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Chapter 1

4 years later

Auden's pov

Life has been so great since my summer in Colby way back when. I was finally social and made a lot of lasting friendships. Like Maggie, Esther, Leah, Adam, Wallace. And of course I also got my first boyfriend, Eli whom I love with all my heart.

Eli and I have been going steady since that night at the prom, where he asked me to be his girlfriend. Since then everything has been great.

I am about to graduate from Defriese University within the next week after 4 long years of being here. Maggie is also graduating with me. Eli graduated last year from The U so we have been living together for about a year now in our own apartment.

"Aud. Are you ready?" Eli asked "We need to head out, you don't want to keep your parents and Heidi waiting especially not your mom. God knows she already hates me."

"Yeah I'm coming, and my mom doesn't hate you!"I said to Eli. Eli gave me a pointed look "Baby she hates me."

"No she doesn't, she just dislikes you because she thinks you aren't good enough for me," when he just looked at me I could see the gears turning in his head and I knew exactly what he was thinking "Which you are." I said.

"Really now?" Eli said with raised eyebrow. I nodded at him. "And do you want to know why?" I asked. "Mhhhmm" He replied.

"Because I love you" I said smiling. He smiled a crooked smile too, his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree, I could tell it made him happy to hear me say that to him. "I love you too." He said, looking into my eyes lovingly.

"Now let's get going!" Eli said, completely ruining the moment. "Way to ruin a moment" I told him pouting; he simply chuckled at me heartedly.


We arrived at the restaurant just on time and color me surprised to see my brother and Laura sitting at the table also. I mean Yeah I knew my mom, dad, Heidi and Thisbe were going to be there but I did not expect to see Hollis here as he was supposed to be out of the country.

"Oh my god, Hollis!" I exclaimed. "It's so good to see you, and you too Laura." She simply nodded at me as Hollis hugged me tight.

"What took you guys so long?" Asked my mother obviously irritated with us.

"We're are just on time, mom" I said.

"Hi Ms. West ,Robert, Heidi Hollis and Laura" He said to everyone. He then crouched down to Isbys level and said "And how are you munchkin?" Thisbe's eyes lit up upon seeing Eli. One thing you had to know about my little sister is that she LOVES Eli to death. "Eli!" She exclaimed giving him a big hug.

After saying hello to everyone myself we sat down to order our drinks and food. Dinner went great for the most part except for when my mother decided to be a bitch.

"So what are you guys going to do now?" Asked my brother after dinner.

"Well, we'll be going to Colby for the summer and then most likely move out of our apartment and from there who knows we might move up to either Pennsylvania or Texas." I said. "Depending on where I get a better job offer from, is where we'll go, Eli is flexible with wherever, right Eli?"

"Yeah, I go wherever you go." Eli said, smiling at me. I mentally awed at this. See? He really is an amazing boyfriend. My mom simply scoffed at us. She obviously didn't agree with our plans for the future.

"I mean Eli plans to open up a bike shop wherever we move so it'll be good, and with my accounting degree and business minor we wouldn't need to hire anyone to do the books or pay roll" I said

"So you guys have given this some thought, huh?" my dad asked.

"Well yeah, I mean it's our future, we need to know what's going to happen." Eli replied this time.

My mom had been silent most of diner but I could tell she was less than pleased with our decisions. But I could care less what she thought, all that matters is that me and Eli agree and we are happy with our decisions.


"Ugh, diner with my mom was horrible." I told Eli as we were getting ready for bed after we had come home. "She actually wasn't that bad today" he said shrugging as if it was nothing.

"Whatever, I don't even know why she bothers to visit if she's going to act like this." I said still ranting about my mom. "Maybe when we move out of the state she won't visit-"

And with that Eli kissed me so I would shut up. I kissed back with more passion, deepening the kiss, and pushing myself up against his body while wrapping my arms around his neck as his snaked around my waist holding me tightly against him. When the need for air became necessary we broke apart. He started to kiss along my collarbone and neck, sucking lightly in places, making me moan. He then came back up to my lips and kissed again with lots of passion, taking my lower lip in both of his and sucking in lightly. He then slipped his tongue in to my mouth as he started to explore.

Next thing I know we're both half naked laying on our bed. Me in only a thong and bra and him in just his boxers. Just as he was about to starts to pull my thong down his phone starts to ring loudly. "Just ignore it baby." I say to him because right now I am so turned on.

Eli shook his head no "What if it's important?" He asked reaching for his phone.

He spent a few minutes on the phone with whoever called. I had already changed into his button up shirt and pulled the covers over myself and laid down, totally out of the mood now and slightly pissed.

Once Eli was done on the phone he came over to my side of the bed. "I'm sorry baby it was my mom, she was telling me that she's flying in tomorrow night."

"Whatever." I said coldly. I was pissed but not necessarily at him just at the fact that every time we are about to have sex someone or something always interrupts us. I am still a virgin but I'm ready now, and every time something happens and we stop.

"I'm sorry baby, please forgive me, but I had to answer."

"I know, but it sucks that we always get interrupted." I said pouting.

"I'll make it up to you one day, I promise, plus I want your first time to be special." Aww, I guess he is sweet. Wait! Did he say my first time only??

"Can I ask you something Eli?" I said. I need to know if he's a virgin also.


"Are you a virgin?" I asked, hoping this wouldn't go downhill.

"No, I'm not, sorry." Well at least he answered truthfully. "Is that a problem? And hadn't you ever asked this, I would have thought you would have sooner."

"Thanks for being honest and no it's not I was just curious, oh and I never thought about asking, I just assumed you where." I said.

"Oh ok, well if it makes you feel any better I regret my first time"

"Really, why?" I asked "Because I was drunk and I didn't even love her or remember most of it."

"Oh I'm sorry babe"

"It's ok." He said a big smile forming on his lips. "Because I know the next time I do have sex it will be with someone I love very much." He said a big smile on his lips.

"And who is that?" I teased acting as if I didn't know who it was.

"You" He said, that big smile still on his lips. And with that he kissed me again, but this time it was slow and sweet like that time back 4 years ago when I was on my way to the prom.

"Mmm, it better be me." I replied pulling away, teasing him slightly.

"You bet sweetheart"

And with that we got back into bed and under the covers, him pulling me to him tightly and wrapping his arm around my waist. I fell asleep almost as soon as my eyes shut, laying comfortably in Eli's arms, feeling completely safe, just the way I should feel in his arms.


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