Prompt: Photo #4 - http://weheartit . com/entry/2015441 (Twi25 Round 3)
Pairing: Bella
Rating: K

. . . Girl in the Snow in a Little Dress . . .

"You know you don't feel cold now." His expression is confused as she clutches her bare arms.

"I know. It's comforting, though, to pretend sometimes?"

"Is it?" He hasn't thought about it. He hasn't been human in so long that he barely remembers what real cold even feels like.

She nods and shrugs a little. "I know it's stupid."

"It's not stupid, just... different."

The corner of her mouth quirks up, her hands still rubbing briskly. "Different, that's me, all right."

"Not bad different, though."


"No." He steps behind her, covering her hands with his, rubbing along with her.

Confused by what I'm doing? Me, too :) Well, I failed to finish the 2nd round of the Twi25, and I didn't sign up for the 3rd round (which has photo prompts--cool!). But when I looked at the first few prompts today, I was inspired to write the above. So I'm just going to post random Twi25 drabbles here--or maybe just any sort of random drabble--even though they won't count toward the Twi25 challenge.

Legna made sure it made sense :)

Thanks for reading!