Trading Yesterday



I can't believe it's been 10 years since all that crazy mess happened with us.

We went to counseling for a year and sorted things out.

I'm not saying it was all roses, we had our fights along the way.

He wanted to start another family right away, Carmen told us we needed time to heal and should wait at least another year and I agreed, I knew my body as well.

Finally after he talked to his dad, he backed down and agreed.

I wasn't on birth control or anything, because we knew we were going to try as soon as I felt ready, so we just wrapped him up instead, which he hated, but did, just for me.

We were reconnecting on a whole new level, we took lots of long weekends and I enjoyed being his secretary, I made sure he didn't over book his day, making sure he was out no later than 6p.m. most days and weeks he had night shift, I stayed with Rose and Emmett, I hated being alone or if Carlisle had the same shift, I was with Esme, we'd grown even closer, if that's possible.

"Bella, where is my blue tie?" Edward yelled from our bedroom.

"I put it with your suit dear." I yelled back.

"I was in the middle of dressing our 5 year old daughter Sidney Alice Cullen.

She was a hand full, to put it nicely. She was spoiled beyond belief, because we almost lost her at birth, she had Edward hair color and eyes and she must have gotten Emmett's personality because she was obnoxious as hell. "Sydney if you don't stand still, I will put you in time out and you won't get any birthday cake today." I snapped.

She put her hands on her hips and tapped her foot smirking at me. "I'll just tell Uncle Em and he'll give me whatever I want." she said with a sway of her head.

"Edward! If you don't get in here now, I'm going to choke a child!" I yelled.

I swear, with this pregnancy, I have no patience, we just found out last week I was pregnant and we go on Tuesday for a ultrasound.

"Bells, really, do you have to threaten today of all days, it's my mom's birthday." he peered at me.

"Daddy, mommy said I wasn't getting any cake today." she poked out her lip and let a tear fall.

He caressed her hair "Of course you'll get cake darling, it grammies birthday, she wouldn't deny you a thing." he kissed her forehead and exited the room.

I stood up and walked into our sons room to check on him.

"Brody Charles Cullen! Why are you dressed yet? We leave in 15 minutes!" I yelled.

"Chill out mom, man, all I have to do is slide my clothes on, I didn't want to wrinkle then, damn!" he said and then slapped a hand over his mouth.

"EDWARD!" I yelled again.

"What now Bella. I'm trying to finish up!" he snapped.

"Well, Brody decided to use colorful language again… who uses this word around the house all the time 'damn' ?" I stated.

"Brody, you know you're not suppose to use those words. We've talked about this before.

No Play station for a week." Edward stated and walked away.

Brody, our 9 year old, who we conceived, shortly after our year long 'wrap it up' party, was a mini Edward in personality, but built just like my dad and Emmett and had all the Swan traits.

Brody and Sidney fought all the time and thankfully they were in school most of the time and when not in school were busy with other activities to keep them from fighting and killing each other.


We finally arrived at the restaurant that Carlisle had rented out for Esme's birthday and we were only the second to arrive, Alice and Jasper being the first, I gave Alice a hug and their little girl Tara Bell Whitlock was adorable, she was so tiny and petite like Alice, she had Jasper's hair and blue green eyes, they were beautiful, she was 4 and played with Sidney, we'd brought a on of dolls and coloring books to keep them occupied.

Brody was talking with the guys, waiting for Rose and Emmett and their hoodlums to show up.

Rose and Emmett had a girl, she was almost 2 years old than Brody, her name was Mercedes, she was all Emmett, tough and tomboy and then we were pregnant together with Brody and they had a boy, his name was Harley, they were 2 weeks apart, he had Rose's blond hair and blue eyes, he was a killer, him and Brody were thick as thieves and Mercedes joined in a lot too, then the littlest one, she was 5 like Sidney, a month older younger actually, since I had Sidney early, her name was Shelby, after her, Rose made Emmett get fixed, he cried for days, but did it.

The kids were all together at one table, having fun and we were waiting for Edwards parents, we'd all chipped in and got them a cruise for the summer, Esme would be surprised, we usually took the entire family, but this year it would be just the two of them, kind of like a second honeymoon, they never took for themselves.

"Bella, Jasper and I are pregnant again too. We just found out this morning." she squealed.

I'd called her yesterday to tell her.

"Damn, what is with you women! Do you plan this shit!" Edward snapped.

I slapped the back of his head and Rose laughed.

"I see that's where Brody gets it from, huh?" she laughed again.

"Yeah. He let it fly again today." I shook my head.

Edward rolled his eyes at us and continued talking to the guys.

It had been about half and hour and his pager went off.

"Damn it Edward. For once can't you turn the damn thing off and enjoy a family event." I snapped.

He frowned at me and stepped to the side to call in.

He walked back up to the table.

"We need to get to the hospital, mom and dad were in an accident. It doesn't look good." he had tears in his eyes.

We gathered the kids and Emmett went to the manager and he said not to worry about anything.

We rushed to the hospital and Edward ran in and the nurses filled him in and rushed him back, everyone trying to keep Alice and I as calm as possible do to our fragile state.

Edward came out an hour later.

"I'm so sorry. We lost them guys, there was nothing I could do. They wouldn't let me help, I don't think there was anyway to help. They, it , Oh. It was so bad." he sobbed.

Eight Years Later


Brody and Harley were graduating today.

Both had enlisted into the military as well, Rose and I were a nervous wreck, they shipped out next week overseas, as they'd done Boot Camp during the school year through some special training program, so they'd be accelerated when they got out. They also both graduated with honors and with their 2 year degree, how they managed it with all the trouble they got into I really don't know, but they did.

Brody was going to follow in Edward footsteps and be a doctor in the military and Harley was going to be a mechanic, gee, wander where that trait came from?

They were going to be Marine's.

Our youngest was just turning 8, another boy Anthony Carlisle , he looked like a mixture of Edward and his dad, it was bittersweet. He had this stunning hair, it was bronze with blond streaks in it and these beautiful haunting eyes that were a blue/grey color and the signature crooked smile, he was a wonderful child, he slept, he was quiet and polite, didn't talk back, manners, I was truly blessed the third time around, he took after Edward and loved piano and took after me and loved to read, he tested for gifted and had a very high IQ.

Alice and Jasper's little one was a boy as well, the spitting image of Jasper again.

He was named Dallas and was all boy. They'd bought a farm and had horses and everything, Sidney loved going over there, she was taking riding lessons from Jasper, he new favorite uncle she proclaimed, since, Emmett wouldn't teach her to ride a motorcycle, because I told him I'd kill him.

Sidney was Alice's shadow as well, we hardly ever saw her, she was always shopping with her and Tara, which was fine, she was in the bitchy stage and all we did was argue, but with Alice, she was sweet as pie, so Alice kept her a lot for me, I loved the woman, for that.

Edward and I argued over that fact a lot, but he was head of the hospital and rarely home so I told him he didn't have a leg to stand on about it.

Sure we had our arguments and fights, but all in all, we loved each other.

We stayed married and raised 3 wonderful children.

As Sidney grew up and children of her own, our relationship grew stronger and she understood where I was coming from and called me for advice often.

She only lived 2 hours away, but she worked full time as did her husband and her oldest was always in trouble so she called mom for advice.

Once Edward retired, we actually got to enjoy each other and didn't argue half as much.

Brody married a wonderful woman, a General's daughter and they had 5 kids, right now, they were stationed in Hawaii, Edward and I were going there for vacation next month to see our newest addition.

Anthony hasn't married, we're not sure if he will. We had the talk with him and told him it's O.K. if he bats for the other team, he just got his doctorate in teaching and wants to teach close to home, which is fine by me, I love my baby.

We made it through the good and bad times and always came out on top.

We've got a wonderful family and have a blessed life.

We can only hope the next 10 or more years will be filled with the same wonderful memories, even if there is heartbreak and loss weaved in there.


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