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Happily Ever After

For Brooke Davis and Julian Baker, it was really difficult.

Pretending to be the picture perfect family when the one thing they wanted, or the one thing she really wanted, couldn't be had.

The doctors called it nearly impossible. And the thing that got her the most upset was that while they were telling them that their dream of having their own family was basically never going to happen, they also told them not to give up. Wasn't that just a contradiction?

The doctors told Brooke there were options to look into. There were fertility treatments and hormone injections. And Brooke couldn't help but frown because all of those things just sounded so tiresome. Couldn't they just be a normal couple? Like Nathan and Haley; like Lucas and Peyton. Their families just seemed to grow so naturally.

First finding out, it had seemed to strain their relationship that was already disintegrating before their eyes. It pulled them apart faster than they had gotten together – and that was fast.

Of course there were other problems in the way, and when all that got settled down, their love prevailed and they realized they loved each other too much to be apart.

Julian always reassured her that he didn't need kids to be happy, he just needed her. Every time he said that, though, she wasn't sure how well she believed him. Because she wanted kids with him so bad. Didn't he want that too?

But once more, he reassured her, and this time as he did, he knelt down on one knee and presented her with a gorgeous ring.

He really meant. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with this woman, and nothing else mattered.

With tears in her eyes, Brooke said yes, pulling him into a passionate kiss and a tight embrace. She was ready. Her heart was ready.

They had gotten married shortly after that, the dresses and the tuxes all COB originals.

The real trouble started after that.

They had been married for a year when she started bringing up the prospect of children again. To her surprise, he'd been thinking about it too.

Nathan and Haley had had their second child, and Lucas and Peyton had come to visit with Sawyer a few times. And Julian saw the way Brooke interacted with them. The way she adored Jamie, her first godchild; the way she spoiled Sawyer rotten whenever she came to visit; the way she held Nathan and Haley's newborn in the hospital; the look in her eyes as she did so.

He knew that she would make an amazing mother. So he brought up adoption. The concept was familiar with her anyway. After all, she had taken care of Angie and had fostered Sam.

"But I want to be pregnant, Julian." She had explained to him. "I want to feel our baby kick for the first time. I want it to be like you and like me. I even want to get fat and have morning sickness. Julian, I want us to have a baby."

So they went to the doctors and once again she was told, just like a few years prior, that chances were, she'd never get pregnant. But she wanted to test out all the options she was given. She wasn't going to just give up.

After five months of treatments, when nothing happened, she could tell Julian was getting frustrated. None of this was easy on him either. But he loved Brooke, and he wanted to give her anything she wanted. Or at least try to.

One day he got home from work after working all day long on the set of a new movie. He was exhausted and just wanted to collapse on the bed and go to sleep. When he walked in, Brooke was beaming. He hadn't seen her that happy in…well he couldn't even remember how long.

"Hey, baby." He greeted, kissing her lightly on the lips. "You're happy today."

She had nodded excitedly, grabbing his hand. "I wanna show you something."

He followed her lead and she brought him into the bathroom. She had smiled even wider as his smile grew.

"Is this for real?" His eyes had been drawn to one lone pregnancy test lying alongside the sink.

Her eyes clouded with tears, nodding. "I realized I was late so I went to the store earlier to pick this up."

He couldn't think of anything else to say and instead wrapped her into a tight embrace. "This is amazing, Brooke."

She smiled into his chest, finally feeling at ease. "I made an appointment for tomorrow…if you want to take off…"

"Of course."

They had gone to the doctor the next day. And they left with looks of disappointment and frowns.

"I'm sorry." The doctor sympathetically said. "The test you took must have been defective or this was an error in taking it. Mrs. Baker, You're not pregnant."

And just like that, their dream was shattered.

That night a lot of fighting had gone on. A lot of yelling and a lot of crying and it ended with Julian sleeping on the couch.

The next few weeks were tough on both of them. There had been awkward tensions and moments of silence. Nathan, Haley, their two kids, and Peyton, Lucas and Sawyer came to visit shortly after that. They all saw how devastated Brooke looked. The way she stared at their children, longing to have some of her own.

That night, Julian had decided the silence was enough. "This is ridiculous, Brooke. I love you, isn't that enough?"

"It should be."

"Then why isn't it?"

"Because." She had cried. "I should be able to have a child. Just like all of our friends. I should be able to get pregnant and give birth to a beautiful baby that's part of me and part of you. Don't you want that?"

"Of course I do. But if the doctors are saying it can't be done…"

"So you're saying I stop? Stop with the injections, the treatments?"

"I'm saying that if you're going to be miserable with me throughout this whole process, then what is the point?"

Her eyes had narrowed and he felt her glare penetrate into him. It was like fire, burning his soul. "Screw you!"

And then it was another night on the couch for Julian.

That morning he had woken up and knew that someone was watching him. He opened his eyes and smiled slightly.

"I'm sorry." The brunette before him mumbled. "I didn't mean to be so...bitchy last night…I'm just really stressed."

He nodded in understanding. "I understand, baby."

"Did you really mean it though? Do you not want to try anymore…?"

He shook his head slightly. "I didn't mean it. You know there is nothing I'd rather do than have a baby with you."

Smiling at his sincerity, she captured his lips in hers as they slowly made their way into the bedroom.

A few weeks passed by and things were getting better. As good as they could have been.

He got home one day and found her sitting at the kitchen table, staring aimlessly into space.


She had opened her mouth to speak, but then stopped.

"What's wrong, babe?"

She sighed. "I don't want to get my hopes up." She had told him.


"I'm late…again."


"Yeah…but it could just be like last time so…"

"We'll go to the doctor and see, okay?" Julian had reassured her. "And if not this time, then we'll keep trying, okay?"

Brooke had nodded, tears flooding her eyes. She wanted it so bad.

The next day, they sat in the all too familiar doctor's office.

"It's going to be okay." He had said, kissing her cheek, gripping her hand tightly.

The doctor reappeared and what happened next was something Brooke and Julian would never forget.

A smile had slowly made its way onto the doctor's face. "Congratulations. You're pregnant."

One day, Julian had stepped into the house and could've sworn his home had turned into some baby store.

"Brooke?" He had called out.

She appeared and he had smiled, getting a glance at her swollen belly. "Hey, Julian, you're home early."

"Yeah. I thought I'd surprise you. What's going on in here?"

"Well Haley took me shopping-"

"So you decided to buy the whole store? Why am I not surprised, Brooke Davis?"

"Baker." She had smirked. "And I'm glad you're home early. I was just online shopping for some other things and now you can help."

He groaned jokingly, and then grinned. "I'd love to."

A week after that she went for a sonogram.

"So if we're lucky, we might even be able to hear a heartbeat today." The doctor glanced over at the couple while putting gel on Brooke's stomach.

"This is so exciting; we get to hear our baby's heartbeat!" She had gushed to Julian and he looked at her, taking in her beauty. She was glowing and he'd never seen her so beautiful.

When the sound of a heartbeat broke through the silence, Brooke had immediately broken into tears. All of their fights and arguments and devastations leading up to that very moment no longer mattered. She looked over to Julian who seemed to have tears in his eyes as well.

Seconds later though, her face had gone from pure bliss to confusion and worry, as had Julian's.

"Why is there an irregular heartbeat?" Julian had asked nervously.

The doctor moved the wand around again, getting a clearer sonogram picture on the monitor. "Oh that's no irregular heartbeat…in fact, those are two strong and healthy ones."


The doctor smiled. "Twins. Now, if you look closely here, you can actually see them both. Looks like one of them must have been hiding."

"Those are my babies?" Brooke had cried as Julian leaned closer towards her, placing kisses in her hair.

It seemed nearly months ago they weren't even going to have one child and now they were being blessed with two.

The doctors had always told her before having fertility treatments that they increased the chances of becoming pregnant with multiples, and she just never thought of it because all she wanted was to be given one child.

And now she was pregnant with two.

Two beautiful children that would each be like her and like Julian.

"Daddy!" Julian hears a scream and looks down to find his adorable three and a half year-old daughter staring up at him. "I falls!"

She's bundled up in her snow suit, wrapped up tightly in a scarf, and he can't help but laugh. Brooke definitely goes overboard.

"You fell?" He asks softly, bending down to wipe the cold snow off her clothing. "All better, Lexi." He smiles and kisses her forehead.

"Alexis, did you leave mommy all by herself to build your snowman?" He hears another voice from a distance and smiles. After five years of marriage, Brooke Davis-Baker still makes his heart swell.

"I's sorry!" Alexis runs as fast as she can back to her mother and starts patting fists of snow to the figure that'll eventually turn into a snowman.

Julian turns back around and heads towards the front door of their vacation house; the house they go to in order to get away from the craziness. When work gets too tough, and they just need a break, they pack their bags and pack up the kids, and go. It's crazy and it's spontaneous and they love it.

He smiles as he watches his son through the open front door.

The little boy is sitting on the floor, flipping through a baby picture book learning numbers and letters. He's nice and warm, away from the cold, moist air.

Brooke always jokes about how their little boy is just like Julian; the quiet type who'll turn out to be a total mathlete. Their little girl on the other hand is all Brooke; a loud, energetic, fashionable child. Julian nods whenever she says this and tells her he wouldn't have it any other way.

"Hey, Jack." The little boy looks up and grins; the same grin Julian has, just with Brooke's dimples. "Don't you want to go play out in the snow with your mom and sister?"

"Uh uh."

"It's a lot of fun." Julian tempts.

The tiny boy simply picks up the book. "I read."

"Oh, Jackson…" Julian just laughs and takes a seat on the couch, watching his son on the floor, content with his little book, and his two favorite girls outside playing in the snow.

And he thinks, "How did I get so lucky?"

When the sky darkens, Brooke and Alexis come inside and change into dry clothes as Julian sits on the couch with Jackson, watching a cartoon. Brooke returns downstairs with Alexis on her hip and smiles at her husband and son.

"Hey, girls." Julian says, realizing they're standing at the bottom of the staircase.

She places Alexis on the ground and watches as she runs to her brother and jumps on the couch beside him. "Jacky why didn't you plays outside with me and mommy? It was fun!"

"'Cause I gots my book. And it was too cold."

"Nuh uhhh."




"Hey, no fighting." Brooke interrupts. "Since me and Lexi just came in from the snow what do you say we make some hot chocolate?" She suggests.

"With marshmallows?!" Alexis jumps up from her seat.

"Is there any other way?" She winks and Alexis rushes into the kitchen before Brooke.

Jackson runs after her but stops when he comes to Brooke and smiles up at her. Brooke knows her baby boy and knows that he wants to be carried.

"And how were you today, mister? Have fun inside with daddy?" She lifts him up into her arms.

"Mhm." He nods and she strokes his cheek.

"Good, I'm glad."

Thirty minutes later, after the hot chocolate had cooled down enough so that Brooke was comfortable to give it to the twins, empty cups are left on the kitchen table. Julian, Brooke and the kids sit in the living room in front of the fireplace.

Julian's sitting next to Brooke as she sits in the large chair, both of their babies on each side of her. She's rocking them into a slumber and the way the fire's glow hits their faces makes Julian stare intensely at his beautiful family. The family he and Brooke had tried so hard for.

"When do you leave?" Brooke's raspy voice catches him off guard for a split second.

He snaps out of his daze and replies. "In two days. It's only for a week though; just to check out some locations for the movie."

"I know." She offers him a small smile. "We'll be okay." She looks down at her two sleeping children.

"I know." He grins back, giving her the same response she gave him.

They bask in a peaceful silence and he notices her eyelids are fluttering, moments away from sleep.

"I love you," He hears Brooke mumble.

"I love you too, babe." He leans in closer to her, brushing her hair away from his face. "Thank you." He whispers before placing a kiss on all three of them. And though she's half asleep, she knows he's thanking her for the amazing family they have.

He smiles to himself, after sitting back down, and closes his eyes.

It had been hard, but they had gotten their happily ever after.


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