I'm nothing without you

He had been afraid of many things, even though he would never admit it out loud. He was the captain of the 10th Division, and he had to try to keep all his fears bottled up. In his offices, he was the child genius, the youngest captain in the history of Soul Society. But in his room, he was just a child, with fears that he could not confront anyone with. He had no one to share his insecurities with, he couldn't afford to let anyone know, and few people cared about the worries of a genius. Still, he had some small comforts in his life, one of which was his Zanpaktou.

It was the feeling of owning something that his, and only his. It was proof of his strength, proof that he had lived up to his title of "Captain". So when the nightmares got too much to handle, just the mere presence of Hyorinmaru was enough to calm him down. Because Hyorinmaru was the proof of his existence and its purpose.

So when Hyorinmaru forgot all about him, he felt like his world had just shattered into a million pieces.

He always had been alone, as a child in Junirinan, as a student in the Spiritual Academy, as a Soul Reaper in the Gotei 13, as a Captain in the 10th Division. He had no friends, and everyone was afraid of him, even though he did nothing. Was it his silver hair? Or his turquoise eyes? Or perhaps it was his cold personality that distanced children of his age from him. Things only got worse when he entered the Spiritual Academy and was given the title of "child prodigy". People grew more afraid of him and he was bad at expressing himself. No one understood him. Only Hyorinmaru did.

"There's no way a mere child like you could be my master."

He could feel his insides dying at this.

A mere child. Was this how Hyorinmaru viewed him as? So everything had been one-sided on his part? He thought he had gotten some recognition of his powers when Hyorinmaru chose him, but all along, all Hyorinmaru had thought of him was a child? Was that why he had forgotten him? And refuse to acknowledge him?

If that's the case, then he'll help Hyorinmaru remember, who his true master is!

"Sit upon the frosted heavens, Hyorinmaru!"

He saw Hyorinmaru's eyes widen slightly in shock and disbelief, and his heart break a little more inside,

"Remember who heard your voice!"

"Remember where it is you belong!" You belong with me, here, in my heart.

"Do you think you can wield me?"

"Child, my name is…"

"My name is…"

"Hyorinmaru!" It was a cry of anguish, of all the things he wanted to tell him, he just wished that he would understand, understand that he needed him, that he was nothing, without him.

"… Master."

At long last, he had heard the word he'd been waiting for all this while. As the world exploded into nothing but ice and snow, he could feel his heart being molded back into one piece, that one word he'd been waiting for, and the recognition behind it.

I'm so glad you haven't completely forgotten about me.

Yes, you're nothing without me.

Therefore, I'll stay by your side, with you, always.

I am born with you, and I'll die with you.

A/N: I feel that there is a need for me to explain this one, I didn't mean for Hitsugaya to any romantic interest in Hyorinmaru, it's just the acknowledgement he is after, proof that he is strong and worthy of his title. Again, I feel that this might be a little confusing, so please point out any mistakes I may have made, and I'll edit accordingly~