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Chapter 3

Sometimes you picture me
I'm walking too far ahead
You're calling to me, I can't hear
What you said
Then you say go slow
I fall behind
The second hand unwinds

If you're lost you can look and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you I'll be waiting
Time after time

Jo and Dean were anxious for the surprise that was arriving for Sam today. Jo leaned into Dean as she smelled his cologne. God that man smelled fine. Dean just pushed her away in a jokingly manner as she tried to then tickle him.

The taxi arrived up to the Harvelle's Road house the lady that stepped out smiled at Jo and Dean.

"Long time no see" Dean softly replied as he gave Sam's guest a big hug.

"I am Jo by the way" retorted Jo. Dean just winked at her as she stuck her tongue out at him.

"So what have you all been up to" replied Sarah Blake.

"Well we have been on hunts here and there but now we are taking a long overdue vacation and so thats why we called you to surprise Sammy"exclaimed Dean.

Sam stepped out of the roadhouse he wondered where everyone got to until he saw his surprise from Dean and Jo just standing there beside them.

Sam was speechless he couldn't believe she came. Sam walked over to her and laid a hand on her cheek just to make sure she was real.

Before he could say anything to her the hand flew across his face as a big hard slap hit his right cheek. Dean and Jo gasped as Sam just stared at Sarah and boy did she look angry.

Sarah then proceeded to walk into the Roadhouse as Jo and Dean followed. Sam touched his cheek and man it still stung as he then followed.

"So Sam when you say you will keep in touch and call me what does that mean" demanded Sarah.

"I know this is the girl for you Sam, she'll always keep you in line, just like I will be doing with Dean" exclaimed Jo.

Jo giggled and that made Sarah smile and Dean just mumbled something which ended up earning a soft smack on his head.

"I'm sorry Sarah we've just been busy and.." Sam said quickly.

"Save it. But Dean why bring me here if he wasn't interested " cried Sarah.

"I am interested you just don't know how busy we've been I do like you Sarah and I am glad you came and I hope you will stay awhile" replied Sam.

"Of course I'll stay I missed you and I worried about you and I would have just loved to at least get a phone call from you to see if you were okay" explained Sarah.

"Why didn't you call him" replied Jo.

"Because I lost his number and he seemed interested so I thought he would call" pouted Sarah.

When she pouted Sam could not lie but Sarah damn well turned him on as he tried to not notice her luscious lips and her beautiful eyes and hair and her body was shaped so wonderfully and now he was freaking her out by staring at her.

"Come on Sam see if Dean will give you his Impala to borrow so we can drive around and talk" Sarah softly replied.

"Yes you may use Dean's Impala but better not mess it up" Jo exclaimed. She then tossed the keys to Sam and Dean just stared wide eyed and mouth open at what Jo just did.

"We'll be back for dinner" replied Sam.

Sam and Sarah left the roadhouse and Dean was staring at Jo with his mouth wide open. Jo giggled as she sat on his lap and did a few moves that weren't legal in Dean's mind.

"You know dancing on my lap is a crime" whispered Dean.

"I know but its always fun committing a crime" giggled Jo.

Someone always had to interrupt the sweet moments as Cassie came storming into the roadhouse, Jo was so startled that she fell off of Dean's lap and onto the floor. Dean helped her up as he noticed Jo and Cassie having a stare down and it soon dissolved as Dean cleared his throat.

"I am going to be staying here close to my baby's father until she or he is born and then we'll get the baby tested to see if Dean is truly the father" exclaimed Cassie.

"No No No" screamed Jo.

"Jo baby calm down" whispered Dean.

"I will not have this woman here in my face all day long Dean it is not going to happen" yelled Jo.

"It is going to happen and so deal with it" Cassie said with a smirk on her face.

"We don't have enough rooms" Jo blurted out.

"That's okay I will stay in Dean's room" whispered Cassie.

"Oh hell you won't if anyone is going to room with my boyfriend it's going to be me" replied Jo.

Another voice spoke up now as Ellen walked into the room from the storage area.

"What the hell do you think you are doing Lady coming in here and demanding this and demanding that, and Dean why the hell did you ever like this hussy" demanded Ellen.

"At one time she was a decent woman and now she is plain trash" stated Dean.

Cassie then slapped Dean across the face and then Jo was grabbing Cassie's hair. Ellen pulled them apart.

"The only place you can stay at is the cheap motel down the road" hissed Jo.

"Okay that's fine but sweetie I am taking back my man and I just don't want you to cry a river" laughed Cassie.

Cassie then walked out of the bar after leaving chaos behind her. Jo was so pissed off that she smashed a glass and ended up cutting herself.

"Joanna Beth" exclaimed Ellen.

"Damn her for making me this angry" cried Jo.

Ellen ran and got some bandages as she then handed them to Dean as she told him to calm her daughter down as she headed for town to get some special stuff for a big dinner for everyone later that night.

"Baby please don't let her get to you like this" said Dean.

"I am sorry I am not trying to be emotional but we finally have our chance to be together and now here she is trying to break us up I am scared " whispered Jo.

" I do not want her I do not want to be with her. The only woman I want to be with is the one who is standing in front of me ok, do you understand? replied Dean.

"Yes I do and we will figure out a way to deal with that witch" exclaimed Jo.

Dean smiled as he held her to him and he whispered in her ear "That's my girl" he then sighed as he just held on tight to his Jo.