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I sighed, it had been a week since I had graduated and we would be leaving for Colby in 2 days. We would be gone almost the whole summer and then we would be back and figure out what we want to do for the rest of our lives. Eli and I wanted to move to Colby but hadn't decided for sure yet since I hadn't found any other job offerings yet. Although I did have the ones in Texas and Pennsylvania open so now it was just a matter of us choosing.

"Eli?" I called out when I heard the front door open. He had gone to pick us up some food from a local Chinese restaurant, since we didn't feel like cooking ourselves. "Yeah, it's me. I brought you your food, so come on." He called back. I quickly set down the clothes in my hands and walked out to the kitchen to see Eli setting the food on the counter. I grabbed my food and sat down on one of the bar stools, too lazy to walk over to the table.

Eli and I ate in silence for a while before someone decided to start talking. "So, have you thought of what you want to do after Colby?" Eli questioned, I swallowed the food in my mouth before answering. "Not really, I mean I wanna stay in Colby but is that really where you want to live for the rest of our lives?"

"Honestly, no. I want to start our lives together somewhere else, away from Colby… and your mother." He muttered the last part under his breath not expecting me to hear him; I simply choked back my laugh.

"Well, there's the job offers in Texas and Pennsylvania. We could always move to one or the other ya know." He seemed to be thinking over my suggestions.

"Where in Texas or Pennsylvania?" He asked.

"Umm, Texas is in… San Antonio and Pennsylvania is Ambler a little town close to Philly. They are both nice places to live in; I've even done a little research for both places." He seemed to be thinking this over a bit more.

"Well… Texas sounds nice, I've never been there before…" I could tell he wasn't sure yet, but it was okay. "It is nice, I used to love going there… But Pennsylvania is also supposed to be good… Honsetly I don't care, it's your choice Eli." I really didn't want to be the one making the decisions, I wanted Eli to have a say in what we did also. I know he liked to let me choose, but this is our life and I don't want us living somewhere he isn't comfortable with.

We quickly finished our food and I headed back to our room to finish up my packing and help Eli with his when I was done.

I worked diligently for about 10 minutes before I felt arms wrap around me from behind, I knew right off the bat that it was Eli. I mean who else could it be? He slowly kissed from my jaw and continued down my neck. He would occasionally stop to suck on a particular spot, but would continue anyways. He did this repeatedly for about 10 minutes… Well until I just turned around and crashed my lips to his. To say he was surprised is an understatement.

We kissed for a while before I realized we needed to stop, I didn't want to go there again for a while, I wasn't completely ready to have sex again. Which probably sounds silly, but it's really not, not to me at least.

I gently pushed Eli away and he understood right away what I was getting at so he backed off. How sweet…

After we both caught our breath we sortta just went back to what we were doing, well what I was doing, because Eli just sat and watched me pack for a while.

"So, you happy 'bout going back to the place we met?" He smirked, waiting for my response. Pffftt, that but head. "No. I hate going back to the place I met you because I wish I would have never met you…" Haha. Take that! He pouted adorably from his spot on the bed.

"You know I'm playin wit you," I smiled, "I'm super happy to be going back, I love it in Colby and you know it" He smiled also, reaching over to catch my waist and pull me onto his lap.

"I love you" He whispered sweetly into my ear.

"I love you too, Eli."

He smiled a real genuine smile and held on tighter enjoying our time together.

"Now let me get up and finish packing then we can watch a movie on the couch, what do ya say, hmm?" He nodded against my shoulder dropping a kiss against it before letting go of me. I quickly got up before he changed his mind and then continued to pack.

I finished in less than fifteen minutes and told Eli to go pick out a movie while I made some snacks. "What do you want Eli?" I yelled from the kitchen. "Just some chocolate and a Sprite" He yelled back. "Okay, I'll get it for ya." I quickly got a few chocolate bars and my popcorn from the microwave then 2 cans of sprite and proceeded to the living room.

"What movie did you pick out?" I questioned coming into the room. "Inception…" Of course he did, I should have known. "Of course, should have known." I chuckled. He smiled brightly, knowing I'd most likely fall asleep half way through. But it's not my fault! The movie is about three hours long! You'd probably fall asleep also!

We popped the movie in and got comfortable, me lying against his side with one arm around his waist and the other holding his hand. He ran his free hand through my hair gently, playing with my soft hair like he always did. I smiled, loving how comfortable we were with each other, how we were easily able to relax.

Before I realized, I had closed my eyes and fallen asleep, now it was totally an accident, I promise! Eli had turned the movie off and curled up with me on the couch, getting comfy and then we both were sleeping on the couch, happy, in love and in each other's arms. The way it should be…


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