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Chapter 7

"Kyle, calm down…pacing back and forth so frantically like that won't solve anything. It's just making me dizzy…"

Kyle gave a frustrated groan and turned to Ryan. "Well what do you expect me to do?! Who knows what kind of situation Ralu is in right now!"

"There's NOTHING you can do about it right now!" Ryan shouted, stunning Kyle so much that he froze. "All we can do is wait for something to let us out of this cell! Before then all the worrying in the universe won't help. Once we get out we can find out about what happened to Ralu! If she's ok then you would've worried for nothing! If she's not then you're just going to end up feeling worse later on!"

"Is that supposed to comfort me?!" Kyle hissed in a surprisingly Na'vi like fashion.

"Ryan's right, Kyle…" Ryder said softly, sitting opposite to Ryan. "Besides, Ralu's really capable. She's a great hunter and a skilled warrior. She's not going down that easily."

Kyle let out a growl and kicked at the cell door in frustration, making the guard glance up for a second. Kyle glared at the guard for a moment before he felt a tugging on his shirt. He turned around to see Ryder attempting to pull him down next to her. Reluctantly, Kyle sat down.

"How did Deverneil even find out where we were? Max said that we were in the clear…" Kyle asked, whispering the second part so that the guard wouldn't hear.

"We can't assume that everyone that knows about it will keep their word. Not everyone has a reason to." Ryan said simply.

"But no one knew where we were besides Max. And I don't think he would tell anyone just in case." Ryder reasoned.

"Are you suggesting a Na'vi did it? Cause they're the only one who knew where we were."

"He's got a point Ryder…" Kyle said, slumping against the wall.

"Finally cooling off now?" Ryan smirked.

"Even if not all the Na'vi like us I don't think any of them will rat us out though…especially not to Deverneil…" Ryder commented.

"The probability of one of the Na'vi coming anywhere near Hell's Gate just to give information about us is next to impossible." Kyle frowned.

"Well…once you eliminate the possible, what ever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth…" Ryan gave a bitter laugh. Then suddenly, he froze.

"Ryan?" Ryder peered into Ryan's face, concern on her face. "You ok."

"Yeah…I'm fine…" Ryan said quietly. Ryder and Kyle looked at each other in curiosity as Ryan sat in silence. 'Amhul…'


Deep in the forest, a small party was traveling through the dense jungle.

"I don't see why we have to do these boring scouting rounds…" One of the soldiers complained. "We know what's out here…we should already be doing something about it!"

"These rounds are nothing to be joking about, Nathan…" An AMP pilot commented as he twisted around to get a better view of his side. "Haven't you noticed that attacks on our parties have been so frequent, you can't even recall one of them not having at least one death?"

"But it's like Nathan said," a second soldier interjected. "Instead of just looking for more Unobtainium, we should just go and kill those furry bastards and then do all the mining we want. If Deverneil seriously intends on keeping her promise to that damn animal I think I'm going to kill myself…"

"Not if they kill you first…" The pilot laughed. He turned to the first soldier, who was staring off in one direction, gun pointed in the general vicinity. "Hey Nathan…you ok?"

"Yeah…I just thought I saw something…" Nathan said, still staring off into the trees. Suddenly there was the sound of a gun cocking, a dull thunk, and a soft hissing. Nathan spun around to see the second soldier facing the opposite direction. "Hey! Did you see something?!" As Nathan approached his comrade, he noticed something sticking out of the other soldier's exo-pack and the faint mist of oxygen leaking out. "Dude! You got a leak! You alright?!" Nathan placed a hand on the soldier's shoulder and suddenly the soldier fell over. Only when the soldier hit the ground did Nathan realize, to his horror, that there was a large arrow sticking out of the soldier's stomach. "FUCK!" Nathan shouted, cocking his own rifle and holding it at the ready.

"What got him?!" The pilot shouted, facing the opposite direction, turning left and right trying to find a target.

"Probably one of those damn cats!" Nathan replied. "Dammit! What do we do?!"

There was a loud crashing sound and the of shattering of glass. Nathan spun around and looked up to see a long pike sticking out of the top of the AMP, no doubt skewering the pilot that was on the other side of the AMP's body. On top of the AMP stood a large figure, the sun above it casting its features in darkness, but it was no questioning what it was. The figure took the bow from its back, along with an arrow, and pointed it at Nathan. Nathan gave a long shout and squeezed the trigger of his M60, spraying the AMP and the figure standing on top, peppering both with a rain of bullets.

Nathan only released the trigger when the figure that was standing on top of the AMP hit the floor. But as soon as his finger left the trigger, Nathan had a strange sensation that something had passed through him. The next thing he saw was total darkness, as he felt his body literally fall apart…

Behind the body stood two Na'vi, each holding a long, curved blade that was dripping with blood. One of the Na'vi placed his blade in the holster on his back and cupped his hands around his mouth, letting out a loud, high pitched, throaty call.

High in the sky, almost touching the clouds, the call was heard, but barely even with the Na'vi's sensitive ears. Ralu's ears twitched when the high pitched cry reached her.

"Tet'su… käì!" Ralu said, urging her Ikran forward once she had received the signal. (1)

Tet'su gave a loud cry and flapped his wings to gain speed. Behind her, Ralu could hear the flapping of several other Ikrans trying to build up speed. Ralu glanced behind herself to see at least a dozen Ikran following her, each having a Na'vi warrior mounted on it. Ralu swallowed slightly and looked ahead, going over the situation at hand.

No less than 24 hours ago, Kyle, Ryder, and Ryan were captured from their base of operations in the Hallelujah Mountains. Though there was no way to tell if they were still alive or not, if their lives were spared they would most likely be kept within Hell's Gate, which was currently Ralu's destination. This 'assault' was the straw that broke the camel's back. The original plan was to carefully pick off the human soldiers on Pandora one by one as they went through daily activities like scouting or mining. But this recent event caused many of the Na'vi to plead to Jake to allow them to take up arms. If the humans were willing to attack and capture one of their own, the Na'vi was surely next. Though Jake was reluctant, he granted permission of an attack on Hell's Gate and even thought of a battle plan for the Na'vi.

Ralu glanced back again to see her chieftain behind her, riding his own personal Ikran. It was unexpected, but that morning Jake had approached her with a surprising statement.

"I want you to be in charge of this assault…" Jake had said.

"W-what...?" Ralu was, needless to say, taken-aback. She had figured that she would be someone in the background, fighting her own fight to get to the one she cared about. But apparently Jake thought different. "Olo'eyktan why me? Why not you or another warrior?"

"I…don't know…" Jake had admitted, rather lamely. "I just…have a feeling, you know? That…this is something you should do…"

"Did…did Eywa give you a sign?"

"You could say that…" Jake shrugged. "Or you could call it a wild guess…"

Ralu could roll her eyes at that comment even now. She, a rather young warrior and honestly not the best there was, leading a squad of her people into a battle that many may not even come out of alive. She had no idea what Jake saw in her but she had to believe in him. It was too late to turn back in any case…

Ralu pushed Tet'su to descend below the clouds, so that they could get Hell's Gate into their sights. Ralu glanced below. Not one guard was there around the border of Hell's Gate. Ralu knew that, according to their plan, the guards had already been killed by several Na'vi. They wanted the least resistance possible as they tried to reach the Operations Center. So far everything had proceeded without a hitch, but Ralu knew that it wouldn't be like that for long. When they finally reached the Operations Center, or rather some distance above the Operations Center, Ralu started to descend, slowly at first before going into a full nose dive. Ralu could feel the wind blowing past her face as she raced towards the roof of the Operations Center. Suddenly, Ralu could feel an abnormal gust of wind grazing her left side. She glanced at the direction and saw an AMP, point its gun at her.

"Tet'su!" Ralu cried, pulling to the right. With the combination of Ralu's pulling and mental command of moving right, Tet'su did an awkward barrel-roll, just as the AMP fired its gun. With the angle between them and the AMP, if Tet'su hadn't moved, one of them would've been hit.

As soon as the first shot was fired, the Na'vi scattered, as more shots from the ground were heard. Ralu swerved and broke away from her intended path, knowing that if she continued towards the Operations Center, she wouldn't make it. As she approached another section of the compound, she saw a group of soldiers waiting there.

As they passed overhead, Ralu took hold of her and Tet'su's bond. "Tet'su…tswayon neto!" As Tet'su began to pull up again, away from the soldiers, Ralu broke the bond between the two and leapt off. (2)

Ralu landed in the middle of the crowd, landing on top of one of the soldiers and stomping him to the ground. The soldiers around him were frozen in shock, but only for a second. That second was all Ralu needed, however. She pulled the bow on her back off and swung it in a full circle, the spiky design of the bow raking through the soldiers close to her. Next to her, the Na'vi that she was leading had landed as well and were preventing any of the soldiers from retaliating. An arrow flew past Ralu and hit a soldier that was charging at her with a knife. Ralu turned around to see Jake standing there, arms still in a position showing that he had shot the arrow.

"Let's not stay in one spot too long!" Jake shouted over all the fighting.

Ralu nodded and raced off towards the compound. As Jake and several other Na'vi followed, a door opened as a couple soldiers stepped out, intending to join the fray. Ralu pulled an arrow out and shot it at the soldiers, hitting one right in the face mask. The second soldier had flinched as the arrow narrowly missed him and was immediately pounced upon by one of the knife wielding Na'vi. Ralu passed the two and ran into the building. Luckily enough the ceiling was just high enough that a Na'vi could stand straight up without hitting its head.

Suddenly, an AMP crashed through the wall of the hallway that the Na'vi were running through. In a split second, three Na'vi pushed past Ralu, including Jake, and rammed against the AMP, knocking it over.

"Go!" Jake shouted at Ralu, as one of the Na'vi stood up on top of the AMP's cockpit and fired an arrow directly into it. "We'll take care of stuff here!"

"Eyktan," one of the Na'vi still next to Ralu called, bringing her to her senses. (3)

Ralu nodded and ran past the hole that the AMP had made and where Jake and the two other Na'vi were now shooting arrows out of. Ralu only had two missions. One was the task of the entire clan and that was to find and kill Deverneil and the other was to find Kyle. Only problem was, she didn't know where to start looking. As she past an intersection, Ralu stopped at the first door she found and pulled out an arrow, just in case. She braced herself and rammed the door, crashing through it. At once she spotted someone raising a gun and immediately she pulled back the arrow and fired it, hitting him in the shoulder. The reaction of the rest of the room wasn't what Ralu was expecting though. Everyone got to their feet and pinned the injured soldier to the ground, preventing him from getting back up and fighting back.

"If you're looking for Deverneil just follow this hall and you'll find her in the room at the very end."

Ralu turned around to see Max Patel standing there looking at her through his exo-pack, though she didn't know who he was.

"T-thank you…" Ralu said, taken-aback. She backtracked out of the room and ran down the hall with the other Na'vi still following her.


Meanwhile, holding cells, the fighting had reached the occupant's ears.

"No!" Kyle shouted. "What are they doing?! They'll get killed!"

"How ever much I may agree with you, you can't really say you didn't expect this." Ryan said, finally getting to his feet.

Suddenly the main door opened and someone ran in. The guard immediately raised his gun but before he could fire the man who ran in shot him in the chest.

"Norm!?!" Ryder shouted in surprise as Norm ran over to their cell. "You just-"

"I know what I just did! Now if you could not talk about it, it would really help me not freak out at the moment!" Norm interrupted, keying the cell open. Even though he had attempted to participate in the final battle, his being shot prevented him from actually killing anything before now.

"Norm! What's going on?!" Kyle shouted as he got out of the cell.

"The Na'vi are attacking, obviously." Norm said, handing Kyle the gun that was slung across his shoulder. "They want to kill Deverneil and end all this."

Without another word, Kyle bolted from the room.

"Kyle!!" Ryder attempted to follow but Ryan pulled her back. "Let him go, we can't stop him."

"But-" Ryder tried to argue but the look on Ryan's face made her stop.


Kyle raced through the halls until he reached the Operations Center. When he reached the entrance to it, he kicked the door open and was about to run in when a gun shot rang out, making him stop in his tracks. He looked to his side to see Deverneil standing there, holding a hand gun and had obviously just attempted to shoot the first thing to walk through that door. Instinctively, Kyle kicked out and knocked the gun out of her hands. When he brought his M60 around Deverneil did the same to him, knocking the gun out of his grip. Kyle dove at Deverneil, knocking her down but was immediately kicked off.

"Why must you continue insisting on getting in my way!" Deverneil shouted, pulling out a knife and lunging at him.

Kyle quickly dove out of the way and quickly stood back up. "Same reason you keep trying to get me out. So I can get to the thing that I want."

"You mean your little alien friends?!" Deverneil retorted. "You're just as bad as those scientists and that Jake Sully. There's no reason for us to get along with them. Once we eliminate all of them on this planet we can harvest all the unobtainium we want! We'll be rich!"

"You think that you're better than them and can just simply eliminate an entire race just so that you can get rich?!" Kyle shouted, dodging Deverneil once more.

"That's the only reason we would come to this damn planet! We don't need to care about some stupid alien race. If they don't want to die then they can just get out of our way!"

Kyle growled and dove again, landing near his M60. He tried to reach for it but Deverneil kicked it out of his reach. She kicked again, this time kicking Kyle in the chest, making him collapse. She bent down and picked up her handgun and pointed it at Kyle.

"I'd say it's been nice knowing you…but it hasn't…" Deverneil said with a smirk. "So…"

Before she could pull the trigger, however, the main entrance burst open and an arrow lanced Deverneil's hand, making it impossible to shoot her gun. Both Kyle and Deverneil looked up to see Ralu charging in, bow raised and aimed at Deverneil. Before Ralu could shoot again, Deverneil pulled a thin cylinder about the size of a pen from her pocket and placed it against Kyle's head.

"You move one muscle, kitty, and your friend dies…" Deverneil threatened. When Ralu looked confused, Deverneil smirked. "You don't know what this is, do you? It's a bomb, kitty…I just push this button here and you can say goodbye to him…"

Ralu froze. She didn't know what a "bomb" was, nor what it did but she didn't want anything to hurt Kyle. Nevertheless she didn't move, keeping her bow aimed at Deverneil.

"Now if you don't want your friend to die I suggest you put down the bow…unless you want me to push the button…"

Ralu remained still, watching Deverneil carefully, thinking. Finally, she spoke. "Long ago…I would believe you…but I know now…that you are lying…" Ralu released her arrow and watched as it flew through the air and hit Deverneil in the chest, knocking her over.

Both Ralu and Kyle watched Deverneil hit the floor and stared at her unmoving body for a few seconds.

Then, Kyle turned. "Ralu…! I-"

Before Kyle could say much, Ralu threw her bow at him, the handle hitting Kyle in the head and bouncing off. "Kyle, nga skxawng!"(4)

"What…?!" Kyle cried, rubbing his head and completely confused.

"How could you think I was intended to Jala?!" Ralu shouted.

"Is now the time?!" Kyle shouted back.

"Jala was my brother's best friend! The one who took care of me when my brother returned to Eywa!"

"…Huh…?" Kyle had completely forgotten that there was still a battle going on outside. "But everyone said he had asked you to-"

"I never said yes!" Ralu cried out. "I refused when we were alone! Do you not think that I would tell you that I was intended?! Did I not tell you I never accepted anyone?"

"You could've been lying…" Kyle said under his breath.

"Kyle, I would never lie to you!" Ralu said. "I would never agree to be life partners with anyone other than you..." Ralu blushed as she once again brought up an embarrassing side to herself. Tears welled in her eyes as she became frustrated with the situation. "I chose to love you and I will not turn on my decision!"

"Ralu…" Kyle watched as Ralu started to wipe the tears from her eyes. He walked over to her and looked up at her. Being smaller than she was he couldn't exactly embrace her like he would in his avatar. He held his arms out and Ralu sat down, allowing Kyle to hug her. "I'm sorry Ralu. I was…being stupid…"

"Yes…you were…" Ralu mumbled.

"You're not supposed to agree with me Ralu…" Kyle said with a chuckle.

Ralu giggled slightly. "I said I would never lie to you…" Ralu gently rubbed her cheek against Kyle's. She then reached over and picked up the cylindrical device that Deverneil had threatened Kyle's life with. "What is this…?"

"Looks like a holo-frame…" Kyle said, sitting in Ralu's lap and taking the cylinder from her. "You can store pictures in these…wonder what she had stored in here…" Kyle clicked the button that Deverneil had her finger on and a projection shot out of the side, creating a holo-projection of an image.

The image was one of Deverneil, probably back on Earth, with three other people. One of them was a man, who looked like he was about the same age as Deverneil, if not older. His hand was on her shoulder as two boys, one that looked like he was in his early teens and the other looking slightly younger, stood in front of them. Deverneil was kneeling, slightly in between the two boys and they were hugging Deverneil. One probably wouldn't think that the Deverneil in the photo was the same as the one that they knew in person. Deverneil had a big, caring smile on her face, as she had her arms around the two boys and her glasses hanging off of her shirt collar.

"…Her family…" Kyle said softly, looking at the picture.

"Her life partner and children?" Ralu asked, also looking at the picture.

"Probably…" Kyle replied with a nod.

Ralu looked sadly from the picture to the lifeless body some ways away from them. "I can not help feeling I did something terrible…"

"It's not your fault…" Kyle said, leaning against Ralu. "She was asking for it…"

Ralu gave a small sad whimper and wrapped her arms around Kyle, holding him close.

Kyle smiled slightly and kissed her on the cheek gently. "Hey…how did you get away from that AMP yesterday?"

Ralu looked at Kyle, confused. And then she figured out what he meant. "Oh…"


Ralu turned to see Kyle collapse as the AMP shot him. "KYLE!"

"Don't worry, I didn't kill him." The pilot laughed.

Ralu gave a screech and leapt at the AMP, landing on it before the pilot had a chance to react. Ralu took out her knife and stabbed at the window, leaving several holes in it. Quickly, the pilot jettisoned the panel, throwing Ralu off of the suit. As Ralu was busy trying to get the panel off of herself, the pilot put on an exo-pack and was ready once more. He cocked his gun and aimed it at Ralu, just as she got free. Ralu leapt out of the way just as the pilot fired. But the pilot followed Ralu with his gun, the bullets just narrowly missing Ralu. Ralu quickly sprinted forward again and leapt at the AMP, grabbing onto it and stabbing the pilot with her knife. Unfortunately Ralu missed and only got the pilot's shoulder. It was enough, however, to anger the pilot.

"You bitch!" The pilot shouted and grabbed Ralu and threw her off of himself.

Ralu flew through the air and hit the trunk of a tree. Gasping for air, Ralu stood up to see the AMP pointing its gun at her once more.

"Die!" The pilot roared and fired. Fortunately the stab wound in his shoulder prevented the pilot from resisting the gun's recoil, making the gun jump and the bullets miss Ralu. "Damn it!" The pilot shouted in pain and raised his gun again, attempting to trying again. But when he looked, Ralu was gone.

The pilot turned left and right, trying to find any sign of Ralu. Suddenly there was a loud thump and the pilot looked up and found himself staring straight at the tip of an arrow.

"Terkup!" Ralu cried and released her arrow. (5)


"And I brought your uniltìranyu to Kelutrel," Ralu explained. "The lungoray are taking care of it…" (6)

Kyle smiled. "Thanks Ralu…" Kyle kissed Ralu on the cheek again before standing up. "Come on…let's put an end to this stupidity…"

Ralu nodded and followed Kyle outside as he put on an exo-pack.


You were watching today, weren't you? The signs that you gave me…if it weren't for you I probably would be joining you right now…even though it is not yet my time. Thank you. And thank you for returning my Kyle to me. We were able rescue the Dream-walkers and managed to drive off the bad Sky People. Pandora is safe from the Sky People once more. I do not believe that this will be the last time that they come to Pandora, but from now until they do, I will enjoy my time.

Though we lost several brothers and sisters today, I am not sad, because I know that they are with you now. We held a celebration for their lives and it was a joyous event, though honestly I did not attend much of it, as I had spent most of my time with Kyle. We didn't do much…simply stayed in each other's company. I am excited to be with Kyle once more, this time properly…although our training will probably be halted until Kyle's Dream-walker body can be fixed. The Sky People toktors said that it will be ready in no time so for now we shall wait. I am not complaining…as long as I remain with Kyle I am happy.

Thank you, Eywa, for watching over us, and I pray that you will continue to do so.


(1) "Tet'su… käì!"


(2) "Tet'su…tswayon neto!"

"Tet' away!"

(3) "Eyktan"


(4) "Kyle, nga skxawng!"

"Kyle, you moron!"

(5) "Terkup!"


(6) "Kelutrel"