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Chapter 1

Video Log entry one: 10/07/2154

It's the year two-one-five-four. On a search for a rare mineral called unobtainium, we humans have traveled to the moon of Polyphemus, Pandora in an attempt to mine this $20 million per kilo mineral. While being an absolutely beautiful planet especially compared to the, in my opinion, destroyed Earth with almost 99% of its habitable land devoid of wildlife, the wildlife here turned out to be…rather hostile. Everything from the Leonopteryx to the Viperwolf seemed to want to eat us. But out of all the fauna here on Pandora, the one that hated us the most were probably the Na'vi.

These…humanoid felines…resented out presence and wanted nothing more than to see us exterminated…well…most of us anyways. To cope with such a hostile environment, the government saw fit to hire ex-soldiers as added protection, myself included. Personally I would rather study such a marvelous place rather than being lumped together with a bunch of trigger-happy mercenaries who only care about the size of their wallets and how many bullets they can fire a day because of my experiences in the marines…but…I move on… The Na'vi didn't like us soldiers…but they seemed warmer towards the scientists…something I envied. To be…diplomatic…our supervisors allowed the scientists to interact with the Na'vi…learn their language and customs while teaching the same about us. But behind all the smoke and mirrors any could see that they wanted nothing more than to get the unobtainium and kill anything that stood in our way, the Na'vi included.

Truthfully I am proud to say that the Na'vi weren't exactly easy to kill. Being pretty physically superior to us in almost every way, the Na'vi kept us at bay with bows and arrows…kind of a depressing thought to some but again…moving on.

Our scientist found an excellent way to interact with Na'vi. They created clones, mixing individual human DNA and some of the Na'vi's DNA, called avatars. Select scientists were able to mentally link with these avatar, each grown with the selected scientist's DNA, and interact with the Na'vi. Actually I can't say that ONLY scientists got these avatars. One ex-marine…Jake Sulley…came to Pandora in his brother's stead…something about Tom being murdered the week before he was to ship out… Because they were twins Jake was able to take Tom's avatar with no problem, their DNAs being identical and all. I don't know much of what happened…seeing as I'm never in the loop…but what I do know is that Jake would change history. Rumor had it that Colonel Miles had bribed Jake with getting his legs back, Jake being paraplegic and all, to try and work his way into the Na'vi's inner circle and work a "peaceful" negotiation.

See…not only were the Na'vi against our presence on Pandora, but this one clan, the Omaticaya, had their home, or as they call it their Hometree, right on top of a huge resource of unobtainium. In short Colonel Miles Quaritch wanted Jake to get the Omaticaya to move. Heh…needless to say that didn't work… Jake ended up falling in love with one of the Na'vi, Neytiri. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion but our superiors, namely Parker Selfridge, saw it as one more reason to simply burn the entire colony to the ground. It's not to be overlooked, Jake did work his way into the Omaticaya's inner circle…right to the top of the clan. When Quaritch and Selfridge decided to attack the Omaticaya, Jake got all…and I do mean all…of the Na'vi clans together and fought us off. I don't know what he did but even the wildlife was gathering against us. In the end it was our defeat and everyone was forced to ship on home. Well…not everyone…Jake was allowed to stay...along with Max Patel and Norm Spellman and several other scientists that worked against Selfridge. Oh…and of course me too…the only mercenary that wasn't killed OR shipped back to Earth. Probably because I defected right before the fight started…in any case I'm here to stay.

Jake had moved in with the Omaticaya…somehow they transferred his mind into his avatar? I don't know how that happened… Everyone said it was the work of Eywa, the Na'vi's god. But it doesn't seem to be simply spiritual voodoo… See, we discovered that this entire planet, seems to be connected…like one big organism…now taking that into mind the existence of Eywa doesn't seem to be that farfetched…

But the greatest thing to happen was what the scientist agreed to do for me…let me into my own avatar. Having signed up to be one of the ones to interact directly with the Na'vi they had started growing my own avatar…but Colonel Quaritch placed me on the battlefield instead. Today will be my first mental link and my first meeting with the Na'vi without having to shoot them. It's strange seeing that it's been almost a month after everyone else was forced to ship out but I don't care. I-

Video Log entry one: Complete

There was a moment's pause as Kyle Chen looked at the "complete" on his display. "But I wasn't done yet…"

Max Patel looked over at the equipment in front of Kyle and tapped the video camera. "Battery died…"

Kyle groaned and slumped back in his chair.

Max laughed. "I told you to charge it before using it. Or at least plug it in when you use it…" He continued laughing even after Kyle gave him a friendly shove. "Come on…it's not like it's a bad thing. It's about time they got you ready for the mental link anyways…"

Kyle smiled as Max clapped him on the shoulder and stood up. They both headed to the large room that held all the avatar interface pods. Norm Spellman was already waiting there.

"Hey! Ready for your first link?" Norm grinned at Kyle. It was a pointless question seeing as Kyle was already climbing into the pod that was already designated to him. Norm helped Kyle with the machinery, closing it and shutting him inside.

"How is it Kyle? Everything ok in there?" One of the scientists at the computer called out.

"I can breathe yes." Kyle replied.

The scientist laughed as she started to type on the console in front of her. "Smart-ass…Get ready, linking in twenty seconds."

Kyle waited patiently until he felt himself starting to fall asleep, knowing that it meant the link was starting to connect.

"…-le…Kyle…you in there…?"

Kyle blinked his eyes…only to be almost blinded by the bright lights overhead.

"Good, he's responding…" A male voice said. "Kyle can you move your fingers for me?"

Feeling slightly dazed, Kyle did so without thinking too much about it, wiggling his fingers and then clenching his fist.

"How about your feet?"

Kyle did as he was told, wiggling his toes and rotating his feet.

"Nothing seems to be wrong." This time it was a female's voice as Kyle felt a hand feeling along his legs and arms, gripping hard as if feeling what was under the skin.

"Could you try and sit up for us?" The male voice said.

Kyle slowly sat up and looked at himself, holding up his hands in front of his face and then looking down at his legs.

"Good…now just a few more tests…"

A few more tests was simply Kyle doing as they said for the next half hour. But after that, they deemed him ready to go outside. Kyle pushed open the hatch that lead to the outside and was greeted by some of the scientists that operated outdoors, Norm included.

"Ready to finally meet the Na'vis?" Norm patted Kyle on the thigh, being too short now to reach Kyle's shoulder.

"Yes, I've only been ready ever since I got to Pandora…" Kyle said, pushing Norm's arm off of himself.

"Well you're in luck then…" a male voice said and the two of them turned around.

Standing behind them were two Na'vis.

"Jake Sulley…" Kyle smiled and offered a hand, which Jake accepted and shook it. "It's great to finally meet the person behind all this 'revolution'."

"You give me too much credit…" Jake smirked, obviously enjoying the praise.

"You mean not enough credit…" The female Na'vi beside Jake spoke up, her arms wrapping around Jake's.

"You must be Neytiri…" Kyle held out his hand again. "It's an honor."

"Flattery will get you nowhere, Dream-walker…" Neytiri smiled but shook Kyle's hand anyways. "But what I want to know is why you are so eager to meet the Na'vi." Anyone could sense the caution in her voice.

"Neytiri, you promised you wouldn't judge…" Jake said softly, placing a hand on Neytiri's.

"As the future Tashik I have a duty to judge…" Neytiri said, folding her arms.

"It's fine…" Kyle smiled, before Jake could say anything else. "I simply want to learn for you Na'vi…everything I can…nothing more…"

"We shall see…come…" Neytiri turned and started to leave the human encampment.

Jake turned back to Kyle and shrugged. "Get used to it?"

Norm laughed and jogged after Neytiri, starting up a conversation with her.

As they traveled, Jake caught up to Neytiri too, leaving Kyle trailing behind. Eventually they reached the new Hometree of the Omaticaya clan. Many of the Na'vi greeted Jake's and Neytiri's return and also greeted Norm cheerfully too, but when it came to Kyle, most simply stared at the newcomer.

"Another Dream-walker?" A curt female voice said aloud."Already too many, yet add one more…" Kyle paused when he heard those words and looked at the female who had spoke, who hissed at him.

"Ralu! Enough…!" A stern voice said loudly. Everyone looked up to see an older Na'vi decending the spiraling path.

"Mother…" Neytiri said, stepping forward. "The Dream-walker that wishes to join like the others."

"We have no reason to deny his wish." Mo'at said. "As he is one of the Sky people that were allowed to stay he must not be here to harm us. His addition is welcomed."

"But he was with those who opposed us!" Ralu argued. "He brought weapons and saw to the deaths of several of our brothers and sisters even before the great battle! Why must we-"

Ralu, as well as much of the murmuring, fell silent when a single Woodsprite floated by. As it floated away everyone looked at Mo'at.

"It has been decided then…Dream-walker…what is your name?" Mo'at asked.

"Kyle Chen…" Kyle replied.

"Kylechen, you are welcome to be a part of The People…if you wish to learn our ways…" Mo'at paused to see if Kyle would confirm a yes or no.

"I wish nothing more." Kyle said politely, withholding the urge to ask why Mo'at had strung his first and last name together.

Mo'at nodded. "…then Ralu will be the one to teach you."

"What?!" Ralu's mouth fell open in horror. "Why must I teach this Dream-walker?!"

Mo'at simply stared down at Ralu.

"Tashik, fipo kea tung-" Ralu tried to argue but Mo'at looked sternly at her. "…Tslolam…"

"Then there is no need for any formalities…" Mo'at turned to Kyle. "I welcome you to our family…"

"Thank you…ah-irayo…" Kyle said with a slight bow of the head, praying that the small bit of the Na'vi dialect that he managed to pick up was correct.

Mo'at smiled and walked towards Neytiri and Jake as the rest of the Na'vi walked off to continue their original tasks, all except for Ralu that is.

She glared at Kyle for a while before stalking up to him. "Come with me…" She growled, grabbing Kyle's wrist and pulling him towards and through the exit of the Hometree. When she had pulled him far enough that they were alone she threw Kyle's wrist out of her hands as if it was disgusting.

"Listen to me, Dream-walker…" Ralu hissed. "I do not trust you…or the other Sky People...!"

"You seem to trust Jake…" Kyle pointed out, not backing down as Ralu pushed her face close to his, lips curled in a snarl.

"Jake had become Toruk Makto…! A high respect amongst The People! I respect him as a fellow Na'vi but it doesn't mean I accept him as a being!""

At this, Kyle decided it was time to back down. Taking a step back and bending his knees slightly so that he wasn't at his full height anymore. He watched Ralu as she watched him, her arms crossed as she glared at him, their eye levels now equal.

After almost a full minute of silence, Kyle decided to speak. "…Can I ask you a question?"

"Why I detest Sky people?" Ralu asked, Kyle hearing the soft growl behind her speech, telling him it was a rather touchy subject.

"Only if you wish but that is not the question I wanted to ask." Kyle said, shaking his head. "It's a more…simplistic question…"

"Pawn, uniltìranyu." Ralu said impatiently when Kyle waited for her approval to speak.

"Why did Mo'at say my first and last name together?" Kyle asked.

"That is Tashik to you, Dream-walker!" Ralu hissed.

"I'm sorry…" Kyle apologized at once, fearing that he was already on thin ice with the fierce Na'vi in front of him. "Why did Tashik say my first and last name together…?"

Ralu opened her mouth, on the pretense of answering but she didn't say anything. Her cheeks glowed purple as she blushed in embarrassment, unable to answer the first question the Dream-walker asked of her. "Eywa srung Ralu…" Ralu mumbled, praying to Eywa seeing that rather than embarrassing and upholding her disgust towards Kyle, she would be the one to be embarrassed for being charged with teaching him yet the first question he posed showed the possibility that he knew more than her.

"Excuse me…?" Kyle raised an eyebrow at Ralu.

"…W-what is a 'last name'…?" Ralu mumbled, still blushing.

The need to tease Ralu was forced out of Kyle's mind. He had detested the idea of harming the Na'vi physically, hurting the female emotionally wasn't too high on his list either. "It's a family name. Indicating which family you come from." Kyle explained.

Ralu's ears tilted to the side in confusion. "A family name…?" Her attitude seemed to lighten slightly, the thought of learning seemed to outshine her disgust for humans.

"Like…" Kyle tried to think of a way to explain. "For example, you…" Ralu's eyes narrowed; once again cold towards Kyle and showing that she was not about to share anything about herself. "Neytiri…what's her full name?"

"Neytiri Dis'kahan Mo'at'itey," Ralu said at once.

"Mo'at'itey…meaning daughter of Mo'at right?" Kyle asked and Ralu nodded. "Well that's basically a last name to us. I guess you can call it a clan name…" Kyle scratched his ear as he thought.

"So…Chen…is your clan name?" Ralu asked.

"In a sense, yes." Kyle nodded. "And Jake's is Sulley."

"And toktor Grace is Augustine?"

"Dr. Grace? I believe so." Kyle nodded once more.

"How many clans do you Sky people have?" Ralu asked, obviously stunned at so many different clans within a single race.

"It's not exactly 'clans' per say…" Kyle tried to explain. "See…we humans aren't as close with each other as you Na'vi are." Ralu gave an amused chuckle, as if she expected nothing more of the Sky people. "Our last names only refer to those we are directly related to, meaning father, mother, brother, sister, child, and sometimes spouse. A last name is passed down from one generation to the next, usually the female spouse takes the last name of the male, signifying that she is part of his family." Kyle looked at Ralu, who seemed to doing her best to wrap her head around the concept. "Get it?"

"I think so…"

"Good." Kyle beamed and clapped Ralu on the shoulder, pulling her back to her senses, causing her to hiss at him and swatting his hand away.

"Do not touch me, Dream-walker…I only ask so I can better teach you our ways as Tashik commands! We start immediately! The less time I must spend with you the better." With that Ralu stalked off, forcing Kyle to do his best to keep up.

Video Log entry two: 10/07/2154

Max told me to do these entries at night rather than in the morning, that way I won't forget as much while I sleep. Today was my first day in my avatar and needless to say it was amazing! Even more amazing was my meeting with the Na'vi. They aren't always a violent race, more like us humans than Colonel Quaritch lead us to believe. I met Jake Sulley and his wife Neytiri…personally I refuse to say mate…makes the Na'vi sound feral…beasts…I also met the Tashik of the Omaticaya clan, Mo'at. Neytiri seemed, rather harsh towards me…maybe it was because I was one of the soldiers that fought against her tribe...honestly I can't blame her, but overall she seems ok. Mo'at seemed nice, at least she was forgiving for what I did. She accepted me wish to join the Omaticaya, to learn their ways. That was all well but my teacher is…not what I was expected. Well it was…but not to that intensity.

Ralu (she won't tell me her full name) was chosen by Mo'at to be my mentor in the Na'vi ways. Her hatred towards humans is rather surprising, even towards Jake. Turns out not everyone likes him as much as they say. Her training is…harsh. Even if it's stronger than my own body, I don't know how much my avatar can take. I swear she's trying to get me to give up. She practically pushed me off a waterfall…But I have a weapon against her…She doesn't know everything…despite being proud of being better than human. She gets unnerved when I figure out something better than what she suggests. Her composure isn't always solid and I think I can use that for leverage, make things easier for myself. I guess it doesn't hurt that she's kinda cute too…for a Na'vi…Wait…crap, how do I delete that?...Screw it…I'll just ask Max later…

Video Log entry two: Complete