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Evening autumn wind swished past Sarah, brushing her beige skirt forwards and blowing her hair into her face. She loved feeling the crisp, cool air while she walked Merlin slowly around the block. Slowly indeed. Her dog had certainly seemed to get old without her noticing; his boisterous leaping now much more subdued, and with telltale signs that he was starting to feel arthritis in his front legs.

Her ever faithful sheepdog, who didn't mind if she called him Ambrosias once in awhile by accident, looked up at her and woofed happily, pink doggy tongue hanging out amidst all the poofy white fur. Sarah smiled as she tugged her hair out of her own face and tried to tie it back without getting tangled in the leash she was holding.

Once her hair was secured out of her face, Sarah bent down and pulled back a handful of Merlin's hair so she could look him in the eye. "I don't know how you can stand having all this in your face. Maybe I should get a pony tail for you as well."

Merlin seemed to think this was a grand idea, and pressed his cold, wet nose against her cheek, and let out a big, dog food smelling breath right into her face. Wrinkling her nose at him, she laughed.

Straightening up, Sarah continued her leisurely pace, her hand loosely holding the leash. Merlin amiably padded along next to her, busily sniffing the air.

Saturdays always seemed to be the most relaxing of the day of the week. The day where she could just shut down before recharging on Sunday and heading back to work, back to school, on Monday. It was her first year teaching, having just completed her degree, and she was still getting used to being in charge. To being an authority figure.

She loved her class, though. She taught a grade four class, filled with students who hadn't lost their sense of wonder, or their love of adventure. Who still loved stories and to hear tales. Sarah had grown up, but part of her could just never let go of the fairy tales, so she passed them on to the children. Stories of the Round Table, of dragons and princesses, of fallen kingdoms and brave knights. But not one tale about a labyrinth or a Goblin King.

Toby was in attendance at the school she taught at, not yet old enough to be in her class. At eight years of age, he was just starting third grade.

He had certainly grown up to be a whole human child. Not one bit of Goblin in him, and if his sense of dress was a little eccentric, well then she blamed that on him being an eight year old boy with no fashion sense.

Sarah shook her head. It had been so long since the labyrinth, but never once did she think she had dreamed it. The evidence of her celebratory party had lasted for days, and she had issues getting all the hair from Ludo off from the drapes he had become entangled in at one point.

The point wasn't whether or not if she believed it had all been real, but whether or not dwelling on such things would be a good idea. Truly, she missed her friends, but she knew it wasn't good to always have goblins hanging around her, not if she intended making friends here.

Not that she had any. True, there was always Toby, the little boy cherished the Saturday afternoons they always spent together, but she didn't really know anybody her own age. It just seemed she couldn't identify with people her own age. They always seemed so—boxed in. Unimaginative. Boring.

Maybe she was a child stuck in an adult's body.

Or a goblin stuck in a human's body.

She stopped walking, and Merlin looked up at her, waiting to see what the hold up was about.

Now where had that thought come from? She patted Merlin on the head and kept walking.

She was just lonely, that's all. She had no one but children to keep her company, and she almost craved an adult that she could carry a conversation with. Then again, the goblins she had met had all been quite childish in their own ways as well. Hoggle in his naivety, Ludo in his simplicity, Sir Didymus in his sheer exuberance. The only adult had been the Goblin King. The man who had promised her everything, and who she had turned away from to save Toby. The boy she had petulantly put in jeopardy in the first place.

When she had first returned from the labyrinth, she had thought herself such a great hero. As she grew up, she came to terms with that all she had done was rectify her wrong. Unless she had destroyed the Goblin King, but she doubted he would be bested so completely. He was certainly a person who had kept her on her toes, anyway.

"I don't know what's wrong with me, boy," she commented absent mindedly to Merlin. "I mean, I tried so hard to get out of there, but now all I wish is that the Goblin King was here."

Her dog gave her an odd look. "I know, I know. It's just… is it so wrong that I kind of want excitement again?" Merlin stayed silent, as if contemplating her words. "At least I would have something to laugh at, what with the way he dresses," she giggled, as she walked up the steps to the small house that she owned.

"…all I wish is that the Goblin King was here."

Jareth let a wicked grin curl his lips as her words echoed out through the crystal he held in his gloved palm.

If that wasn't a clear invitation, then what was?

He flicked the crystal out of view, and glanced out the window. His city was rebuilt. His labyrinth ever loomed in front of the city. He was sure it would be fine without him for a couple days.

On that thought, he flicked the crystal back into his hand. He stared at it for a moment, as he saw Sarah speaking to that shaggy dog. "At least I would have something to laugh at, what with the way he dresses." He glared at crystal. She found him funny, did she? Well, he'd fix that soon enough.

He gripped the glass orb tightly before smashing it at his feet, disappearing with the shards and smoke that it produced.

The Goblin King had entered the human world.

Sarah dropped her keys on her old coffee table. Merlin had climbed up onto the small loveseat and was sprawled across it so that she didn't even have room to sit if she wanted.

Her living room was tiny, consisting only of the small sofa and a coffee table. It adjoined to the kitchen that was separated only by the existence of a small dining table. A hall split off between her kitchen and living room, the door on the left of the walkway her bedroom and the door on the right, her bathroom. The very end of the hall had the door to the linen closet, and there was a full-length mirror attached to it.

Sarah hadn't changed much since her time in the labyrinth. Her face had thinned out a bit, but it made her eyes larger so she hadn't really lost her child like appearance. Of course, her body had filled out and was definitely the body of a woman, not a teenager. A smile tugged on her lips at that thought, but fell quickly as she realised that even a woman's body didn't give her any male attention. Their eyes always sliding past her, or dismissing her.

She opened the door to bathroom with a huff and turned on the tap for the bathtub. A long hot soak sounded like just the ticket at the moment. Screw the male population. Or not, as was the case.

She watched the water as it poured in a little torrent, splashing and churning in the tub. Soon steam began to rise in little vapours above the water as it heated up, and Sarah exited to go grab her towel.

After fighting with the linen closet to relinquish her towel from its messy confines, she went into the bathroom and shut the door. The tub was still filling up as she began to undress, pulling her clothes off and then releasing her hair from the hair tie that held it bound. She wrapped her towel around herself to ward off most the chill while the tub continued filling.

She turned the tap off for the bath when it was full enough, and sighed as the cacophonous sound of the water stopped and the house was filled with blissful silence. She could barely hear Merlin's nails clicking on the hardwood floor, and she made note that she would probably have to trim them soon.

Dropping her towel, she made to get into the hot water when she heard a voice come from behind her, "If you are allowed to laugh at my state of dress, do I get to have one at you whilst you're in a state of undress?"

Sarah whipped her head around, and froze when she realised that none other than the Goblin King was standing in her bathroom. Leaning against the sink, to be exact. While she was naked.

His eyes travelled down her naked back and over her arse with an almost predatory glint in them. "Then again, I'm pretty sure that with you looking like this, laughing is the last thing on my mind."

Hastily, Sarah grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her tightly as she could, clutching it to herself as a lifeline. "You- how did you- I thought you couldn't come here!"

He pushed off from the sink and took a step towards her, his heeled boot echoing on the tiled floor. He looked exactly as he had when she left. His blonde, almost white hair in its shocking style, his aristocratic features half condescending, half amused, his eyes ever dramatic with the markings around them. "Oh, dear Sarah, you are right. I couldn't come here. I could watch you, listen to you, but I wasn't allowed to come touch you," He took another step forwards, so that she was in easy reach, and ran a glove-clad finger down her face. She didn't flinch away, nor did she lean into it. He continued, "I couldn't come before. Not until you wished for my presence."

Sarah sputtered, her face flushing although she didn't know if it was from anger or embarrassment.

"I didn't mean that!" she cried, aware of how childish she sounded.

"But what's said is said," he threw at her, holding out his hands so they hovered above her shoulders, noticing how she tensed and revelling in it. "And now I can touch you." His hands rested on her shoulders, soft leather that felt warm on her bare skin.

She didn't move, but simply glared at him. "And I would ask that you do not. I beat you, now leave me be."

"Sarah, dearest Sarah, you didn't beat me at anything. I only ever did what you asked. I, a king, offered to become a slave. For you. Do you not understand?"

She batted his hands off her shoulders, anger flashing in her eyes. "I am not fifteen anymore, Goblin King," she spat the title at him, "and you can no longer manipulate me. If I do not understand, then you do not remember. You have no power over me."

His mismatched eyes flashed at her words. "I think you're wrong, Sarah. I think you're very, very wrong."

"You have no child to bargain with. There is no labyrinth in my house for you to make me run. You do not rule here. I'd say you're power is pretty limited."

As soon as she had finished speaking, he grabbed her hands, spun her to the side and had her pressed against the cold tile wall of her bathroom. He pinned her arms above her head, and insinuated a leg between hers. His body pressed against her, holding up the only bit of modesty she had.

He grinned as her large dark eyes, grew huge with fear. How her pretty little mouth had gaped open in surprise. The feel of her lithe body pressed against his was almost too much. It felt so real to be touching her now. So real. When she had been in his kingdom the only time he had touched her was in her dream at the masquerade, while they danced. When she was a little girl. It didn't compare.

Then again, she also wasn't almost naked in that dream.

Her chest was heaving with her anxiety and he felt her breasts press against him through the towel. She was definitely no longer the little girl.

"I'd say this is plenty of power, wouldn't you? I have the power of superior strength on my side." He leaned in so that his breath was hot on her neck, and she shivered at the feeling. She was suddenly very aware that he was a man who had her completely at his mercy. She bit her lip to keep from whimpering.

Noticing her reaction, Jareth smiled. He knew that she had never had any potential lovers. What she didn't know however, was that human males would forever avoid her. He grinned. Not because of her looks, or her personality… but because she had eaten goblin fruit. She had been marked as different from the moment she ate the peach offered to her by her friend. More importantly though, was that the fruit had come from him. The man that loved her.

She was his.

He let his lips trace up the column of her neck, whispering kisses that made her shiver again. He let his teeth tug at her ear, and he watched her as she bit her lip harder to keep quiet. How fun it would be to see how long she could hold out.

His free hand travelled along her side, firmly sliding down until he gripped her hip, pulling her closer to him at the same time as he bit down on her neck where it met the shoulder.

An almost animalistic growl escaped him at the sight of her with her back arched, and her head tipped back. Her eyes had slid shut and her mouth hung open, little panting breaths escaping.

He stared at those lips for a moment, before crushing his own to them. She let out a little surprised squeak but it quickly turned into a moan as his teeth pulled at her lips and his tongue demanded entry.

She realised just then exactly who she was kissing and she turned her head away, gasping in the air that was now hot and humid from the bath. He let out a throaty chuckle and kissed the side of her neck again, and she couldn't resist a little sigh as he did so.

His lips ended up back at her ear as he whispered, "And I have power over you as only a man and woman can know between each other."

He leaned back so their eyes met, and he smirked to see hers darkened with desire.

Stepping back way from her, the towel almost made a great escape, but she clutched it to herself once more. She was staring at him, most likely thinking of what to say. "Why—what—what was that about?" she finally managed.

He shrugged. "You've known it all along, Sarah. I told you before I would be your slave, but obviously that doesn't appeal to you. You turned me down. Maybe this is my new approach to get you to return my feelings."

She stared at him. "What feelings are those?"

He laughed then, and before he could stop himself he swooped in for another kiss, quick and fleeting and full of sensual promises. "You said it yourself. The Goblin King has fallen in love with you. I love you, Sarah. I want you to be mine, just as I offered to be yours."

She put a hand to her head, as if she had a headache. "I'm insane after all. That's it. No more fairy tale books."

He looked at her, amused. "And why would this make you insane?"

She glared at him. "You're the Goblin King. You don't know how to love," she shot.

He grinned wider. "Truly you wound me, my lady. I am too capable of love. I left my kingdom just to come and get you, didn't I?"

"Come and get me?"

He shrugged. "Once you realize you love me, it won't be a matter of a few seconds for you to come and rule by my side."

"In a pig's eye!" she spat at him. "I will not leave my life just because you have some skewed view of love that involves me. Go stalk somebody else!"

"Sarah, I have every intention of you coming back with me. What if I can prove it? What if I can prove I love you?"

She eyed him warily. Oh, right now more than anything she wanted to go back with him. Her body was still humming from his touch, but she knew it would be a poor choice if she made it based on physical desire.

"I'll let you attempt and prove your 'love' on one condition:" she stated. When he did not raise any objections, but merely raised an eyebrow, she continued, "you are not allowed to touch me while proving yourself."

Jareth gaped at her. Not touch her? He spent seven years waiting for the day he could! And now, now that he had felt her move under his touch, the way she had moaned into his mouth, and she expected him to abstain? He growled a bit and took a step forward. "I accept your terms, only on the grounds that if you touch me first, I am allowed to reciprocate."

Well, that sounded fair enough, now didn't it? She considered if it might be a trick, but couldn't think of how. All she had to do was not touch him.


"Good," Jareth smiled. "I can't wait. It will, after all, be a piece of cake."

She glared at him, catching the reference. "Your cleaners won't save you now," she commented.

"And you have no traitors to aid you this time." He left the bathroom, formulating his plan to bring Sarah back to his bed, and more importantly, his side in the throne room.

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