Trading Yesterday

Chapter 1


"Bella, I don't want you anymore." I looked into her eyes at the last bonfire of the year and told her. "WHAT?" she yelled and all heads turned towards us. "I don't want you any more. I'm leaving for college and you've still got another year of school left, I'll be at Oxford, I won't be back for at least a year, if that and I don't want any strings attached." I shrugged my shoulders. She took off my letterman's jacket and class ring and threw them at me, then did something totally un-Bella like, took off my practice jersey and threw it at me, leaving her in only her very sexy black lace bra with all the fucking guys staring at her, I threw it back at her and told her to not be stupid and to put it on, she told me it would be a 'string' for her and she didn't want to be attached to anything and took off down the beach, I heard Jacob Black laughing at me and I wanted to punch his lights out, but I was in shock, I couldn't move, I couldn't believe my quiet and shy Bella had just done that, she always listened to me and did what I told her to do without argument. Emmett came up to me and asked what the fuck I did to his sister and Jacob butted in "He fucking broke up with her, he doesn't want any strings attached when he goes overseas, he wants to basically be able to fuck who ever he wants to, because your sister won't fuck him." Jacob smiled smugly and took off down the beach after Bella, after Rose and Alice had came back shaking there heads and tears in their eyes from her, although I couldn't hear what they were saying, due to Emmett yelling at me about fucking with his sister and breaking her heart and the next thing I know I'm knocked out cold on the ground, Emmett punched the shit out of me.


He doesn't want me any more, that's just fucking perfect!

I'm so glad I didn't give him his going away present last week!

I would have thrown away my virginity for nothing. I thought he truly loved me.

I know he wasn't a virgin, I knew he'd been with other girls before, but since we'd been together, he'd been a perfect gentleman, it'd been a wonderful 2 ½ years. He was leaving for college and everything was going to be perfect. I have one year left of high school, I'd have the cool college boyfriend and so would Alice, we'd be the envy of all the girls in school, it'd be awesome, they'd come home to visit and it would be perfect. We'd get married when Edward finished college, I'd only have one year left, that wouldn't be a big problem, I could probably even graduate early if I tried really hard, since he wouldn't be here, I could throw myself into my schoolwork, but none of that mattered now, I was all alone, I'd be the 3rd wheel when we went away next year to college, maybe I would just live in a dorm, do the entire college experience, dad wouldn't like it too much, he wants me to live with Emmett and Rose, that's NOT going to happen, they fuck like rabbits and they'll be married by then, so they'll be doing it all the time… I do not need that.

Maybe I'll even apply to different colleges and go away, have some time to myself, meet new people, who am I kidding, my dad wouldn't go for that, meaning, he'd never pay for that, so I'm stuck going to UW and I'm sure living with Emmett.

"Bella! Bella!" I heard my name being called and turned to see Jacob Black running towards me on the beach. "Oh, hey Jake, what's up?" I asked, not meeting his eyes. He put his hand on my shoulder and stopped me. "Bells, you don't have a shirt on, here." he took his shirt off and handed it to me. "Thanks" I blushed and slipped it on. "Want to talk about it?" he asked. I shrugged "Want to hear about it?" I asked back. "Bella, I'm always here for you, you know that." he smiled at me. "Edward just broke up with me, told me he didn't need any strings to tie him down when he goes to Oxford, so I gave everything back to him and told him I didn't need anything to tie me to him or remind me of him either." I shrugged my shoulders at him and wiped away the tears that escaped. "So that's why you're walking around without a shirt on, huh?" he smiled again. "Yeah." I blushed again. "He's pretty pissed about that and was pissed because I came after you." Jake said. "What? He's pissed at me? How? It's his fucking fault!" I yelled. Jake held up his hands in surrender, "Sorry, I'm not mad at you Jake. I'm pissed at him, he's just throwing away 2 ½ years so he can have some foreign piece of ass!" I threw my hands in the air and stomped away. "I'll give you your shirt tomorrow Jake, thanks." I waved over my shoulder and made my way to another bonfire in the distance, knowing it was others from school.

"Bella!" A seductive voice came from the waters edge in the darkness towards me. "James, how are you?" I smiled. James was the baseball star for our school and he had a huge crush on me. He was always trying to ask me out, Emmett hated him, as did the rest of the gang, our dads were good friends, they were on the Police force together, his dad was an investigator. "What are you doing straying so far from your friends Bella? Won't they start to worry? Won't Edward, start to worry if you're not clinging to his side listening to his every command?" James snapped. "I'm not his fucking lapdog, I can do and think whatever I want, James, so fuck you!" I spat and turned to walk away. "Whoa! What got your panties in a wad, Bella!" James smiled. "Forget it James, it's none of your business I just need someplace quiet to sit." I said and walked off. I walked off towards the boardwalk and sat on the railing I could make out my friends, laughing and having a good time, Emmett and Rose, sitting and making out, Jasper chasing Alice, Embry and Quil tossing a football, Jake sitting on the edge of the water, Edward sitting in front of the fire drinking a beer and me, sitting here, crying over an asshole, for what? I'll allow myself to cry tonight and that's it. Tomorrow I'll move on. I sat there for a while, crying, thinking about what I wanted to do and I was going to ask dad if I could live in the dorms, hopefully he'd say yes, if not, maybe I could go with Rose and Emmett and help pick a place, since I'd be there next year and it would have a separate entrance for me. I pulled out my phone when it buzzed and it was a text:

Assward : 'If you want a ride, come now!'

Bella : 'Got one, don't need anything from you! Fuck off!'

Assward : 'Who the hell?'

Bella : 'None of your fucking business! No strings remember!'

At that time, I got up and wiped my butt off and walked down to where James and his friends were and tapped James on the shoulder. "Hey, um would you mind giving me a ride home?" I asked shrugging my shoulders. "Where's your boyfriend? I don't want my ass beat. I'm kind of fond of not having a broken nose." James smirked, remembering the time he was flirting with me and not knowing that I was dating Edward and had the shit beat out of him. "Edward and I broke up tonight, O.K." I said in a whisper, looking around. "Oh, sorry." James smiled, trying to look remorseful, but his smile was too bright. "Look, will you or will not give me a ride?" I asked, looking down the beach, seeing Edward stalk this way. "Yeah, I will." James smiled. "Great, let's go." I grabbed his hand and led him up the boardwalk to his Vintage 1965, black with red interior Mustang 2+2, bad boy car. James was not someone I should have been messing with, I knew I was asking for trouble, but at that point in time I really didn't care, I just wanted to get away from everyone and quit being little miss goody too-shoes, Emmett always protected me and made sure I was O.K. and then when I dated Edward, I went on to do everything he told me to do, I followed all his 'commands' you could say and I was tired of it, I wanted to live for myself, I wanted to be who I wanted to be with and when I wanted to be with them, unless my dad told me otherwise. I was even secretly hoping that Jake and Mike asked me out again, mostly just to piss Edward off, nothing more. There were two weeks left of school for everyone, but only one for seniors, so that would really piss Edward off big time. I would wait out my date with Mike until the last minute, Edward leaves for Oxford, Saturday after we're out of school, I was suppose to fly there with them, it took an act of God to get my dad to agree to that, he'd be so very happy once I told him I wasn't going anymore, thank goodness the tickets were refundable.

James pulled up in front of my house and we sat there for a second. "Bella, I'd like to take you out sometime, I've wanted to for a while. I mean, I broke up with Vicky a few weeks ago, she was cheating on me and I can't handle that shit, so I'm single to." he smiled at me. "Um, O.K., tomorrow night good?" I asked. "Yeah. Um , where would you like to eat?" he smiled. "I like Thai and Sushi." I smiled, knowing Edward hated those two and we never ate those. "O.K., I've got an idea, were comfy, casual and bring your prettiest smile." he smiled at me and I smiled back. "Thanks for the ride home James. I appreciate it." I smiled and leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips, he took it as an open invitation and pulled me closer. I pushed away. "James I haven't even been single for 2 hours yet, can you give me some time. Please?" I looked at him. "Sorry Bella, I've wanted to do that for years now. Forgive me?" he smiled. "Yes, I forgive you." I smiled. "So, what time tomorrow night?" I asked. "Um, 6 good for you?" James asked. I nodded and he asked for my number, I grabbed his cell off the seat and put my number in, took my picture and saved it, he had a shitty grin on his face as I did that. "What?" I asked. "I can't believe I have 'THE' Bella Swan's Phone number and picture in my phone and haven't got the shit beat out of me, he laughed. "Whatever, you make it sound like I'm some sort of untouchable figure." I smiled and shoved his shoulder. "Well, you kind of are. With Edward always being with you and Emmett shadowing you when he isn't or Rose or Alice, you're pretty untouchable Bella. I can't even look at you in History without Jasper shooting me dirty looks and he's one of my baseball teammates." he rolled his eyes. "Well, we'll change that Monday now won't we. Sit by my in History and I'll even sit with the baseball team, how's that? I don't want to sit anywhere near Edward, that's for sure. But, you'll have to share with Newton, because I know he'll be calling as soon as the news hits his ears and I won't be able to turn him down either, so I'll sit between you two at lunch on Monday, NO FIGHTING with anyone, GOT IT! Or no more nice Bella!" I winked at James and he laughed at me. "Got it, I can share, since we're not exclusive. Yet." he smiled and I shook my head. "Hey, are you going to UW?" I asked. "Yeah, full ride. Why?" he asked. "That's where I'm going too, I got early acceptance, hopefully I'll go in as a Sophomore, if I take double classes my senior year and then graduate early, I'd be really happy about that." I smiled. "Well, hopefully we can see each other on campus and see more of each other." he smiled. "We'll see" I smiled. "I'll see you tomorrow at 6." I jumped out and ran inside. My dad standing by the door, arms crossed and a serious look on his face. "Bella, why did you leave the bonfire with a stranger? You know the rules!" he said sternly. I dropped my bag, crossed my arms, since I was twice as stubborn and took the same 'police' stance he had and replied 'Emmett? or Edward?' "What are you talking about?" he asked. "Dad, cut the shit. Who called and said I left with a stranger?" I asked. "Bella, watch the language and it was Edward, he's on his way here, he's worried about you." my dad said. "Dad, he broke up with me tonight, he doesn't want any strings when he goes to college, he wants to be able to FUCK anyone he pleases and seeing as I'm still a VIRGIN and planning on staying one, he's not happy about that and the STRANGER that brought me home was James Hunter, you know him, right dad." my dad stood there speechless and relaxed, but tense. 'What the hell? He wanted to take your virginity?" my dad was red now. He heard a car door shut and when Edward knocked at the door, my dad slung it open and punched him in the nose, "How dare you only try and take my daughters virginity, don't come near her again Edward Cullen stay the fuck away from my daughter!" and my dad slammed the door in his face at the same time, Emmett came pulling up and I heard yelling outside and a car pealing out and I ran upstairs and dad and Emmett yelling, Emmett coming into my room "You are not going out with James tomorrow night, he's only going to try and get one thing from you, Bella!" he yelled. "Nothing more than your precious Edward tried to get and didn't succeed. I can defend myself!" I screamed.

"I want to know where you'll be at, Rose and I are going too." he snarled. "Fuck you. I'm not 12, it's not my first fucking date." I yelled and shoved him out of my room, no longer had I done that, than my phone started ringing and I looked, 10 missed calls, various names and numbers, Tyler, Mike, Paul, Jacob, Eric, James, Alice and last 3 all from Edward. I decided I'd better start drying my tears and returning some calls and filling my social calendar, why the hell not.

I started with James first, since he'd left not so long ago. "Hey, just saw that you called, everything O.K.?" I asked. "Oh, yeah, more than O.K., I told my dad I had a date with you tomorrow night and he laughed, he didn't believe me. He's already called your dad to ask and he said your dad wants Emmett to go along as well? What's up with that?" he questioned. I sighed and squeezed my hands into fists, fucking Emmett had gotten to my dad already and convinced him that he needed to tag along tomorrow night. "I don't know James, I'm so sorry. I guess they're just worried since everything that happened with Edward tonight." I sighed again. "No problem, we'll just do dinner and a movie, save the fun stuff for later." he laughed. "You're not mad then?" I asked. "Well, I'm not happy. Spending that much time with Emmett doesn't make me feel warm and fuzzy and he's obnoxious and Rose is a fucking ice queen, so I don't see tomorrow night going the way I had planned, but I'll be with you, so I guess I can't complain." he sighed. I'll still be there at 6, unless the movies start earlier, I'll give you a call in the afternoon to let you know for sure. Sweet dreams, Bella!" James said softly into the phone and hung up. I yelled for Emmett and he walked into my room smugly, "Yes sister dear?" he smiled, dimples showing. "What the fuck was that?" I growled punching him on the arm. "I told you that you weren't going out with James on your own! We're taking my Jeep tomorrow night, pizza, movie, we're leaving at 5, so you need to call him tomorrow and tell him we'll pick him up at around 5." Emmett smiled and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. I text James and told him the details, not wanting to talk to him at that point and time, being pissed at Emmett.

My next text was to Mike, telling him to call me A.S.A.P., if he was awake, 2 seconds later, my phone vibrated "Bella!" Mike was beyond happy. "Mike!" I said back matching his excitement.

"So, the word is out that you are a free agent. Huh?" his voice was so carefree. "Yeah Mike, I'm single." I laughed. "Do you have any plans for tomorrow night?" he asked. "Yeah, I actually do. I'm going out with James Hunter, but we're doubling with Emmett and Rose." I sighed. "What?" he laughed. "Emmett hates James." he laughed even more. "No shit!" I laughed too. "But dad and Emmett are worried about me, so Emmett has to go." I stressed. "You don't sound so broken up over the whole break up." Mike observed. "Oh, it hurts, but what am I suppose to do? Let him see me hurt? I think not? I'm moving on and I'm going to go out and have fun! So when do you want to go out?" I asked Mike. "Let's do breakfast and then we can go out to dinner another night during the week or something and you can sit with us at lunch, unless you're still sitting with Alice and them." Mike said. "Nope, this week, I'll sit with you and James if you don't mind. But no fighting! I've already gotten James' promise! I'm both of your friends, I'm not dating either one of you, so you've got to be nice to each other or no more dates, no matter who starts anything, got it? And I'll know!" I said sternly. "You got it Bells." he smiled. "Can I pick you up for breakfast at 7:30 then?" he asked. "Shit. 7:30? Ugh, I guess, that's what time normal people crawl out of bed huh?" I groaned. "Yep! I'll take you for the best pancakes in Forks, just throw on some sweats or something comfy, nothing special we'll eat breakfast and you'll be home, promise." Mike was smiling, I could tell by his voice. "Fine, you win. 7:30, I'll be on the porch, waiting. Night" I hung up and text Tyler. I made lunch plans with Tyler for tomorrow, he'd be by at 12:30 to pick me up, we were going to The Diner, he was surprised I said yes and I told him the same thing I told everyone else, they were all friends and nothing more and I wanted nothing more, I wasn't going to sit at home and mope over him either. Next was Eric, lunch with Eric on Sunday. Next was Paul, he said there was a big BBQ at the Rez on Sunday and I told him I was already going with my dad, he asked if I would sit with him, saying he had to ask before Jake did, I let him know I'd sit with him and Jake, saying I couldn't hurt Jake's feelings, since Jake was my oldest friend. Paul scoffed at the word friend and said Jake wanted more with me and I let him know that NOONE was have more with me, I wasn't ready for it. I text Jake and told him I'd be at the BBQ and I'd sit by him and he said thanks, my next text was to Alice and it was nearly 2:30 in the morning, I didn't think she'd respond:


Ali, you awake? Call me, I need to talk to you, please.


You left my brother alone on the beach, why should I even give you the fucking time of day?


What? What are you talking about? He broke up with me tonight and very cruelly, I might add! So fine, If you want to take his side, I understand. He's your brother after all. But you know what he's like. I'll always be here when you need a friend.

Oh, I won't bother you next week at lunch either, I'll just be sitting with new friends, I guess you're like Edward, you like to leave things with no strings attached! Later!


I'm calling now.


Don't bother! Turning off phone!

But before I turned off my phone, I sent a text to Assward….


Thanks for turning your fucking sister against me, I really appreciate it! I told her not to worry about me at lunch on Monday, I'll be with my new friends, I'll leave you and yours with all your strings cut and swaying in the fucking winds! Thank goodness for refundable tickets, I turned mine in and bought my dad some fishing tackle and a new pole, I got some pretty nice stuff with a round trip ticket from Oxford. Have a nice fucking life!

I turned off my phone, set my alarm and went to sleep, dreaming of pancakes.

My alarm went off and I jumped out of bed, jumped in my shower and washed, threw my hair in a ponytail, the usual of no make-up, black yoga pants, white t-shirt and black and white hoodie with my black Chucks. I brushed my teeth and ran downstairs, no one awake, left a note, saying I went to breakfast with a friend and I'd be back in a while. Mike pulled up in his Chevy Tahoe Hybrid, it was nice, Champagne colored inside and out and fully loaded "Nice car" I said as I climbed in. "Truck" he corrected and laughed. "Sorry, truck." I said sarcastically. "Yeah, my parents want me to have something 'safe'." he made quotation marks with his fingers "They bought my sister and her husband Yukon's for their wedding presents, since they couldn't take a honeymoon due to his job, so they opted for vehicle's instead." he shrugged. "Oh, they're at my house this morning too." he smiled. "You're house." I squeaked. "Yeah, I promised you the best pancakes and my mom makes THE BEST!" he smiled. "Damn it Mike, I would have worn something besides yoga pants had I known that, shit! I don't even had underwear on!" I blushed after I said that and Mike raised his eyebrows at me. "Nothing like that perv! You see how tight these pants are, could you imagine the panty lines with these things. No, wait, never mind, scratch that, I don't need you imagining anything like that!" I blushed ten shades of red.

He reached over and touched my cheek. "You're even more beautiful when you blush, how could Cullen let you go?" he smiled shyly. We arrived at Mike's house and he helped me out of his truck and I noticed he was still in his pajama pants and a t-shirt and flip-flops, he held my hand and led me into his house, which was quite beautiful, just different from Edward's, where Esme's taste's was contemporary, Mrs. Newton's was Old Fashioned, but not horrible, very homey, County-ish. "Mom, this is Bella Swan, the Chief's daughter." Mike smiled. "Ahhh, Charlie talks about you all the time, I can't believe I haven't met you in the nearly 3 years you've been here." she smiled and wiped her hands to shake mine. "Yeah, I'm not an outdoors person, so I wouldn't have any need for the outfitter's shop." I blushed. "She's a book worm and very clumsy mom." Mike chuckled. "Oh." his mom's eyes twinkled like his and she motioned for us to have a seat and told Mike to go get Michelle and Jerry, whom I'm guessing was her husband and seconds later a man who could be Mike's older twin came through the door with 3 large dogs running behind him and they all jumped on me, freaking me out, he called them off, apologizing to me and introducing himself as Mr. Newton and Mike walked out just then, "Ah, you met my more loved siblings, huh?" He asked. "I kinda got attacked by them actually." I said. He looked at me in question. "They jumped on her and she freaked a little." Mr. Newton responded. "Sorry, I've never had a pet before." I shrugged. "Wow, you do keep to yourself, don't you dear." Mrs. Newton said. "Well, I kind of grew up an only child, my parents divorced, so I was moved with my mom to Phoenix until 3 years ago when she remarried and wanted to travel with him. And I'm just getting use to living with a sibling and Emmett isn't exactly normal." I laughed. "That's the truth." Mike laughed. "He's really loud." Mike smiled. I shook my head yes. Mrs. Newton sat all the food down and his sister and brother in law came out, she looked just like Mike as well, "You're Emmett Swan's baby sister aren't you?" she smiled. "Yes." I smiled. "You look just like all the pictures in your house and in his locker." she smiled. "You know my brother?" I asked.

"Know, your brother? Hmmm, I dated him until Rose came into town, then I was yesterday's news, but that's O.K., I moved on to find Jerry and he's my true soul mate." she smiled. "But, you're a few years older than Emmett aren't you?" I asked. "Yeah, 3 to be exact, I was a lifeguard at the Y and he acted like he was drowning, he'd made a bet with his friends, and when I gave him mouth to mouth, well let's just say, that's not what it actually was." Mike choked on his pancakes and I laughed. I had a pretty good time, not as fun as the Cullen's but it was funny hearing about a young Emmett, I'd be teasing him about that. Mike took me home and kissed my cheek, I told him he could call me later, if he wanted to and he said he had a nice time this morning, I said I did too, I wasn't completely lying. I walked in and I knew dad was gone, Emmett was on the couch, watching ESPN, "How was breakfast?" he asked with a raised eyebrow. "Great, Michelle said 'hey'!" he spit out his cereal and I took off upstairs laughing and he was after me in no time flat, I didn't get my door shut, he was through it and had me tackled on the bed and was questioning me about breakfast, so I told him all about it and what she told me and about he being married now and who she married and he laughed, I agreed he was kind of weird looking, he asked how I liked the family and I replied "They're not the Cullen's, but I don't think anyone ever will be." I sighed and I told him about my fight with Alice and he said he knew, she had been on the phone with Rose, trying to put her in the middle last night and she refused, so I was at least grateful for that. I told him I had to get ready, I was going to lunch with Tyler, he cringed but said I was a big girl and lunch was safe since it was local and I'd be back on an hour or so I threw on a pair of shorts and a tank top, slipped on my flip-flops, nothing special and Tyler was knocking at the door, "Hey Bells, you ready?" He smiled. "yep." we walked to his older Nissan Sentra and got in, it was quite and all through lunch, nothing much was said, all he really said was "Why did Cullen break up with you." I replied "Not what I want to talk about today, Tyler." I sighed and played with my fries and half of my burger. As we were leaving, luck would have it, Edward and Jasper were pulling in and Edward's eyes flashed in anger and he charged over and punched Tyler in the face, Jasper had to pull him off. "Fuck Edward, what's your problem?" I yelled. "You dump me, so I can't go to lunch and talk with a friend? You're an ass!" I took off walking down the road towards my house, not caring that it was 4 miles away. I was only a little ways from the diner when I heard a horn honking and I thought it was Jasper and Edward, I ignored it, then it slowed and a window rolled down, "Can't I give a friend a ride?" I stopped and turned around, it was Jacob. "Jake! Yeah, thanks!" I jumped in and we headed towards my house. "Why were you walking Bells?" he asked. "Long story Jake. I just want to get home and relax, I can't wait for the BBQ tomorrow. I need my friends and fun, after last night." I smiled. "I'm always here for you, you know that." he smiled his warm inviting smile at me. "I know Jake and I appreciate that, thanks. You'll always be my best friend." I smiled at him and his face fell. "What Jake?" I asked. He pulled the car over and turned towards me held my hands "Bella, we've known each other for years, even when you were gone, we kept in touch and talked and now, I have deeper feelings for you, you're beautiful and I would love to explore my feelings with you, for you." he smiled and leaned in to kiss me, but I stopped him. "Jake. Wait. I just became single last night. I was with him for almost 3 years. Give me some time? And then we'll see, 'k! Can we do that?" I smiled. His smile grew wider and he shook his head yes and kissed my cheek. I climbed out and ran inside, my dad and Emmett on the couch, I sat down and huffed out loud. "What?" dad asked. "I feel like I'm the last female on Earth and every man wan wants me, it's very frustrating, damn!" I sighed. "Bella!" dad warned. "Dad, really. Emmett says worse shit all the time. He only gets in trouble for dropping the F-bomb, but I get in trouble for everything, it sucks!" I shouted and stormed to my room and slammed my door. I opened it again and screamed "this house is so fucking unfair!" and slammed it again. Two seconds later, my dad came storming up and banging on my door, "Bells, I have the key to unlock this door, if I have to get it, I will, but then it come off the hinges and you're grounded for a month, you wanna start summer like that?" he yelled. I got up and unlocked my door and stomped back to my bed. "What has gotten into you?" he growled. "I'm not allowed to have bad days? I was just dumped from my boyfriend of 2 ½ years because I wouldn't have sex with him, because I prefer to stay a virgin, I have to have my brother go on a date with me because he doesn't trust the guy who asked me out, so I have to be escorted like I'm 12 and now I can't even go out with my 'friends' without them wanting more from me, they all want to date me, knowing I was just dumped and to top it off, my ex sees me out with a friend and gets insanely jealous and punches my friend what's wrong with that picture? And the worst part? I'll be stuck home all summer because Emmett is leaving for college and you'll be working, so I'll have no car to get anywhere! I'm not Golden Sports Boy Emmett, so I don't get the luxury of get a car." my voice raised to a scream by the end and I stormed to my bathroom, slamming the door, not locking it, so I didn't piss my dad off anymore, I sat on the floor and drew my knees up to my chest and cried. The next thing I knew, my dad was in there and holding me and telling me everything was going to be O.K. and if I wanted a car, I just needed to ask and we could go look in Seattle tomorrow, if I felt up to it, I hugged him around the neck and apologized for the emotional outburst, he told me it was O.K., he was going to have to learn to deal with a teenage girls emotions, especially a broken heart. He hugged me again and told me to shower and get ready for my date and to cancel any plans I had for the following day and we'd go look for cars tomorrow. I gave him one more hug and he left my bedroom.

I came downstairs around 4:30 dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans, a red top and red flats, I left my hair down in natural curls. I did a twirl and dad and Rose nodded their approval, Emmett grumbled my pants were too tight, Rose slapped him and said they were no tighter than her painted on red skinny jeans, he shrugged and led us all out to the car, I text Eric on the way to James' house and told him I had to cancel tomorrow's lunch, because I was going car shopping, but we could go out next weekend, I'd call him later to discuss it, he text back a sad face, but he understood I needed a car. We got to James' house and I jumped out of the Jeep and ran up to the door, James' dad answered the door and smiled "Bella, nice to see you again." and hugged me. "You to Mr. Hunter." I smiled. He really was a sweet man and him and my dad were great friends, I had no idea why him and Emmett didn't get along better. James came to the door looking sexy as hell and my smile grew wider, "Hey, Bells." he smiled wider too and gave me a kiss on the cheek and a big hug. He laced his fingers with mine and it felt nice, I looked down and he noticed "Is this O.K.? It's not uncomfortable for you is it?" he asked. "No, it actually feels nice." I blushed. Emmett noticed and told him to keep his hands to himself, I rolled my eyes as we climbed into the backseat, James sat to the left and I scooted in the middle, and buckled in, "Bella, buckle in the other seatbelt, it's safer." Emmett growled. "Whatever Emmett, I always sit in this one and you know it, I'm the shortest and I've always sat here." I buckled in and leaned into James' side and we talked softly with James whispering into my ear the entire ride and Emmett glaring into the mirror for most, unless Rose caught him, then she'd slap him.

We arrived in Port Angeles and at the pizza shop, we ordered a large meat lovers pizza and breadsticks, Rose and I ordered a large Caesar salad and split that as well, that way the boys had more pizza. They wanted dessert as well, Emmett wanted a banana split and James wanted cheesecake with strawberries. I stole a few bites from him and he'd playfully growl at me. Finally we made our way to the movie and they decided on an action/horror movie. Rose and I rolled our eyes, but I guess it was better than the Disney alternative. James asked if I wanted a drink and I asked if I could just share with him, because I was still so full from dinner and he smiled brightly at me, Rose led Emmett in and said they'd see us after the movie, I was grateful we could sit alone. We saw Rose and Emmett on the other side of the theatre and sat on the complete opposite side, making sure we couldn't be seen by them. We settled in and James put up the arm rest in between us and I snuggled into his side, his arm wrapped around me pulling me closer. "Do you know how irresistible you are?" he whispered in my ear. I shivered and shook my head. "What? Cullen never told you that?" he asked. "No, he always said I was beautiful or pretty, irresistible is a new one though, thank you." I smiled. He pulled my face up to his and kissed me and I allowed it, it was different than Edwards, Edwards were always soft and needy and desperate, like he was going to lose me, this was sensual, he pulled on my hair and I ran my fingers through his long hair, feeling oddly attracted to him, not knowing why, a throat cleared behind us and I blushed, the previews were starting and James gave me one last kiss he kept rubbing his hand up and down my arm and about half way through the movie, he leaned down and started kissing my neck and it was oddly stimulating, he found a spot behind my ear, that instantly made my panties wet and I let out a little moan, he took my hand and put it on him, I stiffened at first and he apologized, "sorry, I didn't realize you've never…" he stopped and held my hand I was blushing, God, he probably thought I was some prude and now knew why Edward would break up with me. The movie ended and We waited until everyone was up around us, the theatre was packed. "Sorry for making you uncomfortable, I didn't realize." he stated again. "I just thought that you and Cullen had been together for 2 ½ years that you'd done those things or maybe, shit, damn, maybe not on a fucking first date damn, I'm an idiot!" he shook his head. "Please forgive me Bella, I haven't dated in a really long time either. Vicky and I were together for 4 years. So this is very new to me, I am so sorry." he said again. "James, look. I will explain, not here, 'k! Maybe we can talk Hulk into going for coffee? Sound good?" I asked. He shook his head and we headed out to the lobby where Emmett was scanning the crowd for us, happy once we came into view. "Can we go for coffee?" I asked. "Yeah, actually Rose wanted some too." he smiled. Great, my brother got lucky in a movie, the only reason he was agreeable, I shot James a yes, your guess is right look and smiled big at Rose as did James and he mouthed a 'thanks' to her and she shrugged, she did it all the time anyways, just not when it was this crowded.

We walked to the coffee shop, James' arm around me, as we were walking into the coffee shop, the pool hall across the way had a familiar bronze head in the window and I muttered 'shit' Emmett's head snapped up and he told us to go inside, him and Rose would go over and do damage control. James and I walked in and ordered, getting a booth and I spilled all to James, about me being a virgin and why Edward broke up with me, etc. "He broke up with you because you weren't ready?" he asked. "yeah." I shrugged. "What an ass." he said and shook his head. "Whatever, it's over and I'm not thinking about it. I have school on my mind and summer, I'm going to plan out my senior year and college career and finish in record time, then leave this town, I want to move to Seattle and get an apartment and job and focus on me." I smiled. "You don't want someone to focus on you or someone to focus on?" he smiled at me. "I might, but they'd have to be really worth it." I shrugged. "Oh, what would make them worth it?" he smiled. "When I figure that out, I'll let you know. I just want someone who's going to treat me with respect, someone who's going to be a gentleman, a man's man, but still knows how to treat his woman." I smiled. "Sounds like you're looking for your dad." he smiled. "Yeah, kind of. But, I guess not a lot of older women like that, because he's still single." I shrugged. "You don't want to stay in Forks?" James asked. "What's in Forks?" I asked. "Family" James stated. "You're close to your dad, since your mom passed away, huh?" I asked. "Yeah, When mom died 1 year ago, that's when things between Vicky and I changed, she didn't understand I needed to be here for my dad, she still wanted to party and I didn't, I want to go to the Police Academy and follow in my dads footsteps and be a Police Officer and Investigator. I'll go to college first of course, but I'll major in Criminal Justice." he finished off. "Well, when you put it like that, it make a big difference. I've got a few different things in my head. I've got to talk to some people over the summer before I make final choices and that will make all the difference." I smiled. "Well, maybe I can make a difference and help you make an informed decision." he smiled and kissed my hand. Emmett and Rose walked in at that time. "We'll get our coffee's to go, they've got him out back, here's the keys, go straight to the Jeep, they can't see it from where they're at, hurry, he's pissed." Emmett stressed and Rose had tears in her eyes, telling me we'd talk later.

We hurried down to the Jeep and jumped in, I gave James a quick kiss and told him I'd like to go out with him again and I'd talk to my dad about the whole 'group' date thing, which, after 3 weeks we wouldn't have to worry about, Emmett would be in England for 3 weeks so dad couldn't do anything, James smiled at that, but said if it was a problem, we could have date nights at his house, his dad would be cool with it and his dad was an awesome cook and they had a kick ass media center. I smiled and told him I'd like that.

We dropped James off at his house, I walked him to the door and kissed him goodnight, a real goodnight kiss. Emmett couldn't say anything; I was the one who initiated the kiss. His hands were in my hair and mine were in his, his dad opened the door and cleared his throat, "I think the neighbors have seen enough." he laughed. I blushed. "Night Bella, I'll call you tomorrow." "Night James." I smiled and walked back to the Jeep. "What the hell Bells. Why did you have to make out with James in the middle of the fucking neighborhood. Why did you even kiss him? That's just gross!" Emmett made gagging noises. "Shut up Emmett" I crossed my arms and took out my phone and turned it on. My screen flashed 40 new messages, all from Edward and Alice. WTF???

They were all from the last hour as well.

The latest.


How could you do this to my brother? Twice in one day! You've turned into a whore!


James? Really? You won't give it up to me, but you'll go out with James? Fuck you!


I thought I knew you! I'm glad you're not going and I hope Rose sees you for what you really are! You're a fucking bitch! I never want to be your friend again!

Stay away from my family!


Bella, I'm sorry. But James is just the worst, the lowest. How could you! I thought you were better than that, are you that desperate? Can't you get any other dates after I dumped you?

Oh, wait, Mike, Tyler, Eric and I'm sure Jacob are all vying for your attention aren't they?

Who will be the lucky one that you'll just give it up to? Will that person even mean anything to you?


Fuck you Edward and tell your sister the same. I went out with friends and had fun and you should know I don't give anything up I don't want to!

I was going to give it up to you last night as your graduation present, because I did love you and I was ready, I am so glad you decided to talk to me first and tell me you needed no fucking strings, because it would have killed me to have given you all of me and you to have dump me, so thank you for doing me a favor. I'm not crying over you and I'm moving on with my life as you can see, you need to get on with your and stop being a jealous asshole every time you see me with someone else. Next week will be a very long fucking week for you if not!

I turned off my phone after I text James and told him to just watch his back tomorrow if he went out and about, he said he'd be home, he had to help his dad around the house and his dad wanted me and my dad over for dinner on Monday night I ran down to ask dad and he said that would be fine. We planned for 7, I was happy, we'd be there a while, it was Monday night football.

I fell into a peaceful sleep, only to be awoke by Emmett tickling me, excited about car shopping for his little sister.

When I turned on my phone the next morning, there were 10 more messages from Edward, I scrolled through all my numbers and saved them on my SIM card and 'dropped' my phone in the toilet.

When I went down stairs, I told my dad I needed to get a new phone while I was out too and he said no problem.


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This is a Bella/Edward story…

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He's got some growing up to do.

As for the Alice and Bella… Well… We all know girls are much more evil and that bond will be harder to mend…

This is one of the LONGEST chapters I have ever wrote, but I just couldn't end it…