Here are the characters so far. Also this story is on FictionPress so I will include those that reviewed over there.

Name: Daisuke Tsukazawa


Reikon Kensei: Daisuke's soul takes on the form of the large blade Hiryuu which is based on the fire element.

Shoukin: Hiryuu is covered in fire and turns into a katana Hibashira and it remains covered in a veil of fire.

Character Bio: Daisuke is Saru's younger brother. They live alone since their parents died in a fatal car accident though he never talks about with anyone but Saru or Kasai.

Appearance:. Daisuke has black spiky ruffled hair and turquoise eyes. He wears a cream colored open jacket with the collar turned up, a black shirt underneath the jacket, black jeans, and white sneakers

Personality: Daisuke is lazy yet determined to do anything, unless it requires his attention of course. He always likes to go to Gokuraku Lake where he goes to relax. He joins Hikari on her mission to defeat the Akuma so he can protect his sister. He also makes fun of Saru by calling her a monkey.

Other: Daisuke knows that Kasai has a crush on his sister Saru but he never lets him or her know.

Name: Saru Tsukazawa


Reikon Kensei: None

Shoukin: None

Character Bio: Saru is Daisuke's older sister. Ever since the death of their parents she has been taking care of the both them. She constantly mothers Daisuke by waking him up every morning and cooking breakfast. After school on some days she works at the local store to earn money.

Personality: Saru is Daisuke's older sister who is mile above him in maturity levels. She still acts like a child at times and will bicker with Daisuke at times. This is her way of telling him that she cares for him and during their arguments she will sometimes hit him with a large mallet she calls Monkey Business.

Other: Despite her hate for being called a monkey she has a collection of monkey plush toys.

Name: Kasai Tsutoyoshi

Age: 15

Reikon Kensei: Kasai's soul takes on the form of the spear Aisuryuu which is based on the ice element.

Shoukin: Once Kasai activates his Shoukin all of his attacks have a freezing effect and he can also create blizzards in the area.

Character Bio: Kasai is Daisuke and Saru's closest friend. They have been since childhood. Kasai has a crush on Saru but he is afraid that Daisuke won't approve of the relationship.

Appearance: Kasai has fire red hair that is feathered in the back and brown eyes. He wears a white button down shirt with the top button open and blue jeans.

Personality: Kasai is lazy like Daisuke but will do things if told to. He is cool, calm, and collected but around Saru he is nervous.

Other: Kasai is a major otaku.

Name: Hikari Nokazoma

Age: 15

Reikon Kensei: Hikari's soul takes the form of two glaives Amaterasu and Tsukiyomi which are based on the sun and moon.

Shoukin: Her Shoukin attaches chains to the glaives giving her complete control over them. She can also detach the chains to trap her enemies.

Character Bio: Hikari has lived her entire life as a loner. She awakened her Reikon Kensei when her friends and family were killed by Akuma. She has made it her mission to destroy them all to avenge her loved ones.

Appearance: Hikari has silver shoulder length hair, chocolate brown eyes. She wears a black leather jacket over a white shirt and black pants.

Personality: She is cold toward others, but warms up to people with time. She is battle hardened and tough on Daisuke mostly.

Other: She seems to have respect for a special person…

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Name: Ichigo Kazakimi.

By: Ore-no-Senshi (FictionPress)

Age: 15

Reikon Kensei: Ichigo's soul takes the the form of a black katana, Kirvuu. Based on fire.

Shoukin: Kirvuu turns into a Claymore, Katabishiruu. Once activated all of his attacks have a burning effect. His attacks also seem to get stronger is Ichigo takes any type of damage.

Appearance: Black downward spiky hair. Brown a black shirt with a flame symbol. Regular blue jeans and black sneakers.

Personality: Calm, cool and collected. Normally anyway. Is normally calm enough to think his way through most situations.

Other: Is a closet Otaku. Has a part-time job at a Cosplay Cafe.


Name: Sebastian Trakke

By: RayzerSharp
Hair style)Wolfcut
Hair Length)Just above shoulders.
Color of hair)Black
Eye color) One is red and other is black.
Reikon Kensei(s)) Wields a long pike called Zak'Amar, which is mainly silver while the blade is tinted slightly gold with white symbols on it,which mean "Live free". Also wields two twin daggers named Hameere and Jajar which are both pure silver with gold tips on end of blade and more symbols on their blades meaning "Live happy".
Personality of him)
Sebastian is actually belongs to a royal family living in exile in Japan after being driven from their homeland of Africa while he was a growing up there, he's learned to speak Japanese almost fluently but still retains his African look and is mostly quiet, finding little to say when he can act instead and is very calm and collective, expected of a royal ,he's a is very chivalrous when it comes to fighting ,he would never fight against a girl and despises anybody who attempts to hurt the ones he single flaw is once his blood has been spilled by his hated enemy ,he goes into a battle crazy mental state, which means he doesn't think about anything except killing his opponent, no matter what the consequences may thought, he is simply a transfer student to Takinawa High school and is extremely elegant and level headed.


Name: Maikeru Tapang

By: J. Frost (Fiction Press)

Age: 16

Reikon Kensei: his soul takes the form of Weighted-knuckle gloves/cestus. based on metal and earth?

Shoukin: when released he becomes heavily armored which amplifies his strength and durability, also increases his size.

Character Bio: lives alone in a cheap apartment and his powers awakened in a accident where he used to live.

Appearance: has dark blue hair and brown eyes, his usually clothing is a blue shirt and green cameo pants with a black jacket

Personality: generally a taciturn and sneaky smartass, but once in awhile gets hyper and idiotic.

Other: a huge horror movie fan with a job at a video store


Name: Koyuki Tendo

By: Animate84 (FictionPress)

Age: 26

Reikon Kensai: Her soul takes the form of a naginata (sword/staff japanese weapon) where the blade is shaped like a snowflake. So it's obviously of the Ice element.

Shoukin: Mixing her life-force and a cold, calm aura into the blade, Koyuki can summon defensive shields of solid ice.

Char bio: Koyuki is a teacher of a charm school for girls, based on traditional japanese maidenship. However, her powers arose when some creature attacked her students. That came at a price, her students became fearful and Koyuki was alone. Even though she hides her strong feelings to many, her real fear is being alone. So she is fond of who befriends her.

Appearance: Koyuki has long back length icy blue hair, with added white blossom on top and warm pink eyes. Her clothing is a traditional kimono, which is white with silver snow drop details. A sunset red stash completes it. And sandals too.

Personality: Koyuki has the behaviour of a traditional Japanese maiden. Well-mannered, Friendly and always welcoming to others. Despite not having children of her own, she can appear motherly to younger people. Koyuki keeps strong emotions like fear, anger etc all hidden up inside. If someone is out of line or just being rude, a firm tap of her fan is expected.

Other: Koyuki has a huge sweet tooth for ice cream, candy etc.


Name: Hageshii Kurosawa

By: Aero Lynx (FictionPress)


Reikon Kensei: Soul takes form of crossbow, shadow or darkness based

Shoukin: When released she is able to make the enemy blind for a short amount of time

Character Bio: lives with father both mother and elder brother killed by Akuma while trying to protect her, usually wearing a heavy black jacket or hoody, jeans, and plain shirt

Appearance: light shoulder-length hair, deep green eyes, and a scar on her arm from fight that killed her family, see above

Personality: Very moody, one minute smartass next crying to hyper, though usually hyper.

Other: a general Otaku, and she makes it clear, also plays the baritone.


Name: Hinshoto Yomota (Yomota is his first name)

By: BetaWriter (FictionPress)

Age: 17

Reikon Kensei: he has a gauntlet (a heavy, metal glove) called Dousu-rikai, which emmits a dark aura and increases his strength

Shoukin: His gauntlet transforms into a sword, which can morph into a scythe

Character Bio: He's never been a people person, due to seeing how people act when they think no one's around.

Appearance: He has white hair, blue eyes, he white jackest with a black stripe going down each sleeve, a black t-shirt, black pants, and white and black shoes.

Personality: He keeps quiet and serious. He does things to annoy athority figures, like teachers (ex. He'll sit in his chair backwards, with his legs up and his head under his desk).

Other: The only people he has no problem with is young children, to as far as doing tricks for them with the three sping tops he carries in his pockets.


Name: Leo (Last name is a secret)

By: Evnyofdeath

Age: 20

Reikon Kensei: He uses "Blood Magic" Magic that lets him control his opponents blood. He can cause hemorages (internal bleeding), cut off blood flow, and heal his own flesh wounds.

Shoukin: N/A

Character Bio: As a kid Leo was ordinary, however when his family was slaughtered in front of him, he radically changed, becoming a heartless killer himself. He eventually learns how to use Blood Magic.

Personality: He is cold, abrasive and emotionless, however he puts on a facade of cheerfulness to fool others.


Name: Izo Taki

By: KeiroTaki (FanFiction)

Age: 16

Reikon Kensei: It resembles two color pistols that have the element of wind and ice.

Shoukin: He change his wind pistol for a katana, which has the power to increase his speed and his ice pistol have been upgraded with faster fire rate, power, control and can changed into a sniper rifle.

Character Bio: When he was 10 he have awaken his power to used the Reikon Kensei. From then on he was training to used and master his power while at the same time doing good in school work. When he was 14 he have killed his first enemy but saw the result at the end of the battle. It was not a pretty sight. From then on he will no used his power again unless its an emergency.

Appearance:Black long short hair, blue eyes, 5'10", mostly dress up casually or casual formal

Personality: mostly care-free, happy and calm.

Other: Likes to draw, games, play guitar, listen to music and help other when needed.

There are NO character spots left! Sorry! Also instead of seven there are eight characters. Why? Because I'm generous today. So I will make this ONE exception.