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Happily Ever After

Part 5 –

"Look mommy! It's a turkey!" Alexis proudly holds up her piece of paper along with her finger-paint clad hand.

"And I made one too!" Jackson chimes in with a toothy grin.

Five-year-old Alexis rolls her eyes. "But mines is more prettyful."

"Nuh uhh."

"Mommy, tell Jackson my turkey is more prettyful."

Brooke, who had been running around like a chicken without a head, hurriedly ties her hair up in a bun on top of her head, checks on something in the oven, and turns to the twins with a smile.

"I think both of them look great. What do you say you leave them here to dry while the two of you go upstairs and wash up?"

Just as the kids are about to get up and leave, Julian walks in, shaking his head.

"Guys." He sighs. "What did I tell you? You were supposed to keep mommy out of the kitchen. You know she can't cook." He breaks out into a grin, ruffling Jackson and Alexis's hair.

"Ha ha, very funny." Brooke deadpans. "You just remember this when my turkey comes out looking fabulous and I don't let you eat any of it."

"That's a threat?" He smirks.

"Hey, you watch it." She scolds.

Julian laughs and turns back to his kids. "You know…" He glances down at their painted turkeys. "These might be the only turkeys we see today…Actually, I should get the fire extinguisher ready."

"I didn't burn anything yet!"

"Yet being the operative word."

"Daddy, you're so mean to mommy." Jackson informs him.

"Yeah, you're not nice." Alexis sticks her tongue out and brushes her paint-covered hand across his cheek, leaving a nice orange streak to reside.

Jackson giggles while Brooke comes to give Alexis a high-five.

"Way to go, Lex!"

Julian sits for a minute, letting it sink in as Alexis tries her best not to laugh. She slowly gets up from her chair and begins to walk out of the kitchen when Julian follows.

"Oh, you're gonna get it now, Lexi."

The little girl shrieks and runs out of the room, knowing very well that she's about to be tickled to death. Julian races after her and Jackson follows, leaving Brooke alone in the kitchen to get back to cooking their Thanksgiving meal.

Seconds later, she hears the laughter of her two children, and she shakes her head. "Gotta love them."

She just hopes they won't get any paint on anything or make a mess…after all they are having company in a little bit.

"Mommy, when's Jamie coming?" Alexis whines.

"Don't worry, your boyfriend will be here in a little bit, babe." Brooke laughs and watches as her daughter's cheeks turn a rosy red. Alexis has had a crush on the now fourteen-year-old for as long as Brooke can remember.

"Mommy! You weren't 'sposed to tell! Now Jackson's gonna make fun of me."

"I'm very sorry, baby. If Jack gives you a problem, then you come tell me, okay?"

She nods happily and turns back to her brother, because, after all, Alexis is the queen instigator of trouble. "Mommy said you can't me fun of me so ha!"

Brooke opens the oven to check on the turkey and she sighs in relief to see that it is turning a golden brown instead of a crispy black.

"I'm not going to lie, it actually looks half decent." Julian comes up from behind her and jokes.

"Well." She wraps her arms around him and leans into his embrace. "I'm just going to take that as a compliment and say thank you."

He laughs, leaning in to give her a quick kiss. "You did good, babe."

"I just want this Thanksgiving to be perfect you know? I haven't seen Peyton, Lucas, Sawyer, and Keith in like a year. And this is the first Thanksgiving in god knows how long that all of us, them and Nathan and Haley are celebrating it together."

"Well don't worry, Brooke Baker. It'll go amazingly. After all, you are in charge."

She smiles at this and just as the two are inching closer for another kiss, the doorbell rings.

"I'll get it!" They hear Jackson call from the living room, and they know that their kids know that they aren't allowed to answer the door. Of course they'd do it just to get on their nerves and Brooke always like to take a second to think back when they weren't so sneaky, knowing exactly what buttons to push. Recently turning five, it's hard to accept that they're growing up and they won't be little for so long anymore.

"Aunt Peyton! Uncle Lucas!"

"Look at you two! You guys are getting so big." Peyton gushes and gives them hugs.

"That's 'cause we're five now!"

"Hi guys!" Brooke immediately rushes over to Peyton to give her long time best friend a big hug. "It's been too long P. Sawyer Scott. I missed you."

"Oh, I missed you too."

Brooke then proceeds to give Lucas a hug and then turns to Sawyer, who is now eight, and Keith, who is four.

"I'm waiting for my hugs, you two."

The two siblings laugh at their happy aunt and give her a hug. They can always count on their Aunt Brooke to make them smile.

"Uncle Julian." Sawyer turns to him, her blonde curls bouncing as she moves her head. "Are you gonna have your camera out today?"

Everyone laughs and Julian just shakes his head.

"Unfortunately not, Sawy. Your Aunt Brooke made me promise not to use it."

"You guys can all thank me later." Brooke responds, sticking her tongue out at her husband.

Shortly after Peyton, Lucas and the kids came, Nathan, Haley, Jamie, and seven-year-old Isabella arrive.

Everyone is getting settled and reacquainted as Brooke sets everything up on the table. She studies all the effort she's made, and despite her husband's snarky but lovable comments, she's proud of what she's accomplished. Especially since it is the first year she's hosting Thanksgiving dinner.

As they are all getting ready to sit down Brooke turns to her godson. "Jamie, I hope you don't mind but do you think you can sit with the little kids? I had a special request for you to be there."

The blonde looks over to the little kids table where his cousins and little sister, Izzy, sit and he sees Alexis wave timidly at him.

Turning back to his Aunt Brooke with a smile he replies. "Sure thing, Aunt Brooke."

The teen walks over to the small table and pulls out a chair next to Alexis. "Hey, Lexi. Mind if I sit next to you?" And he knows by that, he's just made that little girl's day.

Once the kids are seated and their parents have helped them dish food onto their plates, the doorbell unexpectedly rings.

"Who could that be?" Brooke mutters and goes to the door.

"Brooke Baker?"

It's a delivery guy, and she can honestly say she's confused.

"Uh, yes?"

"I have two turkeys for you. I just need you to sign here saying you got this delivery." He lifts up a bag from a catering business and proceeds to give her the receipt.

"Um, okay, well here's the thing…I didn't order a turkey, let alone two. See that?" She points behind her. "That's my turkey."

"That's a very nice turkey, miss…" He trails off, glancing back at the receipt.

"You think so? Thanks." She gushes, so proud of what she's cooked.

"…But these are your turkeys, too." The man continues.

"I didn't order any though and…"

And just as she's about to complete her sentence, Haley stands up.

"Brooke, I have a confession…"

Everyone turns to face her.

"I mean it's Thanksgiving and I didn't want us going without a turkey…so I kinda ordered us one just in case."

"And about the other one…" Peyton now stands up. "Well Haley told me you didn't have the best track record with cooking turkeys and I didn't know she ordered one, so I kinda did too."

Brooke's eyes widen as she turns back to the guy in her doorway. "Well then…"

"I can't believe this! Did no one have any faith in me?" Brooke asks in disbelief.

"We did!" Both her kids call from the children's table.

"Me too, Aunt Brooke!" Little Isabella joins in.

"Well it seems like the kids did." Julian replies, earning a smack to the chest.

"I'm sorry, Brooke, I just didn't want us to go without a turkey."

"And look, we didn't even touch the catered ones. You did a good job."

Brooke glares. "Thanks. But with two extra turkeys, I think we're going to be having leftovers for a long time."

She glances at the kids' table and watches as they all interact. Jackson's telling Keith about some new action figure he got, Isabella's playing with Sawyer's golden curls, and Jamie's humoring Alexis by listening to her crazy, dramatic rants while playing hand games with her.

And she knows that this is what she's thankful for…Moments where she can just sit back and watch her family and friends be genuinely happy.

It doesn't matter that moments before this Alexis had thrown a temper tantrum because gravy somehow landed on her new shirt. Or that Jackson had been playing with his food. Or even that Sawyer had commented that the mashed potatoes were a little runny.

Because she loves this feeling of pure bliss and happiness. It's something that can't be taken for granted.

And plus…her turkey totally rocked.

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