(Darius POV)

I though I loved my dad. I thought he loved me. But no, not anymore. He's a monster, I hate him.

He killed that boy. Shancus Von, he slaughtered an innocent kid. He was about my age, and my dad just killed him, like his death made no difference. And then he was going to let Uncle Darren kill me.

Sure he told him that his sister is my mom. But he didn't fight him. He didn't even try to stop him. He left. If knowing that I was his nephew hadn't stopped Darren from killing me, my dad would have let me die. I can't forgive him for that.

The more I think about the more horrible things I can find that my dad did. He left me and my mom. Left her with no money to raise a kid by herself. He made empty promises, proises to marry her, promises to help raise me, promises of help, all of which he broke.

I now that's he's a killer now. Not just of the snake-boy, but tons of people. He drinks people's blood, all of it. I mean Darren drinks blood, but he doesn't kill the people. Dad does.

I like Darren much better. He changed me into a half-vampire and got rid of my dad's blood. He saved me from being like him. Now I wont be a killer. Now I don't have to be like my dad.

I'm helping Darren and his friends now. I realize that I'm helping him to kill my own father, but every time I decide that that's not a good thing, I see the faces of the Shancus and his grieving parents, and of my mom, abandoned by him. And I decide that's it's better for me to do this. I feel better doing this, anyway.

Were leaving right now. To rescue our friends being held hostage by my dad. All the people in the circus, and were going to save the world. Sve the world from my father.

But he's not my father anymore, he's just Steve Leonard, a soon to be dead man.