Summary: A thirteen year old Harry Potter is turned and adopted by the Volturi. Unhappy with his life, Harry believes he's fated to be with the Volturi forever, until his mate stumbles into his domain. Harry wonders if it was the right decision to follow Edward and Alice back to the states. Harry wants to be accepted by the Cullens but he knows he committed too many wrongdoings in his life to really fit in. He also attempts to distant himself from Edward, his mate, thinking the bronzed-haired vampire is disgusted with his young physical age.


{Notes} I know there is a story similar to this, I think. I haven't read it, but I know Harry is with the Volturi in that fic. But truthfully, this plot was in my mind long before 'Runes of your Soul'. I just had a few issues to straighten out with this plot before I could post this. This story will be on the short side. It also features sexual activities between a 'thirteen' (physically appearing) year-old-boy and an older male (Edward). If that disturbs you in any way, please stop reading now. As for the Wizarding world? Yes, Harry attended Hogwarts. His story won't be told for a while, though. The majority of the story will be in Edward's POV. Add a bit of intrigue on Harry's character, I guess.

Chapter One

"Everything will be ok Bella," Edward ran a soothing hand down Bella's back, trying to remain cool and collected outwardly. Behind them, Jane gave a snort, finding sick humor in Edward's reassurance. The three were being led down to the Volturi. Edward found little comfort in the Volturi's request to see them. After all, he hadn't revealed himself to the humans, had he?

His hand tightened on Bella. He knew, from reading Jane's thoughts, that they were curious about Bella. How could a human and a vampire be romantically involved? After all, it was the Volturi's la that humans couldn't obtain the knowledge of the secret organization of vampires.

We'll get out of here, Edward. Alice thought, her eyes strained ahead of her. A worried frown creased her sculptured lips. But not all of us.

In Alice's mind, he saw a vivid flash of white hands twisting Bella's head, snapping her neck instantly. Edward breathed heavily through his nose, not willing for the vision to affect him. Alice had been wrong before. This vision, this time, it had to be just as false. Something would happen to alter the vision, a decision, a choice— whatever it was, Edward would make sure the vision wouldn't come to pass.

Determination burned his belly and venom watered his mouth.

Once the elevator doors closed, Bella looked up at him. Her doe brown eyes were worried and uncertain. He smiled reassuringly down at her. To him, he felt the smile turn bitter and untrustworthy, but hopefully to her, she would see it as encouragement.

He turned away, his face crumbling. How could this happen? He had been so sure, so certain thathe wanted to die after Alice had seen Bella jump to her death. He had been so devastated, so lost without Isabella or the thought of her beating heart and warm skin. Ironic how things could twist for the worse in a matter of minutes. Instead of finding himself happy to face death by the Volturi's hands, he was frightened for both himself and Bella and Alice. Most importantly, Bella. She had come to Italy to save him and in turn, he had placed her into this danger.

As if sensing his thoughts, Jane turned a cold smile on to Edward, her crimson eyes mocking him.

He turned away, his expression as impassive as possible. It wouldn't help matters to anger Jane anymore then necessary.

The elevator doors slid open and the group walked down the long corridor, past the human secretary. Beside him, Bella perked up, her eyes zeroing on the woman who stood up to greet them. The Volturi members walked past, their expressions showing no inclination that they heard the greeting.

"Is she—,"

"Human, yes," Edward replied shortly, shifting. The woman's thoughts hinted at her desire to vampire— to be immortal. He was sickened with both her and his kind.

A nice, tasty snack. The thoughts came from Jane as they passed the woman and Edward remained tight-lipped. He silently urged Bella to keep her questions until they were safely out of the Volturi's hands. He didn't want anymore reasons for Bella to think of him as a monster. But he believed he was far too late for that.

Edward cast Alice a stern look as her mind kept replaying Bella's demise in a rapid and distressed manner.

The double doors opened to the royal chamber. Up ahead, three thrones sat in alignment. As predicted, Aro was sitting cross-legged in the center, with Marcus and Caius on either side. Both Marcus and Caius looked bored, Marcus especially. The vampire gazed at Bella and Edward with a short curiosity before turning away in disinterest.

Once they were completely inside, the double doors slammed closed behind them. Demetri and Felix stood guard at the door. Their arms were crossed; a solid warning no one would leave without the Volturi's consent. Jane smirked as she passed Edward, standing next to her twin brother, Alec. The two shared a look, almost telepathically commuting with one another. Edward's nostrils flared as he turned back to look at the royal thrones, a strong and alluring scent catching his attention.

It was then when Edward realized there was another member of the Volturi in the room. It was a young boy huddled on the steps leading up to Aro's throne. Edward found all his attention being directed on the boy near Aro. Every threat, every issue, was subconsciously pushed into the back of his mind in favor of studying the enigma in front of him.

The young boy appeared around thirteen, perhaps fourteen. Edward knew that Rosalie was beautiful, even for vampire standards, but this boy rivaled even Rosalie in his appearance. Black, almost blue hair was arranged messily on top the head— a few strands of hair curling at the ends. It was a mass of silk and gloss. But the boy's features were what really made him breathtaking. It was almost as if the most accomplished Greek sculptor chose the finest piece of marble to etch the boy's face.

Edward, what's wrong? Alice whispered in her thoughts.

It was difficult for Edward to tear his eyes away, especially when he felt as if he had no reason to. The young boy sparked a sensation in Edward that he thought he would never feel. It was a sensation Carlisle explained to him when he found Esme. This boy was his True mate, his Fated. It was a rare occurrence, so rare that Edward thought he would never encounter his destined mate. Rosalie and Emmett were not True mates, neither were Alice and Jasper. Edward had thought Bella would be as close to a Fated as he could get. He loved her, but… but this boy…

Edward swallowed the venom that rose in his throat, his eyes taking in more. The boy had his arms crossed around his stomach as if he were cold. A jaded expression, one Marcus wore, dressed his stunning features. The child's crimson eyes widened as they met Edward's and Edward knew the boy must have felt the same. Only, the boy quickly hid his shock under a heavy veil of impassiveness.

Right then, Edward hated the boy. He hated him because he was a male. He hated him because he wasn't a vegetarian. He hated him because he was part of the Volturi and he hated him because he hid his shock so well. And more importantly, Edward hated him because he was a threat to his relationship with Bella.

There was a bit of static around the boy's mind. Edward pushed forward, needing to read the boy's thoughts. If the boy wouldn't properly express his feelings regarding Edward, then his mind must be vulnerable. And Edward wanted to exploit any vulnerability from this boy as possible.

But instead of a voice, all Edward encountered was pain.

His teeth clenched and he went down on his knees, clutching his head.

"Ah," Aro chuckled, standing. "I see you've met our new addition to the guard, Edward."

Ignoring Bella's concerned hands on his back, Edward's neck snapped up and he glared at his Fated. Only this time, he made sure to stay away from his mind. The boy looked back, a guilty frown on his face. So the child hadn't intentionally put him through pain. He didn't have full control of his powers as of yet. Edward slowly stood up, his gaze drinking in the boy.

The small Volturi member blinked— startled by Edward's bold staring before dipping his head, looking at the floor.

"Harrison, my childe, has a number of abilities," Aro grinned possessively at the boy, Harrison. It was a greedy smile, one Edward was familiar with. Carlisle confided that Aro was very manipulative and sly when it came to obtaining powerful allies. "His abilities revolve around his dying human wish. He wanted to be invisible. As it turned out, it just made him more noticeable."

Harrison gave a sniff, glowering at Aro. Edward frowned, not understanding what Aro was hinting at. The Volturi leader purposely cleared his mind, not thinking of Harrison's talents. Not when Edward was near.

Off to the side, Jane frowned, jealousy licking at her in waves.

"But," Aro clapped his hands, turning away from Harrison and on to Bella. "We are not here to talk of Harrison, are we?" His head cocked to the side as he slowly approached the two. A pale hand escaped the folds of dark robes, reaching toward Edward. Crimson eyes danced excitingly.

Touch my hand, Edward.

Edward's jaw clenched as he let go of Bella's clammy hand and reluctantly reached out to brush hands with Aro. There was no way against it, and it would be best not to make a scene. Immediately upon contact, Aro curled his hands around Edward's fingers, a cheery and polite smile playing his face. He all but stroked Edward's hand as his eyes closed. The man hummed pleasantly, giving a nod as he raped Edward's thoughts.

Crimson eyes then snapped open.

"Interesting," Aro murmured, his eyes going to Harrison and then back to Edward. He knew. Edward tensed, his body slowly starting to tremble. "Very… interesting..." The vampire frowned sadly, turning his back on Edward and climbing back up toward his throne, ruffling Harrison's hair as he went. "It's a pity I have to waste such talent and such…" his eyes went to Bella. "Such potential talent. However, she knows too much of our kind and you, Edward, cannot possibly obtain what you so desire here." Aro finished, his eyes landing on Edward in a challenging stare.

He was speaking of Harrison. Aro would not allow Edward to take away Harrison or even think of him as a mate.

Edward crouched, his hiss escaping past his lips before he even registered his reaction of challenging Aro. Was it because of Bella's fate? Was it because of the threat to Alice and himself? No… it was in vain to come up with worthless explanations. He knew his reaction had to do with his bond to Harrison, this strange, alien bond. He despised Harrison even more for making him think so little of Bella at a time like this. He hated his vampire for already thinking of Harrison as his mate without Edward's permission.

It was so animalistic, so… carnal.

The Volturi leader crouched down behind Harrison, placing heavy and controlling hands on the thin shoulders. "Stay where you are and look away, my childe. His death will only hurt you for a mere second." Aro's crimson eyes danced across Edward's face. "Kill them," Aro murmured; the corner of his lip lifting.

As soon as the words escaped his mouth, Edward sprang forward, intercepting Felix on his way to Bella.

Bella gasped, her face twisting in horror. Her body twisted as she curled in on herself as Edward jumped over her. Her arms sprang up to cover her head, or more importantly, her neck. She was too vulnerable. They would kill her in less than seconds. No matter what she used in her defense, they would just snap her body in half.

"Such a tragic ending to a bittersweet love," a voice murmured. Edward, distinctively, was aware of Marcus' voice and gathered his strength. He promised Bella's life. And he'd do anything to protect her. Alice's vision wouldn't come true. Not when he was still able to protect her.

He grabbed Felix by the neck, slamming the vampire against the wall. Before Edward could turn to reach for Bella, Felix sprung right back at Edward, his powerful punch to the stomach knocking Edward to the ground. He grunted, his eyes rolling back to observe Alice struggling with Demetri. Further down in the chamber, he noticed Jane and Alec approaching an apprehensive Bella.


Edward growled and bent his legs as Felix came at him once again. Once the vampire came within distance, his feet planted themselves on Felix's broad chest and pushed. Felix grunted, soaring across the room and cracking the wall as he slid down clumsily.

Edward jumped up, flying as he sprinted toward Bella. He was consciously aware of the mist crawling toward him and hoped he would reach Bella before the mist reached him. Edward barely got within a yard of Jane when his senses went dead. Alec's mist consumed him as his vision grew black and his body slumped to the ground. Alec. The boy's ability involved cutting of a person's senses completely. Edward laid there, sorrow darkening his soul. He tried to push past Alec's ability, he tried to get to Bella, but all he could do was hear.

Alice screamed, the sound of a body crashing against the floor. But the most sickening sound was Bella.

"Edward!" She screamed for him in desperation, in need. The usually calm and controlled Bella was whimpering in fear. Edward sobbed dryly. "Edward!"


Edward howled in misery, his senses slowly starting to gain back their feelings as Alec's mist retracted. His vision was blurry as he watched Bella's body slump to the ground, her neck twisted. Her beautiful doe eyes were staring at Edward, frightened and dim. Edward scrambled to his hands and knees, issuing a sound of despair. Although Alec had taken away his vision of Bella's death, Edward still had to hear her pleas. But the worst… he had to stare at the aftermath in the eye.

He would never forget feeling the pain. She was so fragile, she had been his everything.

Edward was torn away from Bella's corpse as a hand grasped his throat. He was lifted off the ground and dangled in the air. Felix growled; his crimson eyes slits as he slowly crushed Edward's throat. Edward would have liked that hand to crush him. He wouldn't have minded.

But when Alice gave a whimper as Demetri flung her callously against the ground again, Edward realized that Jasper would be wounded. Alice was his salvation. And in turn, the rest of the family would be devastated by Alice's and Edward's death. He would have liked to be killed, but not like this. Not when his family was in danger.

Not when he had a Fated mate. No matter how much Edward disliked his mate at the moment, he knew he would never willingly die without getting to know Harrison.

Edward struggled in the grasp, his foot aiming a solid kick in Felix's jaw. The vampire's face cracked before it healed just as quickly. "You're going to have to do better than that, kid." Felix gave a wide grin, his crimson eyes gleeful.

"No," Alice whispered in horror, her voice carrying.

Edward blanked out for just a second as he looked into Alice's mind, witnessing the frenzied vision. In her hysterical mind, he watched both of their bodies torn apart and finally being engulfed in flames. He saw the rest of the family mourning their loss and it tore at Edward.

Seeing his and Alice's deaths, seeing their end, was just as horrifying as hearing Bella die. They wouldn't make it out of there. For as long as Edward could remember, death was always a satisfying alternative to living forever. But now that he was faced with it, he was frightened.

A loud clap filled the room. Edward flinched, thinking it had been his neck, but he opened his eyes to the same situation he found himself in earlier. Felix was still gripping his neck and Alice was still struggling insanely against Demetri.

His eyes rose to the thrones, reading confusion from the three royal Volturi vampires. Their faces were creased with bemusement and their thoughts were too jumbled up for Edward to really get a good understanding. The only thing missing?


Suddenly, a form jumped onto Felix's back. Porcelain hands gripped the bigger vampire's neck before twisting it cleanly off the attached spine. Harrison's angelical face screwed up with amusement as he let out a pleased chuckle. Edward was dropped to the ground and he landed in a crouch, quickly analyzing the situation.

Apparently Harrison had disobeyed Aro's orders to sit still. However, Aro wasn't even looking at the scene in front of him. The vampire was standing off to the side, lost in his own mind, as if they didn't even exist. The same went for Marcus and Caius. They sat frozen on their thrones, their eyes directed to the brawl, yet their minds were no where near the situation. Jane and Alec were just the same as their leaders, frozen in place and paying no heed to the attack.

Edward jumped backward, too curious to interfere. Harrison's small form ran at Demetri, attacking the vampire around the middle. The two went flying before recovering. Once Harrison was on his feet, the small vampire just… disappeared. Edward blinked, his eyes quickly dancing around the room for the small figure. Demetri kept forward, his body stiff and anticipating an attack.

It was part of Harrison's powers.

Aro had declared Harrison had wanted to become invisible when he was a human and that his powers centered around that dying wish.

Becoming physically invisible was only half of Harrison's powers. The vampire must also possess the ability to distract his prey, make them forget of his presence, of him. That's what he did with the three leaders of the Volturi.

Alice stood up slowly, her broken arm slowly placing itself back into her socket. She met Edward's gaze, her expression haunted and frightened. He understood her emotions. She had been so frightened about facing death. He could understand it simply because he had felt it moments before. It was the same emotion Bella most likely went through before her neck was snapped by Jane.

"Gather her body," a new voice announced. Edward whirled around, staring suspiciously at Harrison. The Volturi member stood mere inches from Edward, his expression impassive. "Get your human and leave, before they remember again."

Edward distinctively noted the British accent in the boy's voice.

Demetri growled, taking wide strides as he narrowed his sights on the now visible Harrison. At the same time Edward was about to intercept the vampire, he was struck with pain. He clenched his teeth, going down on his knees. His eyes shot to Jane, watching as a cruel smile curled her pouty lips. She was the first to recover from Harrison's attack.

He moaned deeply, his eyes turning back to watch helplessly as Demetri charged at his Fated mate, horrified to notice Harrison was just observing the charging vampire and not getting into a defensive stance.

Harrison tisked, raising his hands and clapping once in front of his body. The clap snapped throughout the room sounding like a thunderbolt. There was a detectable force that emitted, rivaling the appearance of visible vibrations in the air. Demetri stumbled in his advance, his face turning completely blank before stopping.

With his back turned, Harrison didn't see a newly reformed Felix come up behind him. Luckily, Alice had enough sense to see Harrison as their ticket out of the Volturi's hands. She attacked Felix from behind; a similar fashion to what Harrison had done just moments before.

Edward clenched his eyes shut, too exhausted to focus his attention on anything but the pain. His body trembled on the floor and he tried to stay sane and focused.

But as another clap sounded throughout the room, the pain stopped.

"Get up," the boy spat, taking Edward by the collar and hauling him to his feet. "Leave, quickly," Harrison pushed Edward toward the exit. "Take your human."

"Alice," Edward croaked, the after affects of Jane's curse still raging through his body. He didn't even have to finish his plead. Alice took Bella's fallen form, cradling the body close to her in a tender manner. Seeing Alice cradle Bella's twisted neck tore at Edward's resolve. "You're coming," he growled lowly toward an amused Harrison.

The boy turned his eyes from Bella's corpse back on Edward. "Am I?" Harrison grinned cheekily. "I don't think so."

"Edward," Alice whispered in devastation. "Hurry, please," her eyes eyed the Volturi leaders behind Edward. "We don't know how long they're out for." She clutched Bella closer, gazing down sorrowfully.

"Yes," Harrison nodded pleasantly. "Listen to your sister. My ability doesn't work very long on people who know me. Run. I suggest getting the first ticket out of Europe and pray they don't follow you."

Edward growled cruelly, curling his hand around Harrison's throat and lifting him off his feet. He lured the boy close to his face. "You're coming with us, now." If anyone would be the dominant, the alpha male, it would be Edward.

"Is that an order?" Harrison lost his playfulness before narrowing his eyes. "I don't take orders, especially from you." The young boy usually had angelic features about him, but seeing such a young boy looking intimidating was unsettling.

"Please," Edward managed to get out. "Do you really think the Volturi will accept you back so easily?"

Harrison considered a moment, ignoring Alice as she called for them yet again. "I can't follow you if you're squeezing onto my neck, now can I?" Edward dropped the boy and Harrison landed gracefully on his feet. Harrison made a show of rubbing his throat before jogging lightly to the door. He motioned for Alice to follow. "I'm going to assist you out of Volterra, after that, you are on your own."

Edward remained silent, deciding not to argue until it was time to split. He followed Alice and Harrison, taking special interest in Harrison's hands. If the boy even attempted to use his ability on him, Edward would be ready. Surely Harrison's ability wouldn't work on Edward, especially because his vampire had already recognized the boy as his mate.

They walked down the corridors of the tower, their pace set as a casual pace. It wouldn't do to have any of the other Volturi guards suspicious, not if they hadn't already heard the fight in the royal chamber. They passed the human secretary again, her eyes calm and silent as she watched Harrison pass. She was afraid of him, just as she had been with Jane.

Edward kept his eyes on Harrison's back, his gaze nothing but predatory. The boy, despite his status as a Volturi member, had saved both himself and Alice. Edward didn't know the consequences of losing a Fated, but he did know that Harrison could have survived. Just as Aro had stated, Edward's death would have only hurt Harrison a bit. There wouldn't be any long-lasting affects.

And there as also the knowledge that Harrison could have acted sooner, he could have spared Bella. But Edward knew why Harrison had not acted. He detested Harrison for it, and yet, he understood. Harrison knew Edward was romantically involved with Bella. Surely the boy would have been possessive, jealous, and possibly angry at both Edward and Bella for it. The boy would want Bella out of the way, even if Harrison had no plans of getting close to Edward.

He really couldn't blame Harrison. Edward would have done the same thing if Harrison was romantically involved with another. It would be his instincts, his vampire who would be calling the shots.

Dark eyes turned to Bella, his frown deepening. Her long hair draped over Alice's shoulder and her pale arm swung lifelessly back and forth. It was a distressing scene, one that tore at Edward. Charlie would be devastated at his daughter's death.

Edward knew he would have taken Bella's death a lot harder if it wasn't for his Fated's presence. It angered him that he couldn't feel the raw pain at losing Bella like he wanted to. He deserved to feel horrible. It was his fault, his own hand that practically killed Bella. But he didn't feel the overwhelming guilt that he should have. Not when Harrison was nearby, subconsciously taking away the pain that should have been there.

Harrison's presence brought up another round of issues. There were no arguments. Harrison would be staying with Edward. Yet there were many issues they needed to face. Already, Edward could hear Alice's distrust for Harrison and her suspicions at his motives. She wouldn't be the only one to dislike Harrison.

Harrison looked behind his shoulder at Edward, his expression impassive as always. His crimson eyes were a bit darker than the other Volturi members, clearly stating that he hadn't fed in quite awhile. Suddenly, Harrison looked beyond Edward's shoulder.

"It doesn't surprise me you would be the one to break through my ability first," Harrison whispered as they stopped near the exit.

Edward whirled around, staring at Alec. The twin of Jane stared at Harrison, a forlorn expression on his face. "Please stay," the boy whispered. "You know Aro loves you. Why would you want to leave?" Leave me?

Edward tensed, his hackles rising. "Edward?" Alice whispered in confusion. She didn't understand. She could never understand his reactions.

He dived into Alec's mind, witnessing a few caresses and kisses between Harrison and the boy. Nothing too graphic, nothing too romantic, there was a lack of commitment on Harrison's behalf. The boy, Alec, believed he loved Harrison. But there was also Jane that stood between the two. Jane was just as possessive as her brother, wanting him all to herself. She hated Harrison and in turn, she could never accept a relationship between her twin and her enemy.

"Don't," Harrison placed a hand on Edward's tense forearm. "Stand down, just this once." Bloodied crimson eyes danced across Edward's features. "Please."

Edward growled low in his throat before shaking off Harrison's hand. He would have turned away from the wretched scene if his vampire wasn't so insistent to watch Alec's every move.

"Let me come with you," Alec persisted softly. Even if he was around the same physical age as Harrison, his features seemed to be more childish than Harrison's sharp features. "I want to get away just as much as you."

"No," Harrison shook his head. "Don't lie to me. This is your home. Jane is your sister. You cannot follow me this time around, Alec."

"I will find you, they will find you." Alec took a step forward, only to back down as Edward took an advancing step forward, his teeth exposed. Alec bowed his head. "Go. Before Jane and the others realize you've gone."

Harrison hesitated, just briefly, before pulling at Edward's arm once again. Edward followed; his shoulders tense and the venom in his mouth hot.

He hated both himself and Harrison at that moment.