Title: Pinky Swear

Length: 1147 words

Characters: Jake Sully, Neytiri

Pairing(s): JakeXNeytiri

Rating: K

Summary: A lazy, rainy day for our two blue friends.


A steady rain fell down into the forests where the Omaticaya lived. It wasn't particularly heavy, little more than an afternoon drizzle, but darker clouds steadily moved upon the horizon, eager to release their extra burdens. As the drops splattered against the leaves and ground a quiet symphony trilled through the forests, accentuated by each new splash. Once such drop fell upon the nose of a young viperwolf pup, causing the young creature to chirp in surprise and run to seek cover by his mother, who opened her vicious maw in a silent laugh.

Other creatures took shelter from the wetness, hunkering down together under the boughs of huge trees to keep most of the rain off of them. The same was true for two Na'vi, lying together on the huge branch where the ikran rested above them, adding their voices to the percussion of the rain. Neytiri lay on her back, looking up into the branches with half lidded eyes. Her mate lay next to her, his head resting gently just to the side of her distended abdomen. One hand rested on the bulge next to his head, rubbing small circles against the pale blue skin. Their tails intertwined as they lay together, lulled into a trance like state by the music around them.

"So…" Jake broke the silence and made Neytiri stir beneath him, waking up from a shallow nap.


"Have you thought of…any names?" Jake asked quietly, still not totally believing what was happening, or would happen.

"I have thought of some names, but not many." Neytiri mumbled back, voice thick with the lazy day.

"Yeah, me too." Jake replied excitedly.

Neytiri stiffened beneath him, but Jake didn't notice. Neytiri bit her lip, her expression weary. She loved her mate with all her heart, it was true. But Jake's naming abilities…While she thought the name 'Kyle' to be a strong warriors name, it was still very odd and confusing to pronounce. The other day they had spotted toruk wheeling through the skies and Jake had offhandedly commented that he had always called the toruk 'Jimmy' after their first encounter before the War. He had also been calling his pa'li 'Tina,' though Neytiri had told him the pa'li's real name countless times. Neytiri chewed on her lip as she thought all of this over.

"Oh…?" she finally said after a moment, bracing herself for the names her mate had thought of.

"Well, I thought that if it's a boy we could name him Ateyo or Mawey." Jake replied slowly, mulling over his ideas and picking the best ones.

Neytiri blinked. She had been expecting…something different. Something more along the lines of 'Jimmy.' But she smiled to herself.

"And if our child is female?" Neytiri asked curiously.

"Maybe Ney`ite or Amiryat. They sound nice." Jake replied with a grin, tilting his head to look at his mate with large eyes.

Neytiri smiled back, already testing the names in her head. She was pulled away from his imaginings when Jake said thoughtfully, "Or if those don't work, we could name a boy Chris and a girl Jessica."

Neytiri's brow scrunched up again and she squirmed uncomfortably. "Those are…nice names…but…" Neytiri tried slowly.

Jake laughed lowly and she realized with a faint blush that he had been joking with her as he often did. Neytiri gently flicked his ear, which twitched rapidly in succession before crinkling against his skull, but he still chuckled. "Alright alright. But pinky swear you'll take the other names into consideration." Jake said, holding up his hand and extending his pinky.

Neytiri looked at him, completely confused. After a moment she held up her own hand and examined it. "Pinky?" she said, exaggerating the lip movements.

"Oh…right…" Jake said with a cough. He had forgotten the Na'vi did not have pinkies. "Well, then we can modify it." He said with a smirk. He extended his index finger and hooked it around Neytiri's, squeezing gently.

Neytiri looked at him wonderingly, squeezing his finger back. "What does this mean to crazy SkyPeople?" she asked curiously.

Jake laughed and snorted. "Yeah, crazy is right. Back home when we were kids, me and Tom and our friends would make promises by holding each other's pinkies. And you, babe, are the first Na'vi to join into the modified version."

"And is this…ping-key promise magic like your lucky fingers?" Neytiri asked skeptically.

"Yup. It's a binding, unbreakable contract." Jake said solemnly, keeping a serious face.

Neytiri considered him for a long moment before giving his finger a hard squeeze and disentangling her finger from his. "We will see." She said in a clipped and prim tone.

Jake smirked and lay his head back down on her abdomen, ready to fall back into a light sleep. But he was jolted awake when a torrent of water crashed down on his head. He jumped up, spluttering and bemused, looking around while trying to shake the water from his eyes. He saw Neytiri shaking on the ground, clutching her stomach as she tried to hold in a laughing attack. Jake's brow scrunched together before he looked up and was greeted by the gold, yellow eyes of Txe'lan, her lips pulling back in a low hiss.

"Why you-"Jake grumbled.

"I ping-key promised her that I would bring her a large gift today." Neytiri said between giggles. 'Gift' was Neytiri's word for 'treat,' and a treat was generally some sturmbeest or hexapede meat. Or any meat in general really. Jake looked at her confusedly for a moment before her implications sunk in.

"Oh haha, fantastic." Jake said glumly, glaring back up at the ikran who snapped her jaws at him.

"But my Jake, it is a binding contract." Neytiri said innocently, looking up at him with huge golden eyes. She stood gracefully and sauntered over to him, hands clasped behind her back. "I could not break my promise." She purred demurely, smirking up at him. Jake stared down at her, mouth agape slightly closing it with a snap and shaking his head to clear it.

"Yeah well…I'm not on the menu." He replied sulkily.

Neytiri shrugged, smiling up at him. Before he knew what she was up to, she reached down and tugged his tail playfully, making him yelp in surprise. Jake's face set itself with determination as he lunged at her, but she nimbly stepped aside with a laugh. Jake lunged again and caught her, bringing her close to him in a hug. "Gotcha." Jake said triumphantly, not bothering to hide his smug smirk.

Neytiri looked up at him with mischievous eyes before raising herself on her toes and lightly kissing his nose. Jake blinked and the next thing he knew Neytiri was slipping out of his hold and fleeing back into Hometree, her laughter trailing behind her like a veil. Jake's smirk grew into a broad grin as he chased after her.


Yay! Two chapters in one weekend! Madness. I hope this satisfied everyone's lust for fluffy nonsense scenes, hehe. I had fun typing this and I hope ya'll enjoyed it.

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