"Put your fingers on ours." Fritz said to Paris. He was going to be a Vampire Prince. A ruler of his clan. He pressed his bloody fingers to the other princes, and the oddest sensation coursed through his veins. So many memories hit him all at once.

Himself, as a tiny child, in his house after they had killed his parents. His mother and father lying dead on the carpet. Paris as a little baby, crying at losing them. The strange man that showed up, the man whose arms he ran straight into. Desperate for comfort.

Still a toddler, his blooding as a vampire. He hadn't understood why the man was hurting him, or what he was doing. But he couldn't stop him, all he could do was cry. But when it was done, the man healed his fingers and took him from the house carrying baby Paris in his arms.

His first trip to Vampire Mountain. All the vampires milling around him. Following his mentor through the halls. Seeing the princes for the first time, wanting to be one of them.

His trials of initiation. The anxiety as they were announced. The celebration when they were finished. Getting drunk for the first time that night.

His becoming a general. All of his friends carrying him down the hall on their shoulders. His mentor looking at him with the proud gleam in his eyes. The celebration afterwards.

His best friend dying. Stabbed through the heart by vampaneze, in a fight. Himself, killing the same vampaneze. The cremation.

And, a few years later, his mentors death. The man who had raised him since he was very small had died. He had asked Paris to have the vampires bury him. He had, he took his mentor all the way back to where he first found Paris and buried him in the front yard of where he had spent his childhood.

The princes voting him as one of them. His first assistant. Friends dying. His blooding. They swam through his mind like fish in a lake. He could feel the new blood rushing through his vain as fast the memories though his brain. It was an unpleasant sensation, it made him feel weak but he stood still. Knowing he had to bear it.

Suddenly, it was gone. Their fingers were off of his, and he almost collapsed forward. But steadied himself, and smiled. He was a prince!

A vampire prince!