The Dating Game

The Epilogue

Waking up next to Hermione was a treat Draco had not expected. First, he was still too used to being irritated on the rare occasions he had woken up next to a woman (namely, for Circe's sake, Isabelle). Secondly, he was almost sure he had dreamt the whole thing. And finally, after realizing it hadn't been a dream, for a second he had been afraid that Hermione would've apparated herself out of this bed and out of this situation. Even though it was her bed not his and even though there was nothing to be embarrassed about.

But no, there she was lying on her belly, her beautiful face half covered by her messy hair as she breathed soundly.

Last night had been about making love, getting to know each other's bodies, warming up. Next time would be about more devious, deliciously darker pleasures of fucking. It almost sounded crass to his inner ears now that his deeper feelings were involved, but only almost. He'd take it slow...ish.

Draco wondered if she had had enough sleep for him to wake her up with a surprise. Hermione sighed in her sleep and turned on her right side, the covers falling down, exposing her breast. Draco felt his cock harden for her. He'd wake her up soon. First he had to get a snack (an apple would do) and some of the supplies he had bought yesterday. He hoped Hermione would be surprised. In a good way.


Hermione was having the best sleep in weeks. Her body was a bit sore but well rested and she remembered having the most erotic dream...

There was a slight tickle on her cheek. She mumbled something and it went away. Soon the tickle was back more persistent and moving down her neck. She tried to slap it away lazily but her hand would not comply.

Draco could see Hermione starting to wake up and it rushed him with excitement. He felt a bit nervous, hoping he had not misread her and gone too far too fast. He knew that if he would allow himself the chance to think about it further, he would start to hesitate. All he could do was stop thinking.

Her eyes were fluttering open, first surprised at seeing him and then warming up with joy. She smiled at Draco who was still holding a single peacock feather, moving it lightly on her right breast. The tip puckered up almost immediately, and Draco half smiled, half smirked.

"That's my girl."

Hermione finally realized that something was not right, that being that she could not move her arms. She looked up, finding them bound with Slytherin green scarves. She supposed they were silken. They felt like silk.

Draco was relieved that she did not seem at all scared, just surprised and curious.

"Draco..what's this?"

"A surprise. A game, if you will. Are you willing?"

She flushed and her eyes grew dark.

"You know I am, Draco." she whispered.

Draco smiled, relaxing. He was one lucky man.

And he owed much of it to Charles bloody Whitmore.


Hermione laid next to Draco, both of them naked and panting.

"I need food or I will die of exhaustion and hunger." Hermione muttered.

"You can't live with food alone." Draco teased, tracing his finger casually on her side.

"No, but I can't live without it either."

"Well, if it's absolutely necessary I could go whip up something for us, if you promise not to move a muscle."

"You would be my hero."

"Potter can remain your hero for all I care as long as I can be your always willing and able sex slave. Your only, willing, able, sex slave."

Hermione sighed deeply and contentedly. She couldn't believe she was here, together with Draco. The arrogant git, evil loathsome little cockroach, twitchy little ferret. A man of many names and of as many talents. The man she was in love with and the man that gave her everything she could wish for and even things she hadn't had the experience to wish for until he showed her that she wanted each and every one of them.

She could hear him clunking in the kitchen, and swear as he broke something made of glass. Hermione couldn't hold a giggle. Muggle kitchens still unnerved Draco. She was sure he could come up with something edible. And if he didn't, maybe she could wait just a few hours more. She couldn't live with food alone, after all.


Draco wondered why and how muggles handled all of their silly equipment, when everything could be done with a simple wand. At least he knew how to make coffee the muggle way and he also found some toppings for sandwiches after knocking down a vase that broke down to shambles. He swore under his breath and then repaired the glass vase with a flick of his wand. It looked a bit strange afterwards and Draco hoped Hermione wasn't very attached to it.

Soon he walked back to the bedroom with a tray of coffee and sandwiches. Hermione had not moved nor had she put on any clothes for which Draco was glad. He handed her a cup of coffee. She took a good sip of it and then spit it out in an instant. Draco looked at her varily.

"Damn good coffee! And hot!" Hermione exclaimed.

Thank Merlin he hadn't botched that as well, Draco thought.

"You know, I was thinking..."

"What about, pet?" Draco asked and bit into a sandwich. His old house elf had made better sandwiches, but it was good enough. Nipsy had practically raised him, and spoiled him rotten.

"I know a guy who would be just perfect for Charlie!"

Draco almost choked on his sandwich and felt an awful lurch on the pit of his stomach.

"A guy? For Whitmore, you mean? What?"

"Yes! He's perfect. I don't know why I didn't see it before - -"


"Of course he's not! " Hermione replied as if Draco was talking crazy, "But I have a feeling he could be bi. Wether or not he realizes it, I'm not sure. I guess it's not something you make public to people you don't know very well, even on this day and age. But Neville would be the perfect match for him- -"

Draco thought he had heard quite enough. He put down rest of his sandwich and took away Hermione's cup before shutting her up with an all consuming kiss.


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