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Drama is not my forte but I gave it a shot. This is for editing anyway.

He realized it too late the target was not who they expected, what he had expected. They sprinted to the base in what could be described desperately. The wards won't be strong enough to protect her. She wasn't strong enough to protect herself.

Finally he had reached the base. He swung the door open with a force which rocked the hinges and banged loudly against the wall. Was he too late? He caught a glimpse of her terrified eyes locking unto his before he was knocked down by an unforeseeable force.

There was pain. Then there was nothing. Then there was light.


"Kazuya, Oliver" a girl chuckled "...but definitely Naru" she said gently. It was Mai.

He opened his eyes to find her smiling brightly down at him. There was a glow around her. He examined his hand. There was a glow around him. His head was resting on her lap. He didn't want to get up. He didn't get up.

It was as if all the restraints he had tightened all those years had disappeared. He felt light and free. His logic was quiet and still. His mind was at peace. Nothing was holding back his wants. He didn't weigh the consequences. He had no certainties, but he had no doubts.

"Mai" he wanted to say her name. "Mai" he said once more, softer.

She grinned. And he thought he saw a flicker of amusement in her eyes. Nothing seemed to have changed about her. Though he felt a lot has changed in him. Mai had always been very open, vulnerable.

He reached out to touch her lips. The grin disappeared, and he felt his own lips forming a familiar smirk. He was glad Mai was still so very predictable.

"Did I make it in time?" his voice was gentle. His eyes were unguarded when he had looked into hers.

He let his hand drop to his chest and waited for her answer, not turning away. Mai sighed a smile once again had graced her face. "In a way" she said vaguely "You came just in time."

He wondered whether she saw the worry in his eyes, because she chuckled. "If you hadn't we wouldn't be here." She gestured to the blank surroundings. It was a warm empty place.

"This is where people meet again." she explained. When she had gotten there she just knew what it was that she was there for. "This is where people say good-bye." her voice was a little more than a whisper. Mai was no longer smiling. Naru was silent.

There was nothing to say. He had let the tides of emotion move him. He had raised his hand once more and held her cheek. It was cold.

She searched his eyes for an answer, the reason she was there still. And she knew. And he knew. He ignored it, doubted it, denied it. She wanted it, hid it, suppressed it.

"Too late." he said.

She smiled and shook her head. "Just in time," She answered.

Before his vision began to blur, and before the light shone brighter, he held her hand, and felt it disappear.

There was light. Then there was nothing. Then there was pain.


He woke up to a pain behind his head. The pain relievers were losing effect. Slowly he was made aware of a continues beeping sound, and familiar voices murmur from outside. He was in a hospital room.

He started piecing things together, his mind recovered too fast. He ran. He reached her. They were hit.

"Kazuya, Oliver...but definitely Naru" her smiling face flickered in his mind's eye.

His eyes turned to the bedside table. There wasn't a cup of tea.


Hahaha...I wasn't sure if I should've used that as a last line, since if one would take it literally Naru would seem like a total tea glutton. I used it anyway.