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Chapter Three

The tall figure surveyed his surroundings, confused, as he emerged from over a tall hill. "Where am I?" He muttered to himself, wearily wiping some sweat from his brow. He had been travelling up and down the coast for weeks, trying desperately to find Tokyo.

It's hopeless, he thought miserably as sign above his head suddenly caught his eye. "Wait a minute…"

Ryoga Hibiki's eyes lit up as he stared at the familiar building before him. "I've found Nerima at last!" he cried with joy.

Oh, Akane, I've finally come back to you! I hope you're in there!

With a triumphant smile, he headed into Ucchan's.


Five figures stood and one lay on the floor as the black dust that had filled Ukyo's restaurant began to clear. They each took a moment to wonder where that strange black smoke had come from, but that could only distract them for so long. Within seconds, the room was full of pure chaos.

"Oh Akane!"

"Mousse! Get off of me! Oh, Ranma! Save me!"

"Mousse get on top of Shampoo, yes?"

"What're you guys doing? Don't worry – I'll get all these freaks outta here, Ucchan! I'll do anything for you!"

"Oh, um. that's alright. I'd rather have Kuno-honey do it for me. He's so manly!"

"What brilliance! What beauty! Come to me, my love!"

"How dare you try touch Amazon woman!"

At that point, the front door of Ucchan's opened. Ryoga's smile quickly faded and was replaced with a look of shock and confusion as he stared at the scene before him.

Akane had passionately wrapped her arms around Ranma, while he attempted to climb over the counter and get to Ukyo (who appeared to be trying to propel herself into Kuno's arms using her giant spatula). Kuno was on one knee reciting love poetry to Shampoo, despite her foot in his face. And Shampoo was holding on for dear life to the edge of Mousse's robes as he began crawling across the floor, his arms outstretched towards Akane.

They all momentarily looked up at the startled figure and mumbled, "Hey Ryoga!" before resuming their fighting and groping. Ryoga just stared in confusion.

"What's been going on since I left?" he mumbled.

Suddenly the quiet thud of a walking stick on gravel could be heard from outside. In a few moments they were joined by Cologne, who looked upon the group with dismay, but not surprise.

"So it is as I had feared." She said calmly to Ryoga.

"What are you talking about, Granny? Do you know what's going on?"

She hopped past the moving pile of people and picked up the small bottle. Cologne hopped back and handed it to Ryoga.

"In hopes of winning my great-granddaughter's heart, Mousse has resorted to the Pepper Powder of Passion." Cologne shook her head as she spoke.

Ryoga was still lost. "Pepper Powder of WHAT!"

"The Pepper Powder of Passion is an old Chinese love potion. Very powerful, and very dangerous. It appears things have gotten a little out of hand."

"A little?!" Ryoga screamed, "Look at them!"

Not only were they grabbing each other, but now they were punching, kicking, hitting, and elbowing everyone who got in their way. This left a pile of moaning, badly bruised teenagers.

"Come now, Ryoga. We'd better get them over to the Cat Café and try to sort things out."


Seven teenagers and one ancient Amazon sat around a table in the Cat Café.

"So that is the reason why you love each other. It's a spell. Now all of us have to work together to find the cure or you'll be stuck like this for the rest of your lives." Cologne finished explaining the situation to the confused group of people before her.

"What are you talking about, you old ghoul?" Ranma was the first to speak. "You're just making up excuses to get me with Shampoo!"

A murmur of agreement soon began rising amongst them.

"Shampoo no want marry Ranma anymore, great-grandmother!" she leapt atop Mousse. "Airen!"

"Uh, Shampoo?" said Mousse, "We're friends, ok? JUST friends." He lightly shoved the girl off of him before advancing on Akane.

"Mousse! Get away from me!" cried Akane. "Oh Ranma! You'll protect me, won't you?"

"Can't you protect yourself?" Ranma groaned. "Just because you're my fiancée… You know, I've been meaning to talk to you about that and, well..." He said, wrapping his strong arms around a struggling Ukyo.

"Kuno-Honey!" Ukyo cried, trying to untangle herself from Ranma's embrace. "I'll be there in a sec!"

"Be silent, you wretched girl! Can you not see that I am speaking to my beloved?" Kuno snapped at Ukyo. He then turned toward Shampoo. "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more-uuf!"

"Strange boy get away now?" Shampoo said, removing her foot from Kuno's face.

Ryoga just stared in disbelief at the scene before him. Cologne shook her head.

"I had a feeling they wouldn't accept the truth." Cologne had to raise her voice over the flood of noise."It looks like it's up to us now." She said, turning to Ryoga.

"Up to us to do what?" Ryoga didn't like where this was going.

"To find the antidote, of course!" Cologne laughed.

Ryoga glanced over at the pathetic scene before him. "Alright…" He shuddered at the gooey, loving look Akane was giving Ranma. "Guess we don't have much of a choice… But do you have any idea what or where this antidote could be?"

"Well, not exactly, sonny-boy."

Ryoga sighed wearily. Things were never that simple. "Okay then, Granny. I think we may need some help on this one."

Cologne nodded in agreement. With one last look at the insanity that had just begun, the two headed towards the Tendo Dojo. Ryoga looked up at the sky.

Maybe I should have stayed in Hokkaido…

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