto the sink for balance as I looked into the mirror. What I saw was surprising: in the mirror was a pale, groggy, and sickly looking version of myself. It was one of the worst cases of food poisoning I ever had. Normally after throwing up, you're supposed to feel better. But I still felt extremely nauseous. I felt more coming up and dashed over to the toilet as I heaved whatever was left in my practically empty stomach. After I stopped, I weakly reached up to the handle and flushed the toilet. Struggling to get up, I stumbled out of the bathroom and collapsed on the floor in exhaustion. My stomach felt immensely weak after all it has endured. The acidic taste that lingered in my throat was so vile, that I began coughing harshly, as if I were choking.

Sebastian's POV

I walked back into the study to find Bocchan sprawled out on the floor coughing harshly. I rushed over to him and gently picked up the frail body and took him to his room. He clutched onto my coat and buried his face. While walking to his room, I noticed his breathing begin to slow, showing he had fallen asleep. I laid him in his bed and pulled the covers over his shaking body. I closed the door behind me as I went through all the possible scenarios in my head. His symptoms seem a bit severe to be food poisoning. But he doesn't possess all the basic symptoms of any type of flu. The possibility of pregnancy popped in my mind for a few seconds before I pushed it aside thinking it'd be almost impossible. I continued to whittle down possibilities until late afternoon when I was dusting the library. For once, I had come up with nothing.

I decided to check up on the young master to see if he was feeling well enough to see Lady Elizabeth tonight. I knocked on the door before coming in. I saw him sitting on the open window sill, looking out into the darkening sky. The slight breeze rustled his hair ever so slightly.

"My lord, how are you feeling?" I asked.

The boy turned to face me, "A lot better, actually. I don't feel bad at all."

I smiled with relief, "Good. Does this mean you are willing to see Lady Elizabeth this evening?"

Ciel's smile faded, "Oh yeah, Lizzie."

"Is there something wrong?"

He shook his head, "Don't worry, it's nothing. Tell her I am not well and that I shall see her some other time."

I bowed slightly, "Yes my lord."

I left the room and went to go make the desired phone call. Before I reached for the phone I began thinking, the events that occurred this morning confused me slightly. Never had Ciel been so sick and then suddenly felt better by evening. I shrugged it off and lifted the phone off the receiver.

Ciel's POV


Once again that morning I found myself in the bathroom throwing up in the toilet. It would be the same each day. I would wake up and eat the breakfast Sebastian had prepared, soon after I would throw it back up, then throw up the remainder a little later, and I would spend the rest of the morning dry heaving because there was nothing left. It was getting tiring to do this each day. I returned to the window sill where I sat before. Sitting here resting in the breeze relaxed me somehow. I didn't feel as nauseous as I had before. I was so consumed in my thoughts, I barely heard the door click open and see Sebastian come in.

"My lord, I would like to speak with you for a minute." He announced.

I nodded, "Alright. What is it?"

"Well," Sebastian began, "it's clear that you are sick. And I have narrowed down all the possible illnesses you could have."

"And what have you found out?" I asked.

After a small silence he answered, "I apologize, young master. But I have checked over and over and the result is the same."

I narrowed my eyes, getting a bit concerned, "Sebastian, what is wrong with me?"

Sebastian sighed, "It appears you are pregnant."

I gasped, "Pregnant? But…how?"

"The mating season for demons is a confusing process. The male demon mates with whoever they are closest with. Whether it is a male or female that is their mate, there is a 95% chance they become pregnant. That's how demons produce. I didn't think it'd work on humans." The demon explained.

"So you're telling me that I'm carrying a demon-human hybrid?"

My butler nodded, "Yes."

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