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Cassandra woke up and groaned, her head pounded as she sat up dizzily. What a night. She rolled over and nearly screamed at the sight of the naked figure next to her. She looked down at herself in alarm and sighed in relief she was fully clothed, minus the shoes. She rolled over and slipped on her shoes, tiptoeing to the door. Hopefully he would forget anything had ever happened, she didn't even know this guy. As she opened the door its squeaky hinges awoke the naked man. Unashamed, he stood up. "Wait!" he said. Cassandra figured she owed him a chance to explain so she paused in the door frame. "Hey, just so you know, nothing happened last night, I just got hot," he said gesturing to his naked body. Her body ached but Cassandra ignored it and said icily, "Its fine." He ran his hand through his hair and stared at her. She squirmed under his appraising look. "Bye," Cassandra said and turned and shut the door. She leaned against the door and sighed. She must have been wasted; she could barely remember what had happened. Closing her eyes, Cassandra recalled the evening. Finals had been a bitch and so she had celebrated by letting a bunch of her classmates take her out to some bar. And that's where she had met….Christian? He'd bought them a round of shots and after that things got a bit fuzzy. Suddenly she remembered Tracy was waiting for her at their Saturday morning breakfast spot, Rooster. "Shit," Cassandra breathed and raced down the stairs as fast as she could. The dingy halls smelled strongly of piss and she caught glimpses of colorful words (in more ways than one). "Awww Man!" she growled. Seth had driven her to the bar last night so she didn't have her car. "Need some help?" Cassandra turned around and saw Christian, arms crossed, leaning against the brick wall. She scowled and flipped her hair over her shoulder. "Okay then, I guess I'll just take my car and go then," he smirked. She flashed him a sarcastic grin and opened the passenger door of the ostentatious red car. Christian swung his keys around his finger and strolled over to the driver's side. Cassandra crossed her legs and tapped her foot in impatience, "Ummm, I'm kind of in a hurry here," she said. "Oh, sorry," he said innocently. "So where are we going?" Christian inquired. "Well, I am going to Roosters, on Washington," She said pointedly. Christian said nothing but looked at her with eyebrows raised and revved the engine. Cassandra pressed back against her seat and fumbled for the buckle. She had never met anyone who drove more recklessly. When they finally arrived Cassandra had to literally peel herself from the seat. "Thanks," she murmured. Christian laughed and sped off. Cassandra looked around for Tracy and winced as the bright sun hit her eyes. Tracy sat under a striped umbrella, mouth gaping. "Cass!" Tracy exclaimed. Cassandra smiled and sat down on the wicker chairs. "So what happened?" Tracy asked incredulously. Cass smiled and stalled, ordering a coffee and an orange juice. "So?" Tracy pushed. She looked at her long time friend and smiled, "nothing happened Trace," Cass said. "Oh don't give me that Bull Shit, you were just randomly picked up by a hot guy in a hot car and nothing happened?" Trace raised her eyebrows. Cass smiled at her friend and explained everything that had happened. Tracy's eyes widened. "Cass," her friend whispered, "Your shirt is inside out!"

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