Simon, Alvin, and Theodore Seville were eating lunch together as usual. Theodore was digging his spoon heartily into his applesauce, Alvin was attempting to shoot his peas across the cafeteria with his spoon, and Simon was reading his book while eating. "Alvin, will you stop that?!" Simon yelled as one of Alvin's peas hit him in the forehead.

"Hey, it's the Chipettes!" Theodore said, pointing to three girls walking their way. Brittney, Jeanette, and Eleanor were the boys' closet friends, apart from each other. Alvin waved to them and signaled them to sit. Eleanor sat beside Theodore, Brittney beside Alvin, and Jeanette beside Simon. He blushed furiously.

"Hi, Simon." Jeanette said, pulling the book away from him, which he had pushed so close to his face his glasses were smashed against his eyeballs.

"H-he-hello," he said nervously, "Er, I'm gonna go get some, uh, ketchup." He quickly grabbed his tray and sped off to the condiments table. Everyone stared at each other very confused, for Simon didn't have any French fries.

"I think I'll go talk to him." Jeanette said. She picked up her tray, got up, and left after Simon. As he saw her approach his face got even redder. She came up next to him and started putting mustard on her hot dog. He held the ketchup bottle very tightly.

"Um, Simon?" she asked.

"Y-yeah?" he answered shakily.

"Why are you putting ketchup on your pizza?"

He looked down and saw the red sauce all over his cheese pizza slice. Embarrassed, he started to quickly walk away but ended up bumping into Jeanette and making her squirt mustard on her shirt.

"Oh! I'm sorry!" he said, even more embarrassed. He grabbed a wad of napkins and tried to wipe it away.

"It's okay, really, Simon!" Jeanette said. She attempted to push him away. As she put her hands out she squeezed the mustard very forcefully. It sprayed all over Simon's glasses. He backed up and fell over another table. He let out a painful groan.

Later that day Simon was at the nurse getting his back checked. "How is he?" Jeanette asked Alvin, who had just talked to Simon after he came out.

"Just dirty glasses." Alvin joked, and Jeanette left for class.

"What was the matter with Simon?" Brittney asked as she, Alvin, Eleanor, and Theodore walked to class too.

"I think the nurse might've not noticed how sick Simon really is." Alvin replied.

"What?!" Theodore gasped worriedly.

"It's okay, Theo." the red-clad chipmunk reassured, "I'm thinking our ol' pal Simon has a case of lovesickness."