Candle Catastrophe
By: Manna


Part I

"You no take candle!" the thing wailed in Caelin's ear. With a shudder at the gravelly, unfamiliar way the kobold talked, she lunged forward, plunging her sword into the center of its chest; it tried to speak again, but failed, slumping to the ground after a single, gurgling breath.

She tsk'd to herself as she wiped her blade off on the grass before shrugging her shoulders. The light chain mail across her chest made a soft sound as she knelt down to sift through the creatures belongings. "Candle?" she asked after a moment, holding it up.

Misae blinked once and then made a face as she shook her dark hair out of her eyes. "Nobody wants a half-melted stub of a candle. Does that thing even have a wick?"

"No," the blonde answered, and tossed it on the ground.

As soon as the wax hit the earth, a kobold ran out from behind a rock, its gravelly voice penetrating the silence, "You no take candle!"

"Lookie here," Misae said, a scowl on her face as she twisted her fingers around a fire spell. "Nobody wants your stupid candle!"

The creature did not seem to fully understand Common, despite the fact that it had learned to speak it.


Author Notes:

Just something silly. RP realms can be fun. People don't look at you strange for talking in /say to random enemies/NPCs. To be continued in Part II!