The Greatest Ranger Ever

Chapter One

"Can you remind me again why you were the one out of the four of us to be picked to replace the Operation Overdrive rangers?" Conner asked from the backseat of Kira's car. "I mean, you're awesome and all that, Kira, but does that Sentinel Knight guy have any idea how boring life is when it's the off-season for soccer?"

"Obviously he just doesn't care about you, Conner." Ethan replied in a reasonable tone from his spot next to Conner.

"Why was it we decided to bring these two with us, again?" Kira asked her boyfriend, who was sitting in the front passenger seat next to her. The former yellow ranger sounded very much as if was currently questioning her sanity.

"Because you know you're too nice not to tell them that Adam told you that you could bring your teammates with you when he invited you to visit him in Angel Grove." Trent replied reasonably, his voice rising as he spoke so he could be heard over the noise that Conner and Ethan were making as they argued over who was the most popular Dino Thunder ranger. "Besides, you know that they'll know that they owe you big time after you introduce them to some of the original power rangers."

"Oh, they already owe me." Kira replied darkly.

"Hey, look—five more miles to Angel Grove." Trent said suddenly, pointing at the sign bearing that exact message just as the car passed it, and also successfully distracting the three other former superheroes in the car.

"Which former rangers are going to be there exactly, Kira?" Conner asked, suddenly nervous.

Kira rolled her eyes at him through the rearview mirror. Those former rangers were normal people, just like them.

"Not Dr. O." Ethan replied for her. "He just left for that dig yesterday and he won't be back for another month, at least."

"Definitely Adam will be there." Kira said. "Seeing as it's his house and he invited us. And that means he'll probably have Alpha there, too."

"Didn't you say that Adam married the yellow Zeo ranger—Tanya?" Conner interrupted.

"Yeah, but she's on tour now." Kira responded, fondly remembering back to when she first discovered that her idol in the music industry was in a fact a former power ranger, just like her. "So she won't be there. I'm pretty sure that Jason, the original red ranger, still lives in Angel Grove. And Rocky, too. But you'll just have to wait until we get to Adam's place to find out for sure."

Twenty minutes later, Kira pulled to a stop in front of a pretty average-looking house in one of Angel Grove's residential areas.

"Well, this is it, guys." She announced, after double-checking the number on the house with the address she had written down.

She had no sooner said this than Conner had burst out of the car and—over-anxious to meet the original red ranger—tripped over his own feet as he attempted to run to the front door.

"Someone's excited." Ethan muttered and Trent laughed as he took Kira's hand.

Once they were at the front door, Kira hesitated with her arm outstretched towards the doorbell and turned to look at Conner standing behind her.

"Do me a favor, McKnight," She began, "Don't make a fool out of yourself while we're here."

And she pressed down firmly on the button, resolutely ignoring the former red ranger's protests that he had never made a fool of himself in his entire life. His protests were cut short, however, when the door was suddenly pulled open to reveal a young man in green.

"Xander!" Kira exclaimed, surprised. "What are you doing here?"

"Got a call from Adam." Xander replied with a wide smile. "He said you'd be here, so I decided to stop by and catch up on things."

Kira grinned back, releasing Trent's hand and throwing her arms around Xander's neck. "It's great to see you again!"

Trent cleared his throat after a couple of seconds and nodded meaningfully towards Xander once Kira had stepped back.

"Care to introduce us?" He asked his girlfriend.

"Oh yeah, this is Xander, everyone. He was the green Mystic Force ranger." Kira said. "And Xander, meet Ethan, Conner, and Trent. Blue, red, and white. Xander and I met when we were both helping out Operation Overdrive."

"And how did your teammates feel about that, Xander?" Conner asked suddenly. "Did it make them feel neglected and ignored when the Sentinel Knight chose to reactivate your powers instead of theirs?"

"Um…no?" Xander replied, unconsciously taking a step back. "But you could ask Nick or Madison, if you want; they came with me today. Nick was our red ranger and Madison was blue."

"Oh, I will." Conner replied.

"Don't mind him." Kira told Xander softly. "It's a bit of a touchy subject for Conner that he didn't get his powers back."

"Yes…I can see that." Xander replied, still eyeing Conner, who had begun muttering to himself, uncertainly.

"Wait a minute," Kira began suddenly. "Did you just say that Nick and Madison came with you today? As in, like, Nick and Madison?"

Xander nodded solemnly.

"I'm so sorry for you, Xander." Kira told him, patting his arm consolingly. "I thought I had it bad with Ethan and Conner, but obviously, it was nothing compared to what you had to go through."

"And it was a longer car ride for me." Xander said. "I think I might have to buy a new car." He shook his head suddenly, as if trying to rid himself of a slightly horrifying memory, then smiled brightly at Kira again. "But come on, everyone's waiting to meet all of you."

a/n (One Year Later)-Just so you know, after completing this story, I posted a prequel to it entitled Xander Bly Wants to Die that details Xander's horiffic experience of driving to Adam's house with only Madison and Nick for company.