Come to Me

Disclaimer: I do Not own Dean, Jo, or anyone in this story, I am working on a story with all the main characters but I wanted to do a short story on the couple that I wish had gotten a chance.

This basically begins after No Exit, after they all got back from the case but Ellen doesn't reveal what she thinks happened between her husband and John, so the Boys are going to be staying around and who knows what will happen.

Chapter 1:

I remember when you said life was hard on you,
And, I remember when I watched you come undone again.
And I still feel now, all the damage kept inside.

All the walls that you built up,
And all the bridges you burnt down,
In the end, it comes down to, I'm the one always around

Come to me. I'll set you free
Come to me. Make me believe you'll,
Come to me, and I will help you crawl,
Won't let you fall, show you how to breathe.
So come to me

It was a long and quiet drive back from Philadelphia. Dean tried to lighten the mood but he knew Ellen was really pissed, and he would never admit this to anyone, but she scared him. He glanced in the rearview mirror at Sam and then her.

Jo who decided to follow him and Sam to Philadelphia on the case she pulled together. She always got to him. Not just a little but big time. Joanna Beth Harvelle was the first woman to really get to Dean Winchester and he did not like the fact that there was a woman in this world who could do that to him, that infuriated him even further. And now here he was in so much trouble with her Mother, who looked like she wanted to take a shot gun and blow his head off his body right now.

Listen Ellen, I am truly sorry, we had no idea she followed us and was.... Dean was quickly cut off... with a evil glare from the passenger beside him..

Mom seriously I am 21 years old, I can take care of myself, and you should know Dean & Sam would make sure not to let anything happen to me why won't you let me grow up, Jo replied.

Sam and Dean now had the uneasy look on their faces, they knew a cat fight was on the verge and the bad part is, there was no where to go unless they wanted to jump out of the car going 80 mph.

This is all your fault Mr. Dean Winchester, my daughter has this thing for you, I tell her you are not interested then she is more interested, once and for all just tell her to leave you alone and everything will be fine replied Ellen.

Sam knew what Dean had to say but he also knew Dean had feelings for Jo, even though Dean has yet to admit it out loud, Sam knew Dean always looked forward in going back to the Road House.

Dean sighed, as he pulled the car over to the side of the road, he motioned for Ellen to get out and as they did, they both slammed the doors behind them as they walked to the front of the Impala.

Damn him replied Jo. She wanted to know what he was saying to her mom, did he really like her, or was he also telling Ellen that he had no feelings towards her.

Sam looked at the woman beside him, he chuckled when he saw her biting her lip. Jo gave him a icy glare for the chuckle.

You want to know what he is saying to her don't you, Sam replied.

Hell yeah I do. I think I should know if he feels the same for me as I do for him, he will never admit it to me, so why would he tell her that replied Jo.

Jo couldn't take it any longer she opened her door and got out and stormed up to Dean and Ellen.

Young Lady get back into the car replied Ellen.

No I will not, until I know what Dean's answer is replied Jo.

Sam was out of the car now also, he needed to stretch of course but he would be lying if he didn't want to know what was going on out here also.

I'm sorry Jo, I told your Mother the truth, there is and will never be anything between us replied Dean.

Jo just stared at Dean and then her Mother, and all she did was say this..

I hate you both, once we get back to the road house Mother dearest, I am packing my bags and leaving for good, thank you for wrecking my life, and Dean if you aren't man enough to tell the truth to my mother, you aren't man enough for me replied Jo.

It was a slap in the face for Dean, and he also felt very ashamed right then.

Don't worry Dean, she'll be okay, and she is bluffing about leaving replied Ellen.

I sure hope so Ellen, because that hate in her eyes speaks more then the words she just said replied Dean.

For the first time in his life, Sam was disappointed in his brother, all he did was mouth "Why" to Dean, but Dean shook it off, and went to the drivers seat and got in.

As they started to head for the Road house, Dean looked in the rearview mirror and he was able to see a tear or two fall down Jo's beautiful face.

10 Hours Later,

They finally arrived at the Road House, Jo jumped out even when the car was still in motion luckily she landed on her feet but even as she did that, she landed wrong and ended up spraining her ankle.

That's when she fell to the ground. Dean, Sam and Ellen got out fast.

Damn woman, you should wait till the car comes to a complete stop before getting out replied Dean.

Shut up you fucking asshole replied Jo.

Now that's not how a lady talks young lady replied Ellen.

As soon as I get my stuff packed Ellen I am out of here, you will have lost me forever replied Jo.

You don't mean that Jo, replied Sam.

I do, I am so tired of her trying to run my life, my love life, she needs to trust in my judgement and you know what she never will, she wants me to be a old maid, well guess what Ellen I am not doing that, I am in love with a guy , who claims he has no feelings towards me, and I blame you for that screamed Jo.

Sam sighed, as he and Dean helped Jo up off her feet and helped her into the Road house. Ellen was startled , Jo got angry with her at times but this time it was worse.

I am sorry sweetie I just don't want you to ever be hurt replied Ellen.

It's too late for that, I lost my Father when I was little, if you think you can just protect me for the rest of my life you are wrong, so in the morning I will be gone I promise you that replied Jo.

Now Sam, can you please help me to my room, I need to start packing replied Jo.

Sam pleaded with Jo , but Jo finally had enough as she got herself to her room slowly but on her own, as she then slammed the door.

She hates me replied Dean.

She doesn't hate you , she is just mad at you replied Sam.

Dean scoffed as Ellen handed him and Sam a beer.

Did you care for my daughter Dean replied a now calm Ellen.

Yes, No, I don't know, I just know I never had these feelings for a woman before as I feel now for Jo, but its confusing really, I never thought there would be just one woman I wanted but...replied Dean..

To tell you the truth Ellen, Dean never has been like this around another woman, this is definitely new for both of us, for some reason he is scared to even admit how he truly feels replied Dean.

Shut your cake hole Sam replied Dean.

Jo is now out of her room with a bag, it doesn't seem to be completely full. She glares at Ellen, Dean and Sam.

Okay, okay, fine you win replied Ellen.

Jo suddenly dropped her bag, as she screamed in pain, her foot was killing her. Dean was to her side as fast as ever as he sat her on a bar stool. Ellen handed her a beer.

I only have a few rules on this , you break her heart Dean Winchester, I will shoot off the one part of your body you truly love, understand that replied Ellen.

Yes Ma'am replied Dean, as he then pictured that horrible image of his precious parts being shot off , he then grimaced.

Miss Joanna Beth, if you ever sneak away without my permisson again, its the end of you and Dean, got that young lady replied Ellen.

Yes, but do you truly mean this Mom, do you really want me to be happy replied Jo.

Of course I do sweetheart, I just don't want you heartbroken, I remembered how hard it was to tell you about your Daddy's death I just don't know if I can bear that look on your face again sweetie replied Ellen.

I can handle myself, Mom, and I don't date assholes or jerks either, but Dean he is different and I know you knew his Mom and Dad and you always said they were wonderful people , so mom why wouldn't their kids be wonderful also replied Jo

That really made Ellen think, she didn't even think of it that way, yes when John and Bill hunted a accident occured and Bill was killed and yes she will admit she blamed John but Bill knew what the consequences were and John even pleaded with her and her husband for Bill to not come along. Ellen also knew Mary not for long but she knew Mary was John's life, he was dedicated in bringing the person responsible of her death to justice and she knew John would never intentionally hurt someone else. She sighed, Dean and Sam were nice kids, why did she not see it before? Besides if he only wanted in Jo's pants would he not have done it already?

Okay you got me there, and Sam and Dean I will apologize to you, you both are just like your father and he was a great man replied Ellen.

Jo, Dean, you have my blessing on being together if that's what you both want, now as for me, its bedtime, Sam, Dean, I made up 2 rooms for both of back there beside Ash's and Jo's bedroom, you all behave you hear, I need my beauty sleep replied Ellen.

Goodnight Ellen replied Dean & Sam at the same time, Dean then punched Sam in the arm.

Mom thank you so much, and you get some sleep, and I am sorry for disobeying you, but the reason I want to do the hunts is, it makes me feel close to Dad, and I know I should have told you this a while ago but it does make me feel he is with me and thats why I want to do it replied Jo.

Well darling we'll have to talk about that tomorrow but right now its sleep time, can you guys lock up before you head for bed replied Ellen.

Yeah I will do that now replied Sam, as he glanced at the new lovebirds staring at each other.

Sam walked to the front and locked those door and then he went to the back to lock up the rest of the building.

So... replied Dean.

I am happy Dean, I want to be with you in every possible way replied Jo.

Dean had a big ass smirk on his face now and he got a light smack across the face from Jo.

Now I like you, but the cockiness has to not appear so much replied Jo.

Oh Honey, I am who I am, you can't change me replied Dean.

Will you carry me to bed , because walking on this leg is killing me replied Jo.

I guess I can, but if you weigh 200 pounds I will drop you replied Dean.

STOP it giggled Jo.

Dean grinned as he pulled her into his arms and picked her up and headed to her bedroom, as they got there, he laid her gently on the bed, and he smiled down at her and stroked her hair a bit.

Dean, there is one more thing I want, come here replied Jo.

I am not that kind of guy, I don't want to be used replied Dean.

Haha very funny smart ass replied Jo, just get your ass down here she replied.

Dean leaned down to her eye level, then Jo pulled him to her and then she kissed him, it was an innocent kiss on the lips, no tongue, or anything like that.

Goodnight sweetheart whispered Jo.

Dean grinned as he stroked her cheek, as he got up and walked to the door, he then looked back and said "Goodnight Princess", as she then smiled at him and then he turned off the light and shut the door.

He sighed as he walked to his room, she was going to be a handful, but the way she made him feel alive was the most wonderful thing a woman has ever done for him, and he was really loving Jo right now only because of that feeling she gave him.

Time to hit the sack he replied.

He shut his door and then turned the lights off and hopped into bed, the last thing he remembered thinking was, tomorrow was going to be a great day he believed...

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