Merry Christmas, Akatsuki

NOTE: this was actually inspired by a piece of fan art on deviantart.

TYPE: oneshot

PAIRING: kain x ruka

RATING: T for tomfoolery ;)

SUMMARY: in order to prove his true friendship with his cousin Kain, Aido gets him the best Christmas gift ever. But the gift DID put up a little fight ... KainxRuka


It was Christmas morning at the Moon Dormitory. Kain was sitting in the lounge, enjoying a cup of hot cocoa. Aido was next to him, and everyone else was also up and reminiscing, despite the fact that they slept during the mornings up to evenings. Today was an exception though, no explanation needed as to why.

Aido poked Kain.

"Akatsuki, aren't you gonna ask me what I got you for Christmas?"

Kain looked at his cousin. "No," he answered, blowing at the mug full of hot cocoa before bringing it to his lips.

Aido made a pouting face. "I worked long and hard to get that Christmas present, I thought you'd really like it."

Raising an eyebrow at him, Kain set the mug down. "Hanabusa," he sighed, "if I open the present will you stop pestering me?"

Grinning mischievously, Aido nodded his head excitedly. He leapt off of the sofa that they were seated on and said, "It's in our dorm room." He then dashed away mysteriously, his giddy laughter echoing down the halls. Someone's had too much champagne to drink, Kain thought to himself, chuckling softly at his cousin's senseless behavior. Either way, Kain rose to his feet and yawned; he was sleepy. After opening the present he'd probably go back to sleep, or so he told himself.

He made his way upstairs to his and Aido's dorm, feeling no sense of anticipation or curiosity whatsoever. Aido had probably gotten him an expensive watch or a bottle of dark-scented cologne. Or even worse --- a stuffed animal, like he did 2 years ago. Kain remembered that day.

"Merry Christmas, Akatsuki!" -hands him stuffed bear-

"...Wh-what the hell?" -sweatdrop-

Kain shuddered, he wasn't the present-recieving type of guy. Truth be told, it was a little awkward and unncecessary for him. But something was different about this year. Aido seemed so SURE that Kain would love the present, so EAGER for him to open it. However, one thing caught Kain off guard --- why had Aido not come with him? He knew Aido would relish the look on his face when he opened it, whether it was a reasonable present or not. Aido was a cheerful, considerate fellow, so Kain didn't mind putting up with him.

He reached their dorm and jammed his hand into his pocket, fumbling around for the room key. He withdrew his hand with no suck luck, and tried the other pocket. Feeling the familiar shape brush across his fingers, he pulled out the room key and inserted it into the lock, giving it a turn to the right.

The door creaked open to reveal Ruka tied up with ribbons on the floor, completely naked. She was blushing madly like a bride on her wedding day, and looked up at Kain helplessly. A tag stuck out of the ribbons that read, Merry Christmas, Akatsuki! From Aido.

And for a moment Kain was standing in the doorway, frozen, trying to remind himself that his love for her was unrequited.

But this opportunity was just too priceless to give up.