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Chapter Three

Edward issued a sigh, forcing the boy next to him to do the same. To his immediate left, Alice offered a small laugh. "I don't know what you find so humorous," Harrison growled quietly, too quietly for any of the other humans to hear.

The three Cullens were currently on the plane to America. According to Alice, the rest of the family was settled in a small town in Oregon. It was a few hours away from Forks, on the coast. Edward was relieved they weren't in Alaska. The Denali coven wouldn't find any room for remorse when it came to Harrison. They would look down their noses at the Volturi member and spit on the ground he walked on. With the Cullens, at least Edward held sway over them. They would give Harrison a chance because Edward said to.

He was currently playing a sort of game with Harrison. Every human gesture he gave, Harrison had to mimic him. It was one way to help the Volturi member act a bit more alive, a bit more human around the others.

Ten minutes later, he sniffed, making sure to blink as well.

Silence came from Harrison.

Edward turned to look at his mate, ready to scold the vampire for not following up. The small child-like immortal was gazing outside his window. His body was stiff, statuesque, while his crimson eyes watched the scenery below him. Something was amiss. There was no wicked smirk, no witty comeback or sarcastic remark, nothing but a cool— serene expression dressed his Fated's attractive face.

Feeling a bit guilty for dragging Harrison away from Italy, Edward frowned. His eyes drank in the 'V' pendant around the boy's neck. It was the Volturi's symbol. And Edward didn't like to see it on Harrison. It was nothing short of a claim, a possessive mark of his slavery to Aro and the other guards. Edward would rather have the Olympic Coven symbol around Harrison's neck, the Cullen family crest. But it was too soon for that. And Edward would hold his tongue about taking the Volturi pendant off.

A month was all he got with Harrison. And while Edward was warming up to the idea of Harrison as his Fated, he was still unsettled with the whole situation. Bella's impulsive death and the sudden knowledge that an immortal thirteen-year-old boy was his mate were disconcerting. However, he would stand by his earlier conclusion that Harrison's age didn't bother him. But the whole 'mate' situation was abrupt and so final. No matter if Edward wanted to despise Harrison, he found it difficult to do so.

Especially when he kept catching glimpses of a troubled boy underneath Harrison's sarcastic façade. Not only was Harrison scarred, but there was a compassionate soul there. Harrison hated killing humans for food and he was upset over Bella's death despite his cool nonchalance. The boy hid it well. But times like these, Edward could see the human peeking out from underneath the vampire… a vampire who was raised and molded by the Volturi.

His eyes obsessively traced Harrison's turned face. The boy was simply beautiful. Breathtaking. There were humans who had passed and stared at the airport. Most of their thoughts bordered platonic, as if Harrison was a very beautiful child. But then there were some thoughts that were sexual. And Edward could barely control himself from growling at said humans.

Harrison could easily pass for fifteen. And that would be useful if they were to attend school. They would all be in high school. But Edward's eyes were sharp enough to note the child-like innocence radiating from Harrison. Despite the fact that the boy had sharp features, there was still a hint of adolescence.

Being in the presence of such flawless beauty, Edward's mind took him someplace he didn't want to be.


Edward's fists curled as he tried to retain the pleased growl. It was instinctive to mate with Harrison and it would happen with time. But was Harrison too self-conscious of his physical age? Edward didn't see Harrison as a young boy. He only saw his Fated.

His darkened topaz eyes watched as Harrison's face altered. The serene and elegant expression twisted darkly in the window's reflection. "What the hell do you find so interesting?" Harrison growled without turning from the window. "Your eyes are burning holes in the back of my head."

"You," Edward remarked truthfully.

Harrison stiffened and buried deeper in on himself. "You're a bloody bastard," the boy whispered scathingly. It was if he didn't believe Edward would ever find him interesting. How couldn't Edward find him interesting? Unfortunately, the boy was… everything to him.

"Are you from Britain?" Edward questioned, turning the subject away from its original course.

Crimson eyes flashed at Edward before glancing at a listening Alice. "I… I don't know," Harrison responded stiffly before turning back around. "Because of my accent, I assume I was."

Edward's brows furrowed. He had wanted to know everything about Harrison's past, but it appeared as if the boy didn't know much about his human life. It wasn't unheard of. Most human memories were lost on vampires. Especially if said vampire was raised by complete strangers who never mentioned their human life. Edward was believed that Aro, even if the vampire knew, wouldn't have helped Harrison remember who he used to be.

"You don't remember anything?" Alice asked for Edward.

Edward, used to the slight buzzing around Harrison's mind, was taken aback when he witnessed a memory playing itself over in his mate's mind. A beefy man stood before him. Edward spied the mustache and the purple face. Suddenly, a large hand came striking out at him and everything turned dark.

And then the pain came back and Edward was forced out of Harrison's mind. His teeth gritted as he tried to control his misery at experiencing the unintentional barrier around Harrison. He wondered why he was allowed in just then. However, he did have an intuition that the more Harrison was around him, the more trust the younger vampire put in him. And in turn, Edward was able to enter his mind.

But didn't Aro say no one's ability would work on Harrison because he had the power to be 'invisible'? Consequently, even if Harrison placed his full trust in Edward, shouldn't his mind still be veiled because of his powers?

Edward grew curious. Why were Harrison's powers defaulting?

"If I did, it wouldn't be any of your business now would it?" Harrison hissed, drawing attention from the woman in front of him. Edward tisked, reaching out to touch Harrison's cheek. Before his fingers came in contact, the vampire reared back, flashing a murderous glare at Edward. "Don't touch me."

Edward felt something knot in his stomach at the boy's sharp words, but remained jaded as he challenged Harrison with his own stare. This would be a normal occurrence between the two male vampires. Challenging one another, testing one another. It was only normal. They were both males and they were both dominant. Harrison, although much smaller, was aggressive and rather stubborn. The small vampire was just as dominant in his own right.

And Edward would fight back just as hard to be on top.

It wasn't so much the relationship they were fighting for dominance over. No, Edward agreed that any healthy relationship would have to involve… reluctant equals. However, they were subconsciously fighting for the 'top' position when it came to mating. And despite the fact that both Edward and Harrison weren't at all ready for that step, it didn't mean they couldn't fight over it now.

"I can touch you if I want," Edward whispered darkly. "You know a simple touch would be nothing in comparison to what we will be doing." Next to him, Alice gave an uncomfortable wiggle. He didn't care. His attention was directed on Harrison.

The youngest Volturi member lifted his lip, revealing his straight white teeth. "I'll let you think that, Cullen. Just remember, I only agreed on a month." With that, Harrison turned his small shoulder on Edward and busied himself with watching the clouds.

Edward pressed his back against his chair, taking an unnecessary breath. His skin was tingling and he couldn't help but to feel uptight and anxious. Harrison made him feel that way. It was, by no means, a horrible sensation. In fact, it was like experiencing a thrill. Every time Edward would set his attention on Harrison, there was always that dark ecstasy he secretly enjoyed. It was intoxicating, Harrison was intoxicating, enthralling.

Alice flashed him a concerned look and Edward dismissed it, trying to rein in his control.


Everything will be alright, Edward.

Alice's thoughts drifted across to him as they parked in the driveway to the Cullen's new home. It was another small town, which only made sense. They were right near a lake and acres, upon acres of trees distanced themselves from the next house. The house itself was a very decent size, nothing less. A few lights were on and Edward found himself relieved to be home after a long absence. He had missed his family when he left after his situation with Bella back in Forks.

But now, he was coming back with a loss and…

His eyes took in Harrison's small form.

A gain.

"They've missed you terribly," Alice continued out loud. "It will be nice getting back to normal."

"You mean as normal as they can be?" Harrison asked sweetly. He stood next to Edward, taking in the house. Harrison's forehead barely came up to Edward's bicep. If Harrison hadn't been turned into a vampire as early as he was, Edward took a guess that the boy would have been of decent height. It made him feel a bit saddened that Harrison would never experience adulthood the proper way he deserved.

"Come on," Edward motioned Harrison to follow. He received a glare in response.

Alice was the first to enter the house. She was immediately engulfed in a hug by Jasper. The other Cullens slowly approached the entry way, their topaz eyes bright as they caught sight of Edward in tow. Before Esme could embrace him, Edward stepped aside, revealing Harrison cloaked in the shadows.

His family tensed, first spying Harrison's crimson eyes and then the 'V' pendant around his neck. The pendant looked as if it weighed Harrison's diminutive frame down, but the small vampire held himself up confidently, coldly. The sharp jaw was clenched and Harrison eyed the Cullens back just as intensely. In almost a defensive habit, Edward eyed the hands clasped behind his mate's back. They were twitching, just itching to use his powers.

"Edward?" Carlisle mused, curious. He eyed the defensive stance Edward took up next to a motionless Harrison.

"You brought home a new little brother!"


Edward knew Emmett would be the one to carelessly toss aside Harrison's feelings and point cruelly at the boy's physical age. "I did," Edward responded a bit coldly. He was never cold with his family, not like this.

At his conformation, his mind was assaulted with many suspicious and curious comments. They were all wary of Harrison, Jasper in particular. The empath didn't feel any emotions coming from Harrison and the blonde took that as a sign of untrustworthiness. Rosalie, on the other hand, seemed oddly taken with the sight of Harrison, yet her suspicion outweighed her admiration for such a beautiful child.

"Where is Bella?" Jasper asked calmly. He frowned at Edward, sensing the protectiveness coming off the bronzed-haired vampire.

Edward shut the door behind Harrison. The bottom of his arm brushed across Harrison's head and he didn't draw back as he should have. Instead, he moved closer, making sure his chest was facing Harrison. He could almost sense the boy's uncomfortable anxiety. "She…" Edward started, glancing at Alice. The vampire frowned in turn, bowing her head in grief. "She didn't make it out of the Volturi's clutches." Esme gasped, her hands covering her mouth. Edward tried to block the voices in his head by continuing. "She knew too much apparently. Aro wouldn't let her walk out of there alive."

"Did they let you walk out? I would have thought they would have attempted to attack you…" Carlisle pestered, glancing at Harrison as if the boy's presence spoke words.

"Harrison assisted," Edward motioned to the motionless figure of his Fated. The boy didn't move an inch, looking stiff, stiffer than most newborn vampires. "We came up with the idea of staging Bella's death in Italy in order for it to look convincing. Her father should be hearing of her death shortly." He decided to wait to ask Carlisle about intercepting the word and adding the bit of information that Alice was in the car as well, dead. That way, Charlie wouldn't find it suspicious that Bella was alone.

"I'm so sorry, Edward," Esme breathed, inching closer for Carlisle for comfort. "I know she meant a lot to you. I can only imagine the pain you're going through." Edward immediately felt guilty. He hadn't thought of his guilt over Bella's death. In fact, Harrison's presence had been too intoxicating to think about his past love at all.

The family then stared at Harrison after Edward remained silent on the topic of Bella. He didn't want to talk about her, not yet. He wanted to get everything settled before he forced himself to remember her.

They didn't understand why he had brought Harrison home.

Emmett, of course, was the one to voice his opinion. "So why did you bring him home?"

Harrison moved for the first time. His almond-shaped crimson eyes looked up at Edward, raising his eyebrow mockingly. The boy didn't think Edward would confide in his family. He thought Edward was too cowardly and ashamed to admit their relationship. And although Edward had planned on keeping his bond with Harrison a secret, the boy's challenge was enough for Edward to speak bluntly.

"He's my Fated."

Their minds were blank for a long moment before chaos erupted. They weren't speaking, no; their minds were in chaos, trying to get his attention.

How do you know?


Is the boy stable?

Right after Bella? You must be terrified…

He's only a boy. You'd better not lay a hand on him!

Edward's jaw tensed and he pushed himself against Harrison. The Volturi member scoffed, but remained standing rigidly next to Edward. Emmett let out a booming laugh, flashing Edward a look full of pity. "Fate can be a cruel bitch."

Harrison hissed, but Edward placed a hand on his bony shoulder. "Fate can be cruel, Emmett. If you open your mouth against Harrison again, you'll experience Fate's wrath. I can promise you that." He replied icily.

Carlisle shook his head at Emmett before stepping forward with a small smile. "It's very nice to meet you, Harrison. I'm Carlisle." Carlisle, the ever charmer, reached out a hand toward Harrison in greeting. Edward tried to catch Carlisle's eye, to shake his head, but his father was looking at Harrison instead. The boy wouldn't take the hand, Edward knew. Harrison was already uncomfortable with the proceedings, and Edward was positive the boy would be withdrawn in on himself.

"Call me Harry, please," Harrison spoke softly as he reached out to shake Carlisle's hand. Edward almost did a double take, too shocked to remove his eyes from the small grin on his mate's face. The boy actually looked at Carlisle with respect and a bit of admiration. "Aro calls me Harrison." There was no disgust or hate in the boy's voice when he spoke of Aro. Edward wondered at the two's relationship.

Carlisle nodded. "Harry then, it's nice to have you with us."

They dropped hands, still captivated with each other's eyes to look away. "I don't know how long I will be staying here," Harrison, or Harry, started softly. Carlisle lifted his eyebrows, glancing at Edward's impassive expression. "But I can guarantee you that I will try my hardest to keep to your diet. It will be difficult—,"

Carlisle raised a hand, stopping Harry. "That is why I'm here. We'll help you through the transition. Jasper is our most recent vegetarian. So far, he's been able to keep to the diet."

Harry looked at Jasper unperturbedly, clearly not holding the same reverence he held for Carlisle.

"Why don't I leave you all alone, hmm?" Harrison drawled. "My presence is clearly holding your tongues. And on the contrary, I could use a bit of solitude." He looked at Edward in particular, urging the taller vampire to understand his wishes to be away from all this.

While Edward would have disagreed, thinking Harrison needed to adapt and become comfortable with the others, he nodded instead. The boy had gone through a great deal today. It was only right to allow him some space. But he would keep an extra ear out for him in case the boy wanted to escape.

Edward turned to Esme. She was still standing, a bit shocked. "Is my room here? Or…"

"Your room is all set up," Carlisle answered for Esme, reaching out an arm to claim her waist. He smiled kindly to Harrison. "I'm afraid we don't have another spare bedroom. You'll have to share with Edward for the time being."

With a closed mouth smile, Harrison followed Edward up the stairs.

"You seemed oddly taken with Carlisle," Edward remarked bitterly as they reached to top landing. He used his nose to eliminate the other bedrooms he passed, having never stepped foot in the home. It was rare that they purchased a new home. They usually jumped between houses between the years, cycling them over and over again.

"I'm respectful to my betters," Harrison replied stiffly.

Edward scoffed, reaching the room at the end of the hall. He opened his bedroom, spying his couch and stereo system. It had quite a few windows and he gathered that Esme had designed the house herself. It was similar to his old room back in Forks. But there was one glaring error, an error he had lived with all his immortal life. He would need to purchase a bed and fast. Not that he'd likely be using it…

Harrison brushed past him and into the room. Edward leaned against the doorframe, watching his mate predatorily. There was something… arousing and pleasing seeing his mate in his domain.

Almost if sensing his thoughts, the smaller vampire whirled around, glaring.

"You didn't need to leave us, Harry—,"

"Harrison," the boy corrected darkly.

Edward straightened from the doorway. "You asked Carlisle to call you 'Harry'."

A black eyebrow twitched upward. "Yes, and are you Carlisle, Edward?" Harry shook his head mockingly. "No, you aren't." The boy crossed the room with one leap, standing mere inches from Edward. The small, yet long fingers curled around the door. "Go along now and talk shit about me, alright?"

Edward blanched, hissing threateningly. The boy blinked at the sudden aggressive action from the taller boy but remained in place. "Is that what you think we're going to do? I told you, you didn't need to leave—,"

"Good night," Harrison then slammed the door in Edward's face.

Good night. The boy didn't even sleep. And it was his room!

Edward tipped back his head, trying to calm himself from tearing the door off its hinges. With his fists clenched, he slowly backed away from the closed room, eyeing it suspiciously. His instincts were telling him to go back in the room and watch Harrison closely. He didn't trust the boy not to run. But Edward needed to put that reluctant trust in place. This relationship… this…whatever it was, wouldn't work if it was built on mistrust and deceit.

Before he could change his mind, Edward whirled around, stalking back down the stairs. The rest of the family had moved to the sitting room. The small lamp settled in the corner of the room cast eerie shadows across the vampires' features. Their thoughts were grim as they tried to get used to the situation thrown at them.

Esme was the first to stand as Edward came into the room. He schooled his features into a bored impassiveness— a mask both he and his mate shared at times. "You must be distressed, Edward," she whispered softly. It would be almost impossible for Harry to overhear from his bedroom. But there was a chance that he could, indeed hear. "You loved Bella so much—,"

He turned his cheek to her, staring out the window leading outside. "I don't want to speak of her right now," he replied hotly. "I've come down here to inform all of you about Harrison."

Alice was standing close to Jasper, her mind oddly silent.

"He's not like the others, the other Volturi members," he glanced at Carlisle as the man nodded. He had seen it also. Perhaps that's why Harry had taken a liking to his father. The boy could see through facial expressions and barriers. "But he is a bit…" Edward trailed off, trying to find the right word without sounding offensive.

"He's an ass," Alice supplied softly, her voice absent of any hate, but she was skeptical.

Edward shot her a look. "He's misunderstood. That is what I was going to say," she shrunk away from him. "He was turned by Aro at a young age. And Harry doesn't know much about his human life, if anything at all. He's been molded by Aro to be an obedient guard. It was difficult trying to convince him to come back with me."

"Even when he knew you two to be Fated?" Jasper questioned; a slight frown to his face.

"Yes," Edward replied cautiously. "He doesn't trust very well, me included."

Can't imagine why. You're robbing the cradle…

Edward snarled at Emmett, tired of the vampire's sick and unsuitable jokes. The big vampire held up his hands in surrender, his topaz eyes wide. "Easy, I can't stop what I'm thinking."

"You'd best control yourself when I'm around, then," Edward growled deeply in his chest. "Harrison and I will be physically together, despite his 'young age'. Get accustomed to it."

Rosalie shifted a bit uncomfortably, her mind voicing Emmett's. She had been oddly silent tonight. She was torn between wanting to see the good in such a scarred, beautiful child, and being too suspicious of his status as a Volturi member to even care. Carlisle, on the other hand, recognized the situation for what it was worth. He had his own Fated and he understood why it was almost impossible to resist claiming. Esme wasn't too far behind in her thoughts, yet she was too concerned for Edward and Bella's sudden death.

"He agreed to a month with us," Edward continued, controlling his rage. He seemed to be doing that a lot lately. He thought his family would accept it far better than they currently were. "In that month, he'll try his best to put you all on guard and lose your tempers with him. That's what he wants. He wants you all to see the Volturi side of him, to reject the possibility of wanting him to stay with us for eternity. I'm asking you all… to hold your tempers and try to see beneath his façade."

Slowly, nods of reluctant agreement crossed through the room.

"What's his power?" Jasper asked as he leaned forward. "I can't sense his emotions. Alice just told me she can't see anything with him. I'm assuming you can't read his mind?"

"I would imagine that's why Aro chose to turn Harry so young," Carlisle began. Edward frowned when his father used Harry's given name. He instantly scolded himself when he felt the burn of jealousy. "Like Jane and Alec, they were threatened with death in their human lives; consequently the reason Aro turned them. Harry must have been close to death as well." Topaz eyes turned to Edward. "Is that his gift? Blocking other gifts?"

"Yes and no," Edward admitted. "It's part of his gift to ward off any powers because he likes to appear 'invisible'. Like he's not even there. However, he also harbors the power to turn his physical body invisible and he has the ability to make his victims distracted, specifically, he distracts them from him."

Emmett whistled, causing Rosalie to look at him in distaste. "It doesn't seem fair he gets all that power. I wouldn't mind taking some of it…"

"He's not here because of his power," Edward countered, aggravated. "I want him to feel comfortable with us. To adapt to our nature. To go to school with us."

Carlisle sighed as he sat down next to Rosalie. "While I am impressed with your determination, Edward, I think we should move up to Alaska with Harry. We cannot afford to have a vampire attacking any humans."

"Not Alaska," Edward replied stubbornly. "Harry and I will not be going there. He has enough willpower to stay away from humans. I'll assist him."

Carlisle eyed Edward calmly. "The Volturi may come back for him."

Edward tensed, his muscles becoming uptight and on edge. He had thought of that earlier, certainly, but to hear Carlisle speak of it so indifferently made Edward realize he was trying to hold off thinking about it. What if the Volturi did come after Harrison just as Alec had promised?

"Nonetheless, we will need to change up our story," Carlisle continued. "Alice and Harry could pass as close siblings. To human eyes, at least. Harry could become a Cullen with Emmett as their older brother. Rosalie and Jasper are still Hale twins, however, Edward; you will need to become a Hale as well." Carlisle ran his hands across his face, appearing weary. "I'm not going to enroll him just yet. He needs at least a year for his control."

Edward's lips thinned at Carlisle's statement, but he remained silent on the topic. He wouldn't fight the subject of school and control just yet. He had already asked his family quite a bit. "Thank you," Edward replied stiffly. He took a step backward, needing to be upstairs with Harry.

Carlisle smiled. "I'm glad you're back home, son."

Edward nodded sharply before escaping up the stairs. He should have stayed down there longer with them, to reassure them, but he was needed elsewhere.

He quickly entered his room, his eyes swiftly searching the space.

There was no Harrison.

Edward lifted a lip, but before he could react, he inhaled. He smelt Harry inside the room. His mate's scent was coming from the corner. The small vampire was using his abilities to appear invisible to the human and vampire eyes, but Edward could almost feel the despair coming off Harry.

Shutting the door behind him, Edward moved into the room with slow strides. He avoided looking in the corner, in favor of approaching the couch.

"I can sense your despair," Edward murmured quietly as he glanced at the corner he knew Harry to be sitting or standing at. His stomach was in knots as he felt the desolation coming from his mate. "Why didn't you run when I was downstairs? Surely, you could've succeeded." He paused as he sat down gracefully on his couch. "I couldn't say that I wouldn't find you, though."

No answer or sound came from Harrison.

Edward felt oddly distraught.

"You may think you're invisible to others," Edward whispered. "But to me, you're the most obvious presence in a room."