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Chapter One

A soft summer breeze blew gently across the faces of the two figures, standing alone in a field of wild flowers. A girl with violet colored hair let out a soft sigh as she stared lovingly into the eyes of a tall, handsome boy whose midnight black hair was secured in a pigtail.

"Ranma hold Shampoo in arms forever!" The violet-haired girl cried to the boy who stood before her.

"You know I will, Shampoo, for you are my one and only love!" The pigtailed boy wrapped the girl in a loving embrace as he spoke.

"You no love Akane?" Shampoo asked with a smile.

"Akane who? You're the only one who matters to me, my love!"

Ranma gently held Shampoo's face in his large hands and brought it close to his.

Their lips were inches apart. "I love you." He whispered, and their lips finally met…


"Oh Ranma!" Shampoo cried as she sat up in bed. She looked around for a moment, confused, until she noticed the saliva-covered pillow she had been hugging.

With a heavy sigh, she slowly rose from her bed and walked toward the tall mirror on the other side of the room."Only dream," muttered the melancholy girl as she looked into the polished glass.

Shampoo lifted a hairbrush from the dresser beside her and began running it through her thick purple hair.

As she stared into the mirror, she noticed something move in the dark bedroom behind her. "Huh?" She leaned closer and saw a tall, dark figure standing beside her in the shadows. "EEEEEKKKK!"

"Oh Shampoo!" Mousse cried, his arms outstretched toward his beloved.

He was suddenly seeing stars when Shampoo's jewelry box smashed him on the head.

"What Mousse doing in Shampoo's room?!" She cried in rage as she stared at the half-conscious man who lay before her.

"I always watch you while you're sleeping, Shampoo," he replied in a weary voice as he rose to his feet, "But I usually have time to splash myself with water and fly out the window before you wake up…"

Shampoo shook with anger as her face turned a deep shade of crimson.

"You GET OUT!" She cried in fury.

The punch she landed on his jaw shot him straight out the window.

"Honestly, Mousse!" Shampoo mumbled to herself, "Why you no understand? Shampoo no love you!"


Mousse opened his eyes, moaning in pain as his surroundings slowly came into focus… well, came into view, at least. He lay crumpled on the ground of an abandoned lot several blocks away from the Cat Cafe. With great effort, he lifted his head from the ground.

"Why Shampoo?" He asked aloud.

A voice from above suddenly reached his ears. "Are you okay?"

"Shampoo! I knew you cared!" Mousse cried as he leapt up to embrace the woman.

"Get away from me!" the woman screamed, "Someone, help!"

"Why are you always running, Shampoo?" cried Mousse as he chased the woman, leaving his scratched glasses behind.

"Somebody, please! Help! This guy's gonna kill me!" the woman shouted as she ran up the road.

"Why would I ever hurt you, Shampoo?" Mousse called, dodging several blows from the woman's purse.

As the woman rounded the corner ahead of them, Mousse lost his footing on a rock and tripped, falling face-first into the hard ground.

He looked around frantically, but it appeared that his beloved had vanished."Shampoo!" Mousse cried in agony as he rose to his feet and slowly trudged back to the lot to retrieve his glasses.


"Two orders of ramen, great-grandmother!" Shampoo shouted over the din of conversation around her as she wiped her brow wearily. The Cat Cafe had been packed all afternoon, and there was a huge overload of orders to fill. We need to hire new waitress. She thought miserably. This too much work for one girl!

Shampoo precariously stacked the heavy plates of the next customer's order in her arms, hoping they wouldn't crash to the floor before she reached the table. "Wish Mousse come back," she muttered to herself. "We need help."

At that moment, the soft ding of a bell filled the air as another customer entered the restaurant. With a smile, Shampoo craned her neck around the stack of plates she carried to look towards the door, where she heard a very familiar voice.

"Jeez, Akane! Of all the places to get food, we had to come HERE?"

"It's not my fault, Ranma!" Akane snapped at her fiancé, "Your father wanted ramen and this is the only place around here that has it."

"Couldn't we have gotten delivery?" Ranma grumbled.

"Well, according to Kasumi, Cologne said it was too busy today for Shampoo to--" Before Akane could finish speaking, she was shoved aside and crashed onto the floor in a heap.

"Nihao, Ranma!"

Several customers cried out in anger as the waitress threw her arms into the air, scattering their meals in all directions.

Shampoo had pinned Ranma against the wall and was playfully stroking the collar of his shirt.

"Um...uh...Hey, Shampoo..." Ranma stuttered, fidgeting awkwardly.

"You come to see Shampoo, yes?" The girl sighed contentedly as she wrapped her arms around him.

"Well, Ranma," Akane's mouth twitched as she clenched her fists. "You seem to be enjoying yourself!"

"Akane, I--"


"Akane, listen, will ya?" Ranma yelled, rubbing the large bump that was quickly forming on his head.

"Why you so jealous, Akane?" Shampoo asked with a smile, her arms still wrapped around the fumbling boy's neck. "You want Ranma for own self?"

Akane's cheeks turned a shade pinker at Shampoo's words, but her expression did not change."Why would I WANT a pervert like that?! You can have him!" Without a backward glance, she stormed out onto the street.

"Wait, Akane!" Ranma raced out the door, leaving behind both Shampoo and their food.

Cologne popped her head out from behind the tall counter. "Two ramen, order up!"

With a small shake of the head, Shampoo reluctantly returned to work. There'd be plenty of time to deal with Akane later…


"Oh Shampoo! What does Ranma have that I don't?" Mousse whispered sadly.

As he trudged down the street, he failed to notice that someone was following him.

"Girl trouble?" a gravelly voice asked.

"Who's there?" Mousse turned, preparing to attack.

The figure revealed itself to be a wizened old man with a hunched back and gnarled walking stick. He held his hands up as she spoke. "No need for violence." The man said slowly, "I am merely trying to help you."

Mousse raised an eyebrow."And how can you help me?" He asked, suddenly interested.

The man's eyes appeared to flash for a moment as he let out a low, chuckle, "Follow me, sir, and you shall see..."

"I… I don't know…"

"Come, come, young man… I think I have exactly what it is you're looking for…"

"A-alright…" Mousse hesitatingly followed the old man as he disappeared into a dimly lit shop.

The sign above the door read: "Dreams Come True".

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