Sure, it was the weekend before midterms, but Serena was her best friend, and Blair was the maid of honor, so although Serena's engagement party was a little ill-timed, Blair made sure she was there for it.

Even if Chuck would be there.

When he came up to her at the party, as she knew he would, she braced herself for the confrontation.

"Ah, Waldorf, what a pleasure it is to have you grace us with your presence this evening;" he smarmed as he lifted her hand and examined the ring on her finger, "And with such a large accessory."

She ripped her hand away and glared at him, "What do you want Chuck?"

He smirked and ignored her foul mood, "I would love to meet the man who gave you that wonderful diamond. Where is the fiancée this evening?"

"He couldn't be here." She said haughtily. "It's a busy time for him, what with law school applications and midterms and everything."

"Ah, I see." He whispered smoothly as he ran his hand up her arm and took a step closer to her, "Well I guess you are going to need someone else to keep you warm tonight, and you're in luck, because it just so happens that I'm available."

Blair scoffed at him before taking a step to brush past him. He quickly reached out to grab her arm and keep her from moving. "Can you just tell me one thing, Blair," He pulled her back so she stood in front of him and she could look into his eyes, seeing the sincerity and emotion there buried beneath his carefully crafted mask of indifference. "Does he look like me at all?" He whispered with a hint of desperation evident in his voice as he shook his head bitterly, "Because the women, they're all an awful lot like you now."

Her eyes widened slightly in shock before she quickly took a deep breath, composed herself, and walked past him; effectively ignoring his question.


When the party was winding down and most of the guest had left, she found him sitting at the bar. He was looking down at the glass of scotch in front of him as she walked up beside him.

She looked straight ahead at the bottles of alcohol behind the bar as she leaned against the counter. Chuck glanced at her over his shoulder before turning back to his drink.

"He has dark hair," She began abruptly, still looking straight ahead, "But it's not soft and thick like yours. He has piercing eyes, but they don't see right through me like yours do. He's clever and manipulative and proud, but not like you." At that point, Chuck had turned to face her. Even as she continued to stare straight in front of her, he could see the tears forming in her eyes, "There are so many ways that he is similar to you, but he's not really like you at all. He's just a cheap knock-off, but he's the closest thing I can have now."

She shook her head in defeat and just as suddenly as she had began, she left, pushing away from the bar and walking off without looking back at him, though she could feel his gaze burning into her as he watched her go.


"Tell me does he look like me at all, 'cause they're all an awful lot like you" — 'Curve of the Earth' by Matt Nathanson