When I look at you

I am breathless at the perfection I witness.

When you look at me I can see into your soul.

The depth. The pain. The Love.

Is this a thing you only share with me?


By Uchiha-Griffin

_I don't own Bleach!_

My first Bleach fanfic. A Milestone! 3


Ulquiorra walked down the hall of Hueco Mundo toward where Inoue Orihime was being kept. He had been informed she wasn't eating again. He sighed and placed his hands in his pockets. Why did that woman have to be so infuriating, difficult, and beautiful?

Yes, beautiful. Not a word that normally occupied Ulquiorra's vocabulary, but ever since that woman came lots of things about him had changed. First, he had begun to wonder what this word, "heart" meant. She had mentioned it a few times. He couldn't, however, grasp the concept. A thing that controlled her emotions? Those moods of hers that could sway him, even when he had his mind set on something?

He came to the door to her room. "I'm coming in." he said, opening the door. Orihime was laying on the huge couch that was kept in there, asleep. Ulquiorra blinked and closed the door gently, noticing the untouched food on the nearby table. He walked toward the auburn-haired girl, who was sleeping peacefully. He moved a strand away from her face and crouched down, inquisitive.

Her lips were barely open, her cool breath hitting his neck and giving him a small chill. "Inoue. You drive me crazy, you know that?" He said as if she could hear him. She didn't stir, and he raised an eyebrow, sitting down with his back against the couch. "It's not anything bad though. I just can't stop thinking about you. I wonder why that is…?" He was fully aware he was talking to himself, and felt ridiculous.

But he didn't really care, actually.

"Also…" he continued his one-sided conversation. "… Aizen must want you for some special reason. Besides the fact that you can heal really well." He mused, looking off into the distance. "I mean, Aizen only takes people who are the most valuable. You must be very valuable, right?" He turned to glance at her for only a moment. Still fast asleep.

"Inoue. You're always on my mind… even when I should be focusing on other things, like the Soul Reaper coming to kill me for taking you away." He said. Orihime took a deep breath in her sleep and snuggled down a little. Ulquiorra's lips quirked. He caught himself before he could allow a small smile.

"You confound me, woman." he muttered. "You know… this 'heart' think you were telling me about. I think I'm starting to get it. It's the way… I feel toward… You… isn't it? Maybe that's not the exact word… but I'm beginning to understand…" Ulquiorra lifted a piece of her long, auburn hair, letting it fall from his hand before getting up and walking away slowly.

He stopped for a moment in the door and looked back at the woman who had somehow managed to capture that thing… that 'heart' she had so often preached about. He looked at her before allowing that small smile to grace his pallid features for only a second. With that, he shut the door behind him and walked quickly down the hall, his long coat trailing behind him.

Meanwhile, Orihime was waking up from her nap. She rubbed her eye before swinging her legs over the side of her couch. When her feet touched the ground, she pulled back for a second, confused. He usually freezing floor was warm. Like someone had been sitting there. She glanced at the door, blushing slightly.

"Ulquiorra-san… You've finally found your heart… haven't you?"

Gawd. That was so fluffy you could stuff a pillow with it. Haha! I hope you enjoyed it, it's short because I really need to get a feel for a couple before I can write for them really well. If you think I should continue writing for Ulquihime, let me know. I love them~!