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Chapter 1

First Sight
Bella POV

Today was my first day at a new high school. Some would be excited about it or dreading it. I was not excited. Nor did I dread my first day at Forks High School. I just wanted to get through the day with no problems, and by problems I meant falling flat on my face or attracting any attention.

As soon as I pulled into the parking lot of the high school I already caused one problem that I was trying to avoid, which was attracting the attention of every student in the parking lot by driving a red 1953 Chevrolet pickup truck. I loved the car which was what you could call a homecoming gift from my father but I definitely didn't like the attention it brought. I pulled into the first parking spot that I saw and climbed out of my truck almost slipping on a puddle of water in the process. I was still getting used to the drastic change in weather from Phoenix to Forks. Phoenix was dry and sunny, Forks is the opposite, it rains almost every day and the sun is barely out.

I got a lot of stares from everyone not only because of the car I was driving but also because I was a new kid in a school with a population of 357 students, 358 if you counted me. I walked into the nearest entrance of the school only knowing I was supposed to go into some office. I searched through my bag while walking looking for the paper that told me what office I'm supposed to go to and collided right into someone else. I fell onto the floor along with the girl who I bumped into.

"I'm terribly sorry, that was so my fault, I shouldn't have been reading while walking," the girl said while reaching for her glasses that must have fell off when she fell.

"It's alright I wasn't paying attention to where I was going either," I said while picking up my bag and her book. Both of us stood up and I handed her the book she dropped.

"Thanks…hey you must be Isabella Swan, the new girl."

"Yea, just Bella is fine though, and how exactly do you know my name?"

"Oh, we've been expecting you. You're the first new kid to come here since the Cullens and that was three years ago. My name is Angela by the way," she replied with a smile.

"Oh, well, it was nice to meet you Angela. I need to pick up my class schedule so I should get going."

"Oh I can help you find the office where you can pick it up, if you'd like?"

"Yea, I don't even know the name of the office," I replied grateful for the help.

Angela led me to the office and waited for me while I got my schedule. After I got my schedule I needed help actually finding the classroom so Angela looked over my schedule and pointed out that we had four classes together, which actually made me happy because Angela seemed like a really cool person. We had first period together so she walked with me to class. For second period she gave me directions to my class since we didn't have that class together and we walked to third period together since we were in the same class.

After third period we had lunch which was the same time for everyone since we had such a small student body. We walked into the cafeteria got a tray of food and took a seat at one of the lunch tables. I'm assumed that Angela sat there every day because she said hello to the other two girls sitting there. Then she introduced me to them as Jessica and Lauren. They said hello to me but they didn't even make eye contact.

Four other boys came and sat at our table and they all seemed really friendly. Their names were Mike, Tyler, Eric and Ben. Angela introduced me to all of them and she introduced Ben as her boyfriend. Everyone else at the table was in deep conversation with each other so I decided to pull out a book to read, while I ate my lunch. After I finished my lunch I got up from the table to throw away my tray of food. It was the first time I got a good look at the cafeteria. It wasn't much different from the cafeteria in Phoenix. It was slightly smaller but everyone sat next to the people they knew and shared the same interests.

I threw my tray into the garbage and turned around to head back to the table when I saw the most beautiful person I've ever seen. He was sitting at a table with two other boys and two girls that appeared to be their girlfriends but he was alone picking at the food on his plate. He looked depressed even though all of his friends at the table were laughing and talking with each other. He looked perfect, he had a gorgeous shade of brown hair, almost like bronze. He had beautiful green eyes but for some reason they were dull, he was lean and well built and looked pretty tall. I was staring at his well defined muscles when I realized he was staring right back at me. Usually in this type of situation I would turn away quickly. But I didn't want to. I was mesmerized by his green eyes and after what seemed like forever he turned away. It almost felt like a piece of me was taken away when he looked away. A gorgeous girl with strawberry blonde hair sat next to him and he kissed her. It felt like my heart dropped in my chest at that moment. Even though I knew I didn't stand a chance to be with him it didn't hurt to dream and now even that was impossible since it was now obvious that he had a girlfriend.

I continued to walk back to the table I was sitting at and sat beside Angela who was talking to Ben. Ten minutes after I sat down the bell rang signaling the beginning of the next period. Angela said goodbye to Ben and walked me to my next class which I didn't have with her.

My class was two classes away from hers so she agreed to meet me at the end of 5th period to go our next class. I walked into the classroom and was greeted by my teacher Mr. Banner.

"Ahh, you must be Ms. Swan, welcome to American History," he said to with way too much enthusiasm.

"Just Bella is fine," I replied while handing him a paper that each of my teachers were supposed to sign to make sure I went to all my classes.

"My name is Mr. Banner and you can have a seat right there next to Mr. Newton." He pointed to a table where Mike from lunch was seated. As soon as he saw me he smiled and waved. I forced a smile and waved back while I walked over to the table.
I took my seat and looked around the classroom and was shocked when I saw the same boy I saw at lunch with the strawberry blond beside him and he was staring at me again, only this time everyone was staring at me just like they did in all my other classes.

"Hey Bella, I didn't know you were in this class otherwise I would have walked you here from lunch," Mike said, keeping me from getting lost in those beautiful green eyes.

"It's okay, Angela walked me here."

"Cool so what-"
Before Mike could finish, Mr. Banner started his class.

During class I tried my best to avoid looking in the beautiful boy and his girlfriend's direction, but I couldn't help it. I tried to steal glances any chance I could but it was kind of hard since they were sitting at a table to my left and one seat behind.

One of the times I looked he was staring back at me with those gorgeous green eyes. I felt a little embarrassed being caught staring at him but then again he was staring at me but that was probably because I'm the new girl. I turned away when his girlfriend looked at me feeling stupid for being so obvious.

I was glad when the bell rang signaling us to go to our next class, Mr. Banner was still saying something, but I walked out of the classroom anyway along with some other students. Angela was waiting for me outside my next class.

"Hey, how was History," she asked while we headed to out next class.

I shrugged and then Edward and his girlfriend walked out.

"Don't ever repeat this to anyone especially Ben but I would kill to be in Tanya's shoes," Angela said as she took me to my next class.

"Who?" I asked.

"Tanya, the strawberry blonde walking next to Edward, his girlfriend. They have been together since the beginning of freshman year, the perfect couple." Angela sighed as if she was looking at a fairy tale.

So he had a name. Edward. Now I could stop referring to him as the beautiful boy in my head. We walked into the classroom and Angela had to sit next to Jessica since she was her assigned partner. I sat down next to this petite girl, with really dark brown spiky hair. I recognized her form lunch, she was one of the girls who sat with at the table with Edward. As soon as I sat down she introduced herself.

"Hi Isabella, my name is Alice, looks like we're partners for the year."

"Okay" I replied taken off guard by her sprightly attitude. Her positive energy seemed to rub off on me because I didn't have to force a smile even though I wasn't in the best mood.

Alice talked to me the entire time we were in class and asked me questions about myself and where I came from since the teacher told us to draw something on the paper she gave out about our feelings today. I glanced down at our finished work and noticed a big difference between our drawings. Alice's picture was full of circles of different colors that overlapped and smiley faces. Mine was full of squares triangles and lines since art is not my best subject and I wasn't in a good mood.

After Art class was over I had gym with Angela and Mike which was the worst part of the day because of my clumsiness I struck three people with the volleyball and I fell and hit my knee and even though my knee didn't hurt too bad I chose to exaggerate on the pain so that I could sit on the side for the remainder of the day.

After gym I was glad to head home went to my truck and drove straight home but not before seeing Edward and Tanya get into his Volvo and drove off. I've never been so attracted to someone before and I can't seem to get past it, if I keep this up this is going to be a hard school year.

Edwards POV:

Another day at Forks High School. We were only one week into the school year and I was already tired and didn't feel like coming to school. My first couples of classes were boring, I was passing all of them easily, and none of the new material challenged me.

I was on my way to the cafeteria to eat lunch with my family and my girlfriend, Tanya. I'm not sure when exactly things changed but lunch period used to be the highlight of my day, the time I spent with my girl Tanya but lately I wasn't even looking forward to it.

We were going through a rocky time but all relationships go through it and I'm sure we get through it, after all we've been together almost three years now.

The problem with our relationship though is Tanya. She's changed, she isn't the same girl I met when I first moved here. That girl was a skinny girl with braces who was quiet, friendly and less flashy. Now I admit that we both changed physically because that's just natural, Tanya is still skinny but her breasts have grown and her braces are off, she could put on some pounds. Eating a slice of bread is a crime to her-she claims it would all go to her ass. I was also skinny but I built up a bit and put on a couple pounds of muscle from being on the football team. But besides the physical changes she's become snobby, only hanging out with her friends Carmen and Victoria. She wears way too much make up and her attitude about our relationship changed from being about love to more of popularity, like it was all she was in the relationship for. I still love her I think but I wonder if she still loves me.

I tried bringing this up to Tanya but as soon as I said we're not the way we used to be she broke out in tears saying that I didn't love her and I did love her I cared for her very much but it isn't the same. We've been together so long I can't imagine being without her. But is it right to stay with someone just because we've been together for a while when I'm not happy, but she's happy.

I was so lost in thought about my relationship with Tanya I didn't even realize I was already at the cafeteria. I walked to towards my usual table and sat next to my brother Emmett, he was really my cousin but my mother Esme took him in when his parents passed away when he was two.

"Hey bro, why do you look so depressed?" Emmett asked me as soon as I sat down.

"Nothing, I'm fine Emmett." I replied not in the mood to express my problems to my brother who never stayed serious for more than thirty seconds. He shrugged his shoulders, put one arm around his girlfriend Rosalie and stuffed his mouth with food.

My sister Alice who was a year younger than us was sitting besides Rosalie and next to my best friend Jasper, her boyfriend. She and Jasper were in their own little world with each other and Emmett and Rosalie were sucking face and Tanya wasn't here yet so I stared at people around the lunch room.

All of them were talking loudly about things that probably weren't even important, like what color they would paint their nails or what girl they thought looked hot today. I was really tired of this school. I glanced over to Newton's table expecting to see the usual people but instead I saw the most beautiful pair of chocolate brown eyes looking back at me. I couldn't stop staring, it felt like if I stopped now I might never see them again so I refused to turn away.


I turned away from the girl with brown eyes when I heard Tanya call me.

"Hey," I replied as she took a seat beside me, I never liked that nickname but I allowed her to call me it since she was my girlfriend. She gave me a peck on the lips and then when on a rant about some bag she wanted to buy but store didn't have any more left in stock. I tried my best to pay attention but I all I really wanted was a chance to stare into those brown eyes again. I don't know what it was about them, but they were different, of course plenty of girls had brown eyes its common. But these eyes were a unique shade of brown, it was dark but bright at the same time as if it sparkled. I didn't even bother to get a better look at the girl who the brown eyes belonged to but I wasn't sure if I wanted to. She was sitting at the table with Newton, Jessica and Lauren, if she's anything like the crowd she hangs around she's most likely unintelligent along with the rest of the girls at her table besides Angela and her boyfriend Ben is cool too.

"Eddie are you listening to me?" Tanya asked me, putting on that annoying childlike voice I hate.

"Yes Tanya, go ahead."

"Okay…" she replied and continued to babble on about whatever she was talking about. I was relieved when the bell rang and we headed to our class in silence.

We got to class 5 minutes before class started and she started talking again, this time I actually paid attention and she was asking me if I thought she should get the Louis Vuitton bag or the Coach bag. I could care less but I told her the Louis Vuitton and she was satisfied with my answer and kissed on the cheek which left a whole bunch of sticky lip gloss behind, I hated that.

I looked up to the front of the class and there were brown eyes. Tanya must have realized everyone was staring ahead and looked up and I looked away from brown eyes in case Tanya got suspicious. I don't know why I felt Tanya would get suspicious there's nothing wrong with looking but I felt like these brown eyes already had something over me, like I had some connection with them, a connection I shouldn't have.

Mr. Banner told her to have a seat at the table beside mine, next to Mike Newton. As she walked to her seat I finally got a good look at her she was beautiful. Not only was her eyes perfect but she had long wavy brown her that looked soft and I was tempted to reach out to touch it just to find out but I knew I couldn't, her skin was flawless, no makeup piled on her face just natural pale but beautiful skin.

When she sat down in her seat Mike started talking to her and I heard him call her Bella. Even her name was beautiful, literally, Bella. Class was boring as usual. I already studied the chapter Mr. Banner was giving lecture on so I didn't need to pay much attention. I turned to Tanya and she who was staring out the window, daydreaming. Everyone is the classroom seemed to be distracted, so I turned to Bella who writing down everything that Mr. Banner was saying.

When the bell rang, Bella walked out of the classroom in hurry not even waiting for Mr. Banner to say what he was saying. This was my last class, so I could leave if I wanted to but I stayed behind to wait for Tanya who had another class because she was behind on credits. I went in my car, turned on some classical musical and tried not to think about my problems but when I wasn't thinking about my problems with Tanya, Bella always came to mind, I couldn't understand what it was that drew me to her but I wanted to know more about her, just out of curiosity because she was the new girl at school. I was interrupted from my thoughts about Bella by a knock on my window, a hard knock on the window of my precious Volvo.

"Tanya, what the hell, you don't have to bang on the glass!"

"I've been standing here for five minutes waiting for you to open the door, what's wrong with you?"

"Nothing I'm fine" I replied while getting out opening the door for Tanya, I was so deep in thought I hadn't realized that Tanya was standing there.

I drove Tanya home and she invited me in. I told her I had a lot of work to do and my parents were expecting me home, which was a lie and she probably knew, since my parents were furthest thing from strict. Carlisle and Esme let Emmett, Alice and I do pretty much whatever we want except drugs or something against the law as long as we brought home good grades. Which wasn't a problem.

I pulled off away from her house and drove home glad to finally away from anything I just needed to be alone right now.