Candle Catastrophe
By: Manna


Part II

Caelin elbowed Misae as the mage struggled to stifle a yawn. The older gentleman in front of them, who had introduced himself as a Mr. Pestle, had a task that they could complete for a bit of money—something they were desperately in need of lest they be forced to dive into the moat of Stormwind in search of a few copper to buy a bit of food.

Apparently, he needed large candles for a shipment, and Caelin listened quite intently—because her new "friend" surely wouldn't be paying attention to detail—to be sure she didn't miss a darned thing.

"You can get large candles from kobolds, and I hear…"

Her dark-haired companion let out a snort, and Caelin hastily excused them, promising to bring a few extra candles as compensation for their rudeness. Mr. Pestle happily agreed, of course. The more candles he got, the more wax for the shipment, and the more money he'd bring in.

She glared at her still-laughing friend once they were outside of the Lion's Pride Inn, "I know we're doing this for chump change, but we're out of money and need every little bit we can get our hands on!" Her voice lowered to a hissing whisper, "I don't want to sound desperate, but we kind of are."

"I'm sorry!" Misae said, shrugging her slim shoulders as she patted down the front of her dusty robe. "You no take candle!" Another snort escaped as she struggled to quiet her chuckles. "I distinctly remember saying nobody wanted their stupid candles."

"This is hardly a laughing matter!" Exasperated, Caelin let out a heavy sigh. "We could have lost the chance to get a little bit of extra money—"

"Seriously, Cael! We thought they were insane for thinking someone wanted their candles. Turns out…someone does!"


Author Notes:

Nothing worth noting here, except that I was amused that someone actually did want those candles. :/