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Mating Season

Glass Child

Soma was sitting at the table, waiting for Agni to finish making some curry bread. With one hand resting on the side of his head, he absently started rapping his fingernails on the round wooden table. It was at that moment that he saw a flash of purple out of the corner of his vision. The prince sighed and stood up, intent on going to see what his mischievous little toddler was up to. She was always getting into trouble. He didn't see any problem with it. She was four years old—a very curious age. They just want to explore and have fun. How very carefree they can be.

It had certainly been a most eventful few years. The Indian couple felt obligated to stay with the grieving new mother of twins. It was certainly puzzling that Sebastian had left so swiftly without saying why. But nonetheless, they were the ones who kept Ciel from killing himself when he couldn't stand to look at his children's faces without thinking of him.

Soma knocked on the polished wooden door of Ciel's study, "Ciel, it's time for lunch! Agni made curry bread~!"

There was a silence that disturbed the dark-skinned man. He knocked once again, "Ciel are you okay?" This has happened before, usually ending with nothing but bad things.

Seeing the door was not locked, Soma took caution in opening the door, in fear for what he might find. What he did see was not nearly as bad as he thought.

Ciel was fast asleep with his head lying on his desk. There were obvious traces of tears on the boy's small face. As the pregnant Indian went over to get a better look, he flinched when he saw the gun that was in the teen's hand. So as to not wake him up, Soma carefully took hold of the gun and placed it in one of the desk drawers.

At the sound of the desk drawer closing, the sleeping child had bolted awake.

"Sorry Ciel, I didn't mean to wake you up." The violet-haired man apologized.

Ciel rested his head on one hand and waved the other, "Oh that's fine, Soma, don't worry about it. I'm just stressed from all the paperwork is all."

The Indian leaned up against a nearby window, "C'mon, we are best friends. I know what is really bothering you. You miss Sebastian."

A cerulean eye twitched at the sudden mention of the name, showing he was unprepared for it to be brought up in conversation, "It's been nearly 5 months. What is so goddamn important that he had to do?"

"That is something I don't know." Soma said as he shrugged his shoulders, "It will be alright, Ciel. He promised he would come back, didn't he? It's not like he would ditch you because he didn't want to be a parent or…" he trailed off when he saw the frantic look that appeared in Ciel's uncovered eye.

"Sorry." The prince muttered bitterly, feeling guilty that he probably just made matters worse, "But look on the bright side! You have two beautiful children that love you unconditionally!"

"But…" the morbid teen sighed, "they both look so much like him."

Blinking out of the flashback, Soma saw his child about to run past him and caught her by her shirt, "Amala, how about you go downstairs and play with Anthony and Cordelia, since you have chosen to be wild today."

The exuberant child nodded and she ran down the stairs, her lavender ponytails bouncing up and down as she went.

Walking back into the kitchen and taking a seat, Agni spoke up.

"My Prince, I don't mean to be crude, but how much longer do you plan to stay with Master Ciel?" He spoke as if in deep thought.

The Indian giggled, "Until they get tired of us and throw us out on the streets. Then we'll just go back to the townhouse. I'll let you know when to start packing." He finished with a goofy smile spread across his face.

Setting the finished food down and kissing Soma's temple, Agni smiled also.

"Hey Agni… I wonder how our child will grow up in society. And when she gets older, she'll figure out that the bandages wrapped around her arm aren't because of some imaginary burn she got when she was little." Soma said, thinking out loud.

Lying in the large cream-colored bed with a small bundle in his arms, Soma heard someone rapping at the door.

"Come in."

Expecting to see Agni again, Soma couldn't help but smile when he saw Ciel behind the oak door, "Ciel, what a pleasant surprise~. Have you finally gotten the courage to come see her?"

Silently, Ciel nodded. Soma couldn't help but giggle a little at how uneasy the earl seemed to be, "Relax Ciel, dear! You've had the most practice handling children out of all of us. After all, you are still nursing the twins aren't you?"

The teen sighed a little, "Yes. Since they are about 7 months old, Miss Rachel recommends they nurse for the first year."

"Is it painful?"

Ciel chuckled lightly as he sat on the edge of the bed. Soma noticed that there were dark circles under his eyes, "Not really. It can take a lot of energy out of you. I usually sleep afterwards. It's only when they start teething and want to bite on everything they put their mouth on."

He leaned over to take a look at the sleeping newborn, "She's gorgeous. Was it painful having to be cut open?"

Soma thought for a moment, trying to remember what happened about 2 weeks ago, "I can't really give an honest answer considering I had to be sedated before it all began. But it was simple enough I suppose."

It was then that Ciel's eye widened, "Soma, what is that on her arm?"

Looking at her arms, the prince gasped when he saw all too familiar markings on her right arm, "It's just like Agni's…" he whispered.

Going downstairs, Soma saw the children's nanny, Miss Christina, happily keeping the children occupied. He turned and walked into the parlor where Ciel was sitting in silence.

"I'd say that nanny is a keeper." The Indian spoke, making his presence in the room known.

The sudden break in the tranquility startled the younger man, "Oh hello Soma. Yes I'm glad she's able to tolerate the children and their riotous behavior."

Soma nodded in agreement, "So where is Sebastian?"

"He's out taking care of some errands."

"Boy, I'm so glad he is back." Soma sighed contently.

Ciel laughed a little, "You have no idea."

Looking at the relaxed earl, the keen eye the Indian prince possessed had seen something rather amusing, "Um… Ciel?"

"Yes?" the 19 year old turned to look at the taller man.

"You have… something on your neck. I would say it was a bruise, but then I'd probably be lying." He said with a playful wink, "If you plan on seeing anyone important today, you might want to cover it up."

Blushing fiercely, Ciel covered his neck instantly as he shooed the giggling man out of the room.

Preview for upcoming story (not related to Mating Season)

Ciel leaned back in his chair and briefly glanced over at the tall raven-haired man, then back at Maylene, "Shall I tell you the story of my life?" He giggled and looked at the only other person in the room, "Sebastian over there would rather I didn't."

Said person threw down his magazine, and started towards one of the doorways leading out of the nearly empty saloon.

"Going to run away, Sebastian?"

The younger boy's voice made him stop in his tracks and turn, "It's getting late, don't you think?"

"But it's just the right time of night for a hard-luck story." He gestured to the quiet redhead, "Or perhaps a good-luck story like Maylene here. So tell me Maylene, why does your aunt rarely ever take you places like this? Why does she insist on you working as the maid of the household?"

The young woman adjusted her glasses, "Well, that's sort of a family situation. My grandmother, who is my aunt's sister, married someone under her social status. My aunt didn't approve of it. My father, who is a very proud man, kept up the argument until recently."

Ciel hummed a little, "That's quite romantic, isn't it Sebastian?" He turned to Maylene, "I like you Maylene. I like you very much." He threw back his head as he gulped the last of his brandy.

Sebastian sat at a table across the room and began flipping through a magazine, trying to get as minimally involved as possible.

"Sebastian, get the servant boy won't you? I'd like another drink." The twenty year old said after putting his empty glass down.

Without looking up, Sebastian spoke in an emotionless voice, "The servants have all gone to bed. It's after midnight. You've had quite enough drinks, Ciel."

Throwing the glass onto the floor, it shattered into pieces immediately, "What damned business is it of yours?" Ciel spat brutally.


"Do you want to know what Sebastian over there is afraid of, Maylene?" Ciel said with an alarmingly calmer tone, standing up from his chair.

The girl who was spoken to stayed silent.

"He's afraid that I'm going to tell you the story of my life. It's a very sad story. We were engaged, you see. He treated me rather badly, didn't you Sebastian?"

"Go to bed now Ciel, you're babbling nonsense." The other man said quickly and firmly.

Ciel got into a rather challenging stance, but his voice remained soft, "You're afraid of a scene, aren't you? That's because you are so English, so reticent. You want me to behave decently, don't you? Decently… like a prep school boy! That's all you are—an overgrown prep schoolboy!" At this, Sebastian closed his magazine and set it gently on the table listening to everything, "I told you I'd kill you before I saw you with another man or woman. You didn't believe me when I told you that? Answer me, can't you?"

Sebastian stood up rather hastily and faced Ciel's direction, who continued to speak in a bit louder tone.

"I've just been waiting. Just waiting. You're my man, do you hear me? You belong to me! I told you I'd kill you and I meant it! Answer me! Answer me, damnit!" His challenging voice soon became a cry of anger, "That trashy so-called 'wife' of yours is just some gender-confused, no-account tramp! I'd die without you! I'd die!"

The words being harshly spewed at Sebastian were making his blood boil.

"Stop making a damned fool of yourself and go to bed!" he roared as he pointed commandingly to the door.

Sapphire eyes began to wet with tears, "I'm making a fool of myself, am I?"

"Y-yes!" Garnet orbs shone a fiery rage in them.

"I'll kill you… I'll kill you…" Ciel backed up a step or two, reaching into his back pocket, "I'll shoot you like the dog you are…" He pulled out a gun and pointed it directly at the man before him, "Just like the dirty dog you are!" And he pulled the trigger.

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